Monday, February 29, 2016

This baby is my world!!!

These two girls sure make my job easy.  they love taking care of baby Truman.  Vivian loves that he grabs her finter and Kam loves how tiny his body is.
 Pearcey has been a reading fool!  He reads almost all day long.  Wheather it's just sounding out huge words (the latest is Pandamonium), or reading books, or reading labels on food or boxes, he's ALWAYS reading.   He's gotten so good at it.
 And this girl...she loved that her dress flew behind her like a cape at the park.   I loved that her cute bum was showing when her cape blew up.  She's hilarious!

I cannot beleive how much I love this little man! I know I've loved a newborn this much 5 times before, but knowing this is the end (which makes me feel so old since I feel like we just started having kids) makes me cuddle him longer, smell him more, and kiss his entire face every hour!  he's so dang sweet! J and I really can't believe we're at the tail end of having kids.  It's so incredibly sad to me.  And I know I still have a few more child bearing years on me, but I'm so scared to death to have another pregnancy like the last, or post partum like the one before, or a ginomrous baby like Boss, and of course, to just have more teenagers. haha.  But I want more babies!!! 0-5 year olds are the best!   I guess by the time Tru is 5, Jaden or Kam would only have a couple of years before they might start their families.   But as much as people tell me having grandbabies is the best, there's NO way anything can be better than your own, great smelling, cuddly baby. It makes me want to spend every second with all 6 of these kids...which I know is impossible, especially since my older two are preferring friends to family now. ;(  Just happened in the last month.  But these other 4 love to be around here.  I want to be a more fun/happy mom for them.  I feel like I was doing pretty good for years, and the last 4 or 5 years have been a fog as a mom.  I think all of the "ideas of pinterest" have overwhelemed my mom brain and shut it off.  I hope i can get back to it!
Back to sweet, sweet baby Tru.  He had his first (and hopefully only) dr. appointment last week where he was weighing in at 8.8.  Almost back to birth weight, which I guess they should be at by week 2.  
He' s done so well at sleeping long stretches at night (hope I don't jinx that) and being happy during his awake time.  he's a gem!
 We took him to the park yesterday with Uncle Justin and Aunt Elissa.  He loved it.
 And of course, I had to take this picture with this cute pacifier....
 and then him 10 minutes later...

Friday, February 26, 2016

Baby Tru!

 Baby Truman is finally here!!! Seriously, longest, most anxiety/trial filled pregnancy ever!  I'm SO glad it's over, and even MORE glad that he's healthy...and adorable, and easy and yummy and under 10 pounds!  He's a dream!  So here are a few pictures from the hospital...unedited, and undieted.

The day before induction I lost my plug, and had contractions starting around 2:30 am, so I hoped that meant the induction would go well and not end up in a C section.  I checked into the hospital around 8am, got a ridiculous nurse...who had been working at banner for 35 years, but all of us that were in the room with her were amazed that she's worked anywhere...ever. She needed help with all of the monitoring, as if she'd never done it before, she was INCREDIBLY rough with her vag checks, and even more rough with her needle pokes.  I'm still a black and blue mess over a week later.  I've never had someone hurt me so badly in a hospital.  She burst a couple of veins, before calling in the guy that does that for the whole hospital, who took one poke, painless and perfect! She also spilled my jello all over the room and left it for 3 hours before smearing it around and leaving most of it there.  So we got a new nurse...who was great!  She started me on pit around 10am, and no one chekced me after that for about 5 hours.....when Lindstrom was there...and broke my water.  He said I was only at a 5...but within 20 minutes, I felt the urge to push and told them to get him back in there!  And sure enough, he threw on his gloves and gown, and we told him I didn't want to push, and we didn't want him to pull, so we kinda just let Tru work his way down.  I could feel his head crowining when Linstrom said, "wow, that's a good sized head".  Which freaked me out (boston all over...tear from here to there for months), but luckily, it was jut a perfectly round hairy head only 15.5".  I did have to do a couple of pushes to get his shoulder out after his cute head was out, but it was really a dream birth.  Just what I had hoped for.  
Grandma Hatch always gives my babies their first baths, so she came over yesterday and bathed him. He of course, loved looks like he's glaring at her in these pictures, but he's not...he just has my face...that looks like  a glare most of the time.  He was in heaven.

And of course, I just take about 30 pictures of him a's a random pictures of day 4.
 And today, he was just too cute on the quilt I made him so I had to snap a few.  Mmm, I can't stand how cute he is!!!!!!  Seriously, he sleeps about 3 hours in a row all night until about 6 when everyone gets up, then he's awake and alert for a couple of hours, then sleeps til the evening when he has a few more awake and alert hours.  I know that's custom to change at any second, but I'm ok with that schedule for a bit.

Monday, February 8, 2016


So, even though this isn't our last move, last weeks move puts us in what is 99% sure, our LAST WARD!  It's been kinda hard on all of us to keep switching wards and finding our place and people in each ward.   I realized as I took Kam to her first mutual in this ward tonight, that it will be her last time to have butterflies walking into a new mutual as the new girl!!! Made me so happy! The move will just be a few feet across the street, so hopefully it won't be that much of a change either....and what change it will be is GREAT!  and CUSTOM!!! and OURS!!!! NO MORE RENTALS!!!! This is the year of Sue! (Mulders = Sue)

Now I'm leaving on a sweet little sleeping note. I LOVE that she likes to cuddle with stuffed animals, and give them all names, and be SO STINKING CUTE!!!!!!! (even with the world's worst self done hack job....4 months grown out....still bad)