Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things that I think are awesome!!!!!

I saw this saying on pintrest today and realized how many awesome things I have in my life, so I'll share.  Some are wants, some are needs, some are haves. Come along on an awesomeness journey with me, will you?
 I'm going to start with a want.  WE've been drinking out of aluminum tumblers for about 3 or 4 years now since my friend Jana bought them for us and WE LOVE THEM!  Especially in the summertime.  I just spotted these matching bowls and fell in love.  Someday, they will be mine! Awesome!

 This is a have...I have the awesomest parents.  This is my mom with her sister and brothers in '75.  Isn't she smokin?!   Oh, and my uncle isn't grabbing my aunts boob, he's showing that she's with child.

Another my Ashley Skiddley Doo.  I love that we spent our first pregnancy together, then didnt' see each other for about 8 years, and now we're the best of friends.  Then we spent a year talking about getting a cooking blog together...then finally DID IT!!!! 

 This is awesome!  It's a want...well, I'd say a need, because if I want to be in service of my fellow men, which is what life is all about, then I must have amazing tools to help me serve...a need.  Itsn't it awesome?  you could put in mean words, and they'd still seem sweet and loving on a cookie!  For example, "bite me"   how cute would that be?  Or "I hope you crumble up!"

 No one can say this is not awesome!  This is a need. I want to be able to pull of one awesome yoga move. I know, you're laughing...laugh it up.  Even if it's after I'm done having kids and I can put 100% of my motivation into having a fit bod will happen.  For now...this year, I have another body goal, and when I reach it, I will show an awesome picture and blog it.  Awesome!
 I know, not the most modest suits, but I am in love with every single one...especially the top right.  It'd even cover my stretch marks with that adorable high waist bottom.  Awesome!
 This is a have...but I just think it's Awesome that someone else in the world owns the book "how to behave and why"  Hilarious book.  Awesome!
 Being married for 50 years.  Now that's awesome.  Who does that?!  Yup, my parents, and yup, it's awesome that my dad got so much crap for showing up for his temple wedding in THAT shirt.  Um, but aren't they hot?!   They took off the night my mom graduated HS and went straight to Vegas.  Sexy hot!  and yea, 50 years later, in a big beautiful dream home.  Him playing hearts on the computer, her playing her Sudoko, and dates 2 or 3 times a week.
 Ok, this will be happening SOON in my house...who thinks of this stuff?  Awesome!
 Whenever I wanna pretend to be awesome I think, "what would Mel do?".  And for about 90% of my purchases, ideas, projects, and recipies, I run them by her first to be awesome approved.  And how awesome is it to have a friend that knows what to say when you're totally depressed?  It's awesome.  Not to mention her 4..2 million talents.  I've never met a more talented person...but she's too freaking humble about it.  Drives me insane.  If I were her, I'd be having shops on etsy, teaching photogrpahy workshops, getting paid to do interior design, and be a personal shopper for the rich, but whatev.
 Just a want....this floor. I love it!  I love love love it!  I want it in my bathroom so badly.  If we ever get the $$ and I get through the rest of my 2 thousand projects, this will be 2,001.  And sadly, we'll probably have a stupid cat by then since Dolly wants one so badly.

Ok, this next one is a NEED...someday, although I LOVE our house, I've just always dreamed of fixing up and old old house...and this lady is soo inspiring to me decor wise...check out the HOUSE SHE FIXED UP!

Ok, next is a have, and I LOVE IT.  They took me forever. I bought the cheap cheap curtains at target when they were on sale, $7  for a set, and finally cut them up last week and sewed them together this week. I LOVE THEM. I wanna do red and white for our living room next.
Um, this last one is a have also. Pictures are pretty self explanatory.

 And I will now leave with one NOT awesome....JOSEPH CITY WIND!!!!

8 years ago...

Mom:  Kam, do you remember 8 years ago when you picked us to be your family?

Kam: No.

M: So sad...probably the best day of your life! What has been your favorite thing we've done in the last year.

K: What's the last year?

M: Since your last birthday

K: WE drove in the car as a family and played in the car and drove up to see Uncle Justin and Aunt Elissa.

M: That was fun, what do you like to do everyday?

K: Fun activities, like make the 4th of July things and make those balloons, and I painted a bobblehead cat.  Jaden painted a race car, and Boston painted a car too.

M: What's your least favorite thing to do everyday?

K: not do anything, just color. I don't like brushing my hair at ALL! or doing all my chores, and gotta get the eggs from the chickens and catch my baby chicks because they get out.  Thats all.

M: Remember when you hit Jaden in the back of the head with a huge rock and he bled all over the place?  What happened there??

K: I got in huge trouble and mom brung me in by the hair and p ushed me in my room really hard.  That's all.

M: wait wait, I meant, what caused you to do that??

K: Cause he kept being mean to me.

M: So that's what you do to people that are mean to you? Lesson learned...BE NICE TO KAMRYN!   Ok, remember yesterday when you said, "Pretty much Pearcen and I have the cutest faces"?   What about Frederick the bunny?

K: He has really cute ears and they're big, but he does scratch a lot.

M: Do you think he'll come back again?

K: I'm pretty sure. I think so, but he might not cause a long time ago he got lost and he came back, it was a week and a half and then he came back that morning.  That's all.

M: So you decided to get baptized this year....why?

K: because your sins wash away and Jesus just wants us to get baptized and I wanan do what he says.  That's all.

M: Do you have sins?!?!?

K: Yea, and sometimes I don't.

M: LIke what?

K: fighting with Jaden, throwing the rock at his head, talking back to my parents, that's all.

M:  Not too shabby.  You are a pretty stinking awesome little girl lately.  Such a helper...especially with Pearcen.  What if I get another baby in my belly (LATER) and it's another boy?!

K: Then the next time I hope it's a girl and not a boy again.

M: The NEXT time?!  What if there's not a next time, and you and I are the only girls in this crazy family FOREVER?

K: Then I'll just play with you or have a friend over if you let me.

M: Well, let's just pray for a girl next.  What's your favorite thing to do with me?

K: Go to the jewelry parties with you, go to fun places with you, going shopping, baking and crafting. I especially like crafting.
 M: What do you wanna be when you grow up?

K: Just like my mom

M:, Um, probably the best answer ever!!! What else would you want to be?

K: A vetranarian.

M: You ARE my animal girl.  What's your favorite animal?

K: Kitties and puppies and baby bunnies.  Just say baby animals.

M: What should we do today after church?

K: Can we do those balloon things?

M: Sure, what else do you like to do on Sunday afternoons with the family?

K: Finish those red, white and blue banners.  We can find something to bake, we can bake the donuts. Maybe we can make cookies too.  That's all.

M: So  a crafting junk food day?  Sounds good to me!   You're already well on your way to becoming your mother.  Kam, I LOVE YOU  SO SO MUCH!

K:  I love you never ending so so much.

M: I love you more.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One thing at a time...

We've been so busy with fun stuff this summer that I keep forgetting to download pictures.  We had my parent's 50th party and it was great!  But I'll post about that's a sneak peak...for the 2 days before we baked and dipped and baked and froze and baked and dipped until we went crazy!  Here's our 150 cinnnamon rolls....
 And the kid's dipping the 150 cake balls....
 Now on to my favorite story of the week.  Jaden and Kamryn had to change their first poopy clothe diaper.  They've changed clothe pee and they've changed disposable poop, but never clothe poop, which some of you know is a bit tricky.  It took about 25 minutes and it was hilarious!!!!  Jaden wiped and wiped and freaked out, all the time Kam was doing her magic which she swears usually works to get his feet to go up.....

Pearcen thought it was all hilarious!  He loved it, and he laid there perfectly the whole time.  Gross fact:  The kids both had to change ALL of their clothes after they were done.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Angel boy, pancakes and camp weeks...

I went to Aqua Zumba the other morning and when i came home THIS was on my stovetop...
 Boston made a plate of food for everone...and kept it healthy!  I love that kid!
 Pearcen enjoyed the banana part.....
 And then I realized I don't take just picture pictures of my kids anymore, it's always when things HAPPEN, so I popped out the ole camera while Pearcen was playing with his hat...he's seriously too cute!
 This summer, I made each week a THING week, like arts and crafts week, basketball week, cooking week and even a Wii week. I bought lots of fun things to go with each week, but we still found lots of down time, so I made a bucket list jar for us.  I'll be posting random things from it all summer.  The other day we drew "paint faces"...Jaden wanted pink camo...we talked him into adding blue.  boston of coarse wanted a pirate again.  Kam wanted a rainbow face...
 We were also invited to dinner at Rich and Linda Millers. I've been waiting for that invite FOREVER!  Pictures to come, but I made these delicious raspberry bars for them, but they were gone when we took them.  So we took some to our neighbors and downed the rest....
 Bucket List:  Make rainbow pancakes or cookies...which we did, then we got creative becauwe we only had blue and yellow at the time.  I think we'll give this one another try.
 And of coarse I'm going paint crazy like I do every few months. I painted Pearcen's room the most amazing color to come...I've painted lots of frames, re painted some white furniture that we had to make it look new again, painted our bed yellow...but hae since painted it white again.
And for the rest of the week I'll be posting pics of all the goodies we're making during cooking/bakign week for grandma and grandpa's 50th party this weekend!  Can't wait!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Boo, I'm old again.  It's ok. I had an awesome day with Jase in Flag.  We hit Home Depot, World Market, Tuesday Mornings, Savers, the mall, Target, the movies, JoAnn's, Michael's, Ross and a couple of grocery stores.  And of coarse I claimed my free burger from Ruby Tuesdays...which made it into my top 5 burgers ever.  Then for dinner we hit Oreganos for my free pazookie.  The waitress guessed I was 25...she's nice.  And then when they brought the pazookie out she yelled, "everyone, listen up, Kristal came here to celebrate her sweet 16 with us!, Let's all give a big happy birthday".  Bless her heart.
I brought my camera the whole day, but never used it til Oreganos, I'm lame.  Oh, and we got to have Jaden with us for the last part of the day.  He was up at scout camp.  This is us waiting.  It was a 35 minute wait so we put our name in, went to Walmart came back and waited about 5 minutes.  Sweet.
 Jaden got some dough to play with...he did a self portrait....
 Jase took some lovely resturant lighting shots of me so I can remember how old I looked at 32.....
 This one is extremly pretty....
 I thought this one covered up the worst part of my face, but I missed the forehead lines and black circles and bald spots....
 This one is my Carmen Sandiego face....with whale arms.....
 Jaden and I protectin da pizza....

Now on to the kid's bucket list achievements....... We wrote a story as a family.  Each taking a turn.  Try and guess where Boston jumped in there....

Once there was a little boy named Branson.  He had 6 pets.  The pets were a dog, a cat a fish, a guinea pig, a hamster and a rabbit.  And the boy took good care of them.  Branson went to the fair with his fish.  It was 20 feet long and he won 1st place.  Then he went in a rocket and blast off and come back...weeeee.  And then he clapped.  Branson had to take the dog for a walk everyday. And when they got back Branson fed all of the animals and brushed the dog and the cat.  He had to work a ot because all that food was a lot of money.  It was $150.  Doggie sleep and cat sleep and when he woke up he went out side and said, "where's my doggie and cat?".  The guinea pig ate  them.  Branson had to put the guinea pig down.  Now he only had a rabbit, a hamster and a fish  Then he got cages for all of them but the rabbit ran away. So he only had a fish and a hamster and all the food for the hamster and the fish only cost $60.  He cried about the animals that died but he was happy in a way because he ate their meat.  He wanted a Wii really  bad, but he couldn't make money for the animals food because he was playing Wii.  Branson's fish got sick.  Then he noticed and barely saved his life by shoving food in his mouth.  Then they had no toys and they bought toys for $1 then his fishie died and he bought a new fishy.  Branson realized he needed to take care of his animals before he played, so he did and everyone was happy.

Yup, pretty messed up, but they had a lot of fun doing it.  We also marked off' fun day in Flag".  we went to Flag on Wed and went to Kung Fu panda and Peter Piper.  NOT a fun day for me at all, but the kids loved it.  Glad it's marked off.  haha

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We had an awesome Memorial Day weekend with the Biddles and Buhrs up at a cabin in Nutrioso. We stayed Friday-Tuesday...early early tuesday.
 The kids liked to spot animals with the big ole binoculars.....
 Saturday we went to Hulsey was little and full of fishermen, but fun. Boston helped blow up the boat...
 testing the waters...
 Pearcen wanted nothing to do with us...he kept taking off.
 and of coarse the girls loved the worm bait...

 Captain Jase Sparrow and his crew....

Then the Biddles came.  We played a lot of cards, partini and cranium wow.  We had tons of awesome food the whole weekend and the kids got lots of soda.

 We went to the lollipop shoppe...this is the only pic I got of my kids there....
 And here's my monkey at the bait shop....
 It was kinda cold on Monday at Big Lake, but Boston wanted to fish...the cast....

 This guy had fun too....