Thursday, January 29, 2009

a HUGE slacker

So remember how every couple of months for the whole past year I was trying to do the ole "3 things I'm grateful for" list and I'm on again off again? Well, I figure that's better than a constant off again, so here goes again.
1. I'm grateful for 3 perfect kids. I know, one second I'm freaking out with them, and the next I can't get enough of them. But for the past month we've been slowly reading our love and logic book that we re read every year or so, and during the time that we're reading it, things really do just fall into place as a family...we need to read it year round. It's been so fun and happy around here lately. I'm also grateful that they love sleeping on the same bed. It's all we've got for them since Jaden gave his if anyone knows of a killer deal on a killer wooden bunk bed...LMK. 2. I'm grateful that this kid hasn't learned that he doesn't have to jump up and hug me and kiss me after EVERY diaper change. He's been doing it for about a year now...and so I get hugs and kisses..>I mean, MONKEY wrap the legs around my waist type hugs, a few times a day!

3. I'm grateful to have my parents right here. It's so nice when they drop in just to chat and play with the kids. The kids LOVE when they see grandma's car in the driveway or when they see Grandpa walking by or feeding the chickens. And we asked Jaden who he wants to stay with this weekend...and of all of his friends here, he chose Grandma & Grandpa.
4. I'm grateful to have really fun and funky sisters. I look at some people that are blessed to have sisters, but then I look at how not cool their sisters are (you all know who you are), and I'm even more grateful that mine are the coolest. Full of fun ideas, funky dances, hand me down clothes, or hand me down "stufff I don't like but you might like" stuff, and full of great ideas on how to straighten up my kids. They're the best! (sorry about the picture, it was the first one I came across with all of us in it...8 years old)

5. And my last thing for today's grateful list is Jase's job. It's been so hard lately to watch so many of our friends struggle to find new jobs after being laid off. I wish there was more we could do for them. I've been worried about Jase making a living in such a small town since the get go, but then to have the finaicial disaster that is going on in the country, we are SO blessed to have a steady, growing business. I know he's the best chiropractor in the state (along with brett and trevor..haha), but to have ANY business suceed in Joseph City? He's amazing. Love you punk!
Oh, and I've had about 543 requests for another interview with a vampire. We'll get to it when we get back next week. Hopefully I'll be in a better mood. Jase's mood NEVER changes. (thank goodness)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't let THIS happen to you!

An amazing Saturday.

Everytime we go to the valley our Saturdays are NUTS! Seriously NUTS! This Saturday was no different, it was amazing. We started the day with Dani, McKenna and I hitting the major Fry's sale. We were side by side at the register to see who could save the most. And of coarse, I won...haha, no but it's just because I had more coupons than her. I saved 80% on my first order, and over 100% on my second (I got paid) yay!!!! only $20 for each cart pictured...amazing!
Then Kayla and I went to get our awesome toenails done, and yes, I look gross and she looks amazing. She always looks amazing...blah!
So amazing that I set her up with the most amazing guy I know...a surprise picture obviously...out of focus. THis was our second dinner (our first was with a bunch of fun HS friends and their families at the CHeesecake factory in Chandler) at the CHeesecake Factory on Superstition....yum, cheesecake factory twice...too bad I'm on another stupid stupid diet. Will you all still love me if I get fat agaiN? Say yes, this sucks!
At CHeesecake factory we had about an hour wait, so when we finally got in, we decided to try out our sexy are mine and Vonda's.....

Sexy right? Now here's Bill and Jase'

The waiter brought a HUGE piles of folded napkins for Boston to sleep on because he was asleep on the booth seat. Boston didn't like them, but Bill did....
We were goign out for Paula's birthday and our waiter looked just like Kato Caylen (sp)...this picture doesn't do him justice...he has beautiful frosted wavey hair...but he tucked it behind his ears...bummer. Thanks Kato.

Awesome Saturday ya'll!

Another lil priesthood holda....

This past weekend we went down to the valley because my nephew Preston got the priesthood. It was one of the sweetest ordinations I've ever been to. Other than the super smelly boy I had to hold while standing up WAY in the back. Sam did an awesome job, and I stayed composed til I saw the sweet little guy (Preston, not Sam) wiping tears away when he stood up then their ward does something really sweet and before he shakes everyone's hands in the circle, he has to go give his mom a hug. That was really sweet.
Then after the ordination, the party began at the Bollwinkles. It starting with the prepping of food, and the ugly faces..... Then the children playing and happy faces....

Then the boys arguing about who would beat who in a wresting match since Jamison now out weighs Jase....Jase won...I was going for Jami of coarse. Next time time. Stick with the protien shakes.
Then the food was ready and it was time for prayer. I wish I didn't blow out this picture, and I wish I didn't catch them both blinking, but what can ya do?

Then after eatting and chit chatting for a while, I had Bet open her Christmas gift from, Dani, Kayla and myself...yay!!! Um, but Bet, don't look at the naked boobie pictures in there...color over them! And Paula, I had no idea...sorry.

Then Grandpa played Horse with all the grandsons...after killing Jamison at it (Jami was just having an off day)

This is just one of the cutest kids ever.

Bet and her man Brian. Love em both!

These two are best buddies. My kids always go through cousin withdrawls when we leave, but Jaden talks about Garrett for days.

And this was a darling picture I took of the hot Caitee as we were driving off. She even makes the helmet look hot!

Vegas '09

So you all know we go to Vegas once a year with the Johns. This year was fantastic! not my favorite seminars, but good times with the Johns. The first night we got there at 9ish or 10ish, I can't remember. Anything after 8 and I'm gone. And we just walked around a bit, ate an amazing burger and AMAZING shake at BLT (which is where the little white tiger used to be, go there) then we went ot bed. The next day we had to do seminars all day..blah. Then we went and got Travis and Amy and went to The Melting Pot...the 2nd best fondue place in the world (shout out to Simply Fondue!) We had to sit at seperate tables for 2 reasons. 1. becaues we had gift certificates and you could only use one per table, and 2. because Amy wanted to be romantic with Travis...haha! But we were right by each other, so no big deal. and yea, I don't know why I look dead. I had no idea that's what I looked like...sad.
Then the same thing the next day seminar after seminar, after stinking seminar. Usually I love going to Parker seminars, but this year, there were only 2 of the 9 talks that I liked...oh and Suzanne Sommers. She's a wack. Then we walked around the strip with the Johns...see....

The next night we went to New York New York and tested a few things at the arcade....

Girls Rule...she won.

This is a game Amy has mastered. She gets 250 tickets when she plays it. Pretty sweet.

Again, I look dead, and my nose looks like michael jacksons here. Sorry.

Then we went to a really funny caveman show. It was so funny because it was soo true. Amy's favorite was when he talked about how women get into bed with cold feet and then put them on their husband's feet or legs to warm them up and how mean that is. We both did that the night before. haha! Who doesn't though? Don't these 2 look like the poster?
Then we got a picture with this super short queen lady. I mean yea, Amy is six foot, and I'm five ten and we both wore heels, but sheesh, short queen!

And I'm sure there were lots of really fun details that I'm missing but I suck at blogging, so deal with this for now!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So, I got some death threats, some reminders, and some "what the hecks?" for not blogging for the last week. I was in Vegas...and I'll blog about that soon. But it's the Sabbath, and you know what that journaling time. Today's topic will be. "the story of your birth" written by Kristal and Jason Mulder...since their views on it are SO completely different. I will go first and mine will be in red. Jase's will be in a sissy pansy blue color.

We'll of coarse start with Jaden. I was 4 months along before I found out I was even pregnant. I thought I was missing periods and gaining weight because of the wreck, but finally after some digestive issues I went to a GI and she checked out all the "fun" stuff, then got serious, called me into her office and said we need to talk (which scared me) then she said, "you know you're pregnant don't you?" UH NO!!!! I was soo excited though. I'm soo glad I was a dumb nieve 21 year old who didn't know anything about the huge risks involved with a baby that just had huge doses of morphine, codeine a few other pain killers, x-rays, cat scans, 2 weeks of twice daily injections right into my stomach of blood thinner, and of coarse the wreck itself. I was just soo excited to be having a baby. We tried for a couple of weeks, and I guess it worked. So I spent the next 5 months swimming (I was recovering from the fractured pelvis and all) and eating whole totino's pizzas everyday. I went from 165 down to 150 and up to 255 with the pregnancy...I lost during the first few months because I could hardly eat, and I lost all muscle tone from being stuck in a wheel chair. Anyway, December 21st came...his due date. They induced me with the lame PG gels, and I stayed a few hours, then the next day, I went pee and freaked out asking Jase if it's possible to pee out of two holes?! So we figured maybe my water broke, so as he was calling the hospital, I sat on the bed and leaked all over, so instead we just went into the hospital. They took me into triage and tested the fluid and it didn't branch out like amniotic fluid is supposed to so they say it's not my I stood up to head out and gushed all over their freaking floor...that'll teach them! So they took me to a room and I sat and chilled for a few hours. Then I started to get really sissy contractions, and got an epidural. Didn't feel a thing til they said it was time to push and a bit of feeling came back within the hour and a half of pushing, but it wasn't bad...I was just tired. And then bam! He came out, and he was a perfect little 8lb 10oz baby.

What more can I add to that, well I guess my side of the stories. I remember clearly the day Jaded was conceived...jk...I do remember clearly the day that I got home from work and Kristal was standing in the kitchen and let me know that she was pregnant. I was so extremely excited! And that excitment continued on through the pregnancy, I remember after halloween, I was at Bashas and there was a halloween costume there on clearance so I bought it. I guess that I thought he was going to come out a giant because it didn't fit him until he was 3 or 4. My next big memory is Kristal's water breaking on the toilet in our Gilbert apartment. She said, "I think my water just broke or it's just pee" as casually as could be. After that, we realized it was her water...kinda, so we headed to the hospital, they told us to grab something light to eat on the way, so we grabbed a salad from fazoli's drive thru. I just kept thinking how strange it was that we weren't in a huge hurry and that this was really it, our first baby experience, weird. After we got to the hospital, they did the usual pitocin drip and the contractions started, then came the epidural and that was the end of the excitement until it came time to deliver. The delivery was intense because they had previously overdosed the epidural, so they shut it off and then asked her to hold Jaden in while the doc delivered a baby next door. That was terrible. The next year though was a whole bunch of fun, except for the sleepless nights for the first 5 months. Sorry about the beatings Jado. I love you.

Unfortunatly by the time Kamryn came a long I was doing my pre-reqs and working so I don't remember as much about her while she was in the womb, that or just that it was so easy and not so intense. But I was very excited especially when I found out it was a girl, also nervous. I was raised with all boys by a Mom that was raised with all boys. The whole pink thing didn't come easy and I am still coming around to the idea of girly dolls and make up. I do remember though, the deals I made with Kristal that if she could stay awake past 8 o'clock that I would buy her a Razzleberry pie from Marie Calenders. I also remember rollerblading to ASU and being worried that I wouldn't make it home quick enough if she came early, because I had to leave the car at home with Kristal for emergencies. I remember picturing whether I would try to catch the bus or rollerblade because it was about 4 miles away. But I didn't have to worry about any of that because she was enduced and delivery was a piece of cake. Kamryn was beautiful from day one and the most perfect baby until she turned 18 months, then we started to see her Mother in her. As she gets older though she is showing her sweetness more and more. I love you Kamryn.

Kamryn was BY far my favorite pregnancy, labor and delivery. EASY! All the way through the pregnancy I felt that stupid glowy stuff, my hair was fantastic, only 2 weeks of morning sickness, and I craved Subway. With Jaden I craved totinos party the whole pie, and Jase would reward me for staying up past 8pm with a Marie Calendar's Razzleberry Pie. But I craved Subway with Kam. Regardless I still gained 65lbs with her pregnancy. With all 3 of my pregnancies I get really rude comments about how huge I am, but my favorite was with Kam when a lady at the thrift store in Pine said, "anyday now?" and I answered, "Nope, 3 more months" She said, "with twins?" I answered, "nope, ONE baby". She said, "wow, one BIG baby". PUNK! Anyway, I was also induced with Kam. I think it was 5 days early...and for no reason...which is stupid now that I've researched and learned from Jason's years of studying labor and delivery, but anyway, she came on July 11th and weighed 9lbs 1oz. I was only in labor for a few hours, and got the epidural right away (which I've also found out is not good, but in the long run it's better FOR ME...bite me Dr. Mulder...another reason I'm not agreeing on how the next one will be born...or where). I pushed 3 sissy little times and she came out screaming. She was perfect! I instantly wanted to hold her and I was soo happy, and I even had a glistening tear in my eye., this dude is lucky that he's soo adorable, and such a sweet kid. His pregnancy was HARD! Well, hard for ME. I had 4 months of not being able to pull myself off the couch unless it was to go sit over the toliet for a few hours and NOT throw up...which as some of you know is WAY worse than being able to throw up. My cravings with this kid were tiarmisu...which might explain the large size (caffeine). Anyway, after the first 4 months, I spent the rest of the pregnancy being a brat and not really excited. Jase said we couldn't get pregnant that day of my cycle. But I'm soo glad we could. The timing was perfect. I decided to try this one the birthing center....with a midwife.....with no pain killers! And I loved seeing a midwife...I loved the birthing center, and I loved the stories that friends had told me about birthing with Jean. So finally, a week after my due date, I started having contractions at 10pm. I was up and rocking every half hour or so for hours. Then finally around 7am we drove to hour away, and all the way there I was having to change positions during the contractions. We beat the midwife there and just sat outside on that nice muggy Texas morning, getting through contractions. Then she came. She wouldn't let me do a water birth because I was soo huge. She checked me the day before and said, "I bet this baby is over 9lbs!". Ya think?! So the contractions weren't too bad, well, they of coarse hurt like a mother, but then it came time to start pushing. Jean realized he was face up, so she shoved her big hand up in me, flipped him, and then asked me to push. OW! Seriously, I was screaming my guts out (amy B you can attest to this) no one in the world has screamed louder than I did. I honestly couldn't do it again if I tried. I wanted to die! I really did. And all that crap about, "it's great not to have an epidural and IV then you can move around and change positions"...BS! I was honestly paralyzed from the pain and could not move a muscle! They kept telling me to try another position, but I couldn't. It sucked! Then I just decided to push like a mother. So I pushed and pushed and screamed and begged for my life to just be taken, and then finally out came an NFL football player, much to my surprise. After I got majorly stitched up, Jean said, oh wow, I bet he weighs around 10lbs...ya think?! She put him in the scale bag thing and her mouth dropped to the floor when s he read 11lbs 2 ounces. I wasn't at all surprised. it felt more like a baby elephant size, but sure, we'll go with 11lbs 2 ounces. Anyway, I was in extreme pain, still wanting to die and wasn't superly excited to hold him for a while. But our bond grew quickly and he has been an amazing baby. I wasn't able to sit up for 3 weeks to hold him, and I'd lay in bed and cry and cry from pain and post partum depression, and the fact that I still couldn't sit up to hold my baby...and the fact that I had people looking at my bare butt everyday (including a proctologist that said, "these hemorrhoids are TOO big, there's nothing we can do for them til the swelling goes down" and this was 2 weeks after delivery) So definitely not my favorite pregnancy, labor, or delivery, but the outcome was fantastic!...and it was a ONCE IN A LIFETIME experience.

Boston was a memorable pregnancy for me because I was in chiropractic school at the time and was learning about all the things Kristal should be doing to make a healthy baby and an easier delivery. I came home and practiced on Kristal, as much as she would let me. It was also a stressful time because at the same time I was learning all the ways to help I was also learning all the Pathology. Which of course anytime anything wasn't just right I would think of all the things that could be wrong. But as with Kamryn I spent much of my time at school. As for the delivery, I don't know if I should comment as this is a touchy subject around here. But here it goes anyway, I remember clearly Kristal's contractions starting, as this was the first time it went this way. Then they got closer and closer until we decided to head to the birthing center, it was about 40 min away and was a very exciting drive. We got to the center and no one was there so we sat on the stairway to the house and Kristal walked when possible. As for the birthing process I won't comment, but I will say that it was the most bonding experience I ever had with Kristal, watching her go through that and only be able to love and support was very difficult, but a beautiful thing and my love and appreciation for Kristal grew more than at any other given time. The car wreck was a close second though. Finally he arrive and after the whole experience I definately felt closer to my Savior, my Wife, and my children then ever before. I also felt an immediate bond with no-name, Pearce, Brock, Boston (the final name). Boston, I love you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Interview with a vampire part II....

Alright, so Jase is letting me ask him a few personal questions on this lovely Sabbath morning, since our church has sadly been moved to 12:30!!! blah! Here we go:

K: Jase, I'd like you to explain why you were dating Scott John while I was dating Ted in the picture below....
J: (laughing) he was just a fun guy. I really enjoyed his hair. It was fun to twist, and that smile. How could you resist?!
K: Gross. How comes you never twist my hair?
J: Cause you scream everytime I touch your hair.
K: K: Why do you think it is that your farts stink so much worse than everyone else's? The health food??
J: Where you here yesterday? Did you smell yourself?
K: Yea, I was here, but I couldn't smell me over your gross death stench! Do you rememeber the picture below?

J: Do you realize that this is not only our public blog, but our children's children are going to read this? And yes, I do remember that picture.
K: I'll do the questions around here. You just answer. Just wondering if you remembered that picture. That was awesome. What's the weirdest thing you and I have done together that you can think of?
J: Walk down Castro street while you asked me what I thought about the guys in front of us.
K: That's pretty lame, and not that weird. What about the statues on Main in Mesa, or what about testing out all of the beds in the mall, or maybe our late night Napoleon soundboard prank calls. Come on dude, think! I'll give you another try.
J: Those may have weirded other people out, but Castro st. weirded me out.
K: Lame. Ok, next I'd like to discuss the picture below. Was it hard for you to act like you loved me and wanted to stay married to me when I was 3x your size?

J: hahahaha, put hahahahaha. not at all. Take that off.
K: I'm writing what you say!
J: No, I loved every bit of you, you were holding my baby.
K: Liar! I was exactly 100lbs more than you!!! LIAR! Sure you loved me, but I'm talking about attracted to.
J:Just more to love baby. I love you.
K: Liar! This interview sucks!
J: One of my favorite things was reading your letter to me from back before we got married. That was awesome. Maybe I'll go get one and you can post that (as he walks away)
K: Dude, where did that come from? I didn't even ask what one of your favorite things about me before we got married was. You're so weird. And no, we're not posting you said, our children's children will be reading this!
J: Yea we are.
K: No we're not.
J: SO envelope is entitled: J-Sinna Maulder
K: Shut up, peopel always spell our last name wrong. Like I ever expected it to be MY last name someday.
J: So, starts out Jason, hey, here are soem picture to add to your frickin stack! I kept all the nude ones to myself.
K: You really want our HS kids to be reading this? REALLY? That's the kind of dad you are?
J: They'll be much older w hen they read it.
K: No they won't!
J: By the tiem they get all the way through your blogs they'll be 80.
K: They're not going to be retarded liek their father. They'll be done in a week. Let's carry on with the interview now. So does it make you mad that we see your family once a year or once every other year and I make you hang out with mine a few times a month?
J: SO anyway, continuing on with the important stuff...I just picked up the tickets for the Suns game on the 18th, it's not a big deal if you can't make it. But I need to know ASAP, e mail me. Love ya, sometimes. P.S. Expect a kick in the balls next time we meet...4 what you might be asking?...for telling the DUncan girls that I was all over you that one night. Bite me Peter PUffer!
PPS. Give Scott a big hug fr all of us.
K: You're so lame. SO LAME! Seriously taht was 10 years ago, I've matured since then...and yes, you'll be getting a kick in the balls after this interview. Can we say that now that we're parents? Well, on with the interview. THis next picture was from your phone. I took it as my sister Randa picked up a certain finger of yours whilst we were playing cards for days at a time. Do you really feel that way about me?

J: As we can see the maturity stilll abounds in the family (laughing hard at himself)
K: Wow, great answer genius. Ok, now let's learn a little more about, what the towns children call, "Doctor Mulder". Tell me a bit about your frustration of parents that reward their sick kids with candy or fast food, or soda. I love to hear this story, I coudl hear it time and time again.
J: You sure you wanna get me on my soapbox.
K: You live there, may as well put some on the blog for the children to see what a smart dad they have. He knows everything in the whole freaking world! GO!
J: What's that supposed to mean?
K: You know, just go, explain your feelings in the above situation.
J: Are you tryign to start a fight between me and your family and friends?
K: They all either completely despise you, or as you know call and e mail for council daily, so they've already made their opinions of you. Please just go on with your feelings...
J: All people simply need to do, no erase that (laughing again). Ahhhhhh, (thinking for a long time)
K: Hurry up dude, I'm freezing over here! (our fireplace is in the other room and it's COLD)
J: I have nothing against the parents themselves...I just think America as a whole needs to take time to learn what those things actually do to the body and also take time to look at where it's gotten other people. THe media isn't going to educate us on these things because the two biggest funders of our nation are the food industry and the pharmeceutical industry. The things that really lead to health have to be searched for, but all the answers are out there.
K: Wow, inspiring. I've actually got one glistening tear in my eye...blah! Alright, now then. Let's dig deeper. How much do you weigh?
J: 168
K: dreamer
J:I was, I was 168 last time I weighed
K: Great, so we're almot the same again. Canyou PUUUULEEEZ gain some weight. This is hard on me. And I have to stick up for you when people say how little you are.
J: P90X baby, P90X
K: yes, then we'll be going to counciling because I'll hate you because you'll get super buff in 2 weeks and I'll still be fat for another 3 months. I hate you just talking about it! Next subject. When you grow a mustache do you feel Mexican?
J: Ouch (following a slap in the face) I feel like Pablo.
K: Who's pablo? my dad?
J: What's the guys name on Napoleon Dynamite?
K: Pedro
J: Yea, that guy.
K: K, great. How are you feelign about the 4 trips your wife has planned for the next 6 months? Are you goign to leave her? or try and make enough $$ to take her on them? Just curious.
J: I'm just glad she has lofty goals, as she also wants to get in a house in the next 6 months and wants me to be home from work more often.
K: OOooh, you just struck a match dude. I haven't asked you to be home from work more often in MONTHS! MONTHS! I want you there more...and the house thing...ooooh. You told me a year and a half ago that we'd be in before this last CHristmas...I just spent another CHristmas in this old rental! BITE ME!!!!! Of coarse I want ina i me one other friend that hasn't owned their own house before the age of 30!! ONE!
J: I love you

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm rich!

Ok, so not really rich, but saved enough to buy lots of new shirt haha! I have to share

I paid $10.10 for:
5- 64oz bottles of juice (different kinds, ocean spray, mott's, juicy juice) (coupon, plus extra savings for juice purchase)
1- large box of ziploc gallon freezer bags (weren't on sale, but needed and had coupon)
1- quart of half and half (didn't have a coupon)
3- boxes of Reynold's aluminum foil (free)
3- bottles of garnier fructic shampoo and conditioner (free)
3- bottles of soft soap hand soap (.30 each)
3- Johnson and Johnson buddy bath bars (free)

crap, and there was one other thing. But seriously, I would have paid more than that for the juice alone! I was soo excited!!! That was just between two stores. Albertson's had the major deals this week, but my grocery list is too long...just know I saved over $64 and paid only $44. I love coupon sense. It was really fun too. Jase even admitted he liked it. And I just brought my coupon clip list and clipped them on the way to flag, spent about an hour and a half shopping between 4 stores (2 were by each other and the other 2 were right by each other) then another 2 hours shopping for fun stuff with the $$ saved! I love it! I just had to case this is a phase...I'll laugh reading about it later. haha!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Last chance....

The Biggest loser starts today...anyone else in? It ends March 6th. Think about....deadline is tomarrow for sign ups.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

3 educated wishes....

3 areas I wish I were more educated on are: doubt! Seriously, I'm horrible at it. I wish the Love and Logic people would get up here and teach a class or something. For now, Jase and I are re-reading the book....can anyone else suggest an amazing parenting book that isn't too long...and preferably has some pictures...haha! No, but seriouly, any suggestions? #2 Auto Mechanics! I'd love to know how to fix this thing. I'm always jealous of girls that know that stuff, especially hot girls that would never need to know it because anyone would fix their car for free. But I just wanna know so that if I get stuck in the middle of the reservation at 10pm at night, and we STILL don't have our on star hooked up and I STILL don't have cell phone, ah, but I have a flashlight...soI can fix it. Yes, that would be nice.

#3. You may think I'm crazy on this one, and that it's not a big deal, but it is. I want to be more educated on.....Dressing for my body type!!! Silly, I know, but just think, if you knew EXACTLY what looked good on you, you'd feel soo much sexier when you go out. I'm not talking, "oh I only look good in boot cut jeans with a medium rise in a dark wash". I'm talking the whole shabang! You know what belts to wear wih what cardigans, and which shoes will best make your calves not look as big as your thighs (big issue with me). Anyway, I'd love to know this stuff.
Now I'd like to share 3 things I wish I WEREN'T so educated on...or I wish I didn't know
Pictures will NOT be shared for good reason
#1. I wish our guy that brings us eggs didn't tell us, "the hens have been bleeding a lot because of the protien feed we have them on. They're eggs are too big for them". Thanks dude, that's gross!
#2. I wish I didn't know that Boston drank Jaden's pee out of a play construction hat.
#3. Prepare yourselves. This is the worst. I wish I didn't know that it's actually good for the baby to get fecal matter on it at birth and that the doctors shouldn't wipe it away til after the baby is fully born. I wish I didn't know that. I really wish I didn't know that.

Alright, now 3 things I wish people would educate themselves on and not be so trusting of media, their doctors, and their peers.
#1. Artifical sweetners. Most of you already steer clear of these suckas, but if something was used to kill people in war, and now we are allowing small doses of it in these...that should be your red flag right there. Plus, if you do your does put less calories in your bodies, but it makes your body crave more. Hmmm. Interesting.
#2 I will not be showing a picture of this one either, cause uh, I don't know why. But IUD's! Research them! Sadly Iwaited til it was too late. I had one, and of coarse my body was the 1 in 1000 to reject it, so I bled...A LOT, then got it out, then researched it.....haha, I just had it put i because my gyno said how amazing it is. But when I researched it, I found out two things I didn't like about it. And remember people, this is MY OPINIONS...and in the words of my ever infamous blog stalker hater "are you and your friends REALLY that retarded?", only me and a few of my friends. But here are the things I dislike about the IUD that I wish I would have been told by my gyno. 1. the way it works is by scratching up the walls of your uterus, iritating them enough to swell...which of coarse is not good. And my 2nd complaint about the IUD's is that it allows the sperm and egg to unite...which in my eyes is the beginnings of a baby. It jus doesn't allow the egg to attach to the uterus wall. So I kinda felt like I was killing the beginnings of a lot of babies. But again, just me. But still, a metal object up there, irritating the walls of your uterus???? Doesn't seem right. haha!

And my final object that I wish more people would research....prescription medications. Fortunately I have seen more and more people start researching and turning away from these, but stil I see so many just do em cause their doctors are being paid to tell them to...and sady, they, or even worse, their kids have to suffer the effects of them (NOT side effects). Another thing I experienced on my own. Jaden was on antibiotics from 3 months to 2 year, almost constantly, one thing would lead to another, ear infections, fevers, flu, everything, so we just kept the antibiotics and baby tyenol going. Then, when we started researching what exactly all of those things are doing to him, we realized, we're keeping him sick. We took him off, found some different ways to help him, and he hasn't been on any of that since...along with our other two. I wish we would have researched it earlier....and not just the brochures and website that the pharmaceutical companies pay for. (which is a lot) But as a disclaimer...I will say, there is defaintey a time and place for extreme conditions...but they are defiantely being over prescribed.

And finally 3 things I wish WE were all more educated on (they sound like Jeopardy Challenges):
1. reacurring disasters throughout history. Just seems like it'd be handy to stop making the same mistakes...I'm talking about everything from global situations to inside the home disasters.

2. families, just seems like if we knew more about them, we'd realize how important they are.
3. the gospel, could you imagine? yea, pretty great right?
Ahh, and I will now be stepping off of my soap box. Feel free to voice your opinions on the subjects spoken of...just don't call me and ALL of my friends retarded!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blog post of the year...

I'm hoping to be able to NOT buy sugar (other than canned for food storage) ever again from this article: CLICK HERE

Monday, January 5, 2009

Helping with YOUR resolutions?

Ok, so I have two great programs to possibly help with everyone's new years resolutions. You've gotta have either "lose weight" or "save $$" on your list of resolutions. First off, is of coarse another go round of the biggest loser. Andthis time, I'm in it to win it! (last time my starting weight was the same as my ending!), but here's the info on it:

Biggest Loser Post Holiday Challenge 2009
Beginning January 9th-March 6th8 weeks long
$25 to join (goes into the pot)
1st, 2nd and 3rd place $ prize
Losing 10% of your starting weight gets you $10 back
Winners determined by % lost of starting weight
Weekly weigh ins (on honor system) every Friday.
You can also join without paying the $25, but you will not be eligable for the prize $$ or the weekly challenge prize.You can also join without paying, you just won't be in it for the $ For more info, and to join e mail Kristal @

Alright, and second...COUPON SENSE!!!! It's great! My sister Vonda just taught me about it and in half a month I saved over $100 on our grocery bill!!!!! It takes almost a month to get your coupon stash up...and January is the best month for that because they put a lot more coupons in the papers this month. go to to check it out...but you can't see how the deals are made w/o joining. It's nice because you can plan your weekly menu, then type in the foods you need for it, and it will tell you where the best deals are for it, and i fyou have coupons for it. Even for produce and meats, it will tell you where the deals are...or you can do what I do and check it every week to see where the FREE stuff is. You will never pay for toliet paper, shampoo, most make up, dedoerant or toothpaste again. Anyway, if you join, don't sign up through the wbsite, call my sister Vonda. She's an instructor and she's the best! seriously. (no matter where you live) because she's a pro and has killer newsletters with extra tips in it. And if you live in JC and want to, and we can make bi monthly trips to flagstaff to grocery shop together...haha! But you still do save a lot with just bashas, walmart and safeway...they do quadruple and triple coupons a lot. Anyway, e mail if you wanna join under Vonda
yea, ok, so I haven't saved as much as this lady, but give me a couple of months. From the people I know that do it, you do save $200-$400 a month on groceries (including diapers, and tolietres ((sp)). Think about it ladies, that's a atrip to disneyland every month! Let's do it!

Friday, January 2, 2009

My 3 Resolutions for 2009...

Of coarse my first one is to be a better mutha! I sucked this last year. I felt soo selfish all the time, because of that stupid trip. I would work out for an hour before they got up, the 2 hours that they were down for a nap, and an hour during the day when I had them hooked to the tube. I could have used all of that time to clean, cook better meals, make up games, etc... That's my goal for this year. Only one hour a day of working out (while they're asleep) and the rest being with them or making the house a funner place to be. #2...never read the BofM all the way through. I've read 1Nep and 2Nep about 342 times, but never read the whole darn thing. I HATE reading, and to top it off, this is reading that confuses me more than anything. But I'm going to try.
And my last goal. I wanted to be a cute little pregnant girl, instead of my usual 255lbs "are you having twins?" pregnant girl. I wasin 6's, and now I'm back to TIGHT 8's. SO I want to get back to 6's and get another kid going. (this girl is just the cutest size 6 I could find online). WE just ordered P90X and I'm getting running shoes this weekend and starting WW again on Monday.

Wish me luck!