Saturday, December 11, 2010

So, this last week I kept Kam home just for the morning (and she got a sturn lashing from her teacher who said, "you shouldn't be cooking when you have school") to have baking day with grandma. We made a kabillion cake balls. that was round 2...round 3 is tomorrow. Each time we make about 200-300. I love making em!I've also been bogged down with shoots this last month. I feel like I should weigh 300 lbs from sitting at the computer all day. I hate it, but I LOVE LOVE taking the pictures and seeing them on Christmas cards, and people's walls. That's my favorite.
And I love meeting awesome families like these guys. They were soo fun to shoot.


dani said...

Woah, holy posts!! You are a posting machine! G-ma looks SO cute in her apron...I wanna have a baking day with you guys!!

Jarrod & Lisa said...

And we love eating your cake balls so keep on baking! HAHA