Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A day in the life of pregnant Kristal

I would like to share an average day in the life of me...knocked up style.
1. I wake up usually around 4, lay in bed for an hour or so til the morning sickness gets SOO bad that I have to get up and eat a cracker, or some times a bowl of cereal, or 3. This morning, I got up, ate a little something, and decided to do my pregnancy pilates.
2. Pregnancy Pilates. Ahh, if I would have done this 6 months ago I would have laughed at myself and said this is easy crap for old ladies. But since I allowed my self to get SO extremely out of shape...I sweat during yea, that's right, you can sweat during pilates.
3. Then I made breakfast for the family...amazing french toast with fresh whipped cream and strawberries. Whilst I ate 2 egg whites on a light english muffin. I actually like these...they are my own little weight watchers breakfast (2 points people).
4. Helped Jaden with homework, did Kam's hair, made Jase change Bossy's poop and turned the iron on.
5. Got an email from a good friend Susannah asking me to change the font on her annoucnement that I designed (so super cute, but can't share til she sends em out). So I did that, and since I had PS opened, I edited the rest of the senior pictures I took.
6. Lost Boston, helped Jase set up the swing, went to iron but it had turned itself off. Turned on iron.
7. Took some prenatals, found Boston, found some cute pink stuff to make a little game for a friend's shower on Thursday, went in to iron.
8. Ironed for a good 2 hours. I HATE IRONING!
9. Took a break from ironing due to EXTREME morning sickness because I forgot to eat (that only happens about 3x a year) . Went and ate 2 prunes, 2 grapes and a drink (now you all know my digestive problem, haha). Checked my blog. Went back to iron. The iron had turned itself off. I turned it on.
10. Went to get water for the iron, and finished the stupid ironing.
11. Took a moment to look at my beautiful new fabric for my quilts and realized I just wanted to look at it and not quilt with it....
(side note...I did NOT iron the stupid yellow on the bottom because it's a HUGE peice...backing for the summer quilt, so I'm going to cut it, rewash it and HOPE that while it's drying it flattens itself a bit)

I love fabric and scrapbooking paper. If you ever need either, I have em.

12. Had Jase turn on the grill for the steaks, and heated some oil in a skillet for the onions and potatoes.

13. Chit chatted with a neighbor while our kids played. Jase came out telling me, "the stove is on fire". Um, yea, ok, left the stove on high with oil in it.

14. Went in and finished onions and potatoes.

15. Fed kids, ate, read on the new awesome patio swing with Jaden, sent him back to school, lost Boston, and here I am. I'm now going to go find boston, lay him down after I clean either mud or chicken poop off of him, do some salsa aerobics (hilarious to watch I'm sure) get ready and go visiting teaching, then probably get back into my PJ's and lounge all day!

Signing off....

Knocked up Kristal

Monday, March 30, 2009

In defense for the mean ladies....

Ok, so here you have it. You all are surprised that I'm really "THAT BIG" "THIS SOON" yea, I get big quick, and I get really big by the end...amazingly big due to 3 big factors.
1. the way my uterus is tilted
2. I like to make a lot of amniotic fluid...I guess. I flooded the delivery room with all 3...impressing nurses with the nice pools I make for my babies (you're welcome kids)
3. I eat a lot. So this is my depressing 13 week picture. Saggy butt, flabby arms, explosive boobs (from a C to an E in 2 months) and really fat gutt! THERE, HAPPY!?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

stop with yer comments ladies!

Ok, so EVERY pregnancy, I come soo close to popping some woman in the face...sadly, it has already started this time. I ALWAYS get the ole, "twins?" comment. But usually when I'm 6 months or farther...can you believe I got it at a mere 3 months?! Yea, I ran into, um, a relative on Saturday, and she patted my fat gutt and said, "I heard you're expecting, how far along are you?". I told her 3 months and she said, "really? Is it twins?" SHUT UP!!! UGH!!! Then today at church, a lady I work with in the RS asked how I was feeling and I just told her grouchy and tired, then she asked how far along I was, so I told her and her reply, "really? do you always show this much this soon?" BITE ME!!! UGH!

1. how big my belly is
2. how naughty my kids are

Take a second, and look at your own belly, or your own kids. And if they are both perfect, let's talk about your domestic skills or your hair, or maybe your skin or thighs! UGH!!!!!

Favorite Quote of the Moment....

When we went to hear the baby's heartbeat, Kam was the most excited. And when we finally heard it, they all smiled and were happy. Kamryn finally said, "it sounds like a boy"...she's been hoping for a girl....we all think it's a boy. But after we heard the heartbeat we got in the car, and I asked, "wasn't that great to hear the baby's little heartbeat?" and they all said yes, then Kam added, "when I get bigger, I'm going to have babies" and after about a 5 or 6 second pause, in a SUPER SUPER excited voice, "AND BOOBIES!" Ugh, why is she excited about that? And who taught my daughter the word boobies? We don't use that word for them. Anyway, it reminded me of 13 going on 30 when she got hers and grabbed them and said, "I've got these great boobs to fill it out!" (about her dress). I hope by the time Kam gets older, boobs aren't as worshiped as they are now...blah!

Spring Break '09

We had some big fun plans for spring break, but then I didn't feel good, so we just went to the valley, and it was A LOT of fun!
The first night (wed) we got there, dropped the kids off at the Johns and went out to dinner with them at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum!)
The next day we got up, and went to the doctor...FINALLY. and it took forever to get things going there. Then finally the kids were ready to hear the heartbeat, so she got out her dopplar, and went all over my lower gut and kept finding my heartbeat and saying, "oooh, there's mommy's heartbeat again, let's find the little one"...um this went on for a good 5 or 6 FULL minutes before finally, the scary low fast monster heartbeat. Whatta relief. I've been soo nervous the past month or so about a heartbeat, and then for her to take so long scared the crap outta me...and Jase he later admitted. ANyway, we talked with doc Lindstrom (my favorite baby doctor in the world...delivered my first 2 and many many of my neices and nephews) and Jase asked him if we could only have a few visits...less than half what we're supposed to. He threw in the ole, "I'm a doctor, specialized in pediatrics and pregnancy" so, it worked! yay, only 4 visits. I go in at about 25 weeks for the only ultrasound and another check, then not again for a couple of months...yay!
Then we went and got our car cleaned, then to get me some sweet underwear at distribution, then JoAnn's, and checked out a bunch of bunkbeds (again, not buying) and we had a fun security inccident. The kids were being naughty, so Jase left them in the car and he just stood right inside the store, so he could watch them while I shopped, and some old lady heard Kam screaming from the fighting so Jase ran out and told her, "they're mine," and explained that they are learning a lesson. She said ok, then got in her car and dove forward a couple of parking spaces and got on her phone. Security came and Jase talked to them, and that was it. But seriously? Jase was right there watching them! Then we met Kayla at lunch at Rumbi's which turned into Randa, then we shopped some more and then met up with our friends the Bloomfields at Peter Piper Pizza so the kids could burn off some energy with their friends and so I could finally see Jana's sweet little miracle baby! Who is ADORABLE and HEALTHY by the way for all of you who were asking. He's perfect!
Then we picked up some amazing coldstone (gotta try the marshmellow ice cream) and headed back to the Johns for an Office Party....which turned into a Will and Grace party....which turned into a sleeping party. haha!
The next day we went and got our oil changed and walked old main street for about an hour, stopping at Sweet Cakes for some Gooey Sweet Cake and peeking in all the antique store windows. The kids had a blast playing with all of the permanent statues and in the water at the art museum.
Ah, then I got to have GREAT girls lunch at the Olive Garden with Vonda, Paula, Dani and Jana. Then Vonda and I hit Ross and Walmart (free dog food) and back to her house to get my kids that were so excited about swimming, but only lasted about 10 minutes in the freezing water.
Then over to Jana's to see some killer frames that she bettered start selling because they're amazing! And on over to Mesa Fro Yo for some Butterbrickle (friday's RULE at FroYo).
Then to Paula's to pick up our awesome new daybed for the boys, and out to Chandler to NOT eat at Kona Grill (sad) but Chili's with many many children. Where I almost had a digestion attack....seriously I wanted to die. Then out for more coldstone (and yes, we did remember the bahama bucks AND Mesa FroYo we had earlier that day...remember people we come down once a month, we've gotsta shove it all in...and suffer the consequences...ugh!) We met Dani, Brennon and Kayla there (no marshmellow ice cream...blah!)
Then back to the Johns for some sleep because we had to get up early and get out early so we coudl build our chicken coop on Saturday when we got home.
We had to burn a couple of hours yard selling before we could pick up our water barrells, and we happened to stumble upon...MY OWN LITTLE HEAVEN! Honestly. A huge awesome Antique Mall in Chandler was having a big sale. It was amazing. I spent oh, about 2 hours in there, and didn't feel satisfied...I needed about 3 more! But I felt bad making the boys wait in the car. I ran into my aunt, so I thought, oh, whatta fun little thing for locals, um, but in the line, people were from all over the country! It was a big deal! I'll share my goodies as soon as I get them put up around the house. But for now...our new baby chicks.....
yea it was bright out, sorry Kam. They were selling them for $1 a peice, but I needed all of them AND the crate. Aren't they adorable? We bought some bunnies too from the same vendor. So cute!
Then we decided we needed some patio furniture, so we went to Fry's (20% off home goods right now people, PLUS the patio furniture is on sale!) So we bought some patio furniture, and then the swing, and then we went back to get a price correction (they cheated us about $40) and we decided we needed the umbrella to go over it all, or a canopy, but after looking for a good 15 minmutes, we decided to wait on it because theirs were lame (right Amy)? Yea, I looked like crap all day because I thought we were just driving home...we ran into the Johns at Fry's, then my sister Vonda at Fry's...ain't that great?
Anyway, it was a great 4 days! Now we've gotta get the patio f urniture set up for our first BBQ this next weekend with the Johns! yay!!!
Oh yea, and we are probably lice infested now...FYI! haha!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nothing too exciting...

So, obviously I haven't been blogging because nothing too exciting has been going on. I rearranged the boys room...um, all 2 peices...Boston's changing table and Jaden's dresser...ok, I didn't move Jaden's dresser, but I did rearrange the changing table..haha! And I remembered that I haven't posted my favorite picture in our whole house! Once a year I'm going to have a HUGE picture of my kids when they were 2 framed. Next is Kam...that will be this year. Can't wait! This is Jado's. I love it...especially since his room is cowboy. He's soo cute!!!! And last week I had another boy senior shoot. Seriously I never had a boy senior til I moved here and since I've moved here I haven't had a girl senior...oh wait, I've had 2, but still, had a lot more boys!!! This guy, I coudln't get him to really smile. I think his serious pictures are better, but I posted the first one, and it's the fake smile. Very cool kid though, he's our garbage boy...saving money for a mish!
And today we leave for the valley for some swimming, furniture shopping, zoo, eatting, and more swimming. Oh, and FINALLY my first doctor's appointment. Pray for a heartbeat!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Founder's Day 2009

Alright, those of you from JC know what a big deal Founder's day is. It's the day that Brigham Young founded JC. Yup, he did. (right?) ANyway, it's pretty much one of the 2 biggest day JC has. (24th of July being the other). So we started out the day with the anvils going off all over town around 6am. The kids came running into our room yelling, "we heard bombs, someone has bombs!". Pretty exciting. So we got our jackets on and walked across the street to the church where the 5K and 10K started (no bike races this year :( ) We watched all of them go off then we went inside the church for the killer pancake breakfast. Mmmm. Then, as we were letting the kids beat up on the neighborhood kids, we ran into an old friend...from Holbrook, Danny McDowell. WE got to talking, catching up, then all of a sudden, when I asked why he was here. He said, we read in the paper that Joseph City was having a 5K for Federation day. Um....did he say Federation day? Ok, that was it! I brought out the big guns and told him to leave my town! He laughed. Ugh! Then I went inside while him and Jase stayed outside talking about organic farming and cinergery and when I came out, I warned him that if he sat food inside that building the townspeople would destroy him for not knowing that it's our Founder's day. BIG difference between Holbook and Joseph City. BIG!
On to the next events of the day. The Tractor show. Ooooohhh. Ok, the kids actually loved it...and I think Jase did a bit too. There were some really old tractors there and some pretty sweet new ones. This picture was cooler in my mind. I had no idea Boston was blinking and Jaden wasn't even looking, but just imagine if you will...cool right?
THen we went to the Turkey Shoot, and well, all of the other kids had guns their size and the wait was killing us, so we took off and went out to the badlands so the kids could shoot trash out there.

Then we came home, semi slept for a bit, then went to the BBQ and auction...my favorites. Sadly, a girl that usually puts really cute baby quilts in (Kourtney!) didn't this year, so I had nothing super exciting to bid on...although there was some sweet cowboy metal art that would have looked amazing in my boys cowboy room...I got outbid...a l ot.....you'll pay Earl Roberson, You'll pay!!!!
Then we took the kids across town to the horseless rodeo. Kinda sad, they were super stoked, and Kam is, as you all know, the queen of catchign chickens. Sadly, she's not the queen of being fast. And Jaden is the opposite...speedy, but not realy into catching chickens. So we didn't catch a chicken...but look how scared the chicken looks.

Then on to the boot race. Jaden on the far right, Kam on the far left. They didn't let the younger kids have horses since t hey were lethally sharp pointy sticks. All of us moms were holding our breath the whole time to see who got stabbed...I believe everyone was fin.

Then we came home, rested again, and Jase and I went to the movies with my dad so we could ditch the dance. It was a great founder's day! We did miss the volleyball tourney, but we had a great time!
Oh, and I have to share this picture. I ordered some bulk potatoes, chicken and cheese from Shamrock last week and well, this cheese was the biggest cheese ever! Jase told our Sunday School class that he was cutting cheese all morning. Isn't it awesome? The kids loved it!

Friday, March 20, 2009

3 years....not yet.

So I was thinking that I started my blog in April of '06, but I just looked back and it was July '06, cause I want to do an amazingly fun giveaway to celebrate, but since I'm a few months off, I would like to talk about something that weighs heavy on my mind. Ellen.
I know this picture might make some of you throw up in your mouths a little bit, and I do agree that it is a sin to be a same sex lover, but honestly, who doesn't have a few sins on their list? Not saying I tolerate it, but I just see it as another sin and if I were to gag at every sinner I saw, I'd never leave my house, never look in the mirror, never, well, anyways, last night my dad and I were talking about how we love to watch her show. How funny she is and how it's usually a very clean innocent humor, but still freaking hilaroius!
I probably only watch it once or twice a week, but if anyone caught this Monday's show...it was a little hard. I don't have a hard time seeing these two in pictures together, but on the show Portia was on and she kept calling her her wife, and they were talking about their first kiss and crap, I got a little sick (maybe the morning sickness), but still.

So, it has just made me curious as to other people's views on Ellen. I've been a fan for over 15 years. I used to watch the Ellen sit com in high school. I think her stand up is HILARIOUS, and the things she does and says on her show crack me up. I LOVE ELLEN! I want the whole world to know!

3 things....

1. The Entre in Winslow
2. Pregnancy Pilates (yay! Finally working out again for the first time in about 4 months!)
3. Stretchy Pants

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Alright, so I've done a brief post about my days with Jones, but I just found a beautiful poem he wrote me that I'd like to share. But first I will share a few pages from my book of Jones. This first page is from a photo scavenger hunt we went on...some of you may be in it (Miken...you're ina couple) but we just got bored one day and decided to go take pictures with random friends, and some NOT friends. WE spent pretty much everyday together my second year at EA either doing something SUPER nice for someone that wasn't really popular, or being REALLY mean to those that were. haha! yea, sorry about that rusty and brian and falkner. We went on a lot of little road trips, and we pulled a lot of pranks. Good times, good times....and in the picture below, I don't know where he's trying to put my hand, but trust me, nothing romantical EVERY, I repeat, EVER happened between us. BLAH! He holds himself responsible for me meeting Jase...which is kinda true...he introduced me to TED and Jase one night at the raquetball courts because Jones knew Ted, and I wanted Ted...and all I said to Jase was some smart allick comment about how grown ups dont' wear cat in the hat shirts (thank goodness that shirt is GONE!)
Alright, and now I'd like to share the poem Jones wrote for me...please don't let your children read it:
TITLE: Happy Birthday I LOVE YOU!
Ode to Krystlle (how I spelled my name back then)
Oh how I love my princess itch (his nickname for me since we weren't cussers)
Even though at times she can be a _________
So here's some memories of the times we shared
How I wonder if you really cared.
There was mission "Pizza pizza" with the Godfrey's
ANd the hole I made in the wall with your keys
We had so much fun on the Price is Right
And dressing really crazy on every flight
She comforted me in Mexico when I was sick
She was nice to me even when I was a _____
She tried to teach me to play the guitar
And had fun in the carwash w/ Near far wherever you are
There were guys like Ted, Clint and Jason
Now there's Mitch, Travis John and Nathan.
All the times we went hot tubbin
And who can forget the way smooth rubbin (LIE)
We always went places dressed in goth
And jammed out listening to David Lee Roth
Now you can see why I miss her so
Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY you Cheeto!
Ok, now let me explain. Mission Pizza PIzza was a mission we had to hook me up with a Godfrey brother....acommplished.
The hole in the wall with my keys was because we were having fun sliding my keys across the floor of the student life center, and one day he threw them too high and they stuck up in the wall and left a hole.
And everytime we'd fly to see each other after EA (he lived in NM) We'd try to dress the craziest.
And I didn't comfort him in Mexico, he got food posioning really bad, and we all thought it was hilarious how wimpy he was being about it.
And the car wash, we just listened to the Titanic song to make it a beautiful experience.
And yes, we dressed goth a lot to go to dinner and movies and wherever. One night we dressed really bad goth with a few people and walked around the house of some college girls until they were SUPER freaked out! We's just pop up at their windows all around their house. They finally called some RM's to come over and comfort them. blah!
We never listened to David Lee Roth
And a cheeto...well, it's not a good thing.
HURRY UP AND GET A WIFE JONES! So we can hang out again w/o people talkin!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Stupid St. Patrick's Day!

So, I thought, "you know what, I'll be a good mom and make St. Patrick's day fun". SO I....made green pancakes with green cool whip and we all wore green of coarse, and we have a game all week about the hidden shamrock in the house and who ever finds it each day gets a quarter. yea, so a few of you did green pancakes, green oatmeal. I felt pretty festive...until, I went to some random person's blog who had green pancakes, green eggs and ham, Lucky charms, really cute green cups and plates, green milk, some kind of irish ale stuff (for kids though). Wow, really? Green pancakes Kristal? Is that really how fun and festive you are?
Easter is just a mere 3 weeks away, you all, JUST WAIT!!!!!
PS. Good job with the voting. I'm still really stuck on Henry, but do LOVE Pearce. And I'm still LOVING Stella, but every since my dad told me about great grandma Elida, I've been favoring it. Good thing I have a few months.


Elida is said: E (like the letter itself) Lie (like a liar) Duh (like, "no duh:) E Lie Duh

Monday, March 16, 2009

The name....

Ok, so yes I was stuck on Olivia. I wanted to name Kamryn Olivia, but Jase didn't like it back t hen, then he agreed that if #3 was a girl she could be Olivia. #3 was a boy. And now that we're on #4, the name is WAY too overused (thanks a lot Jase) so I've come up with other names...which I'm pretty sure won't be overused anytime soon. So vote on my side bar. And if you put your cursor over the name it tells why I like it.
And I STILL haven't been to the doctor (2 more weeks) so hopefully there really is a kid in there and I don't just have the worlds longest stomach flu and 2 missed periods and a false positive with the pregnancy test. I'll keep you all updated on that.
But for now, to my current baby. Of all the places I've caught him falling asleep on his own...this was the scarriest for me..... propped up all cute with a dressed up lamb and a purse around his shoulder. Seriously, this kid INSISTS on having pink things, and he loves to bake and play with Kam's toys more than Jado's. I remember Jado going through this phase though...which is what I hope it is. Keep him in your prayers.
Ok, so people that are preg and due around the same time as me.....Becky, a couple of weeks before, Tamee a couple of weeks after, Sarah the same day, Mary about a month before, uh, who else? I want to know who else will be getting fat rather than skinny this summer so I can feel better about myself.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The mormon mom slacker...

Yea, my baby will be 3 when I have my next....slacker, I know. But for this post I'd like to let out some of the good and bad of this pregnancy so far...it's been hard not blogging about it since it has been pretty consuming thus far.

Good - Uh, I get another one of these...yay!!!!

Bad- I've already packed on 11lbs! (mind you, I'm 11 weeks) Oh, and Miken, I woudl like to wish upon YOU an eleven pounder!

Good- I don't feel bad about how my house looks

Bad - How my house looks (and smells today)

Good - I can lay off the ab work for a few months

Bad - I already look like I'm 5 months along!

Good - Epidurals

Bad - The friendly banter Jase and I have had almost every day about how this baby will be born. (epidurals, hospitals, inductions...all bad on Jase's list....all amazing and a blessed thing on my list.

Good - I get to chose how this baby will be born UNLESS Jase will let me shove a watermelon up his hole and have him push it back out anytime in the next 6 and a half months. You're choice babe.

Bad - That I'm on week 7 of feeling sick, and I had 19 weeks with Boss...but only 2 weeks with the other two, so hopefully it won't be that long.

Good - I have felt SO much better the last 4 days (thanks to all your comments?..maybe)

Bad - I weigh the same as Jase again

Good - The awesome questions Jaden keeps asking about the baby. What's it doing in there? How did you get it in there when you didn't go to the temple and get married again?

Bad - how long it's going to take everyone to like the name if it's a girl (we're pretty sure it's a boy anyway)

Good - I'll have 2 in school by the time this sucker comes out

Bad - Bossy won't be my baby. I've never had a hard time with this one, but this kid LOVES me, he loves to cuddle, loves to be craddled still and he's just been such a sweet baby, I'm already dreading the lack of attention he'll be getting.

Good - The help offered by neighbors and friends. you guys are the best. Especially you Amy M. for taking my kids almost everyday for the last 2 months. (I had to tell her early so she'd know why my kids would randomly walk over to her house while I was asleep in the middle of the day..haha)

Bad - 4 kids! SERIOUSLY?! YIKES!

Good - More than half way done!

Good - We'll have an even number for family games

Good - The kids are soo excited to hold it and want it to come out now even though it's the size of a lime (or probably a grapefuit since it's mine)

Good - I'm inducing ON MY DUE DATE...NOT GOING OVER!

Good - Getting baby clothes out and shopping in June when we find out what kind it is! We're waiting til my birthday to find out the sex even though we could find out midMay.

Good - All of the quilts I've already made (I'll post them as soon as I finish them...I've got 4 that need to be quilted and 2 more in the works.)

SUPER Good - My sister Tamee is due 2 weeks after me!!!! YAY!!!!! Not planned either. She told me the beginning of Feb. and I didn't tell her for a few weeks because we were going to wait, but I was just too excited and had to tell her so we coudl be miserable together!

So, obviously the good WAY out numbers the bad. And I'm sure the bad will all dissapear the second he is born, and the good will multiply! We're super excited..SUPER SUPER!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In the words of my good friend Napoleon D.

I don't feel very good!11 weeks down, 29 LONG weeks to go....this kid had bettered be amazing!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last Wed. some guy called from some resort timeshare in Sedona and asked us to come do the dumb tour for a free night stay, we said no, he said he'd buy us dinner and breakfast, we said ok.
So, they said it was 5 star, it looked like a stuccoed trailor park. It wasn't nice at all, but the kids had fun. They had miniature golf and a kid's club (that watched the kid's while we did the dumb tour thing) and a fun playground. Boston liked to take his ball right to the hole and hit it in then jump up and down screaming YES YES YES when he got it in.
Then Saturday we went to Flagstaff to get some shopping done and meet up with our friends the Sandersons for pictures and dinner. I had to share this picture that my little tard got in the way of. Gotta love him!

On our way to Flag we stopped and hiked around Sedona a bit. The kids made a dam to block the little stream that was going into the big one. It was pretty sweet.

Boss found a cool stick and kept acting like it was a snake and it was biting us.

Jaden's just cute!

They're all cute
Not my favorite trip, but a fun little getaway.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Man boy....

PhotobucketLately a lot of people have been commenting on how Jaden's face has gotten thin. I haven't noticed, but he's been wearing just pj bottoms to bed and his upper body isn't chubby and round anymore. He's a real boy! I hate it. He even has indents at his waist! blah! I miss chubby boy!!!!! Although he has been getting more and more handsome comments, which yea, I don't like either cause he's a flirt, but he is soo stinking cute. I love his little boy man gutts!!!! This picture was from 2 and a half yeas ago.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jaden is his own teacher

Yesterday they told Jaden he's reading at a 5th grade level (I don't think so) but he has all of a sudden been doing TONS better in all of his school work. So today he said, "I have all of my homework memorized" and he continued to tell us all of the stories on his homework. Then he told us, "not this monday, but next monday I'm the student of the week. And Mrs. Rubi always wants ME to read to the class for her." To which I replied, "wow, so you're basically teaching 1st grade then huh?" He said, "yea, kind of". I told him he should get a paycheck and he replied, "I don't do it for the money, I do it for the learning and the children". Gotta love a heart like that!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wanna be amazing?

Ok, my cousin's wife Holly (who most of you already love and adore) is having a photography workshop in Mesa as well as a few other places. And I know a few of you have asked me to do a little PS workshop, well, she's about 200x better, so go HERE and check out her side bar for her "picture life workshops" and if you scroll down on her blog, there is a place you can register to win a free workshop...but don't sign up for that, I'm trying to increase my chances as we speak. haha!