Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We are SOO in love!

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Not much....

Ok, so I'm going to do a shoot with Kam before I blog about her...hopefully today if I don't get too tired again...wait, not today, I have a meeting and she has a game, tomarrow!
Ok, but for now, I'm blogging about some other cute things. I LOVE that the 3 kids sleep in the same room. There are 2 OTHER rooms they can sleep in, but no, they all sleep in the same room. They do switch off though, now that Kam has a sweet bed. But this is them in the boys room for a night. I love it! And this...this adorable picture somehow got lost in the mix. I found it on an old memory card. He used to like to try chin ups when Jase and I did them for P90X. He would pull up a little bit too, it was so cute.
And last, I had a shoot with a really good looking family this last Saturday. I was soo nervous because as most of you know, I hate big groups more than weddings. But this was the easiest group ever! Their kids were all happy, and it was easy to get their attention, and they all helped out for individual family shots, so it was a breeze!

And as for what's going on with us lately...getting ready for Kam's Luau next weekend, getting ready for stinking Christmas in July next weekend, getting ready for company coming Thursday and more company coming Friday and all of them staying for the weekend...the amazing weekend of 4th in JC in the morning and in Heber at night (one of my favorite days of the year), the kids ball games, getting our loan (still), renting out some trailers on the land we're getting, gardening, and melting in our house with no A/C.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

1st of the posts...

So I decided to start with the recipes.
This one is my very favorite right now. I know we've all done the overnight french toast, but this one is amazing!!!! I made it for Father's day and am trying really hard to not make it again because it's pretty much just eatting sugar and butter, but in an amazing combination!
(BTW this website is amazing...the allrecipes.com one. if you click on ingredients and type in what you have, it'll bring up recipes that use those ingredients, then click on sort by rateing, and you'll get the best one...and no lie, it'll be amazing. I just had to type in green onions and cilantro yesterday because ours was going bad...an amazing 7 layer dip..Mmm)
Ok, next recipe...it's amazing with pasta or bread sticks or veggies....it's Olive Garden's Alfredo Sauce recipe. There are ways to make it less fattening, I'm sure you can figure it out...but don't do it! You've been warned

Ok, and my last recipe might be a downer for some of you because I knwo I've already shared it, but we live for it. It's the dinner I make on lazy days.
Get your crock pot around noonish or earlier, put in 2-3 chicken breasts
1C salsa (I usually use Pace)
2 cans of corn...or a pkg of frozen
2 cans of beans. I like black, but you can use whatever
1pkg taco seasoning, or if you have the stuff in bulk like me, I dump a couple tablespoons or more in.
Let all of that cook for 4-6 hours then shove a brick of cream cheese in there. It's good w/o it too, but it's creamier with it. Let it cook for another 2 hours or so...the chicken should be easy to shred. Shred it and mix it all up.
Serve it with chips, or in a tortilla.
We sprinkle it with cheese, diced green onions, and tomatoes.
Alright, I'll prepare my Kam post tomarrow. She's been amazing lately!

And the winner is....

Ashley Biddle!
Yup, it was #3, I'm not original. Um, and I'd show the finished product, but it's not finished. I broke my needle on my machine making a quilt, fixed it, then I lost my bobbin (with a little help from a 3 year old) so, SOON, I'll post the winnings, and I'll give em to you this weekend! Congrats!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson died...

My life did not change.
Just thought I'd post it for the blog book.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 years baby!!!

Ok, so as of June 1st I've had my blog for 3 years! I've been waiting for June 1st forever, and then of coarse with all the trip stuff and everything, I forgot. But my cousin's wife just had her blogaversary this week and it reminded me. Sooooo, to celebrate,
I'm going to have a give-a-way!!!!!! I've already picked the number, so who ever is that number of comment on my comments gets an awesome handmade (by me..yikes) something!!!! I'll show the prize as soon as I tell you who won.
And also to celebrate I'm letting you pick what I should next blog about:
A day in the life of Kamryn (people seem to be intriged with this gem. Even people that feel the need to tell others WHILE I"M THERE about naughty things she's done....get a life!
My top 3 favorite recipes this year (I try out new recipes EVERYDAY, no lie)
Why I hate/love TV (I contemplate this subject a lot)
Alright, happy blogaversary!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What I'm thinking about today....

I know none of you miss this body like I do, but someone out there has got to miss my short hair cut. I've gotta get that body back to get that cute short hair cut again.
Goal: cute body and cute hair cut by 31st birthday!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's day!!! (yesterday)

Alright, I'm a bad wife and daughter. I got them both...nothing. Jase asked for nothing because we just bought a couch and we're getting dressers. And my dad, I'm getting him something today. I'm pregnant, whattya expect?!
Alright, so as usual, I'm doing a top 10 about Jase....not sure if any of them are the same as last years, but I'm sure some will be different.
10. I love that he is willing to do whatever I want....dress up for dates or halloween, take pictures for a date, dress up for fake wedding pictures..... 9. I love that he thinks he's getting fat and he shows me his tiny little stomach and tries to make it look fat. haha, Ok, I actually hate this one, but I love that he THINKS it's a helpful gesture.

8. I love that he loves to take the kids out front everyday to garden and he gets more excited than the kids about the sprouting fruit/veggies.

7. Even though it drives me nuts at times, I'm sooo glad he's a health freak or I'd still be 200lbs!

6. I love that he works so hard. I've seen so many guys slack off and take their time through school or not really try hard at their job and he gove 110% with both and that's why we're out of school and he has a sucessful practice (not due to my unsupportive attitude of "there's no way a chiropractic clinic will make it in JC")

5. I love his lips. I know kids, you're reading this and gagging, but Mmmm!

4. I love that even though I suck at it...he prays day and night and reads his scriptures w/o fail everyday! Seriously I get a day a month if I'm lucky. Can I add brushing his teeth to this? he does it a few times a day...I do it once a week...I know, gross, now you all know.

3. I love that he can do anything. He can beat anyone at wrestling...well, so far, even my nephew who is a major athelete in HS, and he beat our town's QB in arm wrestling and he won some greased pole contest and he is willing to try any sport/activity because he can do anything. Kind of annoying too, but it's pretty fun to brag about.

2. On the flip flop, I LOVE that he hasn't stuck with P90X!!!! haha. We started it at the new year, did it for a month til my morning sickness kicked in, and I started doing turbo jam and he started p90x then we both quit. I started turbo jam again about 2 months ago and he started p90x...um, guess who's still going? haha! I'm sure he'll start again soon. And like most stinking guys it only takes a coupel of weeks to see a difference..ug!

1. I LOVE that he loves me when I dont' like him. I just went through my longest streak of not liking him...due to morning sickness (his lack of help), and other pregnancy issues, I went 4 months w/o liking him, and he still (probably pretending) liked me! I would have left me! I woudl have!!! Thanks Jase! Look, I'm better now, and I'm pinching you really hard to show you my love and you love it!!!...you do, trust me!

I LOVE YOU JASE!!!!!! Thanks for chosing me and not any of those other hoochies!!!!

25 weeks.....

Ok, so since I take a picture every week for my message board for October moms (I know, I'm a nerd, but I did it with all of my babies....not the pictures, just the message board), I decided to do the ole 25 week pic. Much bigger than my 20 week...ug!....and not just belly bigger. I took this right before I worked out...I should have taken it after. How I'm feeling: tired, grouchy, big, overstuffed already, and really excited to get another Jaden and BOston.
What I do most days: get up, eat 2 egg whites on a light english muffin with some water, do Lindsay Brinn's 2nd trimester workout (which gets harder everyday), eat some of whatever breakfast everyone else is having (yes 2 breakfasts), get on the computer, yell at the kids, go play outside til I get to tired, come back in and get the kids a snack, sit on the couch then do whatever Jase has planned that day.
What I crave: Um, nothing really. nothing sounds super good. I guess maybe honey nut cheerios, or watermelon or a chocolate malt.
What we're diong to get ready for this kid: right now, I'm selling lots of th ekids old clothes, a lens, some shoes I bought at last chance and other things on e bay to get enough $$ for the baby bedding. We're ordering that nursery set...as soon as it goes back on sale...we missed ordering on the sale dates...ug! And trying to get our house done by the time this baby comes out (haha, yea right)
And there you have it my 25th week of pg! ug! 15 LONG LONG weeks to go...hpefully only 14 and 5 days!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

THe last couple of crazy days....

Thursday was Whoosana's reception here in town. Her and Wholana and Whoadam came by for a chat then the next night I got to take some pictures at the reception. It was an AWESOME reception. Killer food, killer back yard, and killer peeps from town were there. Then yesterday we got out the ole blow up slide thingy again. We had all of the Duncan girls and their many children and Kit and her kids over.

I just had to get a picture of this big fat cute baby while he was asleep on his aunt's legs. This kid probably weighs as much as Boston...and he's not even one. I thought my Kam was big at 1...this kid will beat her for sure.

Um, my kid with a large noggin eatting homemade peach ice cream.
Then last night we went to a rockin 80's party at our friend's the Hancock's house in Winslow. Um, it was seriously the most put together awesome party...we just felt pretty outta place because we were the only Joseph Citians there...where the heck where the rest of you? I know a lot of you got invited!!!! Anyway, we were surviving on about 5 hours of sleep (which is half of what I need) so we weren't too enertaining...but come on, give me some credit for being 6 months pregnant and finding something to fit around my big ole body that's 80's....oh, and a huge thanks again to Burgess for the leg warmers!

And today is filled with picking weeds around our garden, selling more of my kid's old clothes on e bay and a quick trip to Show Low.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things to figure out now that we KNOW....

Ok, first off, the name. My sister reminded me of Pearson...which we thought of for Boston, but we quickly erased from our minds because it was a friend's maiden name, and it is a friend that doesn't like when you use things she has/produces/and such. But we haven't seen her for a couple of years and probalby won't for a few years, so

Now to our next delima...which, I, the queen of slack quilting (it's a new thing where you take months and months to make one freaking quilt!) really needs to get thinking about SOON.
Should I (here is the link for the first one since you can't see it on the poll: CLICK HERE

Alright, thanks for your help. I really suck at using my brain for ANYTHING this pregnancy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

30th birthday, the rest of the shiz

Alright, so I'll just wrap it up here. Sunday we went to the Bloomfield's church, came back, loaded up our stuff and went to the resort. We decided to go to the Hilton Squaw Peak because our kids are too little to do the slides at Arizona Grand and the other one. So we got in and contemplated if it was against the sabbath to swim and decided it's ok if it's as a family and it's a lot better than the alternative...sitting in the room watching tv together. So we went swimming just at the plain pool for a couple of hours, came back, got some dinner and went to bed. Monday we got up early, went and ate breakfast and headed right to the water slide. Jaden didn't get off of it for 2 days straight. We figured he went about 100x on it since there wasn't a big line ever, especially at 8am. Kam did a bit of everything, the lazy river, the beach pool, the tad pool and the slide. We bought them all animal goggles at big lots the day before. Kam had the crabs, boston had the frogs and jado had the sharks.
This is what Bossy did most of the time..."umped" and "wimmed" from Jase to me. He loved to be underwater . We sprayed him with sunscreen when he had his goggles on and we kept wondering why the dude was running into everything...EVERYTHING, so we looked through his goggles, it was almost blind. But he didn't want to take them off. He was awesome.

Jase took this...I really was happier than I look...and let's pretend that I'm really smaller than I look too.

This is Jado after one of his many slides.
Kam showin off her killer sliding skills.

This is about slide #65 for Jaden.

We had a great time at the resort just swimming and eatting and relaxing. It was a great break from the streak of bad luck I hit the previous week. Which I thought was over until we headed home that day and BAM (but way louder than you just read it) our trailer tire blew. So we had to pull over, no phone reception, so we unhitched the trailer and found a couple parked near Starlight pines fire house and they let us go to their house (which kam loved because they had dead stuffed animals everywhere...Jaden wouldn't leave the car because they had a small terrier) and use their phone. We had my dad bring a friend's parent's trailer to haul ours back. After 4 hours of unloading the trailer...seen below.....

and having a million people stop to help, and give us rootbeer and offer food, we had a couple of guys come with just the right tools to get the horse trailer onto the flatbed trailer. The kids just thought it was a fun pit stop where we got to lounge on the couches.

I'm sure passerbys loved this scene.....

Anyway, thanks to my dad and those two guys we made it home. Jase did have to cancel all of his patients for the day, but we made it...and again, we were thinking our bad luck ran out...um, Jaden got bit up by a centipede this morning...not bit up, but you know, whatever it is that their weird legs do to your skin. Yea, a centipede. yay! Oh, and we're having another boy! Told ya suckers!!!1

a 30th birthday celebratoin brief interuption...

My awesome friend Burgess just made this post about me and it made me cry (I also cried twice during the movie Up...I have issues), but no one has ever done anything like this for me, sO i wanted to post it so it'd make it onto my blog book:

My friend KRISTAL is turning 30 today ( I still have 30 minutes!) so I thought I'd honor her with a list of 30 things that I love about her....

(She's going to hate me that I used this picture, but look how cute she is!!)

1. She tells the truth. I like that she says anything on her blog, even if it makes her look bad (she went private a few months back -- so sad for you blog hoppers out there).
2. She always has pretty toenails.
3. She's strong. She lived a long way from anyone she knew for a few years while her hubs was going to school. I don't know how she did it. That would be so scary.
4. She takes the cutest pictures.
5. She's the only one of my AZ friends that visited me in CA after I moved back. That meant a lot to me since I didn't really have any friends there.
6. She liked me and treated me the same as all her other friends in High School -- even though I was 3 years younger. That's a lot when you're in High School.
7. She took me thrift store shopping.
8. She's a good mommy. When we were younger I don't think I could picture her being a mommy -- all crafty and cooking, etc. She makes it look easy.
9. Whenever we get together it feels like we were never NOT friends. It's not awkward like when you haven't seen somebody in a long time.
10. She makes the cutest cookies.
11. Her and her hubby are always willing to help.
12. She's the first person I can remember knowing a lot about the computer. I thought she was a computer whiz. I know that's a weird memory, but it's true.
13. She took me to see Lisa Loeb and we got to meet her after the concert. So cool.
14. Her kids are spunky like her.
15. She has a great sense of style and I like how she dresses.
16. She's really tall.
17. She has chickens that live in a mansion. Like seriously -- I would live there!
18. She wants to have 6 kids. I only have one, and I seriously respect and admire anyone with more than that, let alone 6.
19. She was the first girl that I knew that was like me -- a weirdo (and I mean that in a good way).
20. She has more friends than anyone I know.
21. And they all love and adore her as much as I do.
22. How could you not after reading this list, right?
23. She's a good example and practices what she preaches.
24. She likes to travel and see the world (just like I wish I could do).
25. She's really good at Volleyball.
26. She drove the coolest truck in High School and she let me shift for her while we were driving.
27. She would write the funniest letters to me in High School. I'll get them out and post them someday. Every one she would spell her name differently.
28. She's gorgeous.
29. She's really supportive and always comments on my blog (you fellow bloggers know how important that is).
30. She's a Hatch.

30th birthday celebration....day4

So everyday we woke up and said, "I can't believe we're NOT in NYC!"...it was still pretty depressing, but this is the day that perked it all up. We ordered a custom sectional from Cortate. We had all of our money from our trip that we didn't go on, all of my photoshoot money and birthday money and we ordered. Now we just have to wailt 4-8 weeks! ug!!! WE dont' even know what color it is. We just gave them 4 of our favorite colors. It could be a light light beige, or a medium brown, or a medium sage green or a dark green. We'll see. Anyway, the rest of this day we just bummed around, took our kids and a couple of Bloomfields to see UP in 3-D and eat Chipotle...Mmmm. Then back to the Bloomfield's to follow them to their girl's awesome dance recital and back to their house for some food.

30th birthday celebration...day3

The next day we just did more shopping and hanging out with our friends the Bloomfields. It was a good day. We hit a few more stores...Designer Blvd...which is my new favorite store....maybe just because they had 40% off of any item so we bought Kam an awesome huge chandleier (I'll post pics soon) and an awesome antique baby scale, and a few other nicnacs for the house. Then we went to Cortate and priced out sectionals.
Then we drove out to Scottsdale to buy an amazing bed from a lady that I talked down $100 for Kam's room...I'll post pics very soon of this. I LOVE LOVE IT! And so does she (and Jaden, which scares me...it's very girly). Then we dropped off the trailer at the Bloomfields and went to pick up the kids at Payson where my parents took them. It was great to see them again. I can't believe how badly I want a break, but how badly I missed them after 2 days. They're awesome. Then we got to go back to the Bloomfields for some amazing food and some great sleep.

30th birthday celebration....day 2

The day of my birthday we woke up at 4:30 and got a ride from our friend to the airport to catch our 6am flight to Dallas then to Boston where we'd get our rental and drive to NYC. We got our bags checked, had our boarding passes, and as they were boarding our plane, an announcement went over the whole terminal, "All flights to Dallas are cancelled today due to to tornadoes and lightning". Um...wow, seriously? SO everyone whipped out their cell phones to get on other connecting flights. Our only option was to go through Chicago...and after about an hour on hold they told Jase that that flight was full to, but that they could get us on a day and a half later. So he stood in line and on hold a bit longer to see if there were any other options. And as he did that we thought maybe we'd just go to Cali for the week. But I realized we're going there in July and I'm not exactly in beach body mode. So he finally got through, we cancelled the whole thing...and luckily got ALL of our money back from rentals, hotels, flights, everything. So we walked down to baggage and decided to get a sweet breakfast from Paradise in the airport...um, wow, my luck...this paradise only served bagels for breakfast! UG! Then we went and sat forever for our baggage, it got thrown on the Chicago flight. And then we called everyone we knew to see if ANYONE could come pick us up and drive us to mid mesa to pick up our car...no one could! So we caught a shuttle taking us to the rental car place, which was too expensive, caught the same shuttle back to the airport where we caught a 3rd crappy smoke infested shuttle to the car dealership where our car was being fixed to see if they coudl get us a loaner car for the day, they usually do at Brown and Brown...but guess what...this day, this beautiful 30th birthday, they couldn't! We were talking to one of the owners, and he said the other owner probably could, but he was with his wife finding out the sex of their baby...um, OH NO YOU DIDN"T! That sent me off, I explained in loud strong words the type of week we'd had and how WE were supposed to find the sex of our baby out yesterdayand how it was my 30th and our flight was cancelled, and I wasn't about to spend my 30th birthday (what was left of it) CARLESS! .....5 minutes later, he called our cell and had a big crew cab brand new, 40 miles truck for us to use. haha!
Jase pretty much felt really bad even though NONE of it was his fault, so he let me shop for the day. We've been needoing a new couch for a while...ours is almot 8 years old and has been t hrough 3 kids and about 9 moves. So we went to the Potatoe Barn, and realized we're not that rich. Then we went to CPK and had an amazing lunch together and figured out what we were going to do with the rest of our time off. We went and h ung out and my best friend Jana's house for a while and then I got to go to the best hair colorist in the world...Koe. And she did my hair all up, color, cut, curl, so even though the rest of me looked really gross and scary and mad, my hair was fantastic! Then yes, we went and ate dinner at Kona Grill...Mmmmm and walked the Chandler Mall. Got a few things, a cute pillow for my boys room at PB kids, a big fat maternity shirt, and a skirt for Kam.
Then we went back to Jana's...which is WAY better than a hotel...great food, company, fun kids and internet access. haha! Thanks again Jana. And we went to sleep. Thank goodness my 30th birthday is OVER!!!

30th birthday vacation....Day 1

Let me cover this story by saying 2 days before we left, our house fell through, the plans and everythign we've been waiting to get started on forever...well our guy that thought he could for sure get our loan....could only get half....so I cried day AND night about that for 2 days...but decided that the rest of my week was going to be amazing,s o I need to move on, and figure the house crap out later.

Alright, you all know how excited I was for this trip. I got all the food and clothes and plans ready for the babysitters. Babysitter 1 came and we hugged the kids and said our goodbyes. Headed out, and I was pretty sad already, but super excited. THe first part of our trip was the ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby so we could shop away for him/her in NYC and Maine. We were rushing and rushing and traffic started getting thicker and thicker and we called and told them we'd be about 10 minutes late...then we hit Gilbert Rd...which is FULL of construction...we were 15 minutes late and our stinkin sonogram lady had already left!!!! 2 of my sisters and 4 of my neices were there waiting...and no ultrasound...of coarse, I started crying.
Lukcily all of my sisters have delivered with this office and there is a super amazing lady named Linda that works there and she saw our excitment turn to distress. So she said, "let me make some phone calls". So she did, and they got us in that day about 30 minutes later for an ultrasound at the Chandler hospital, she wrote up a note and said, "let em know you're cramping...that's the only way I could get you in". haha, I love her! Anyway, we all rushed over there, and right before we pulled into the hospital we got a phone call from the hopsital saying, it's going to be $428!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!? Again, I started crying. There's no way we coudl do that...or would want to. Our office told us it would be around $150-$200 (oh, we're cash paying customers...so that's why we're freaking out). So yea, we didn't get the ultrasound. I was suffering fro mamor "pissoffedness"....that's what we decided to call it.
Anyway, that night things got better because I got to go to dinner at Brio's with my sister, 4 neices, a neice's boyfriend, my best friend and her husband (and her adorable little baby), a 2 guy friends from college. It was great!

The whole gang above, and me...yes, you can tell I spent most of the day crying, but it was a good dinner to end my 20's.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We're having a.....

baby!!! Yea, ok, so we missed our ultrasound by about 20 minutes and the tech left before we got there. So yea, who freaking knows. And kinda ruins my plans to baby shop in NYC and maine...yea, that's my life lately, but let's just go with, it's a boy until further notice.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You've gotsta have friends....

Um, ok, so I don't blog enough about my great friends. Things have been crappy lately, and even the days when they're not, I'm in a crappy mood...um for about the last month or so. But yesterday, major crap happened and I cried all day and all night and all morning. And then I got 4 really great e mails from 4 really great girls a couple of really great phone calls and my friend Luby just brought me a killer chocolate banana shake from Sonic. And things really do seem a tad bit better. Anyways, thanks girls! Hopefully I"ll snap out of it soon!
And as for the rest of you.....It's a boy! Stop voting girl..I KNOW it's a boy...final results will be posted tomarrow night.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

yard sale and potty training STILL in progress...

Day 2 of potty training....We had a yard sale yesterday. It went ok. We sold about half of what we had out. We sodl our kids dressers, my stupid kitchen aid, lots of books, some clothes and a few other things. We still have our couches, and changing table. I listed em both on craigslist and have people coming to loo, but if anyone knows anyone that needs a sweet green couch with an oversized chair and ottoman in great condtion (cept the chair an ottoman need cleaned...the kirby guy only cleaned our couch) for $350, or a sweet Ragassi changing table for $150, LMK. I have pics of both.
Anyway, we also hit Linda Miller's killer yard sale and got some dress up clothes. Boss was an awesome bee for the first half of the yard sale.....his tale was the cutest...but I forgot to get a pic.


So, a lot of you already knew about this, but I'm blogging it for journaling sake. Jase threw me a big 30th birthday party last night. (I'm not 30 yet!). It was a lot of fun. It was kind of a surprise. It started coming together a couple of weeks ago when I saw that he was calling all of our friends (yes I check who he calls on his cell) and then yesterday morning at our yard sale when him and my mom turned thier backs to me to talk, and then a friend that never asks to go do stuff called to take me to get ice cream, and the fact that there was about 4 or 5lbs of mexican bbq marinating, and when I told Jase to just blow up the water slide/pool here at our house and he kept insisting on taking it my parents. I knew something was up, so I decided I bettered take a shower and put a bra on.
Anyway, it was a lot of fun, the woodsides, hansens, sandersons, kit n kids, lampsas, hancocks, bet n brian, dani n brennon, halbisons, and my parents were there (Please say I'm not forgetting anyone!!!).
Anyway, the men had to wear pregnant bellies and boobs for a little bit and there were tacos (those two things are my idea of heaven right now...along with the perfect pair of jeans on a perfect body with big lips and big hair, but Jase said he couldn't pulll those ones off right now...ug). Anyway, it was a lotta fun! Thanks Jase...you almost surprised me! Keep trying.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A few things that might tickle yer fancy....

First, the older 2 are both in ball. Jaden does coach pitch which is soo exciting and fast and organized...FINALLY! And Kam, well, she's in t ball and it's just fun and funny to watch. I'll get pics of Jado soon. He's awesome. Kam does great too. She's short stop. She's the cute thing in the middle with the pink glove... And next we have what may be my favorite pictures EVER of Boston...EVER! We started potty training today, and yes, he's over 3 years old, bite me...all of my kids trained late. But I spent the first half of the day completely frustrated and ready to throw in the towel for the 4th time....but then, all of a sudden, around noon, he sat down, and pooped...which he had done earlier, but he had gone through SEVEN yes, SEVEN pairs of underwear since 9am with PEE! And then I heard it...a beautiful tinkling! I was soo happy, of coarse i did the potty dance, and showered him in reeces peices. He loved it. He loved how he could turn it off and on, and he didn't want to get off. So we spent a good 15 maybe 20 minutes letting him check out the plumbing, and then we had to go pick up daddy...yikes. I got nervous leaving the house w/ no diaper, but he did great, and he went poop again w hen we got back home. And he laid down for nap, woke up dry, sat on the potty and peed away!
Even if he doesn't need to go he makes a lot of grunting noises and cute squishy faces like these. I'm not going ot get TOO excited, we'll see how tomarrow goes...luckily it's another day at home (yard sale/bake sale day). Wish me luck. I'd love to have him potty trained for his sitters next week for our trip.

Now to my dilema. The money from my past shoots was being saved for a new camera, but I stink at saving....and the money from the bake sale/yard sale is going towards this purchase too. I want MATCHING furniture for once in my kid's rooms! yay!!!! So here's what we're getting for the new baby (boy or girl...they showed it with both and I LOVE IT)

And here in lies the delima.....we need one more dresser for the kid(s) that don't get the same gender as the baby...ie it'll be Kam because this is another boy, I just know it. So which of these two dressers below should we get (if we get the first one, we won't be getting the hutch right away on top of it...just the dresser)

And this one is cute w/o the changing pad on top too...just as a dresser....so, which one???


Um, so I'm down to 6 days left in my 20's...give me something crazy to do (that I can do whilst knocked up)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nada Mucho...

So not much has been going on lately...well, other than me nominating myself for the world's worst mother with my last post right? Wow, thanks for the input everyone, fantastic!
Last Friday, my friend Lu and I threw a sip n see for 2 of my neighbors that just had babies. Really cute little boys. It went really well. We were a bit worried the first half hour or so but then people started pourin in. It was a lot of fun. This is Kam's best friend (and neighbor) with one of the new babies.... Jaden started coach pitch...his first game is tomarrow and Kam started t ball, her first game was yesterday. She did great! She was short stop...along with 3 other kids since there's no outfield. She's been a pretty awesome kid the past couple of days. WE're (as a family) working on being really nice to everyone we see. We're not having friends over all week so we can practice on each other first. She's doing pretty good. I just got yet another motherhood boost last week from 2 people in one day about how mean Kam is. So I figured before I have another melt down about being the worst mom ever I bettered put all of my focus on niceness for a few weeks. I hope it works. She really is sweet, but when she sees people she has to stick a tongue out or give em a little pinch. I don't think she means it to be mean. I've seen her be mean with her brother and it's much more intense. haha. Anyway, she's a gem.

As for the pregnancy. 22weeks and 4 days. ug! Starting today I have one week left in my 20s and I'm spending it trying to be a better mom, fat, pregnant, and tired. Nice.

Monday, June 1, 2009

That's how Britney Spears I am...

Today as we were driving down Porter Ave (a local st. you never go over 35 in JC mind you) I had my 3 kids and a friend, all unbuckled but sitting on their butts in the middle seat of the suburban. Boston saw a cop car (it was parked at the officer's house) and he yelled, "OPPP!!" and curled up in a ball on the floor of the car. What a good hick I'm raising!