Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ok, it got better!

Ok, so the day ended with a bang...a good one. My senior session went lovely! This is the only picture I have looked at (and edited) so far, but I'm happy, she's adorable!And I got an e mail from InStyle Magazine saying I won a bunch of Bremenn Labs facial creams. which isn't that exciting. BUT I WON! haha. I enter the InStyle and Redbook magazine sweepstakes all the time, have for years, never won a thing...til now! haha, and I LOVE my facial regime, but this stuff is all around $50 a bottle, sure it won't hurt to try . haha!

and so it continues...

this day is not over.

I wish this day were over.

Since the dropping off of the children for picture day at school....

....the phone died...for good!

....the car died..the battery....

both not good for all the millions of things I have to do today (visiting teaching, photoshoot, grocery shoping)

went to volleyball for about 5 minutes before I realized there were too many people (which never happens) so I would have to rotate in, so I went to get my pearcey, who was crying cause he got bonked...not my idea of the hour and a half release I was hoping for.

My life is guuuud, izz really guuud.

I hate picture day. Jaden told his teacher yesterday, "we shouldn't do pictures, it's a waste of money, we should just have our mom's take our pictures". Um, I agree, until I see this....Seriously Kam? Could you be more adorable? Here's how picture day morning went in the Mulder home.
I asked the kids if I could pick out their clothes today. The boys kind of agreed, and Kam FULLY agreed because most of her clothes have been confiscated because she doesn't take care of them and she knows I'd dress her in something cute that she's lost if I pick it out...which was true. Jaden told me, "no collars, and I want to wear shorts". So I picked out 3 shirts that are the same (different colors) for him to chose. Boston, I just said, "how about the superman shirt" and he was happy. So as they are all getting ready, I get Pearcen out of his seat and put him on the ground to roam like he does every morning as the chaos continues. About 3 minutes later, when I'm curling Kam's hair, I hear "bllaaah"...yup, Pearce threw up, and what did he throw up but some WHOLE pieces of sausage and egg....really Jase? you're feeding our 1 year old with 2 teeth big chunks of sausage and egg? If I didn't HAVE to clean it up right away, he'd be doing it during his lunch break. To top it off, when I got him in the bath, he had a comletley FULL diaper....but a huge smile, so I can't deny him some love. So that happened about 5 minutes before the bus comes. Kam threw on her clothes, and looked ABSOLUTELY adorable. I can honestly say, she was the cutest girl on the playground when I drove by it today.
Which brings me to child #2...Jaden came in with one of his shirts on...he picked brown, I told him he had it on backwards, so I checked out the back (which was really the front) and reminded him that it's dirty, it doesn't get clean unless it gets put in the dirty clothes. She he went to shirt #2...wahlah! Lovely. Then the hair...he's very picky about this hair anymore. But I do believe he might have been the best looking Boy on the playground.
Ahh, and Boston, he does everything right when he's told, so he usually has time to play out in the garage, which he was doing, and I though the got on the bus with Kam, but no, he didn't, so I had to drive him...half way to school, he realized his sponge bob back pack was at home...turn around.
So we get him to preschool, BARELY on time and I realize he has two left flip flops on. Luckily, we're a very unorganized, messy family so he had 2 other pairs of shoes and a dirty pair of socks in the car. Ahh, it was all coming together nicely. He had on a long sleeved grey superman shirt, blue polo shorts with dogs all over them, and brown sneakers with ankle socks. Wow. Luckily the pictures are usually from the waist up.
I love picture day!
On a side note...this guy is a whole year older than this picture......

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This has been the fastest year of my life. I honeslty feel like I just delivered this guy last month. he's been such an easy happy baby. And the kids have all adjusted so well to having him around. We never do much for the 1st birthday, but we always do a cake for them to dig into. The pictures are a little rough from all of the shadows coming in the windows, but trust me, he LOVED IT! He got a big swipe of it and put it on his leg, then took some off and offered it to everyone. he loves to share. He has loved everyone yelling happy birthday at him all day. he laughs everytime.

Disclaimer: I have asked Jase to throw that shirt away many times, he refuses to listen.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gettin rid of the extras.....

Ok, so on my own with a help from this guy....
I've always LOVED LOVED LOVED my friends and sisters and neighbors, and ward and most everyone that I've come in contact with in my life. Especially those that are close.

but lately, I've learned what I DO as a person, as a mom, as a wife, as a daughter of God is what matters the most.

I think I've spent a lot of time trying to find more time to hang out with people, and a lot of time keeping up with people's live on face book and blogs...which is now a stinking addiction. But I realize when I write things on my blog, I read them, then re read them, and think about them, and re think about them.... a lot, and it helps me be who I want to be. My acceptance post really got me to think about who I am, and why I would ever want anything different. And now I'm thinking I want to focus more on MY life. I have a magazine subscription (haha, I have about 10...another addiction) to Redbook and they have celebrities and sometimes everyday women write "I LOVE MY ________ life". I always think about what I'd write at the time in the blank. Right now, it would for sure be home. I know, sounds like I'm finding silly excuses to just be a home body, but really, why not? It's where everything I love is. My kids love to be home, Jase loves to be home, my kitchen...I LOVE my kitchen, and yea, it's always home.

Jaden asked me last week, "what does S-I-M-P-L-I-F-Y spell". So I told him and he asked what it means (we have a metal sign in our room that says that) and after I explained it, he said, "we need a lot of that here today"...and he was right. We spent the day running to soccer games, cleaning, picking up bountiful baskets, running to winslow to see friends at the standin on a corner thingy, then to walmart to pick up stuff, then it was too late to make it home in time to eat an early dinner (a mulder must) so we did subway. There are so many things in my life that I can do without. So my new goal, along with self acceptance....SIMPLIFY!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Soccer Season!!

I LOVE Soccer season! It's my favorite sport to watch the kids play. I just wish we could get it in our schools here. Jaden and Kam are on the same team this year. It amazes me with how agressive they are with each other that they aren't more agressive on the field. They're both some of the fastest out there, but they aren't really too excited to kick the ball. But they have fun, so that's all that matters right. Then there's Boss man. He runs up, kicks the ball, and doesn't stop. They blow the whistle, and blow it and blow it, and he just keeps going, once onto the next soccer field over. Don't think he realizes there are boundries. Love it!
And at this weeks game, Kam was awarded the Good Sportsmanship award. She got a badge and a Roxie Movie pass! Pretty awesome. It's only awarded to one player on all the teams.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I learned in Cali

We just had a fantastic trip to Cali. We were able to take Bet n Brian with us. He needed a vacation, and we needed to get to know him better, so it all worked out. Oh, and I needed a hot couple for some vintagey beach shots. nice.
Ok, my pictures uploaded backwards, so we'll start with monday. Disneyland.
What I learned.
1. We're not huge Disneyland fans. Too much money for too many crowds, too many lines, and not enough thrills. Although, we did have fun, and we're glad we always. We just realized that the beach was just as much fun, and free!!!!
2. Take family pictures the second we get there instead of after the water rides and at 5pm when we're all frazzled.....
3. Teacups really are more fun when you AREN"T actually in them!
3 again. Boston has no fear. Jaden was so scared to go on Splash Mountain, and Kam was usually afraid as we were in line for about any ride, but they all loved it afterwards and wanted to go on it again, but Boss didn't show fear for any ride or any person for that matter. He'd go up and smack maps out of people's hands, and poke people's bums, and ask "who you?" to anyone. The only time we sensed fear was when we saw the picture of him for his first time down Splash Mountain ever. he was in the very front seat and he was looking straight forward with scared eyes. But he did space mountain like it was nursery school. He's awesome. Pearce was able to go on Pirates and those first 2 big falls, he'd climb right up me and wrap his tiny fat arms around my neck and panic. Made me feel so bad, but I LOVE when he cuddles. He laughed through the rest of it it though.
4. I have the easiest baby ever made! Him and I sat out a lot of the rides and he honestly looked like this ALL day naps, 6am-8pm..just like this....
5. A shot of all 4 kids looking and not making a ridiculous face....impossible!

6. One of my new favorites, watching my kids eat my wasabi peas w/o telling them what they're in for. Boss tried one, and instantly spit it out and wiped his tongue a million times and said, "picy picy!". (spicy).

7. Krispy Kremes are worth the sugar intake!

8. Buying Pottery Barn Kid's Bedding for the first time wasn't as exciting as I had anticipated. I think I'll stick with making it from now on, but for now, LOVE Kam's daisy garden room.

9. My favorite relaxation thing to do: Sit on a beach with good magazines, good wheather, good drinks and snacks, sunglasses, and SPF, kids safe at home with grandma. My least favorite relaxation thing to do: Sit on a beach with good magazines, good wheather, good drinks and snacks, sunglasses, and SPF and my kid's in the ocean with their dad.

10. My favorite thing that makes my heart melt....watching my kids play nicely together....
11. Peanut Butter M&M's give both wonderful road trip satisfaction, and amazingy next day caloric guilt.

12. I'm a minority in California.

13. My kids are 3/4 minority in California.

14. Pearcen likes to dip his paci in sand.

15. Jaden is an awesome singer . We know this because he sings Bon Jovi, or as he says John Bovi, all the time with his MP3. Shot through the heart is his all time fav.

16. Jase is the best dad ever! I already knew that, but the Cali trip reconfirmed it.
17. I have the easiest, cutest baby ever! (again)
19. Chipotle tastes good in many states.

20. Don't let Boston stay on the elevator longer than anyone else. We lost him...whatta surprise. He hopped back on after everyone was out and pushed a button, and bam, gone! I hopped on one, Jaden and Kam hopped on one, Jase stayed on the Lobby Floor, and Bet and Brian stayed at the room. After about 15 minutes, he showed up on the lobby. ugh! Kid! Hold still!!!!

21. Nothing makes me more happy that Jaden's smile. NOTHING!
20. When given the choice between sneakers or flip flops for Disneyland, chose sneakers.

21. Frozen chocolate dipped bananas taste better if you wait through a parade to dig in...nice and melty.

22. Disneyland CAN be done w/o consuming a churro....but I dont' recomend it...and I will NOT be doing it again.

23. Ocean water CAN still be freezing in September....
24. But after 15 minutes of playing in it, you forget.

25. I have the coolest family ever.

26. I have the coolest neices ever! I'm so glad they came. It was awesome to get to know them as a couple better, and so great to have the extra hands to tackle pearce and boss. And it was Brian's first time to Disneyland...FIRST TIME!!!!

27. Boys are sweet!

28. So are girls...when they're asleep.....

29. Pack more apples and an apple slicer next time.

30. Don't let Brian bring tuna and Bet bring a boiled egg.

31. Visit Beach More Often!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some things about K

Just thought I'd share things about me that might get passed on to my kids and they can know where they got them from!
I get the worst social anxiety. When I click send on the phone to call ANYONE (other than Jase or my mom) I get so tight inside and nervous. It stinks. And when I first walk into a building where I know I'll have to talk to people...same thing! I like groups of 4 or 5, and I do 100x better if Jase is with me. That's why I have a list of phone calls for him to make everyday. haha, ok, not really, but usually at least one.

I have the biggest fear of dogs. I don't hate them. I HATE phones, but I'm just afraid of dogs. And no, I was never bit by one, I'm just afraid of them.

I love Pears. I can't wait for September every year for my sisters to get pears. I like to make pear honey, pear bread, fried pears, pear shakes, pears and neuftachel, ANYTHING Pears! I love them!

I am quickly offended when people dis the way I live, and I hold onto it for a long time. Both bad, I know.

I think every girl I know looks better with dark hair. In fact, most of my blonde friends have gone dark, but I think they should all go darker. Jase and I are together on this opinion. Girls just look hotter with dark hair...especially when they have blue eyes.

I wish I was a redhead

I can't watch the news. And I know this isn't genetic because my dad watches it ALL day and my mom is ok with it. But everytime I watch even 5 minutes of it at their house, I feel like the world is going to end that day and I can't stop thinking about whatever it is I watched.

I'm sad we canceled our DISH subscription yesterday. It was $10/mo and I loved it. I LOVE watching a good 10 minutes of TV before I fall asleep every night...that's something I probably passed on...I've been that way since I was a kid...the second I stop moving at night, I'm out! Lame!

I don' like my chubby calves.

I can't not dance when Tootsie Roll is on the radio.

I have always and will always LOVE pink and red together.

I have to write everything down on 2 calendars. And I still usually forget. This is new, so kids, you probably won't get this til you're much older, but it stinks. Enjoy brains that work, cause that doesn't last forever.

I love sexy shoes, but wear flip flops or workout shoes about 29 days of the month.

I'm a bath girl, i love baths. Doesn't mean I get to take them but once a month, but I LOVE baths

I have the biggest fear of flying. BIGGEST fear. I used to fly and fly alone all the time as a kid, but since the wreck, I'm afraid of everything, and ESPECIALLY flying. I was the only one awake on our long red eye flight to Jamaica...and I was wide awake and wondering how all of these people could sleep!!!!!

I love Mason jars. I wanna be a collector, but I'm too broke. But I love Mason jars.

I've never even came close to wanting to be a teacher or a nurse...which I guess is weird for a girl.

I'm a super fast typer...have been since I was 18 and spent a summer doing data entry. I LOVE typing!

I used to love talking to strangers in college. I would go and talk to anyone in a mall or resturant. Not now....unless it's late....and I'm in my skinny jeans...and my hair looks good.

I love Country Living....both the lifestyle and the magazine. Have em both, love em both!

Alright, so there are a few random things about me kids. I hope you got some of these, and some I hope you DID NOT get.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Short Bus

Boston LOVES that he gets to ride the short bus to come home at noon. He rides the big bus with the kids to go to school, but he gets to ride the short bus home since it's just preschool. He loves it! He has already learned so much in preschool. I still worry about his speech, but he loves to write his name and point out yellow thing and loves B's because they taught him that it has to bunny's...the bumps on it. He also loves that they always get foooood at school. He's just awesome!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall! LOVE IT! Seirously LOVE IT! Nothing better in the world than that first morning when you wake up and you feel the chill! I absoulutely LOVE IT! And now I'd like to share some of my favorites of the season. Of coarse, clothes.
Ok, this first ditty, not fally, but I'm so in love with it and I want it so badly, adn I KNOW it'd be a shirt for me, and I'm not cute, skinny and black like her, but I WANT IT!!! BAD!!!!
um, and I've decided to start buying more nautical. I love it, and it's classic. This is a little too gold, not enough red, but I like this collection....
And everyone knows I'm IN LOVE with this cardigan, and that someday, it WILL be mine! It will!!!!
But for this year, maybe just this sweater....with some awesome turquoise jewlrey and red shoes!
A small break from the clothing side of things. I know this is a weird thing, but in my life, it's a good thing...I like the shorter hours of means more hours of Jase inside. He feels like he has to be outside working if the sun is up...even if it's outside sitting on the swing, or outside talking to the neighbors, it's like he'll explode if he's inside while the sun is up.
Of coarse, fall folliage! This year I'm really really excited for it because we might possibly be going to vermont and maine next month! I think the farther east you go the more amazing the fall leaves are. I thought Texas was amazing, but just looking at the pictures of Vermont in the fall I can tell it's even better.
Back to clothes....I'd prefer this shirt on me instead of on line!!!!!
And this one even more...but this picture depresses me because I wanted my hair to grow up to be this long, and I lost patience and am now suffering the consequences. But LOVE the cardigan.
I just need this to go under all the cute cardigans that I'd be buying in Kristalville (not a real place, obviously)
Ok, next fall favorite. I LOVE making soup, any kind. not stews though, just soups. Jase doesn't like them during the summer and spring, so I feel like I'm holding all my favorite cooking in until fall.
Another cute cardigan that I need in off white.
And now ladies and gentlemen...what I'm about to bring you next will not only amaze and fatten you up, but it will make you happy and bring you great comfort and joy....
PUMPKIN PIE!!!! We've already had two. We tend to eat them out of the crust and feed the chickens the crust and I only use 3/4 the sugar it asks for, so I figure it's pretty healthy. Plus I just found an even more healthy recipe, so I think this will be our breakfast of choice for the next few months. no lie!
Oh my gosh! How could I also forget that prime time starts back up! Heck yes...even though we just canceled our Dish today. haha. Thank goodness for Hulu and netflix. But can't wait for Community and the Office. yay!!!!!

It's Wednesday...

There are so many reasons that I do NOT like Wednesday. First, I can't spell it. That's right, I'm 31 and I can't spell Wednesday without looking at the calendar like I did these 3 times that I just spelled it. I'm not a crappy speller either...a bad typer at times, but not a crappy speller, but I CANNOT spell Wednesday without help from my calendar.
2nd reason, it's just Wednesday. Middle of the week. The kids don't have anything, no soccer, no piano, no scouts. Jase has his early schedule, which I guess is fine, just means I have to run alone, which I hate. Luckily I have a pocket in the jogger that holds the right amount of the right size of dog throwing rocks. No good TV on Wednesday either. That's Thursday. But there is one great thing about night! We watched that movie last night and it was almost pathetic how close to our marriage the beginning of that movie is. We contemplate if we should go on dates, then we get all excited, and we're too tired by the time it's time for the date. Pathetic. But I'm sure we'll go tonight, and it'll be amazing!
But my latelies. Last night was our Back to School Enrichment...and it was a success! It went as planned! I was soo happy, and we even had a good turnout! I had to be the home ec teacher and talk about healthy snacks and lunches for kids, but I only got 5 minutes. I think it went well. Either way, I'm glad it was yesterday and today is today! HUGE load off. Now I can focus on our trip this weekend!!!!

Saturdays shoot went awesome. She was adorable and so super tiny so we could pose her however we wanted...
Um, and Pearcen is still going through a lot of firsts. he had his first cookie this week, and his first spaghetti...

You can't tell me there's anything more cute than that...well, maybe the messy face by it. I'm really amazed at how much easier it is to like our kids these last 2 months since love and logic. We heard mixed reviews from people that had taken the coarses, so we were nervous, but seriously, the kids are happier, we're happier, and we all want to be around each other more....I think that's all that matters. I almost want to go wake them all up right now so we can start chores and piano and get our day going.

But I wont.

This picture makes me sad. I know it makes my parents happy, but come on! You've lived here over 40 years, you have your coolest kids and grand kids here. Why the heck are you moving?!?!?!
Very sad things that will happen with their move:
1. Sundays will be boring
2. The kids will stop asking if we can walk to grandma and grandpas
3. Our chickens will die for sure.
4. Foxxie has a slim chance of making it
5. We'll have to pay for our own netflix. haha
6. I'll get nothing done. My dad helps me with all of my house stuff, and my mom helps me with all of my cooking and crafting. My life is sure to turn into that of a couch potato mom.
7. We won't get to see them a few times a week.
DON"T MOVE!!!! I'm starting a petition, please come and sign it people! Keep the Hatch's in Joseph City!!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Adoption plans...

Today Kam and Jado were playing with Pearce and I overheard this hilarious conversation:

Jaden: I want to adopt a baby
Kamryn: Well, who should we give them for one? Boston?
Jaden: Yea, Boston.

Um, really kids? Really?

Self Acceptance

Today as I was reading CJane's blog I was of coarse, inspired. SHe wrote all about how she's done with a life of "accepting nothing but the best". And as everyone knows, I'm not that amazing, but it did get me to thinking about things that I get disappointed in that I really shouldn't. So I decided to make a list of things to accept, and read it often, because for a while now, I've been so amazingly, happily, contently pleased with my life. That's not to say that I'm happy with me as a person, or as a mom, or wife, or woman or ANYTHING, but my life, the things around me everyday, my kids, my house, my town and my free time.
But there are a lot of little things that might not turn out how I hope...and my reactions to them affect my happiness, so from now on (ok, it'll take a while) I'm going to accept them, and BE HAPPY!
Things to ACCEPT:
My weight. Sure, it'll fluctuate, in good ways when I have time to run and make healthier meals, and in bad ways when we're going on trips, or in baking moods. But all in all, I'm smaller than I was in HS and college, and I was very happy then.

My hair. You all know it's a struggle for me, especially since the big chopping. But it's what it is. I actually wanna take this afternoon to figure out some crazy fun way to do it, rather than pull it all out of my face just to pretend it's not there for the next year til it's grown out. Acceptance

My dirty house. My gosh! I clean, and I clean, then I get my little munchkins to clean, then again, I clean. I sit down on the computer for 15 minutes, turn around and, WHAT THE HECK!? It's impossible. This is a super, huge, hard one for me to accept, and I probably will clean and clean and clean and clean, but I want to be more accepting of the fact that I have 4 awesomely crazy kids under 9 right now, cleanliness can't be part of my happiness.

My husband. haha, ok, just kidding, but we all have little things about our spouses that are hard to accept on certain days, such as, leaving the towels right in front of the dresser where he drops them to put on his undies. Or how about when you're in the kitchen cleaning after a meal, while he's in on the couch with the kids and after about 15 minutes, when it's almost all done, he comes in and says, "I'll get it" as he gets the last 3 cups from the table and puts them in the sink...even though there are no dishes in the sink, they're all in the dishwasher. ok ok, just examples, I'm not saying that goes on here.

I'm not saying it doesn't.

My older 2 and their quarreling. It's bound to happen right? But you know when you see The McCalahans sitting perfectly at church, their kids are taking turns tickling each other's backs, and then they have their arms around each other, and you're 2 rows back having to sit kid/parent/kid/parent/kid just to keep the chaos levels down???? Please say that's not just me! I'm going to accept it. It's going to happen. They have their moments of amazingness, and it's amazing. But the fighting....oooh, the fighting! I really just need a wall that I can punch a hole through when they fight, then I can accept it. But for now, I just tell them fighting is for outdoors, and they go out. It's working lovely.

the fact that I weigh more than my husband and have a deeper voice. It doesn' t mean that others view me as more manly...just because I do. (does anyone?? Private message me if you do!)

lack of coolness. There was a brief moment in my life...YEARS ago, where I thought, "my gosh, I'm the coolest". It's gone
Now I'm a middle aged stay at home mom of 4 that rarely gets out of her yoga pants, and has major social anxiety. I've gotta accept that. If I can do things around here that are cool in an 8 year old's eyes, that's cool enough. No more going to so and so's blog and seeing how amazingly cool they are, and yup, they have 4 kids, and they get a million cool projects done in a week, and go to a million cool places in a year, and dress so cute, and have their hair done everyday, and get into one of their many pairs of adorable jeans everyday.

That will NEVER be me.


I'll never the best at anything. That's hard to accept. You know when you know someone that is soo good at somethingi that you want to be good at and you think, "they're the best, better than ANYONE!" Then you usually feel like crap and wanna give up on whatever it is that you do. But really, if it's not something that's making mine or my family's life better anyways, I shouldn't be wasting my time. But if it is, and I'm not the best. WHO FLIPPIN CARES?! There are millions more that aren't the best either. And it really helps when I remember that those who I think are the best...maybe I'm better than them at 10 other things....


Alright, I'm hoping to read and re read this a bunch more times through the year, til I get it in my head that my life is just as it should be. I already know that my life is my favorite. I'm SOOO happy with it, but there are so many things that I have trouble accepting in it....or had trouble accepting.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Tonight as I was driving home from Flagstaff with my 3 youngest, Kam asked me, "have you heard of the twin towers mom?". I told her I had. She said, "They were in America right?" I told her, "yea, new york city". She said, "yea, that's where, New York City. Then she proceeded to tell me about some bad guys, no, guys that made bad decisions that decided to kill the real drivers of the plane and make it crash into the twin towers and the place that's named after a shape, like a hexagon, "the pentagon?", "yea, the pentagon, and they had to take the president underground like the subway to make sure he would be safe. Then there was a lot of white smoke and the people that were at the bottom couldn't breath and some of them died. Hundred and hundreds of Americans died. Then we watched a video that was the real planes knocking them down. I had to put my head on my desk so I couldn't cry. Were you alive when that happened mom?" "yup, I was pregnant with Jaden, it was probably the most empty day of my life" "yea, it was really sad that that happened"

Always Remember

Things to explain my utter happiness....

First off, the thing that I thought would NOT cause happiness, but thus far....has. We started a family budget a few days ago. My good friend Lanae told me about their budgeting plane, and I LOVED the sound of it, so I told Jase, he called her husband to get all the gorey details and bam! We're doing it. We're hoping to be able to put a lot more into savings with it. We'll see.Um, another reason I'm happy. Old Navy KNOWS I can't resist their baby sale. I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I went in to buy a couple outfits for my neighbor, um ended up buying about 4 one peices and 3 onesies and a pair of socks for my little baby, plus Old Navy sent me my 30% off any item coupon, AND $10 old navy bucks, so I pretty much HAD to buy Kam the cardigan that matches her socks that I bought last week.. haha. I love you Old Navy. I love you.
Ok, so this has been all year, but I'm DETERMINED to do it before my baby turns 1 in two weeks....I wanna lose this last 8lbs. It's the 8 that puts me 105lbs under my biggest weight, and it puts me comfortably into the next size down. Two weeks, I can do it. (this is a picture of an 8lb weight...doesn't seem that horrible when it's compact like that....haha)
And to help me along the way...Jase and I have been running 2-3 miles a day. It's not so bad. It's not my favorite at all, and I'm not one that loves running for sure, but it's a good workout and I can tell it's helping. Plus with all I have going on for the next 2 months, it's a quick cardio for me.
This was the closest I could find to a picture of Jase and I...and just in case you coudln't tell, it's not really Jase and I.
Ahhh, and I've been blessed enough to stay busy with my shoots the last few weeks and for a few more weeks at least. I've had 1-2 shoots a week. Which means I get done editing one shoot, in time to take the next. This was last Saturdays, and tomorrow's is a senior shoot in Winslow, can't wait!
Another reason I'm happy, Bet's here! I LOVE HER! She's awesome. I feel like I can get so much more done when she's around. It's great! She's going to help me with my shoot tomorrow too. I always feel more confident photographing people when I have someone I know there with me.
Um, and I FINALLY got my picture collage done...which I will be taking pictures of tomorrow to post, and she's helping me put my huge, amazing, red vinyl stickers up in my kitchen! Can't wait!!!!
Um, and today, I bought FOURTEEN of these babies (that I'm addicted to and have been for a while),,,,,
TWO of these babies (which again, addicted to, but haven't had one in months!)....
for ONE of these babies.....
YUP! I printed out a bunch of the Sobe BOGO Free coupons and CVS was having a BOGO Free sale, so bam, free! And the M&M's, no great sale, but 2 for a buck aint too bad.

And of coarse, I'm soo happy because my kids are amazing, my husband is amazing, my house is comfy, and I live in Jo City. How could I resist the happiness!!! I was going to post a pic of them, but I've stunk at taking pics lately. Next week in Cali though, PICTURE CRAZY!!!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why is this happening to me?!!!

Why are my kids sooo huge?! I can't believe my 11 pounder has tripled in size already! He's soo fantastaic. He LOVES to make the baby bottles. If the baby is crying, he runs to the kitchen, and I have no idea how much water or formula he puts in it because he holds up 3 fingers and says 2 when we ask him how many scoops, but he gives it to Pearcen as quickly as he can and says, "ah, that makes baby happy". I do spoil this kids, for many reasons. He's just fantastic!This last week I've had him sleeping on Kam's bed for his naps while I paint the boys room, and it takes him a while to fall asleep because she has the book shelf in her room. one day he was on the floor covered in books. He's getting SO BIG! It drives me nuts that they have to grow up! NUTS!!!!!