Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ok ok, a little taste

Don't forget...these were done on our timer, so if there's a bit of an anxious look on Jase's face in any of them, it's because he just did a very quick sprint!
Have a great weekend!


Ok, one of the top 5...I FOUND THE CARD!!!! I'm headed out the door to go camping, but I FOUND THE CARD PEOPLE! You get the see the best wedding pictures 3 days!

THanks for your prayers!!!!!

Now let's pray for the sick and injured and poor and needy

Friday, August 29, 2008

Jamaica Part II

Ok, so since all of my amazingly beautiful beach and ocean shots are gone, this is really all I have of it...enjoy.... One of the nights the resort did a big Jamboree party thing, and there were lots of crazy Jamaicans on stilts, lots of liquor and lots and lots of food, along with my favorite band ever...we stalked them and ate at the resturant they played at almost everyday...I got a picture with them because they were some cool looking older Jamaican men, but yea, guess which card that was on....
And yes, there was plenty of entertainment for the gentlemen.....
and a little more....
I would have held the snake but, um, I'm not crazy!
Alright, I'm sure this will change as things pop into my head, but here are my top 10's.
10. All of the fresh Jamaican grown fruit everywhere, mangoes, pineapples, bananas, papayas, breadfruit(gross).
9. The SUPER clear blue water (that I would ike to share with you, but can't)
8. all of the greeness
7. Dunn's River Falls, beautiful. We hiked up it, but we had to go with a group, and they made us all hold hands, and that was wierd. Then they made us go down a tiny little natural slide and put our hands behind our heads as we slid down and they took a picture...yes, I felt a bit violated, but it's Jamaica, ya mon!
6. The excitment of the scary driving
5. The cool fish and sunken ships that we got to check out while we were snorkeling
4. Jerk Chicken
3. The billboards
2. Rum Raisin Ice Cream (I had it with 2 meals a day everyday) and Appleton Rum Pancake Syrup (I had it with the other meal everyday, and have contiuned the tradition here in JC)
1. The amazing people. They were so grateful, and happy and positive, seirously all the time. And yes, maybe they were high since weed is legal ( and we were offered it), and since Rum is all over the place, but seriously they were always soo happy and friendly. Whenever we'd ask them about the hurricanes, they would always say things like, "we're just a really blessed nation, blessed in many ways" Or, "we just pray and we're blessed". Some of our favorite phrases
"wheregwoin" Which we're assuming is "where are you going?" or "how's it going?"
"you alright?" They ask that a lot, and we thought maybe it was just in the resort, but nope, eveywhere, they just want to make sure everyone is "irie", which brings me to my next means "alright"
and of coarse the infamous "ya mon" which really does mean whatever you want it to mean, and you have to say it about every 30 seconds in a conversation or you're just not really Jamaican. Oh, and not only were they amazing people, but the longer we were there, the more I noticed that they are really good looking. Probably just the ones that worked at our resort since I didn't ntoice too many on the street, but the girls were so beautiful. Jase had a MAJOR crush on our Salsa instructor...and it didn't help that the second she came into the room, she put on a tiny little skirt, stilletos and totally shook what her mama gave her...and and it was private one else came. But I do have to admit, most of the men had really good builds, and I don't know if it's just because they are always smiling (and one whistled at me and one asked if I was a movie star), but the men were pretty good looking too.
10. Jerk Pork
9. Spear Fishermen while we were Snorkeling
8. The crazy storm that came the night that we left with tons of thunder and lightening on the ocean (we had an ocean front room...I didnt' sleep that night)
7. The excitment of the crazy driving
6. being a white girl there. I wanted dreads and a big bootie and lips soo bad!
5. All the Rum, and I couldn't drink any...I do believe it would be my liquor of choice...probalby since it's just fermented cane juice
4. The occasional wiff of weed everyday
3. Rum Raisin Ice cream (for at least 2 meals a day everyday) 10lbs later
2. Leaving
1. Leaving without my own little Jamaican baby.
There you have it.
I have one more series of Jamaican pictures....unless you all can pray a little harder so someone can find my stinking amazing favorite memory card ever.

Jamaica Trip...Post I of...many!

Ok, card with amazingly beautiful pictures on it, still gone, but I must carry on. I can not let it hold me and my dreams back forever (although it totally is....I haven't gotten out of my pajamas since I found out!).
First we'll start off with the wonderful messages displayed in Jamaica. There were many, but I only caught a few which I will share with you throughout this post. Oh, and ALL pictures from this post were taken from a moving bus, so please, ignore any glare or motion blur, thank you.
"Only Fools"
"Don't do it YOURSELF"
This was just a shot of the hillside...a lot like many countries, Isreal, Cuba, California....
I just thought this little oceanside bar looked retroey (yes it's a word, and NO don't look it up!)
A ship
And we're complaining about $3.60 a gallon...this is 87.40 FOR A LITER!!!!
Ok ok, it's $75 Jamaican to $1 US
Just a cool Jamaican shopping center. We didn't get to go to any because Sandals picks you up at the airport and takes you right to the resort, and it's all fenced in, which scared me too much to go to the streets, but everyone looked really happy and nice on the streets, but the only white people we saw were a couple of momo missionaries....on a LONG road with their little bikes. ha!
Lots of goats in the roads of Jamaica. Seriously, I think it's a goat infested country. But we didn't see any dead....but lots of dead dogs. Maybe their specsist against dogs? (yes, it's a real word, and again, NO don't look it up!)
This is what most of the country looks like, this or hill covered in trees and shrubs with bright colored flowers. Seriously a beautiful country.
Almost everyone there drives a bus, or a station wagon. We did see 3 SUV's there, one being a sweet escalade, which I'm sure was broken into that night, but there are just tons of little station wagons with cute little "meep meep" horns that are being honked CONSTANTLY, but it's never in a mean way. They honk and wave to everyone, and they honk to let people cut in, or turn in, and they honk to say thank you. It was just weird to hear all the honking, and not have it be mean. Oh, but they do flip other drivers off for stupid moves.

Lots of fruit stands all along the roads. They grow pineapple, mango, banans, breadfruit, papayas and guavas. This guy just looked chill...ya mon.
This was a food market....notice the gross fish hanging on the pole...yuck! We saw lots of fishermen, I had an amazing picture of one holding his fish up and he had the coolest dreads, but again, on the good memory card. AH!
Just some more cool countryside pictures.

Um, ok, so when they pass, they don't care if a car is coming the other way, somehow, the person they pass just knows to go onto the shoulder. This is us in a huge bus, with a car on our left (obviously you drive on the left side there) and a car coming towards us on the right...we had 3 cars on the skinny 2 lane road. It was kinda scary, but amazingly, not one of our closest calls of the week. They drive within an inch of rock walls, and they pull out in front of bike riders that are going really fast. It's nuts!

This dude was carrying a big ole thing....I don't know what it is, but it looks like a REALLY HUGE thing of wheat, but he was walking a long a LONG road carrying it. Don't know why I took a picture.... next....
Just another cool dude
They build small houses, probably 500sq ft. and they live in the first floor until they can afford to build the second floor, and they continue to live in the first floor while they build the 2nd. Scary huh?
Ok, well, this wasn't the most interesting post. But enjoy for now, and I will be back with "My favorite and least favorite things about Jamaica" and also, "Sandals festivities" And hopefully "my 8 year wedding on the beach, the most amazing picture ever in the world and I found the card"...hopefully

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Can everyone say a little prayer for me?

The ONE thing that I lost on our journey home (somewhere in the plane or the airport) is my camera memory card with the best pictures on them. I took extra special care of this card the whole time we were in Jamaica because I took my wedding dress and a really handsome beachy outfit for Jase and we got up really early one morning and used the timer on my camera and took, SERIOUSLY the most amazing beach wedding pictures ever! I was soo in love with them. The card also had our only beach pictures together (in swimming suits) that we had a photographer take for us (for free)...and they were my favorite pics of Jase and I together...EVER! Yea, that's the ONE thing I lost. Why not a swimming suit, or the shells we got, or my freaking passport?! NOT THAT memory card!!!!

Pray for me! I'm going nuts!


I am tired
Jamaicans are crappy drivers
I am TAN
Jamaica is amazing
I am 10lbs chubbier
Jamaicans really do say "ya mon" for everything
I am so happy to be back with my kids
Jamaicans are BEAUTIFUL people
I wasn't the fattest girl on the beach!(yay)
Jamaicans really do wear red, green, yellow and black a lot
I am going to go unpack, clean, shower, find the kids, pack for this weekends camping trip, download my pictures and lay down for a day or two...

Friday, August 15, 2008


So thank you for your help everyone, mostly to my long lost ex boyfriend's sister that hated me with a passion, Lizz. The shaving and using deodorant worked instantly! YAY!!!!!!! And again, I'd like to leave you with yet another disturbing picture.....
I've entitled it...yay, no more bikini line bumps!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Alright, I didn't want to have to do it, but I'm desperate. I've never done anything about my bikini line because I usually always wear swim shorts or a swimskirt, but um, I need to for this vacation....WHAT DO I DO?! Some of you have said shaving stinks because it makes bumps, some of you said waxing isn't worth the, ok, so what do I do?! FEEDBACK! SOOON!!!!

Seriously? 6?!

I can't believe he's 6! Seriously, my oldest kid is 6?! I feel like I just got done being pregnant with him! And now he's in 1st grade. Kind of a big deal. Kindergarten, a little big, but 1st grade?! That's the first of the actual grades, he's gone most of the day from here on out (besides summers). My life is over!
Let's take a little walk down memory lane to see where the time has is my little cowboy at 3....awww, those dimples.....And he's showing you how old he is here..... STUD!
Aww, and 1! I remember how excited we wer eon this VERY day. It was his first of about 500 outfits off of e bay, and he was learning how to stand.....
again at 2....chubby, chubby, sweet lovin 2. Where Foxxie's water dish was his hat...everyday. I don't know how Foxxie made it through this phase of J's life.
Ok, so 6 years really has gone by, but what the heck?! This really does suck. now I see why my dad always told me to not grow up. And it got to the point that I would tell my dad, "I'm not growing any bigger". J tells me at least once a week, "I'm getting bigger". Then I chase him around til I catch the fast little sucker, and tackle him to the ground and try to squish him smaller...obviously, it's not working!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Today is J's first day to full day school. It's awful! I begged him this morning to stay home. He was soo excited to go. I have talked his teacher up all summer...she's amazing and I'm soo glad he got her. He's going to have an amazing year in her class, but I miss him, and it's only 10:30! one more hour til I can walk across the street and pick him up for lunch! Isn't he adorable?! He picked this shirt out at Old Navy. I love when he wears polos. Aaaawww, he's soo cute. Maybe I should, maybe not. But I do miss you already Bud! (oh, and don't make fun, all of his pants are a little long on him...we're waiting for his next growing spurt...anyday now)
And here's a picture of another well dressed lad...B. He loves to wear everyone else's shoes, and thses were his shoes of choice yesterday.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Domestic for a moment....

So I've been seriously LONGING to make pink cupcakes because of the book Pinkalicious, and I know I can't eat them right now, but my friend just had a baby, and it was a girl, how perfect! So we made pink cupcakes. I want to do a pink day for K like my cousin's wife (Holly) did for her little girl with the pinkalicious book, but I have to wait, and it's killing me. I've had a "ladybug girl" day planned for her for J's first week of school because I know how bored she'll be. So after I do that, then I really want to have a pinkalcious day (and when I'm off this dumb diet). Don't they look soo good? It's cherry frosting!!! And then last night, I realized we had nothing to do, so the second Jase walked through the door (almost 7) I told him I was going to my mom's to sew. I cut out tons of fabric to make a ton of aprons, then my machine died, and we only made one...and again, I've been LONGING for a cute apron. I almost bought this one
Then I thought I'd just try and make an even cuter one...and I did!!! Isn't it soo cute? the ones I usually make are just the skirts, but then I thought about how stupid of an apron just a skirt is. I mean most girls have boobs (even if they are tiny little Bish ones like mine) so if you're gunna spill while cooking, it's going to be up top, so my mom and I constructed a top for it (don't ever ask to see the back of the top...whatta mess!). Thanks ma, it was fun!!!!Oh, and I was copying a famous girl's make up today, if you can guess who it is....I'll build you a cake!

while we're on the subject....

These guys say thing everyday that I think, "I need to write that down", and of coarse I always forget. So i'm going to try and get better. Yesterday we asked J what he wanted to do on his date with Jase and I tonight (a kicking off the school year date). We told him he has 3-4 hours. He said, "I want to swim for one hour, bowl for one hour, and cuddle for one hour". Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard? WE talked him into cuddling at the movies since Roxy is showing "journey to the center of the earth". His kind of movie....we hope. I love how excited J has been for his date. He came in from playing in the sprinkler yesterday and said, "hey mom, aren't you excited for our date tomarrow?". Then the first thing when he woke up this morning, "TODAY IS OUR DATE!!" I love this kid. I'm soo nervous for him to be gone to school all day. He did try to comfort me by telling me that "8 hours isn't even a whole day". If he only knew. He'll do great though. He's got the best teacher, and some good friends in his class.
Love ya J man! Can't wait for our date tonight!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

feeling even "chubbier"

Yesterday K was in the shower with me and she asked, "how do mom's get so chubby?". (bah!). I told her not all mom's are chubby. And the chubby ones get chubby because they eat too much food, or too much junk food and don't exercise enough." So I was a little depressed by that whole conversation, got over it, and then today, while I was laying out on the trampoline in a 2 peice, she was playing in the mud under the trampoline and she was making me the usual things that sweet little girls make with mud, like "poisoned mud pancakes", "poisoned cheese pizza", and then she said, "now I'm going to make your tummy....absolutey chubby!". BAH! Thanks for the words of motivation dolly!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


WE NEED OUR HAIR BACK!!!!! K actually cut herself some bangs yesterday and they're pretty cute...amazingly.
Hopefully we'll both be cute again by NEXT summer!

Things I've learned....

In the past 5 months I've been trying harder than ever to look less big since we have our first and last for a long time, romantical trip together as a couple. A few of you have asked what I've been I'll share. First off, illusion. These Jeans are freaking great!!! Especially if you're 5'10"ish. They are aeropostale avery jeans in long. Make SURE they have these pockets like this and the wide waist band...there's another avery jean that is trying to pass off as these, but they aren't nearly as cute. I have these in 2 sizes. I LOVE them. They work WONDERS on wide hips and pouchy lower belly. and you all know I LOVE to exercise. I have for years. And I've tried EVERYTHING. Slim in 6 gives the best burn, but it also burns me out quicker than anything, it's SOO boring. Hip Hop abs is my favorite as far as fun, and it gives mild burn, but my favorite for fun and major burn is....
I do their 40 min weight training 3x a week, the 40 min cardio party 5-6x a week and the ab workout 3-4x a week. I noticed good results, especially in my arms, shoulders and thighs in 2 weeks, which is a lot faster than any other workout I've done.
Ok, adn as far as diet...I suck. I lost 55 on weight watchers, and pleatued for 2 months so I switched to south beach, lost 10, and I suck at no sugar, but I feel good. I'm 13lbs off of my jamaica weight....2 weeks away...bah! I weigh the same right now as I did 2 months ago! Weight loss sucks!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vern Hatch Family Reunion 2008 (picture overload)

I'm going to let you all start with a couple more pictures of the Paul Hatch reunion. These first two, as well as jumping people picture, were taken in front of an old barn my cousin reconstructed with the wood from my grandpa's old barn in Snowflake. It's a smaller version of my gramps old Young.
I'd like to entitle this one, "too close for comfort", and yes, that's pain you see in my eyes... This is us trying to pull off a "normal" family picture
And a picture by the wishing well. Um, and I'm not being skanky, I went slip and sliding and it was too hot to put my clothes back on.
This is where J spent most of the day. He LOVES Jamison and Jami tollerates him...thanks.
This is all of us enjoying homemade ice cream...Mmmmm. Bet, can you take a bigger bite?
The 3 craziest cousins there
This is how we feel about our much older cousin taking pictures of us in our swimming suits with his cell phone....
Um, did someone order sexy? cause here it is.....

only 1/2 second between each pose, good work ladies....

After some intense indian fry bread making, the PDH clan chills.

Ah, the auction. I ended up with a big ole santa clause, of coarse one of the 300 families are forever signs, and 4 tickets to the zoo...yes I will NOT be going...shucks. And here is Zane's amazing red velvet cake that he donated, I believe it went for a whopping $25!

On to the ice cream churn...Zane....
Garrett and Quin.....
2 of my cousins (I suck with names).....
Grandma takin things into her own hands....

Let's see how many tries it takes for my dad to make a normal face for the camera. The dude hates having his picture taken...or at least looking at cameras.....

Ahh, and lovely #4
Bet paid Shaina to paint her lovely nails..Dani and Taryn just jumped in the picture.

Zane, reaping the rewards of his labors.

The cutest baby boy in the world...and YES his face always has something on it.
Grandpa and his favorite Mulder girl
2 of the sweetest girls ever, I'm not lying. They really are my parents 2 sweetest grand daughters...Caitee and Taryn
Breea, and her "this is fun" face.