Monday, June 30, 2008

5 things...


2. swimming pools

3. my awesome parents

4. the fact that there's a momo church on EVERY other corner in the valley...easy to find

5. toliets

Friday, June 27, 2008

I am NOT baby hungry, I am NOT baby hungry......

5 things...

1. weekends

2. diapers

3. old roomate reunions

4. koe (I have so much grey hair, this weekend baby, termination!)

5. hip hop abs

Thursday, June 26, 2008

5 things

1. knowing that I'm going to move out of this house. I loved it for the first month or two, but the tiny kitchen and nails that tear up mine and my kids feet that we have to keep hammering into the's getting old.

2. A chiropractic husband...handy!

3. Joseph City bank...aka dad. The dude can cash a check day or night...handy!

4. crepes!

5. FRIDAYS! Can't wait!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The kids decided to have a lemonade stand today. J wanted to sell cookies and cupcakes too, so I whipped some up. They sat out there and within a couple of minutes they had 2 groups of customers come...then NO ONE for a good half hour. They got bored. Needless to say K started beating J with the wooden spoon and spent some time on her bed. B and I kept baking, well, he was more like a taste tester...thanks bud....
Ah, and here it is the infamou lemonade stand! I'm sure we'll be doing this every couple of weeks. Aunt Tamee has told the kids to prepare to sell soda to the Indians (BIG BUCKS...I made enough one summer to fly out to Cali and go to disneyland off of native soda money)
K, in trouble. I wish I knew how to get the videos on here because for the 30 minutes she was in time out..(it wasn't supposed to be 30, but I'll explain), she kept yelling things like, "you're not invited to my birthday party anymore! You can go to b's and J's, but you aren't invited to mine", "you're not going to be my mom anymore!" and my favorite, "I'm not buying you a swimming pool, just dad and j and b!". There were many more sweet sweet phrases being yelled. So cute.
And more helpful pictures of B. He trashed 3 cupcakes in the 30 seconds it took me to run some cupcakes out to the lemonade stand! He amazes me.

Anyway, they're still out there selling, they're up to $7.25!

5 things

1. cars, I couldn't imagine being a pioneer and walking everywhere. We walked 3 or 4 miles yesterday and I have freaking chin splints today! And I hate horses, so I woudl have to walk everywhere! I love cars! (hate gas)

2. little boys. I love my boys! They are both so sweet, even though B is definately showing that he knows how to make messes. They both love to hug and cuddle.

3. my little girl. Lately she has the longest story for every single thing that we talk about, and I love her bargaining ability to get whatever sugary or cheesy snack she wants (even though she never wins...unless it's grandpa)

4. arms and legs. Werid I know, but where would I be w/o them! J was using his feet to put a fork in the sink and he didn't think he needed arms anymore. Just made me grateful that we do have them, cause that'd be gross

5. Contacts. I'm the blindest person EVER! I have to wear hard contacts, which I hate, especially during the windy season, that thankfully is over, but I'm so glad I can see. Those few seconds between my glasses and contacts everyday are a TOTAL blur. Thank you Mr. Contact Maker

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Alright, Jamaica it is! We decided that all of the places were were checking out were amazing, so we'd just pick the one with the best deal for the best resort, since that's where we'll be about 50% of the time, and a good beach where we'll be the other 50% of the time, and this Sandals Ocho Rios in Jamaica is by far our best deal. The room has a Carribean ocean view, and here's what it charge (cept the spa, which we'll defiantely be trying out)
In The Water (Included)
7 Main Pools
93 Private Pools
22 Whirlpools
Glass Bottom Boat
Paddle Boats
Hobie Cats
On Land (Included)
Table Tennis
Day/Night Tennis
Beach Volleyball
Fitness Center
Spa Facilities*
30' Climbing Wall
Private Beach Club
*Spa services are additional.
Nightly Entertainment & Themes (Included)
Night Club
Live Bands
Live Shows
Piano Bar
Fashion Shows
Formal Night
Beach Party Night
Charity Casino Night
Fashion Shows
Jamaica Night
Talent Shows
Bars & Restaurants (Included)
Bayside Restaurant
Fine International dining indoors and outdoors
The Reef Terrace
Local specialties with a great view
A la carte caribbean cuisine
Italian cuisine served with white gloves
Market Place
International cuisine cooked-to-order
San Gennaro
Caribbean Italian served sea-side
Western-style grill
Asian inspired cuisine and a la carte dining
12 bars serving unlimited drinks, cocktails, and top-shelf liquor
The Spa at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios (Optional)

Sandals Grande Ocho Rios's spa* features European style and offers massage rooms, facial rooms, and additional rooms for body wraps and scrubs, hydrotherapy and couples massage. Relax, unwind and pamper yourself. Step into the calm haven of a Red Lane Spa™, with its rich marbles and deep red mahogany, and you can leave every care behind.
* Spa treatments and services are additional

The only part that sucks is we have to cram all that stuff into one week, while also relaxing and destressing. Um, and yes, this picture is actually the resort....yay!!!!! Our first trip that is longer than a weekend together...EVER!!!!

5 things....

1. Being American. I go back and forth on the imigrant situation just because that could have just as easily been me born in Mexico wanting to come here and it makes me sad. I'm so glad I was blessed to be born here.

2. My sisters. Seems like everyday I get a couple of phone calls or e mails from them. They're awesome. I used to feel like they had to make themselves include me and keep in touch with me since I'm so far behind, but now I know they want to include me because I'm awesome! Just kidding, because I'm a Hatch girl too, another blessing.

3. babysitters. It was nice to go grocery shopping last night w/o the kids, and I wasn't annoyed by them anymore when I got back home!

4 My Camera. I have been dying to do shoots with my kids since it's been so long, I love having something to look forward to, hopefully tonight!

5. not being lactose intollerant! I couldn't live w/o ice cream, cheese adn milk. I hardly eat any of them, but knowing that I can have them....nice!

Monday, June 23, 2008

MY Birthday Part I of II

These are from the actual day of my birthday. My parents and the Gutterys had a BBQ for me and we had an ice cream cake. B had more fun dipping his fingers in the cake than he did eatting it, then ALL the kids started dipping their fingers in it. It was a scary cake by the time we got to cut it.
Ignore the "death" face...but this was me after a day of canning with my sister Vonda. Good times. We learned not to pull the jars out of the fridge and put them right into the warm water bath, and I learned that I have no idea if they aren't sealed...we left 3 jars of chili on the counter over the weekend and our house stunk....they weren't sealed.
Ah, then the next night we got to meet up with some friends, the Bloomfields and the Hancocks, 2 of our best friends up here and we met at the best resturant in northern Az...Eva's! I love that place! If you ever go, just get their carne machaca plate with egg. Trust me, you'll thank me later.
Then right after that we got to go see my amazingly talented and hot neice Kayla perform with her amazingly fun and entertaining group Ambassadors of Light. (yes, I know she has about 6x more hair than me, you should see our bootae's by each other...sad)
Overall it was a great birthday, one last year in my 20's!

5 things...

1. My cousin Brett...he's one of those guys that has the ability to help, and you can tell he really does want to help you. Thanks!

2. Staying below or close to 100 all summer's been years!

3. Double Fiber English's the only way I can do egg whites

4. Jase, poor guy is slowly learning how to love a difficult woman

5. VS long yoga pants. I have pretty much lived in them the past few months, and they are comfortable, long and help cover my gross areas.

You got something to say about it????

Alright, so we are FINALLY booking our trip...and we've researched A TON this past week and have decided that pretty much hawaii, turks and caicos, caymen and jamaica are all the same thing....we just need to make sure we get a sweet resort, and we've been todl by a few to be sure to do all inclusive so we don't have to worry about $$ at all whiel we're there (just before hand). So we've narrowed it down to the Sandals resorts. NOt sure which one yet. Somewhere in Jamaica though. Just wanted to make sure no one has heard anything bad about Sandals resorts??? The reviews are all good and the pictures are great, and the prices and food sound great too, but you never know. whatta ya think?

Sunday, June 22, 2008


It's Jase's bro, Justin's, birthday! The kids LOVE Uncle Justy and Aunt Lissy. Sadly, they just moved a couple of weeks ago from Taylor to Thatcher. We miss them! I have LOVED watching Justy these past 8 years. I remember when I first came into the Mulder family he was the quite akward boy that was always nice to everyone and didn't have a whole lot of confidence even though he was a cutie. Then came the mission. We were so excited for his mission. We even got to go visit him in Ok. And right after he got off of his mission he was in the usual, "I need to find a righteous woman to take to the temple" EA, he quickly snapped out of that mode and moved into the "I'm really popular and the righteous women are flocking around me" mode. And stayed in that mode for a while and got snatched up by Lissy! He did good. I can't wait to see their cute tall babies...HAVE SOME!
Happy Birthday Justy! Let Gramcicle take you to dinner!

Everday Sunday

Seems like EVERY Sunday I get up, and look forward to church until about 2 hours before, and the stress of getting the kids ready, getting our lesson ready, getting ourselves ready in time stresses me to the point of just wanting to lay down and eat ice cream all day...I have to DRAG myself over to the church.....30' away. And during sacrament, most weeks, I get so stressed and worn out from keeping the kids still and quite that I want to again, go home, and eat ice cream all day (obviously my comfort food of choice). Then comes time to teach the 14, 15, and 16 year old Sunday school class, a class of anywhere from 12-18 kids. I used to dread this more than sacrament, but now I LOVE them. There is one kid, we call Nacho, and this week he bore an amazing testimony that totally shocked me. He's the smart allec of the class, and always full of some wise crack, but he was getting annoyed by the answer the girls in the back were giving to the question "how do you know there's a God?". And finally he raised his hand and told us how he has prayed strongly about it, and got a strong confirmation, by answer to his prayers and a strong feeling in his chest, and he knows that there just couldn't NOT be a God. Jason also bore testimony of how he knows God is real because he knows Satan is real...where he got a bit emotional. I love him!
Anyway, then every week, when I got to Relief Society, I write down a list of things I want to accomplish throughout the week, how to stregnthen our family and our marriage, and myself. It seems so easy as I write the list, but as the days of the week pass it gets harder and harder. I wish RS was every other day to help remind me.
My sister Randa found this amazing photograph by Mark Marbry and it wasn't even out for sale yet, but she got her hands on it (in color of coarse) and got it framed for my mom from us girls and it is the most amazing photo EVER. I can't wait to see it up in my parent's new house. It's one of those pictures that makes you feel so light inside, which has been a rare feeling for me lately.

5 things

1. To be married! The YSA activity we helped with yesterday reconfirmed my appreciation for not having to be single!

2. YW having to babysit as service...thanks girls!

3. A husband that does the dishes, and has for months. I HATE DISHES!!! (at least until we get a dishwasher again)

4. Crepes with berries being low points...Mmmm

5. Nursery, or I'd HATE church!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

5 things

1. to have hair. I've been complaining about how bald I've gone since having B, but at least I have some right?

2. to have skinny legs...yes, the rest of me might be very plump, but I'm trying to focus on the positive...not the huge spare tire. Not that I am happy with my legs, because they are NOT tone, oh, and we're only talking about thighs...I got the big Hatch calves (which also comes with tiny lips...nice), but I'm just happy that I've never felt like thunder thighs.

3. watermelon...Mmmm, low points too

4. baby B..>I love how he hugs everytime I pick him up, he puts his little arms around my neck and smiles, gotta love that.

5. Dr. Shultz....for obvious reasons. Thanks You

Friday, June 20, 2008

5 things I'm grateful for today....

1. Friends...Jana might be coming today. I LOVE HER! I love that she is one friend that called almost EVERYDAY during my worst year of my first year in Texas. And she sent care packages and even came out to visit because she knew how lonely I was.

2. I'm putting these two together, cereal and sloppy joes. I have been craving both, and I got a little cereal on the camping trip and at one of the buffets in vegas, but I love those 2 things!

3. Joseph City again

4. Exterminators. I know it's bad for your health, but I am so grossed out by all the bugs that came with this house...and now grossed out with their offspring. DIE SUCKAS DIE!

5. Jase's willingness to serve. I'm not good at it, but he makes us, and when it's all done, I'm glad we did it. Hopefully I'll be feeling that way after a full freaking day of crappy serving tomarrow!

A leetle late, aww well.

You all already know I have the best dad ever, but I figuerd with Father's day and all, I'd remind you. I have LOVED living here by my parents. I love every morning when my dad walks by the house and comes to check the chickens and say hi to the kids. Every morning when they see him, they scream, "grandpa's walking!". He's their favorite grandpa ever! I don't know why it put that weird thing on his glasses, I even rescanned a few times, but couldn't get it off, but I LOVE this can tell by the way he's looking at me that I'm his favorite too. (just kidding Von), but seriously.
One of my favorite traits I got from my dad is a HUGE love for animals. I'm not talking about loving to pet them, and be around them, but just the way we feel about cruelty to animals. It kills me to see the animals that get abused, or hit on the road, or even hunting....but don't get me started there (or my dad for that matter....he talked on it in church a couple of months ago...yikes!)
And how awesome is it that my fifty something year old dad rode this REALLY scary ride with me in vegas about 10x!? It's way worse than the stratosphere or the superman at 6flags. Um, and yes, I'm throwing a peace sign, cut me some slack it was 12 years ago!
And my very favorite thing about my dad (it changes all the time) is his humor! I love talking to him and hearing what he has to say about things. He's really REALLY smart, but plays it off by throwing in jokes about things, but he really knows everything about EVERYTHING....pretty much. He's been a great example to me and I'll never regret chosing him to be my dad!
Which brings me to my next "never regret"....Jasey baby! Let's start with hot....

And move on to one of the top 2 greatest dad's ever. He is seriously so great with the kids. He loves to spend all of his free time playing with them....usually outdoors, which is good, because I'm not what you call and "outdoorsy" type of gal. (please ignore the gross, "I just delivered an 11 pound baby naturally" look on my face in this pic)
He never had a dad or a grandpa around to be an example of how a dad should be, but somehow, through the examples of his uncles, our brother in laws, and of coarse my awesome dad, he has becoming the funnest, most caring dad. The kids love dad...a litttle too much...B called everyone dad for a while...he's finally saying mom...calling HIMSELF mom!...blah!
Another thing that amazes, and yes, I'll admit it, shocked me, is that Jase stuck with schooling for 5 years of our marriage. since before we got married he said he would never go back to school, so when he decided to I figured he'd be like most guys and try it for a semester and then come up with an alternative plan, but the dude stuck it out...and amazingly never got lower than a B. He tricked us all with those D's in HS. Good one.
But I LOVED that even when he was working his butt of with 35+ credits a semester, he somehow found more time than most to play with his family. He has always known what is most important, which is SUCH a blessing because as many of you know (buckle jeans) I lose perspective quickly. Check out the shag here! I miss it!!!
Another thing I love about Jase, but complain about all the time...he can not be normal for a camera. He either does the zoolander look, which I can tell he thinks is sexy, or he pulls one of these....
Mom: J, what's your favorite thing about daddy?
J: That he likes to go on bike rides an dhe likes to eat a lot with us.
Mom: What's the coolest thing about daddy?
J: He's cool that he works.
Mom: K, what's your favorite thing about daddy?
K: Um, Um, he likes lunch.
Mom: what else?
K: When he's at work he's awesome!
Mom: what's the coolest thing about daddy?
K: Um, heeee, um, heeee, he helps me clean, um and he plays with me.
Love you J, hopefully the next 5 kids love you as much as these first 3 (ha ha!)

My chicken catchin family...

So you all know that this girl catches at least one of the neighbors chickens is yesterday..... today..
but did you know that this guy could?!
But it doesn't like the way be holds him, so he made a quick run for it.
B scared him up onto the fence and waited for him to come down....he obviously came down on the other side of the fence.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quote of the day

J: K said the church (meaning the building) is dumb!

K: Well the school has bigger sidewalks (they ride bikes at both because we are on a corner right next to both)

J: You should never say Jesus's house is dumb. I think it's the best, it has a gun on top (the steple)

5 Things I'm grateful for today....

1. To be living in Joseph City, it reduces my anxiety by a BIT

2. Water, I hate feeling dehydrated, and I like being able to take showers everyday (or every other)

3. 3 healthy little kids, nothing stresses me more than having a sick kid, and it's been A LONG time since I've had one, I'm super grateful for that.

4. Turbo Jam, I wasn't getting bored of hip hop abs, but a change every other day is fun...even though I have to give it back tomarrow.

5. A comfy bed, we love our bed, it's huge (so we don't have to touch), and it's the perfect amount of cushy, and I love that we can sleep on top of the down comforter now that it's hot out.

I've gotta remember to do these 5 things everyday...I just watched some "think your way happy" show...I don't remember what it was called, just some motivational speaker, and i remember when one of the GA"s told us to do this 2 conferences ago, and I did it for about 3 days then stopped. This guy reminded me that it will help change the way I think, and not focus on the negative, and reduce my anxiety(about our next president). So remind me if I forget...I want to make it habit.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

birthday post part II of II

Ok, I'm starting withi part II of II because I have to get the pictures for part I from the Gutts (I went cameraless). So we will start with, well, we have to start with this picture because I don't know how to move it down, but it's part of the Vegas part. Don't we look just like the statue??? And then we move on to the morning of my birthday. I mad 2 batches of neighbors awesome recipe, and it was burning hot! So I called her, left frantic messages then decided to figure out the problem myself. I was adding a whole package of "hot taco mix" (not seasnonig...the dried hot taco mix by the mexican dried spices) instead of 1T. So I made about 8 batches to bring the burn down. And then we canned....which is where the other pictures come in....
We made apple pie filling to can, and of coarse an apple pie...which I didn't get a stinking piece of!
Ah, now on to Vegas. We left Saturday morning and shopped ALL day and got Jase a killer suit for Father's Day, which I will post pictures of as soon as I take some. Then we went to blue man group...AWESOME! The first half hour I was a little worried that we just paid 5 star prices for a high school musical, but they must have felt my let down because they kicked it up about 10 notches. VERY weird, but very cool. And if you know me, you know I don't like people dressed up in character, and especially people painted up....I was a little worried in this picture...oh, and yes, I'm turning violet.
We just took this pic because we were pretty excited to be staying at the Monte Carlo. Good times.
Um, another pretty excited new lucky's (almost love em as much as those buckles) but look at the size. woo hoo!

Ahh, now to the casinos. We always go to vegas with the Johns! We love the Johns. Good times are always had with the Johns. Amy entertained us at the Black Jack table. She was doing fine, but the dealer kept giving her crappy cards! Stupid dealers!!!!
And I just kept seeing signs that reminded me of 2 of my favorite people.....
And this was at the Bellagio garden....see the face in the tree behind us?
And I had to take a picture of this because we want these shooting fountains all over our back yard.

Big birds...little guy

Um, funny story here...actually, quite agravating to someone like me! So this lady OFFERS to take our picture cause she could tell that we BOTH wanted to be in the picture with the THREE blue men. But uh, her dumb husband would NOT get out of our picture! She even said, "you're in their picture". He stood HAPPILY mind you, with his arms folded. So I went on the other side...blah. Oh, and great job with the clarity of th epicture lady! No blurriness here!!!
Ok, on to my final goal of the get some killer gelato! We got it last time we came, and it was about $6 or $7, but so worth it. I mean look at how decorated and fancy it is....
With flavors like Smores, Snickers, Mango, and seriously the best creaminess in a gelato ever. So we ordered the "mid-size". Don't do that. They don't show you the prices til you get over to the register. Let's just say 2 mid sizes = 1/2 midsize car!!!! Our total was $38! So we lingered and enjoyed it for as long as we could. I have to say it was amazing though. (ignore the backfat)

Mmm, Jase got mango (made me mad that he didn't get 2 kinds in there, how great would mango with amazing pina colada be?!) and I got half snickers half smores. Mmmmm
Then we realized we didn't have any pictures WITH the Johns. So we got one in the Forum SHoppes. We decided to all where black and white and have brown hair, oh, wait, except Amy.
The trip home. Probably one of the highlights of the trip. There was an EVIL Bon Jovi game, the annoying backseat driver (me), the many fast food stops to junk up our systems a little more before the end of the trip. And who could forget Travis throwing his drink at the window out of sheer frustration. Thanks Travis.
The most amazing thing to me though, was the fact that Dr. Jason L. Mulder ate 2 fast food burgers in one day!!! That has never, and probably will never happen again! First he asked for Carl's Jr. Then while we were at the drive through for Amy's Panda Express. I mentioned In n Out, so we went there and he got burger #2. Good job baby, way to make me feel like I'm married to a real man!!!!

Doesn't he just look soo happy?! I've never seen him look that happy with a salad.

Now on to normal, noneatting good looking Jase. I have to say, that $500 in clothes I got him over the weekend...well worth it! I'll have to take more pictures, but we got some jeans that actually look great on him, rather than ones that cost $8 (seriously the rest of his jeans are all under $16!), and mmm Mmm, he looked long as you didn't look directly at him...nice....
Ah, then Jase got his hands on my camera. and thought it'd be a good idea to take a picture of Amy. Here's happy Amy, one picture, fine....
Oooh, he snapped again, the hand goes up....

It stays up, but not trusting that he's put the camera down, she checks her mirror....still up.

Now she must take things into her own hands!!!

Lesson Learned!
Thanks Johns for a killer trip! See ya next summer...Bellagio Suites n Cirque!