Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best Family EVER!!!!

Ok, I just love my kids and husband, I know I go through phases with all 5 of them, but seriously, they're the best. A few days ago I put Pearcen on the bed with a bottle and a few minutes later I looked back and he was sitting up with blankets and pillows all around him, Boston said, "Made baby a house!". They were both super happy. Boston LOVES to get all of the blankets and pillows in the house and spread them out through the living room, kitchen and dining room and each blanket is a new room in the house. If you come into the "house" you have to participate in "sleep time" or watch TB (tv). he's awesome!Um, and some random pictures of my 8 month old that I took a couple of days ago. I wanna do a real shoot with him today....we'll see if it really happens.

Ah, and now on to the BIG news of the month....Kindergarten graduation! I wrapped Kam's present a couple of days before graduation....big mistake! Every other hour one of the kids would BEG me to tell them what was in it. Kam finally ripped into it after graduation...and it was Chunk...a new Zhu Zhu pet.

Even though she looks super nervous in this picture she told us she wasn't scared at all.
"The land was dry and the wind blew and blew, but they planted lots of seeds. They dug a ditch and they built a dam and they worked hard at hoeing the weeds". That was Kam's party for the graduation. She said it a few times everyday for weeks beforehand....she did it perfectly! Um, and obviously, she was the cutest kindergartener there!
The next day our neighbor put together an awesome waterpark party at the park. It was a lot of fun. Here are the boys getting ready to slide down one of the slides....
Yesterday Jase took all of us out to Chevelon (sp) with a canoe, Subway and cookies. We were out there for about 5 hours. It was fun. Sweet pearcey fell asleep out there, so I mostly cuddled with him. Kam and Boston and Jaden played in the sand and water. Jaden has gotten REALLY good at paddleing. Boston got really good at shoving the boat off shore when Jaden is in it. We all had a great time, and will probably end up out there again sometime this week.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I know May's are always busy, but the last 2 weeks have been crazy crazy busy, and since I'm super lame, and too busy today to fix this, I'm doing things in reverse, cause that's how the pictures uploaded. So this was the end of our trip to the valley.....ALL of us girls and MOST of our kids met at this awesome park on a greenbelt by Paula's new house for a picnic for my ma n pa's 50th. It was a lot of fun. These two were the cutest things there. I over exposed all of the pictures, cause I'm lame like that, but just know that they are really cute babies and I want to eat them both up!
Right before the picnic Jase and Jaden and I went to the temple dedication. We loved it. Jaden, um, loved the first hour then got bored.
Saturday night was the reception. It was AMAZING...seriously probalby my favorite reception ever. So much fun. All kinds of crazy food, awesome decorations, super fun colors, and the best of the best people! I loved it! This is sadly one of only 2 pictures taken of me and well, just look......

Ah, but very last moment (after 9pm) I managed to SQUEEZE in a shot of the whole Gut family. SO CUTE!
Sparklers! I forgot to mention there were sparklers! They were awesome! I'm not the best at shooting at night, you all know this, but just know again, it was more amazing in real life!
Her cute bridesmaids (4 are my neices)
Um, this may have been one of the highlights of the night for me.....Jamison aka diet satan came up with the genius idea of putting ice cream between 2 cookies then rolling it in reeces peices.....he begiled me and I did partake. YUM!
defaintely the 2 cutest girls there. They even matched the cake. I LOVE these 2.
another yummy shot of the bridesmaides.
cutest boy of the night
And Friday evening was the wedding and it was perfect. This is the happy couples first kiss as a married couple (other than the kiss at the wedding)
Saturday night we also were able to go to Elissa's mom's funeral. It was a VERY sad funeral, but it was great and I'm glad we were able to go. It was a sad week last week with all of my thoughts on my BFF Lissy and her sadness. When I think about what happened I'm still in complete shock and can't believe it. But I know Heavenly Father knows what he's doing.

And on a completely different note.....biggest loser 2010 bikini challenge ends tomorrow...I'm in 2nd but need to lose a good 3lbs to secure that. Swam 51 laps today, walked a mile and it's only 11, hopefully I can burn a few thousand more calories before the days end and not eat anymore calories...unhealthy, yes, I know, but that's how the day before final weigh in is...get used to it suckas!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What I did today....

Woke up at 5, laid in bed for a good 15 minutes trying to convince myself that that Waldo's BBQ sandwich wasn't bad enough to have to swim a mile this morning.
5:20: got up and swam a mile
6:00: took a shower
6:20: made sweet potatoe pancakes for the kids and a shake for me (plus some rice chips)
7:00 : got chores going
7:55: got jaden on the bus, made grocery list, headed up to lampsas to deliver food
8:10: packed up pearcey, took him to my dad, went into town to get my hair done
10:30: got home, listened to messages, freaked out that I missed the meeting that I PLANNED that was AT MY HOUSE.
11:00 : called my enrichment commitee to apologize
11:30: laid pearce down, went to pick up jaden, got home, made lunch for him.
12:05 : took kids to school
12:30: blog
1: workout
1:30: get boston's shag trimmed up
3: clean up the house
3:30 : kids get home, invite friends over since we have been pawning our kids off everywhere this week
The rest of the day hopefully just involves making hamuburgers and cucumber salad and corn, popping popcorn and watching a movie
But will MOST LIKELY involve breaking up fights, helping with home work, making the perfect "home snack", wiping butts, cleaning up spills, vaccuming, running something to Jase at the office, making dinner, putting the kids to bed, popping popcorn, then falling asleep on the couch the second it's done....then waking up an hour or 2 later so I can retire to my bed.
Love my Life!

For real.
I just had to post these amazing rice chips because I thought I was gunna throw up when I noticed that I ordered 3 bags, but my gosh! Good thing...we went through the first bag in a day. We all LOVE THEM. They're sooo good. Go get some!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A busy May.....

Boston's birthday was a lot of fun. We decided to just invite 4 or 5 friends and their families and to do it all handmade. Usually I get on and just order the complete package of whatever birthday they want, but I decide this year we're doing handmade for all of em. It was a lota fun.
here's pearcey with his favorite grandpa...
Boston....excited about EVERY present....

A wicked game of musical chairs....

We played a game of pin the nose on the boston.
Bubbles for everyone!!!!

Here we have the individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies....Wrapped candy bars....
packaged jelly beans....
The birthday cake that BOss picked out for weeks before hand at every walmart...even though there wer really cool kid cakes all around it...
"B" cookies....thanks to martha stinkin stewart.
It was a fun birthday party, low stress and low mess.

May has already been a lot of fun, and we haven't even had the fun wedding stuff!!!! The beginning of May Grandma Mulder came for a visit from Hawaii. The kids really really miss her since we only get to see her once every year or 2. Boston wanted to go home with her so badly. Hopefully she can make it out more often so they can remember Hawaii Grandma...or as Boston refers to Hawaii, "fa fa away".
She liked to wake up and help the kids with their chores and then go on hikes with them. they would go on lizard hunts and one of the days they found a really big cool lookin lizard...

Kam was scared of it at first, but then she loved holding it.

We had a lot of fun with Hawaii Grandma here...I am only mad that I didn't take more pictures...ugh! Next trip for sure!!!!

Last week Boss woke up and made monster sounds and scared everyone because he looked like this.....
um, a little pic of perfection...

And lo and behold...we found our underwater camera from Jamaica and got it developed. ha ha, a little overdue, but here they are....
This was a HUGE waterfall that we hiked up and it slammed us just in time for the picture.


This was our first ride on the hobby cat. We spent LOTS of time on these after Jase learned to sail them so we didn't have to take a Jamaican out with us everytime.
And I'm SLOWLY learning to love my MAC. The kids have loved it since we found the photobooth.....
The first day Hawaii Grandma was here we went to tour the new Gila Valley temple. It was beautiful. When we first walked into the celestial room Boston said outloud, "WOW!". I agree.
Other happenings in May:
Lissy and I scrapbooking and quilting like crazy.
Killer Yard sale
Father's Son's
Last days of school

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My latest vice.....

we got a new computer a couple of weeks's why I haven't blogged in a's why I don't's why I haven't made a birthday banner for boston's party, or printed up stuff for my neices scrapbook or done anything......what the heck "slight learning curve?"!!!!!! It's a whole new school...and I'm failing! HELP!!!!!!