Monday, August 30, 2010

Projects, Ipods and MUD!!!!

Finally finished a couple of my projects. We found an old beat up dresser on the side of the road here in town, and I didn't even care how crappy it was, Kam NEEDS A DRESSER! So we loaded it up, and I picked whatever color of paint I first saw at Home Depot and luckily it all worked out! I love it! Oh, we also bought some cute knobs for it at Target. Jase just has to fix the inside track on a couple of the drawers. I love it. And hopefully after this weekend's shoots I will have her bedding and curtains ordered and FINALLY have the little girl's room I've always wanted for her...and just in time for her to enjoy it for a year or two before she wants to do whatever to her room...ugh! She's been soo awesome lately though. So girly and fun and sweet. I have always know how cute she is, but this week I just stare at her a lot, she's beautiful! her eyes and skin and hair. Lucky girl. I have no idea where she got that hair, but thanks to daddy for that skin and those eyes. She's a dolly. She wants me to do a shoot with her, but she has infintigo on her face right now...ugh. Gotta love school germs.Our table has had scratches....big scratches in it since the first month we had it. I don't think there was a sealant on it, so I've wanted to paint it forever. This summer I found a picture of how I wanted to paint it so that Jase wouldn't think I was nuts, and he liked it, so we did it...and we LOVE IT! The kids really love it.
Even though Jase's birthday isn't til the 13th, I had to give him his gift yesterday. I was too excited and we're both too excited to have it...and IPOD NANO!!! For our running. We've been using our crappy mp3 and we can hardly hear it and it sounds like crap, but we're already loving the nano.
Yesterday, Dolly sat at the table for SIX hours making bracelets and necklaces for EVERYONE from her teacher to grandma, to all of us. Jaden made me a bracelet that said "sesy"....he said it's sexy. I LOVE HIM. Kam made us all really great necklaces too that we are all wearing. She's awesome!
Ah, and Saturday, I got on the computer while Jase ran to his office for a sec and all 3 of the older kids went out and got under the trampoline and COVERED in mud. I loved Boston's face after it dried up...he looks like an old man. But seriously, I'm SO tired of mud. Can't wait for grass next year.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So, I know I haven't talked a whole lot about Jasey lately, mostly because his focus is really on work this last year or so, so I've been feeling neglected, so I won't focus on that, but I'll focus on what a good guy and hard worker he is. Our computer brings up random pictures on the desktop and this picture has been coming up a lot lately. I love it. He ran over to help his grandma come across the sand and a little river things at the beach in Oregon while the rest of us sat back and did NOTHING. He's always loved his mom and grandma and he always thinks so much of them. I love that he's always the first to help out. Ok ok, sometimes at the moment, I don't love when there's a huge flooding rainstorm and he makes sure our house is all secure and runs off to help some of th eolder people in town...and I'm home with the kids freaking out....then he comes home covered in poop. Yea, I'm glad he did it, but at the moment, not so much. He's obviously a hard worker. He devotes every waking hour to working. Either building up his clinic, fixing the yard or doing house repairs for me. My dad always says he can't understand how Jase can eat so much and stay so skinny, but I think my dad doesn't realize Jase can't relax...which is another thing that kinda annoys me, he used to be able to sit and chill with me, but if he does now, he'll fall asleep and nap, which drives me nuts...since I can't nap, I just DRAG until nightime. But back to the goodness of being a hard worker. He's very determined, motivated and loves to envision things for his clinic or the house or the yard. For our backyard he would draw up a new plan every other week, there were little hand drawn plans all over the place. I didn't really understand them, but it'll be fun to see them slowly come together. and he's got big plans for his pink clinic...thank goodness. I think it'll be adorable! I can't believe he's kept a full schedule in such an ugly building. haha I think part of the reason he's such a sucessful chiropractor is because he's soo friendly, which obviously, I lack. He is very social and loves to stop and chat with whoever about whatever and show sincere interest and concern. I'm glad our kids have that example of loving others. I'm also glad he loves to do outdoor stuff with them. This week he took the boys one morning and Kamryn another morning and took the boat out to clear creek to fish for a morning date before school. They all LOVED it. He's a great dad, and great at helping out with the kids.

Oh, and I had to post this picture, because even though i was 8 months pregnant, and miserable at the oregon beach from our long road trip, I like the way I look better there than right now. I MISS MY HAIR!!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mother of 2...

Of coarse it's nice to have just pearcey home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday with him and boss are great too. Boston LOVES to play with Pearce. He loves to run in and tell me, "baby crod oer to get toy!" Or "baby wikes you mom, and he wikes me"
And yes this is a picture of Pearce pulling on my sewing machine cord....which is surrounded by one of my many projects...ok, it's surrounded by 3 of my many projects, all of which I want to have done before October. ugh!

Boss love to clap his hands and say, baby, baby, wook here, wook here.
Boss wanted to hold baby for one of the pictures....I don't think baby wanted to be held for one of the pictures.
Pearce started crawling full speed towards me....
And he was laughing as he got closer...and closer...
and closer. He's an awesome baby. A lot of people have said how good their baby's are lately, but seriously, he's the best. He's soo easy. I'll put him in his high chair while I'm making breakfast, or lunch or dinner, and I'll cut up a banana or a cucumber, and put some Kix, or peices of bread on his tray, and he's good for about an hour! He's awesome. And all day he just crawls around, pulls himself up to things, checks them out then goes to the next thing. But when you do want to hold him, he cuddles with you and laughs at anything you do. He's awesome!
And of coarse, Boss thought it was funny that I took such a close picture of "Pursen" so I had to take an extreme close up of him. I love that kid...and don't worry, he's going in for a mild haircut next thursday. I know some people think his hair is out of control and too hick, and others LOVE it and think it's a Boston thing, or my neice thinks he looks like a munchkin, but we LOVE it and we're keepin him shaggy.
And that's my day with my 2 little boys. You might be asking, "where are they right now while you're blogging?"..Pearce takes a 2 hour nap every morning and boss is here playing a colors and shapes game with me, but he'll soon be watching spongebob on the computer while I get som Zumba going in the living room. ha!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Adams Family Cookout!

Ahh, finally, we made it this year. We missed last year, but we LOVE going to the White Mountains for the Adams family cookout. We used to go every year growing up and ther were tons of cousins and aunts and uncles. It was an all day thing with lots of games and food and hikes I LOVED IT! I remember my grandpa taught me about floating rocks one year in a stream that went through our camp.
It's kinda fizzled a bit in the last decade or so...especially with the Hatch family, but Jase and I have said that we want to make it every year, so our kids can know our cousins and their 2nd and 3rd cousins. We told Kam on the way up that there would be 2nd cousins there. She said, "no, we already have 2nd cousins, the Brimhalls, these guys can be 3rd cousins". haha. Love her
This is all of the 2nd cousins that were there. They all had so much fun together. And the oldest one in the back hooked me up with a Mt. Dew. Haven't' had one of those in forever, but he was wearing a Mt. Dew shirt and it made me want one.
Um, Perfect Pearcen.
These little guys were hilarious! The truck ran out of batteries after one go around the RV, so for about 2 hours they pushed each other around. It got down to Boston and one other boy but they still had a lot of fun.
And Kam. She just wanted to meet all of the kids there. She had a lot of fun. She even got paid with gum for giving one little cousin a "family hug". I have NO idea what that was all about.
It was a lot of fun, and great to see some of my cousins I haven't seen in years. Hopefully we can get more from the Hatch group there next year.
Oh, and on our way home...we saw our first wild bear. We were really excited. It was right by some houses too. I told Jase, "watch out for that big dog...wait, that's a bear"...then we both started freaking out. It was awesome.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ahh, Saturday

Today is a relaxing planned out Saturday. It's 6 and I just sent Jase to get a dresser off the side of the street that I CAN NOT wait for. I spotted it last night and asked the girl about it and she said it's junk and they have too many, I LOVE Junk and we're short one perfect is that?!
Then we're going for a run (yup, we're still running 3 days later. haha) Then packing everyone up and going to soccer games, then up to the white mountains for some fishing!
After fishing it's the 100th (just about) annual Adams family cookout. I can't wait! It's one of my favorites. Not many of my cousins my age even go, and no one else except my parents go afrom my family, but I LOVe taking the kids up ther efor that experience and memory. It's a lot of fun.

Now onto reason #135,437 of why I'm still chubby and holding on to this last 10lbs....
However, the weight isn't depressing me like it used to a couple of years ago. Nothing is actually. In fact most days, I look around and realize, "my life is better than anyone I know's life". And I truely feel that way. There are people that I know have great lives, and things all fall together for them, but I just don't believe that they love their kids as much as I do, or that they have as much fun around the house as we do, or that they can be content doing NOTHING for a date with their husband like I do. ok ok, I'll admit it, there's one thing in my life that I'm not fond hair, but I think I'll even be loving that her ein a month or so. Anyway, I just really love how much the kids are loving their lives lately. They love to be home, they love to run off the bus and tell me all about what happened at school. And I've even had it together enough most days to have an awesome home snack ready when they get home, so they come, sit down, eat, tell me about everything, then run off and play together....ok, they don't always play together peacefully, but they've been doing a lot better at that too. I'd like to give love and logic more credit there too. Anyway, my life is PERFECT....for the moment...and for the last couple of weeks.
Oh, and another reason for my happiness right now...I just got my first of 9 gallery wraps in yesterday!!! And I ordered 2 more. But I'll only have the 3 until their bi annual sale in January, then hopeuflly another 3. But I'm soo excited. I've wanted a canvas wall for years and it's finally coming together!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Scentsy Issues....

I LOVE Scentsy, LOVE LOVE LOVE them, have for years. And like most scentsy lovers, I have a whole drawer full of different scents....right now I would like to take the time to warn you...DO NOT BUY CHERRY LIMEADE!!!! It's horrible...smells like cheap cleaning products, almost like the smell of a school bathroom right after they cleaned it. On that note, I have a full, unused package of Cherry Limeade if anyone would like to come get it...FREE!My 2nd scentsy issue. And maybe this one is just me, but I've used different houses and different outlets within those houses, but I still manage to SPILL the melted wax stuff when I change out the scents in my wall plug in ones in my bathrooms. What the heck? I prep myself everytime, and make sure I have a lot of time so I'm not rushed, and I try pulling, both hands to keep it more steady, and I do it nice and slow, and still, the second the it comes out, WABAM! All over, and as most of you know, this was stuff is NOT fun to clean off...and the red stains white toothbrush handles, just so you know. Anyway, any tips there???
One last scentsy, what are your favorite scents? I need more. My favs are Beach and Sugar...not sugar cookie, just sugar...oh and of coarse anything pumpkin, but it's not time for that yet.

And on a different note...this motivates me.
Adorable...Casual...tall....skinny. At least I've got 2 right (tall and casual).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wow, it's here...

Bi Annual Ironing day!!!! I HATE ironing, but for some reason since I know it only happens twice a year, I'm glad it's here. Our ironing pile was crazy big that some of the stuff in the pile actually collected dust so I'm doing another load of laundry before biannual ironing day is over! haha. But it's here!
Today we also started running. We decided to head out as soon as the kids get on the bus. our awesome friends the Truschke's let us have their jogger since ours finally fell to peices. It has a plug in for our mp3 (yea, we don't own an ipod, get over it!) so we load up our bottle of half frozen life water, some water, our cell, a pacifier and 2 kids and RUN! I still am not a fan of running, but if it can help me get to my goal weight by Jase's birthday, I'll become a fan. Here's my motivation....
Not a fan of Brother Cruise either, and I honestly think he brainwashes and beats Katie, she seems so depressed all the time and he's over the top freaky, but they run together and they both have great bodies for their ages. But, um Katie...bad form...look how turned in her foot is!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Preschool!!!!

Today was horrible! Boston had to go to preschool! I really didn't want to send him but he needs so much help with his speech that I knew it'd be better off for him to go. It was soo sad sending my little little guy on the bus. I followed the bus and made sure a teacher was there for him, then I went to his class room to make sure he'd be accompanied back to the bus. Then i was at the bus stop 15 minute early and I held him the whole walk back home. I hate that I have to do it again tomorrow.
He was soo excited though. He told me all about the yellow frosting on his graham cracker, the golden rock for dad, and he's really excited for his first....
It was also weird to have just one kid at home this morning. I went to volleyball for about an hour, then I came back home and Pearcen wanted to sleep more, so I laid him down and started painting everthing white. Ok, not everything, but our big entertinament center, touch ups on the wall, a few frames, and I think I'll paint Kam's shelves.
After luinch I laid the younger 2 down again and here I am, but I'm going to get to sewing. I'm making the cutest quilts for my friend Melissa. I can't wait til they're done (mostly to see them, but also because I forgot about the many many hours...DAYS that goes into making quilts)
I set up my sewing machine by my computer so I coudl watch movies to help the time go by faster, right now I'm trying to finish The Work and the Glory III. Which is hard to watch because I didn't watch the first two, but its' good, so I'll finish.
Oh, and we're also implimenting more of our Love and Logic tecniques. We went to the class this past weekend and it was great, but most everyone there had 2 and 3 year olds and it was a 0-6 year old class, that was supposed to talk more about silbing rivalry and teasing and stuff, oh and chores, but it was mostly about bedtimes, brushing your teeth, eatting, all of the issues 2 and 3 year olds have, so we're having one on one phone coaching next week to help out our older for right now it's a lot of empathetic "dude" "uh oh" and "whatta bummer"s going on around here. ha! We can always tell a difference in our kids and in our relationshis when we do L&L though, so we're stickin with it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Kristal Happenings....

So, what's going on with me you might ask? Let me tell you. For starters, I have this every night for dinner.....Because I cut my hair like this.....
So yes, as always when I chop more than a foot off of my hair...the diet has begun.....
I'm on day 3 and I'm down 3....only 10 more to go...which shouldn't be that hard right? CRAP! I've been trying to lose this 10lbs since January... the same 10! Wish me l uck, and if you see me, don't let me eat!!!!
Back to the haircut. Why do I do this? Every 2 years I decide to go majorly short, and I usually like it for a month or 2, then dread it for about 6 months. I haven't learned to like this one yet. I like the cut, but on someone else. I feel fat and exposed. I LOVE the color though. and I LOVE Koe..she did exactly what I asked for, as always. I feel like this....
from sexy to cute. ugh! Aww well, it's just hair, and I'm already married, so what do I'll grow back and he's trapped.

School! The kids are back in school!!!! It's kinda nice and kinda boring. I have tons to get done during my free time. I have 5 quilts to get made...only 4 of them are cut out, I just started my photography website...finally, I'm reapainting our entertainment center again, reroganizing the garage and kids closets, and now, exercising 2x as much a day. But I miss playing with the little dorks. I hate that they have to do homework when they get home. Actually, I've been making them get it done quickly so we can watch a movie together. I put my sewing machine right by my computer so I can watch wahtever they're watching while I sew. But it's good. Jaden is in 3rd and Kam is in 1st...boss starts preschool on Monday, that's going to tear me apart! He's been hooked to my hip since the day he was born. He's a gem. We'll see how it goes. He's super excited. Ordered a spongebob backpack and bought a few "awesome" shirts, so he's set.
And that's about it for now. Organizing, dieting, missing the kids and painting! Life's good!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And now to my Dolly....

My favorite things about Kam right now?
Her gapface
That she loves to be Pearcey's mommy
That she can play as tough as the boys (many times tougher)
That she loves to do arts and crafts like me.
That she wants to help with every meal.
That she's starting to not make goofy faces when a camera is pointed at her.
Mom: Kam, do you think that we look alike?
Kam: Mmm, not really?
M: Who's cuter?
K: Mmmmmm mmmmm.....BOTH!
M: Good Answer

M: What if you're the only other girl in our family and we just keep getting boys?
K: Then we need to have a stinkin girl...(laughing, "who are you sending this to mom?"
M: But what if we don't get another stinkin girl? What if it's just you and me? FOREVER!
K: (thinking) then we should just give some boys away, then have 3 girls and 3 boys.
M: Where are we going to get the girls?
K: Well, if you have a wishbone, you coudl wish for a girl, or if I do.
M: Good idea!

M: What's your favorite thing to do with your brothers?
K: Play games with them, and play in that dut (dirt) with them. Jump on the tramp, um, go out and feed the chickens with them and go to the cousins house and play with them, and go to their friends house and play with them.

M: What if you got to spend a whole day with just Jaden. What would you want to do?
K: Go and buy ice cream. (long pause filled with intense thinking) and then go and spend 2 whole weeks at Aspen Grove with him.

M: What are you most excited for this school year?
K:That we're in new grades and we get new teachers and we learn equals and the abc's and the numbers.

M: What's your favorite thing to do before you go to bed?
K: Watch a fun movie with you guys.

M: What's your favorite thing to do when you wake up?
K: to make breakfast with you.
M: I love you Kam, you're awesome. Let's make breakfast tonight!

M: What was your favorite thing that we did this summer?
K: Go and play with the cousins.
M: Where?
K: At the pool and at their house.
M: What about Aspen Grove?
K: I liked to play the games. I liked to go in our groups. And I like when we got to have that big fight, that water balloon fight they used to throw at us and we had a big thing at the park, at the last day at Aspen Grove. And I really want to go back to there.
M: It was awesome. What's your favorite ice cream?
K:Like all my kinds?
M: yup.
K: Bubble gum, mint, M&M's, chocolate chip, gummi bears, and strawberry.

M: What should we do for fall break this year?
K:(cutest thinking face ever) Go and do fun stuff at places.
M: Like what and where?
K: Like peter piper pizzas, chuck e cheeses, subway,
M: Youd rather go to those places than disneyland, the beach, the cousins??
K: Ok, Disneyland and Sea World and um hawaii.
M: Ok ok, now you're talkin.

M: What do you think about dad?
K: Um, I like to have dates with him.
M: And do what?
K: And when you and Jaden are going on dates, I like to watch cool movies and make cookies with dad. And play spongebob cranium and Pictureka.
M: You've played that with dad? I thought you only played that with me.
K: Well....I'd like to!

M: What do you think about me?
K: You are the awesomest mom. and then we'll let him go! (sang) Did you really just write that? (laughing) I think you're cool and not tired, and sometimes you're mad at us and that's all.
M: why do I get mad at you?
K: When you tell us to do something and we're lazy then you just get mad at us.
M: True.

M: What do you think about this picture below?
K: It's cute. I like it. I like the bow and I like how I smile.
M: I do too.
M:You're awesome Kam. Anything else you wanna say?
K: NOpe! Now am I done?