Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today I got to take pictures of my cute friend and her cute family. As I was taking them I thought they had such a big family, then I realized, I have the same now...yikes! So cute though huh?? I'm glad she got her little girl this year...hopefully she'll have a sister for her in a year or so. (SHE SHOULD!) And before that I was at the sip n see that some friends threw for Pearcen and another friend's new baby. Um, no one came. haha. But it was fun anyhow.

These next 2 pictures were from Sunday....a day of rest.....

And this is the picture of the amazing picture that my friend Linda framed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! She's doing one more that will be even more amazing. I'll post it after it's hung in the new house in a few weeks.

Other than that, I've been staying too busy with cooking, cleaning and packing. blah!

Friday, November 20, 2009


We're finally building a house! Woo hoo!!! It's not our dream home by any means, but it will be a perfect house for us for the next few years. WE're really excited about it and it's going up FAST! This is a picture of it after 3 weeks of work..... It will be the first home we've owned after 9 years of renting...14 different places. I love thinking about Jase and I in our first little 1 bedroom apartments (there were 2). WE fought soo much in our first place in Show Low...3 months of bickering and wondering if we had made a wrong decision...all changed in one horrible day...the wreck! Since then we've had our ups and downs, but the downs are quickly forgotten and the ups, remembered easily!
I love that I loved him before we were dating....

And I love that he poses for crazy pictures for me all the time....

And I know I complain a lot about my "little" husband, and it is annoying, but I'm just glad I'll die before him because he's soo healthy. So deep down, I do like it....I just don't like being bigger and eatting ice cream alone.

But having the weight advantage does make me feel more powerful!

Back to our living spaces. I think my 2 favorite ones with the best memories were the condo in Tempe when Jaden was 1 and Kamryn was born. We had a lot of friends over to that place, and a lot of silly things with the kids, like Jaden and his obsession with putting yogurt in his hair, or all the photoshoots I did with baby Kamryn. But I LOVED when I'd load the 2 kids up and go down University to drop Jase off or pick him up from ASU and we'd usually take a picnic to Tempe Town Park.
My other favorite place was Coppell. I know, you're thinking, "wait, she hated TExas"...yes I did, but we have a lot of fun memories from that apartment. 1100 sq ft with 5 of us at the end, we grew close. My favorite memories were bringing home baby B, riding bikes with the kids for hours in the parking lot waiting for daddy to come home, game nights with friends, our babysitting nights where we'd have up to 9 kids under 7 running around that little apartment. But I LOVED watching Jase with the kids on the golf coarse when it was covered in snow. They'd run up the hills and roll down. Actually it was fun watching them do that when there wasn't snow. I remember our love for the office started in that apartment. WE would watch it on our computer. I started my blog in that apartment...in a squishy corner of our bedroom where I used to do tons of photoshoots..of my kids and friends. My favorite thing about that apartment...it was the last place we lived in as students.

I'm excited to finally be home owners, with a fantastic husband with a great job, 4 healthy kids in the country. It's the life I've always dreamed of! Thanks lover!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So good...

Alright, I've had it really good lately, and I need to write more of the positive on the blog. So, I'm going to share this week, blog form.
Monday - After the usual getting the kids ready, Jase, Kam, Pearce, Boss and I headed to Winslow for some grocery shopping. Came back, went to the church for some vball, which was much better this week than last week. Not that I was any better, but it wasn't as embarassing for me to suck so badly. Came home, got Kam off to school, laid boss down, and started turbo jam..which was interupted 3x baby baby PP...he just couldn't stay asleep for some reason. THen the kids got home, homework, played, FHE and then I had to place a big fun order at JC Penny. We ordered our barstools, dining room chairs, entry way bench and shelf and a new down comforter for the new house. Then Jase actually stayed awake with me...for about half an hour. We tried to watch Land of the Lost...why didn't someone warn me that that was the stupidest movie ever made?! Oh, and I did take these adorable pictures yesterday.....

Tuesday - Woke up around 530 got the kids ready and dropped them off at Grandma's and headed to our weekly temple session. Ate at our weekly HeBrews Cafe came home, came home (while finally pumping my milk), got my big VS package in the mail! (this is where I'm at now) Younger 2 asleep, older 2 at shchool...blogging. haha. Tonight is Reading Fun night at the school which I'll be taking all 4 kids to by myself whilst Jase does his Salad Master thingy.
Wed. - Girl's day at Flag with Trina...whoot whoot!
Thursday - Enrichment meeting, my place at 9...be there...haha, ok don't. Hopefully taking pics with my baby sometime this morning. Kam's piano at 11, the usual afternoon routine, Pictures for the Hansen's at 5, Stampin up at 6, and the weekly Office party at 8!
Friday - NOTHING! Ok, nothing yet, we were going to go to Utah, but I'm trying to talk Jase into Flag. The kids and I LOVE staying the night at Flag and playing there...plus a LOT less driving. We'll see where we end up.
All n alll a good week. It'll be eevn better if I drop the 4lbs I'm hoping to drop!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grateful for Jase....

5 reasons I'm grateful for Jase right now
1. He holds the baby while I clean
2. He helps his gramsicle a lot.
3. He pulled 3 stray goats a block at night to see if they belonged to a family here in town.
4. He acts like he doesn't care that I'm a heavy weight and he's a lightweight.
5. I'm grateful that he's trusting my taste to pick out the countertops, cabinets, flooring, faucets, lighting and paint colors for the new house. Very brave.

Monday, November 9, 2009

How'd we meet?

Sharee Baldwin Sanderson Our husband were Roomies!! :)

Shelbi Matt Kelly You had me over for dinner, I have so many better memories of when I actually got to know you, LIKE when I was on my mission and was leaving the area and you gave me a little going away basket with a condom in it, you know good memories like that!

Melissa Patterson Fullmer it was a dark and scary night.... just kidding, we met at church and then I was your visiting teacher

Staci Garner I met you at church. You were sitting in Relief Society holding Kamryn and I remember thinking. She is so cute and trendy! I love her glasses. You had on these super cute glasses! And, I think our girls are probably the same age. You were definitely too cool for me!

Mat Siltala I jumped into your truck when we were going out to the mansion, and we went and got Jack in the box in globe. I'm pretty sure that's how.

April Petersen Reheis your fabulous sister Vonda invited you to one of our lunches and I will never forget I was a total freak show basket case cryin about something...you were very tolerant and nice :)

Lisa Kartchner Lampsa I'm sure it was through Jarrod and all of his HS buddies that we met for the first time. Can't remember the first time we met though. Seems like I've always known you or atleast knew about you.

Amy Stalder Allred EAC BABY!! I believe it was in Jared and Mat's apartment at scum crest!!

Jeremy Jones on the price is right trip! and you were in my biology class.

Devon Conroy Fulcher Well....Sometime in the the 5th grade and I believe we probably hit it off because there for a while we were inseparable!! I have lots of great memories!! I don't know why but I love gemini's, you guys are always outspoken and know how to have a good time, I guess that's why I married one. ♥ >3>3

Sherida Brimhall I met you when you were born :) your family got their 5th girl & we got "our Broc" the same week

Jennifer Cole Judd At church, then you came to my house to take a picture of my new baby (who's now 4 1/2 years old!).

1st memories....

Mary Borowiec Alexander I don't know about the first time we actually met, but what pops into my head is when you took those freaking adorable pictures of Ethan and Emma at some park near your apartment.....you're so talented and crafty!!!!! You made me wish I was LDS!

January J Harshe The first time I met you at church in Coppell you asked me if I liked it there. I said, kinda so far (or something like that). Which, you replied to, "I don't. I hate it here." (or something like that)

Kristal Hatch Mulder Haha, that's hilarious....you make me think you ARE LDS!
November 5 at 7:31pm ·

Eileen Casey You and Jason just started getting serious, I think and he brought you over to our house in Lakeside..... We girls left the boys in the front and were in my room in the back, chit chatting and eventually we were totally doing the Mean Girls thing, yunno, talking about the traits we'd change about ourselves. I seriously thought you had something ... Read Morewrong with you because you were talking about stealing our brown eyes to trade with your blue. We Polynesian girls didn't get your infatuation with brown eyes, but you were pretty and absurdly honest in a cynical way that was disarming and charming at the same time. And you and Jason seemed really good together, so you passed. LOL. I hope you've come to embrace your blue eyes by now! hahaha:)

Laci Mooney Egbert I remember I just moved to Joseph City and I was hanging out with Susannah. You asked me my name and I said Laci Mooney and you thought I said Laci Money. You said, "your last name is Money? That's is so cool!" but I said no its Mooney. And you told me Money was cooler and you started calling me Laci Money for awhile. :)

January J Harshe I love all of these. They are so "Kristal". Makes me miss you!

Melissa Patterson Fullmer when i was your visiting teacher and met you for the first time, you almost made me pee myself you were so mean and blunt. I was so scared then we became friends and then you left me. I'll never forgive you.
My favorite though, is when you took our Christmas pictures that one year and you put the maker-outers on all our pictures.
Then there's the fondue, oh the sweet fondue. Come back to me Kristal.

Jason Foutz clogging class

Dallin Baldwin Uptight Sunday School teacher who had a crush on me! Ha good times. :)

Catharina Hansen The first memory I have of you is when I was helping Mr. Huchens in Swing Choir. You & Cara Duncan were always together. I was never sure if you liked me or not, you would never say anything to me.

Tilynn Johnsonyour evil kids ;) jk

Julie Smith Strong Oh, you don't want the first memory - I remember hanging out at your house when you were a baby - you had crazy hair, and I remember you in a tutu (over your diaper) and nothing else. You seemed to have a flair for fashion, even then.

Raysha Palmer Playing on the playground at JC Elementary.

Kayla Guttery Ok you probably don't remember this but it was me, danica and You and Cara and we were in Grandmas kitchen ( this was way back when mom wouold let us stay up there for the whole summer) and i think we were either making prank calls or pretending to be drive-in employees and calling random people that you two knew in Jo town . . . I had to have been 8 or 9

Sharee Baldwin Sanderson Ummm...going bowling with you and Jason when YOU were very very very newlywed...and Frank and I were just dating! But on the way back to Snowflake from your apartment in show low...we decided we were going to get married! You guys must have been too cute and sweet, and we thought marriage was going to be cake! ha ha ha... if we only knew! Ha ha just kidding!!

Kristal Hatch Mulder Kayla, yea, we still do that when we get together....remind me next time you come up and we'll do it again.
And yes, Julie, I still wear tutus and nothing else
Sharee, seriously, if you only knew...those first 3 months in Show Low were HORRIBLE! WE fought all day and all night!!! Glad we tricked you guys though.

Oh, and Dallin...uptight? crush? come on!!!! I was the coolest teacher you ever had (or ever will have) and I think the crush was the other way around...although all of my boys bettered turn out like you!!!!!

Nella Carlisle Kristal...My first memory of you was before you were born...I remember Paula coming to school and telling us her mom was having a baby... : )

Hillary Atkinson I remember when Kam jammed a fork into your leg. I hadn't met you yet, but Adam was downstairs helping Jason move something in your apartment and when he back he told me what happened! OUCH! :)

Kaci Heap Evans Price is Right Baby!

Kellie Rae Turley When you were really young, like a toddler, we were great pals. You loved me and we played and teased alot...I especially remember one time when we were on the floor in your kitchen and we were playing hide and seek in between the table legs. I was in love with you...the cutest lil baby!

Kristal Hatch Mulder awww, I remember loving when you came to the house. When I tell Jase who you are I just tell him you were another sister when I was growing up. And yea, I was the cutest lil baby...what happened??? haha

Koelyn Platt Truschke Seeing you and Kara walk into the E.A.C. activity center wearing camouflage, but in a cute way. You totally reminded me of Gwen Stefani. Not sure what was going on that night, but I was scared:o/

Alona Bushman I'm sure I don't remember the first time I saw you - you know growing up together and all. All I know is you're pretty much hilarious and I miss you!

Megan Armstrong I met you and J when you came to play Mad Libs, sleep on an air mattress in our living room (in Seattle), then disappear before dawn ;) Still fun though...

Audra Curtis Campbell two things first pop in my head...actually 3...i remember you and cara walking around e.a. & you in your bright orange backpack, living scrunched in your apt. as the sexy 6 & then i think of my incident when we snuck in & tried on the homecoming crowns and stuff & then well you know what happened...when i "slipped."..oh & your wall in your bedroom covered in pictures...

adam Canfield HAHA!! The memory that sticks out the most is sitting with you in art class in HS and we were all showing eachother are weird bodily quirks like being double jointed and what not then you bent your elbows backward!!! (to the utter amazement of everyone else!) Hehe :o) (Ok I know, what a wierd memory to remember someone from!)

Kris Carlisle well i've always thought you were just fabulous!!! you're so fiesty and i loved having you take my senior pics...you're hilarious! and one hott mama! ♥

Thursday, November 5, 2009


This picture makes me jealous.....It's two of my sisters. One went out to Va to visit the other. I'm jealous that they got to hang out and go do fun stuff together. As most of you in JC know, I'm very jeaous of all the sisters here in town that get to hang out with. Jealous. Can someone come hang out with me for a week and go get pedicures and go to Flag and do fun stuff for a week? Someone? Anyone????

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I wanted to take pictures with my sweet baby today, I even did my hair and make up, but he wouldn't fall asleep, so I just snapped a few of him. Hopefully we can try again tomarrow. But look how adorable he is!!!! and yay! He still has blue eyes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to finally get my blue eyed kid!

What I have to put up with EVERYDAY......

No complaints here!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm soo glad it's fall. Wish I had the motivation to get my fall decorations up, but I'm trying to organize things so that our move next month won't be horrible, so I don't see the point in getting more stuff out to pack back up. I stink, I know, but I'm LOVING the leaves all over our house and the smells (scentsy cinnamony smells) and the great wheather for walks. Love it all. I did however get out some old frames that we had in Jase's old office so that I could put some of Pearcen's new pictures up. Aren't they cute? His HUGE pictures are still being framed. Hopefully we'll have them next week. Last week at school was red ribbon week and the last day was "hero" day. Jase and I were happy when the kids picked us...after going through a long line of super heros of coarse. They were supposed to dress like real life heros. Jaden is lecturing on taking vitamins...I'm exhuasted...aren't they good?
And of coarse, halloween. I didn't get any pictures of the actual halloween because I was a lousy mom this halloween. But here are the pictures from trunk or treat. It's Dash and the 3 little pigs. The big bad wolf..um, we lost the nose for it, so there wasn't one.

On Halloween night, Jaden was Dash, Kam was a kitty, Boston was a Frog and Pearce was a bear. And all week long they've been numerous other things.