Friday, October 5, 2018

Lots of happiness

Lately, noting super exciting has happened, except for lots I guess.   Pearcen had a birthday, which was so much fun, but I'll blog about that separately.  Kamryn has been killing it as volleyball manager and doing dance and piano. I LOVE hearing her play piano everyday.  She's so amazing.  Jaden has been working at the pawn shop, hanging out with friends and of course hanging out with Glory. I love this girl, and I love who Jaden is when he's with her.  She's amazing!

 And this guy, this guys has decided to become a Menace...Dennis some would call him.  He cut his hair and while I was searching for the scissors, he dumped an entire Costco sized bag of veggie straws all over the kitchen.   He also loves to play in make up, ride Otis while yelling "neeeeiiigh!", sneak candy, dump toys all over, hit, throw things and fall asleep at all the wrong times.  But luckily, he's THEE most adorable thing ever!
 And Little Miss Crafts-a-lot is constantly creating. I love her.  She loves baking, crafting, coloring, drawing, reading and gymnastics.  That pretty much describes her day everyday.