Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's day with the 2 best!

This father's day we were able to spend it up north with dad.  We've spent the last few mother's days up there, but not father's day.   It was great.  Boston picked out some fantastic lobster shirts to give both dad's and I forced them both to wear them for the Father's Day BBQ.....I do however think they slowly fell in love with them...and I think they both look strapping in them!
 Grandma had the kids shuck the wasn't very fond of the idea (I'll let you guess) and one just shucked one happily then skipped away (again, take a guess)
 The kids LOVE getting thrown out, I mean going out back to play.  Grandma and Grandpa have 2 horses in their pasture that the kids like to go and pet, and they always have a fun sprinkler attatchement on their hose, which makes for hours of fun.  Poor sweet Vivvy gets picked up by everyone, a million different ways, and she lets out a loud scream that sometimes gives her freedome, but sometimes does not.  The boys love to hold her.
 Um, I don't know what this cute pose was for, but I want it in the blog book!
 and a shot with the whole crew and the dads.  I LOOOVE this picture. So mad I didn't focus it!
 and me and my girls and my dad.  So glad we FINALLY wore these skirts I made over a month ago, who knows if it'll happen again.   Love this old guy!  I love talking to him about anything!  He always has great insite, and great humor to ANY subject!  He's fantastic!!! And he always makes each of the kids feel like a favorite....and he's their favorite!!!!
 This might be one of the sweetest pictures ever.  Grandpa really does have a special place for Vivvy.  and ever since she was super tiny she's always loved going to grandpa....and she doesn't like many other people.

Monday, June 17, 2013


 I'm going to start this post how I start most....with my sweet baby!  I'm posting a 2 week old picture because I'm getting so baby hungry with all of my friends spitting babies out all over the place this month!  And a couple more next month!  What the heck people?  It's the summer O babies!!!! And they're all freaking adorable so far! (don't let me down the rest of you).   I really do miss Bibs at this age, but she is at the most perfect age ever right now.  She's hilarious, and beautiful and sweet and cuddly and fun to dress up and she doesn't get the knees of every outfit stained (she now walks).  She's perfect! I hope it lasts.

And now, as part of the Influenster program that I do...AND LOVE I'm posting some pictures of my make up where Q tip precision points helped clean things up....first the smokey eye that I sport once or twice a week, if forced to leave the house.....

 And then of coarse, the FOUNCY occasion red lip..  I don't have much for lips, so I really need to line just outside, and keep it clean.....

Thanks Q tip!  Awesome invention!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Bibian

So, it's been a while since I've posted on Bibs and all her new tricks.  She's pretty neat.  She makes the squishiest, goofiest faces.  It's a crack up...and that's why she does it.  She'll laugh with us after she does it.  She started walking 2 weeks ago and now she's pretty much running and into EVERYTHING!  Yesterday I was at the computer planning our campout for no more than 5 minutes and I heard something. I went to the pantry and she had about 300 black beans all over and throwing more as I walked in. (They usually have a lid on them but I had just taken it off an hour or so earlier to clean it).  Shes fantastic!
  She gets to be the model for Danica's headband company and lately, it's been a bit dificult to get a normal face.....

But then, the sweetness does set in.....

and then the crazy sets in.  Vivian seriously LOVES these headbands.  She likes to take them off, but then tries to put them right back on again.  She's hilarious!  And her words rigth now are "OT"  for hot, and "mom" and "dad" and she puts one finger on her lips and "shh"s and then yells really's naughty and hilarious.

We decided to throw a headband on Fox just to show how versitle they really are.