Friday, August 24, 2018


I am HORRIBLE at figuring out ways to serve others that don't involve making meals or goodies for them.  And I AM so grateful for the blessing of loving cooking and baking because I'm realizing not all or many moms like it like I do, but I want to do more, so I'm always grateful to hear of other people's acts of service that I can try and do.  A friend posted this today on FB and when I read it, it reminded me of how badly I wanted someone to help me out after my babies.  My mom always came for a day or two...or she got trapped with me for. a week and a half after I had Boston because he came 8 days late, but it's those next few months of feeling trapped and gross and tired and scared and overwhelmed in every possible way:

PSA: If you live near someone who has a baby under 5 months old, assume they need help. Because I had pretty bad postpartum depression after Cohen and then a little bit with each of the others, I worry/suspect that lots of others have it. Instead of telling the new mom, “Let me know if you need anything”, here are things you can offer to do: 
Mom needs physical support in the form of cooking, cleaning, babysitting, grocery shopping, etc. 
She needs emotional support in the form of someone to sit and listen, give a hug, encouraging words, and someone to affirm that what she’s experiencing is "normal". We all deal with it to varying degrees.
Another thing I wish I'd known sooner is that she may crave sweets and carbs but those will make her feel worse. She needs protein each time she nurses or bottle feeds so that she gets some protein every few hours. Protein will stabilize her blood sugar and moods. (handful of nuts, hard boiled egg, beef jerky, greek yogurt, deli meat)
She needs lots of water. 
She needs alone time. Three times a week is not too much! She needs 2 hours alone (or close to it) to feel human. 
There you go. Reach out, offer, insist if you must. Help a momma out ❤️
“I’d like to take your baby for a few hours on Tuesday. What’s a good time. I know I don’t have to, I want to. No, no one at my house is sick.” 😊😜

Of course I know she'd still like meals, so I'll never stop taking meals to pregnant moms and new moms, but to take her other kids is HUGE at that stage.  HUGE!  I'm grateful for the awareness that this post brought to me.

I also have another friend that gets other moms out for walks. And two other friends that offer FREE aerobic classes twice a week for years and years and years!!!!  Right now in life, I need to do simple acts of service, because yes, I'm feeling overwhelmed with my own life and even making an extra mean (or 2 or 3) on my service meal nights sometimes wears me out.   No one warned me that having teenagers and toddlers at the same time would be thee most insane part of this journey, but alas, it is.   A reckless teenager who I believe, truly feels that he is invincible, and a toddler that loves to go around the house making messes faster than I can clean them.  A-N-X-I-E-T-Y!!!!!!