Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A beautiful poem from my VERY WISE father...

If you don't like your country, your Church and your kiddies,
then I'll tell you what you should do.
Just vote for Obama, the loon from Chicago,
if you elect him then your Nation's 'bout through..

YES ON 102

YES ON 100

NO ON 202

you all are going to want to remember those 3 props and how to vote on them. Look em up for yourselves, but I'm pretty sure that anyone that likes to read my blog will vote that way.

Thanks pa, love ya!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I want to see ALL of you there....

I'm not kidding. Time Out for Women and Time Out for Couples. It's in Phoenix November 7th(for couples) and 8th (for women). It's going to be great!!! I just wanted to make sure everyone has bought there tickets because there's only a little over a week for preregistration, then you'll be pressing your luck to get a ticket after that. So get em now!!! They are $32 per couple and $34 for women and $25 for girls.

Some of the musical guests this year are Hilary Weeks, Cherie Call and my all time fav, Jenny Jordan Frogley!

There are a few more and some really great guest speakers. Topics include, "discover who you REALLY are and what Goad has planned for you", "Improve your relationships (parents, siblings....boys!) And if, I mean, WHEN you sign up for the Time Out for Women, keep a few hours after wards free because you're coming to get a pedicure with me and my sisters, neices and mom. It goes from 9am to 3pm on Saturday. The Time Out for Women is Friday night from 7-10. There are some great subjects like, "But, how do I change my spouse?" and "living a covenant marriage".

If there is anyone that wants to go, but can't afford it right now, e mail me and we'll work a deal.

Can't wait to see you all there!!!!!!
Oh my gosh, I'm so mad. I just did the longest post every and it's gone! i hate computers. Anyway, summary, pics of my kids playing. I cleaned out the toyroom because the only toys they play with are trains, matchbox cars, puzzles and books. We're turning it into a guest room. Kids fav toys, trampoline, bikes, dirt, rocks, holes, chickens and the toys listed above.

Kids hugging Kids playing in rocks...I know, he's a hippie boy, but I'm NOT repeat...NOT cutting his hair! I love it long!

They decided to lay in the rocks for a few shots, which I preferred to them throwing the rocks at me.

Ok, and then here, I told about our fun girls weekend, and I don't feel like retyping it all, but we had a fun girls weekend, filled with CPK (twice), Paradise bakery, hobby lobby (my personal disneyland, love that place), pedicures, women's broadcast, michaels, kirkland's, costco, and then off to jesterz followed by Nielson's custard's cobbler and grinders.

Then Sunday, a morning of peaches and Enchanted, followed by going to Kayla';s church because she's the youngest ever RS president, ok, maybe not, but the youngest we've ever heard of...18! She's awesome. Then we tried to make it to Jamison's setting apart as a priest (weird), but we missed it, then we left town....whilst visiting about 10 more places. It was a great trip and K was perfect the whole weekend! Well, other than a couple of short tiffs with Tess, which were forgtten within seconds.

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's a good day....

Today is two of my favorite people in the whole world's birthday! Seriously! They are the two that I look up to so much as mothers. They both have 6 kids and pull it off way better than me with my measly 3 kids. They're amazing.

The first one is my sister Vonda. Most of you already know her and love her guts. In fact for a couple of years there I was really getting tired of hearing how funny and amazing and perfect she was from all of you, now I just take it as a compliment that I'm realated to someone like that. In fact my favorite compliment is when I do something (usually something weird like sing with major vibratto, or sing while dancing with both hands while driving), and one of her kids say, "that's what my mom does" or "you're as werid as my mom". I love it! She's also the most giving. If things aren't working out for someone, she makes it work out. Seriously she's got things set up for me to be able to come to her birthday bash. She has a baby sitter and a place for me to stay (her kid and her house...nice!)

This picture is the picture I like to call, "Vonda....and the other 4"

Please fail to notice that they were kind enough to do pictures when I weighed 200.This picture I like to call, "stop scrapping my heels pedicure lady"
This one I call, "pretty cotton candy girls"
My top 5 favorite things about Von:

1. Her funkiness...even though at times I roll my eyes at it

2. how good she is with money. I sometimes catch her wearing my clothes from Jr. HIgh...and looking good in them!

3. How serving her and her husband are

4. How she's helped her girls be such amazing people.

5. Her patience. I hardly ever see her get upset or grouchy. Wish I was like that!

The next mother of the year with a birthday today is my BFF Jana. We met 10 years ago at EAC where we were roomates. WE'd sit around gossipping, cooking (She's taught me about 90% of my cooking skills), riding around in "Baptism" (that's what we named her car), or waxing various body parts. It was probably my favorite non married year of my life! And we've pretty much seen each other, called each other every week since then. I was her bridesmaid, she was mine. We spend almost every THanksgiving together, and we talk a few times a week. She's the one that gives me a lot of my crafty ideas. She's amazing. She's pregnant right now with #6, i used to try to catch up, but when she was pregnant with #5 right after I had #3, I decided to let her win. She home schools, and the oldest is only 8. She does an amazing job at it and makes it so fun for them. She's also one of those wives that makes all 3 meals everyday, and they're SO GOOD!!! Like Vonda, I sometimes get annoyed with how perfect she is, and how she can do so much when I feel overwhelemed with just a few things, but I am so grateful to be able to know her. She's inspiring, creative, thoughtful, and SO STINKIN SKINNY!

Um, I can't find half of my pictures today (yes<>

This picture I like to call, "two hot girls in a really bad photography moment". It was a long windy day.

Top 5 favorite things about Jana:

1. SO Selfless

2. Amazing homemaker

3. Jack of ALL trades, no lie!

4. Has put up with me for this long!

5. Got me through the hardest years of my life when pretty much all of my other friends dropped me for 3 years. She sent me fun packages, called a few times a week adn e mailed.

Happy 30th Birthday Vonda and Jana (heehee)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The day we've ALL been waiting for...

Ok, so I think there are only about 4 Office fans in all of Joseph City, which depresses me a bit because I think almost ALL of our non JC friends are HUGE fans. Anyway, we're going to continue having our weekly office parties (usually just Jase and I, sometimes my dad joins in) But the season premier is tonight! And it's not just any season premier. WE find out what happened with Jim and Pam after Andy purposed and stole JIm's thunder!!!! yay! (isn't her outfit so stinking cute?)

Anyway, you are all invited tonight, here is the invitation I e mailed to my dad:

You are cordially invited to the 2nd annual The Office Season Premier Party.
Place: The Mulders
Date: Tomarrow
Time 8pm
amazing pear fritter and ice cream dessert will be served as well as popcorn and water.


Mom and I are going home teaching but will work our schedule to attend. Is it casual dress and will there be valet parking? If place settings, please have your people contact my people for the proper wording of the name plaques.
We look forward to a delightful evening which should be on the town social calender and listed in "Who's Who", or "People" magazine.
We thank you for your most kind invitation and anticipate a warm evening with the upper class folks of the city.
The Hatch's..

pictures of the party will be posted tomarrow...stay tuned....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sugar Queens....

She gets it from me, but here's our conversation today
I've been looking for some killer recipes for all of these amazing pears I bought from my sisters (you all need to get on their list for next year, best peaches and pears EVER)
and I of coarse turned to my good friend Paula Deen
and found Pear Fritters, you can't go wrong there.

Anyway, K was here and I asked
"Should we make these?" (showing her a picture of them
She answered, "do they have sugar?"
I replied, "yes"
she replied, "YES!!!"

234th annual Adams Family Cookout

Maybe not really the 234th, but I remember going to it when I was K's size. It used to be so fun. The WHOLE family would go and there were games planned, and a whole days worth of good times and food. Now it's about 1/8th of the family, we go up there in the late afternoon, make some amazing food, chit chat for a bit, and load it up. I represented the Hatch family again this year. Sad. But there were a few familes that had no one to represent. So my mom and I decided to better organize it for next year, and get invites out early so there aren't any excuses and plan fun games, and lots of food. But it was still fun this year. The kids had a blast being out in the woods, and it was great to see a couple of my cousins that I haven't seen since last years cookout.
Here is a pic of the men over the dutch ovens. Dad is the one in the plaid with the hat on top of his head...not on it....on TOP. This is some hot guy downing mom's salsa and chips which was SOO good!
This dude is just awesome. That's all there is to him...Awesomeness. Here he will be demonstrating a dance move that ends with a gun.

Here is my uncle Bob Adams....aka Grizzly adams. He's a cool dude too. I took this picture to demonstrate how serious the Adam's boys are about their meat. Our steaks are the sissy little half pounders on the right. You'll notice that sides of beef that my uncles all put on the other side...a couple per person. They love their cow!
These two had a lot of fun running around with their 3rd cousins, and going on hikes with dad up to the caves. K loved just helping the girls out with the cooking.

B demonstrating how amazing the corn was. Seriously the best corn we've had this season thanks to the Baldwins here in town.
This was yesterday. B pulled up a drawer and decided to make a few phone calls.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some complete randomness....

So nothing really exciting is going on in my life right now. We're mostly just setteling, cleaning and decorating, I know, we've lived here for almot 9 months now, but I didn't think we'd be having to live here this long, but alas, we'll be here at least til next summer, so I'm getting setteled in, and it's kind of fun. Other than the killer huge centipede we found in the boys closet. I guess everyone has them right now. Anyway, just thought I'd share some pretty boring stuff from my everyday.....I take this many pills THREE TIMES A DAY! And I like it! I've noticed huge changes in my health (emotional and physical) from it, I actually keep putting myself on more (with permissoin from my hot doctor). But for those of you that knew me a few years ago, you probably remember me taking prenatals, and it would take a good 10 minutes to get it down. I stunk at taking pills. I actually race myself now, I'm prety good at it. And then these beauties! I made Jase buy them a month or two ago because we looked and looked for them for K's birthday and couldn't find them, then wahlah! We found them at Costco, so we have them, and I"M SOOO excited for Christmas, just for these cute little shoes!!! She loves dress up shoes.
And alas, this girl was a contestant on one of America's Next Top Model's, and they told her she could do plus sized modeling. Isn't that sad?! She's the same height, weight and size as me! Ha, cept my parts aren't so perky, and I come with a pouch. But she's my motivation during this fall biggest loser challenge...which I'm in 8th place out of 18.
Another random fact about everyday life. My 2 and a half year old still doesn't talk, BUT, he did sit in bed with me cuddeling (like he does every morning) and he was repeating every word I said...I have two witnesses....but he won't do it again
Oh, and note to self: read about movies before watching them as a family. We don't watch many movies as a family, we do it maybe once a month, and this month we watched The Spiderwyck Chronicles. Um, SCARY! It was a lot of fun watching the kids be scared though. Even B would come cuddle up on me when the Ogre came out. J asked me to close the window that was by him, then he asked if he could come sit with me. K just stayed snuggled up with dad on the love sac.
Things going on with me...still making loads of pumpkins, another apron, finishing a baby quilt, painting our piano red, and making fun Halloween decorations which I will share when they are ALL complete. I have bunco at my house in october, so I'm trying to make it all spooky. Plus, we at the Mulder home, LOVE Halloween!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kamryn's 5 year shoot Take 1....

Ok, so don't put your subject in grass when they are wearing green...I lost all coloring in her skin. First lesson. Second lesson, bring something crazy and funny to get subjects real smile, otherwise, you get this..... Lesson 3, try to make it more exciting, and not so long or you get this....
Lesson 4, make sure subject is extremely cute so you get this....
This last picture is the best one of the shoot. Needless to say, we're doing a reshoot today or tomarrow, not in grass!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My best friend's wedding...

Do you all remember in "my best friends wedding" where Julia roberts is talking to my dreamboat, Dermot Mulroney, and she says something about how's she's ok with the yucky love stuff now, because she knows that's what he wants, well, I'm realizing I should probably be more loving. I read a stat in a magazine a while back saying that 70% of men having affairs is due to lack of emotional love, not physical. So, yes, I do write mushy lovey, gushy stuff about Jase, just like I did 2 years ago(I have it in my blurb book), I think you all are just used to us in real life where his nicknames are "retard" and "dork", and whatever sweet name I have for him. Although I will admit my love has grown for him. In the words of Staircase Spiral, "I love him more today than yesterday, but not as much as tommarow". I do think, and this is bad of me, that the more crappy husbands I hear of out there, the more and more I love mine, and realize I'm a spoiled little brat for getting stuck with him. So I'd like to take this blog moment to thank all the crappy husbands out there. Not that I needed them to make mine look good, but they did help me realize how good mine is! So thank you!
And yes, I have my days, I sadly I let you all know the days I'm unhappy with him, which is usually just me being a brat, and him being reasonable, so I think that's probably why these loving comments have come as a surprise to many. A lot of blogs only write about the happy skippy jolly stuff in life. Mine is uncut!
In fact, let me share with you my drama for the day...ok yesterday. I pretty much cried for an hour when I realized my size 8's were too tight to wear on Saturday, so I put on my size 10's and tried to smile through the party. Then on Sunday as I was giving my 14, 15 and 16 year old sunday school class some of the left over pumpkin pies, I said, "did anyone notice I packed on a good 17lbs in the last month?" Then 3 of the boys in the back started laughing and I said, "what? Is that what you guys were whispering about earlier?" and one of the boys who has no tact said, "yea, Moses(a kid in the class) was asking us if you were pregnant!". Wow good one ding dongs! I grabbed my paper, and walked out of the room to the bathroom where I did the girl thing, cried about it, then walked out, with my stomach pooched out, and rubbing it like it were a baby, while the boys were right there. I'm taking it as constructive critisim, and I'm going to have it be my drive to get rid of the pooch again. PUNK KIDS!!!
Anyway, back to my doctor. He's the best. Oh, here's some gross info, he wanted to do an internal cocksicks(sp) adjustment....that's your tailbone...just imagine if you will. Needless to say, I'm not letting him do it.
K, and don't drool over this picture.
It's majorly HOT!
Feel free to copy and print.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yesterday was Jase's birthday. I would have blogged about it then, but it was a crazy day. The dude didn't get home from Cali (taking accupuncture exam) til 3am, then we woke him up at 7am with an amazing carb loaded breakfast in bed made up of Mimi's muffins that he brought home for us, waffles with buttermilk rum syrup (a step up from buttermilk syrup) on waffles, eggs, so he'll last a couple of hours, and of coarse pumpkin pie with cool whip. Then we headed back over to our house (we were staying at my parents while they're out of town), and cleaned up the backyard for his party, freaked out at 9:30, remembering the kid's soccer games, got their uniforms on and headed to HOlbrook. We missed K's, but hit J's. Then we came back, I made pumpkin pie #7 and #8, then we finished the backyard and started the party. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone that came. It was a lotta fun! Sadly, I didn't take pictures. but just imagine a back yard with icicle lights all around the fence, good food, lots of little kids and friends from all over the state. Good times, good times. Oh, and deer burgers...that's right, Trina and Clarence hoooked Jase up with deer burgers...he loves em!

Alright, now I'm going to take a little quiz for Jase:
What's his nicknames? Jase, daddy, chickenhead, sexy

How long have you been married? almost 8 years

How long did you date? WE didn't. We were friends "with benefits" for 2 years, worked together for about 6 months, then one day I told him I liked him more than I've ever liked anyone, he thought about it and a we planned a wedding, then got engaged, then got married, and then I told him I loved him...I know, a little out of order, but look how well it worked out! How old is he? 31

Who eats more sweets? Isn't it obvious?! Duh!

Who said I love you first? Um, Jase, by about 4 months! He said it on the doorway of the bedroom of the Cox's house after we went on a LONG motorcycle ride to Thatcher...IN OCTOBER and we were frozen. I said it on their swing a few months later.

Who is taller? Jase, by 1"

Who sings better? Um, neither, but I'm going to have to say me since i've never gotten the comment " you have the worst singing voice I've ever heard."...Yup, that's right, some friend of his told him that before we got married...sad.

Who is smarter? Jase big time! I know a lot, but it's all the useless stuff, like who's the guy that pooped his pants in the marathon, or how many fries are consumed a year by the average American? He knows real stuff. he wins

Who does the laundry? i do! Everytime. He does help me fold though. But I gather, sort, wash, dry and dump. Then after the kids go to bed, we, well, you know....fold the laundry together.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do. Well, the right side if you're laying on your back.

Who mows the lawn? Jase, once every couple of months...thanks babe

Who cooks dinner? I do, every night! He grills though, oh, and does corn, I can't do corn...ew.

Who drives? Jase, pretty much every time. I hate driving, and he's the only driver I trust, but I've gotta start driving more.

Who's more stubborn? Jase by far. He's soo stubborn, never gives in. Ok ok, you all know it's me. I get whatever I want...poor guy. Love you J

Who kissed who first? Not fair...it was a dare....the firs tnight we met...and TOTALLY hot, and we both admited that we wanted more...gotta love the college years.

Who asked out who first? Um, neither??

Who purposed? Jase of coarse. He picked out the best ring ever (still love it) and he took me out to Show Low lake...which used to be where my grandpa's house was, and he had the whole romantic thing set up and we were freezing, and he asked if I'd be his princess forever, and I answered with, "I think I'm going to throw up". and we've been happily married ever since.

Who has more siblings? I do, I have 4 sisters, he has 3 brother...I win!

Who wears the pants? We both do. I probably do more, but we both have a hard time making decisions w/o each other, and we both take equal charge of things around the house.

What do you love most about him?

- his eyes

- his determination

- his grey hair

- the way he plays with the kids, like his is now, they all in there scream laughing

- his love for the outdoors

- the way he dances, as embarassing as it is sometimes

- how good of a chiropractor he is, and how much he really cares about fixing people

-that he'll do whatever ridiculous thing I want him to do

-his mambo lips...Mmmm

-that he chose me over all of those hoochie girls that loved him

-that he reads his scriptures everyday no matter where we are

- how much he loves his mama

- his big huge bulging biceps

- that he loves to laugh

- that he knows when I need a break

- that we share an intense love for The Office


I LOVE YOU JASE! Happy birthday!!! Now go eat one of the 5 left over pumpkin pies!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My favorite

Jason and I LOVE the fall...I don't know if it's because that's when we were falling in love, and planning a wedding, or if it's because of the colors all over in the trees, the smells, and our favorite dessert, pumpkin pie. But it's the best! I'm seriously getting goosebumps just writing about it. I wish it came twice a year (no more summer and swimming suits...blah!). Anyway, most of you blogstalk my cousin's wife, Holly, the Mormon Martha of the world. She's amazing. And MOST of you have been making these stinkin cute pumpkins. And SOME of you asked me to post mine when I was done. I can't wait, so here's the few that I have done. I'm making oh, um, about 3 dozen...ha! I know, extreme, but they're soo easy, and pretty cheap to make, so I figured I'd make some for a few friends, neighbors, party prizes, and prizes for Jase's office, oh and of coarse a set for my sweet mutha who is letting me use her sewing machine at night, and who is also handstiching the bottoms of these since I HATE hand stitching more than anything...thanks ma, love ya! So here's a few on my piano..... a few on my buffet table.....
And I had to zoom in on this picture, because we only have it for a couple of days. We got it framed for Jase's office. It is the same frame that his diploma and license and everything else is in...he's soo excited to get it all up on the wall, I think I'll do it for him for his birthday while he's gone. Anyway, isn't it cute?!
I was going ot take pictures of the rest of my pumpkins all over my house, but I figured you'd get the picture. I'm on hold right now because the rest of my fabric isn't in yet. Anyway, now I'm off to make 10 pumpkin pies...that's right TEN! Jase said instead of cake for his birthday he wants pumpkin pie, and our guest list keeps growing, so I need to start whippin these suckers out!!! Yum!
Oh, and thanks a ton for the inspiration and directions Holly, I'm going to make your "little people" next, then I need some more ideas...so, get crackin!

Catching up some more...

Alright, so since I feel behind during the whole Jamaica "I lost my memory card" saga, I'm going to catch up now. We had a day to unpack and clean a little after Jamaica before we headed up to Greer to camp with the Bloomfrields and Thurstons. It was A LOT of fun, like it always is with their family. They are a family of 6, and they all get a long, and do lots of family things together, and luckily they let us come. On our way we stopped to pick up some snacks....B wanted some right away..... Then of coarse right when we got there K and J wanted to load on the 4-wheelers with the rest of the kids. B contemplated for a day or so before he got on one.
He was seriously just content walking around and playing with whatever. He loved it.
And what camping trip would be complete without one of the Mulder's vehicles breaking down. Yup, Jase spent a whole day towing the jeep back to pick up the durango (which just had another power window go out...2 down, 2 to go)
I just like him, even when he's whining.
This was just a cool old stump that the kids were playing on right by our camp.
Jana (11 weeks pregnant) chopping wood! Notice the sweet face from my neice Bethany in the background.
Ahhh, then to K's first day of her second year of preschool. And NO she didn't fail, we held her back! She's the smartest kid in her class, um, and by far the oldest.
We took a couple inside, and she wanted to do more (she never does) so we went out in the front yard and she broke out the poses.....
B in the background, not realizing his sister had such moves.

Ah, and then last week I decided to take the plunge...bag my own groceries. I bought a bunch of these bags at walmart. So far so good. We just go through SO many plastic sacks, and we do use them when we make the kids pick weeks (yes that's how we punish them for being mean to each other...they have to pick weeds together and fill a safeway bag), and we also use them to wrap up b's stinky diapers, but we have SO many that we just trash, and I know, you can recycle them, but how cute are these bags?....
And on Sunday, K and I decided to finally make her apron. She's watched me make all of these other aprons, and we've had the cute fabric for hers forever, so we're making one for her and one for her best friend (our neighbor) Oh, and yea, I wouldn't look up while Jase took the picture...gross!
These last two pictures were just soo funny to watch on the camera LCD screen, we went back and forth for a good minute or so.
Chop you up!