Saturday, August 27, 2011

The most amazing day....

Kamryn decided she wanted to get baptized in Colorado with the Hatch family there, and all of her cousins and in a lake.  We got up there, and looked around at lakes, and were told that a lot of lakes have leeches.  yuck!  We didn't tell Kam that, but she asked, after the first day there, if she could be baptized in a river like Jesus was.  Um, we can't deny that.  So we went on lots of hikes through the week and found a perfect spot.  It was loud because it was flowing down  through rocks right before the open spot that we decided to do it and there was a really old cool bridge above where we did it and then the water flowed into a huge tunnel.   We weren't able to get started til about 45 minutes later than we had planned, so the water was super chilly.
We started the meeting out with Uncle Sam giving an amazing talk about baptism and talking about what he remembered of his own baptism.  Then J took her down into the river.

 When they got down there they talked to each other for a long time, and like I said, it was loud, so we couldn't hear what they were saying, but I felt so bad that she had to be in the cold cold water that long, then finally, Jase got started. I later found out that she was just really cold and scared.  Jase told her she could wait and do it back at the lodge at one of the hot tubs, but she said that she wanted to do it in the river.....
 It was the most amazing thing I've ever been able to  witness.  It was such a beautiful place, and having the family there, and feeling the spirit stronger than ever.  It was perfect.
 Uncle Bishop Bill was there to conduct for us and he did an amazing job. It was as if he'd done a few hundred baptisms before.  ha!
 The 3 older cousins all sang "come thou fount"...even Jami, whom I had to beg and beg for weeks and weeks.  They did fantastic.
 Then Uncle Keith talked on the Holy Ghost. I was a little worried that he would use big words and say things that I didn't understand and couldn't explain, but he did perfect, and Kam understood all of it and gained a better understanding of recieving and having the Holy Ghost.  Then she was confirmed.
After that Uncle Bill let my parents share their testimonies since the whole family was together.  And I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd...including the little ones.  The spirit was SO strong there that evening.

 I am so grateful to be married to a worthy preisthood holder, and to have such amazing kids that want to make good choices to be happy.
Now comes the tough part....teaching (by example) repentance. :)

Photos by: Melissa Fullmer Photography

Friday, August 26, 2011

stuff to remember

Ok, i always forget to write stuff here that I want to remember, so here's some randomness

Wed. at the baptism/blessing dinner, Jason pushed boston's face into his peice of cake (mature) and boston was super sad about it, and ran downstairs.  When he came back up, he found a piece of cake on a plate and ran up to J and went right for the face, but Jase caught it before it hit his face, so Boston quickly pulled the cake off the plate wiht his other hand and started chucking it at J's face and yelling, "HOW YOU LIKE IT?~!?!? HOW YOU LIKE IT?!?!"


About once a week Boston asks me, "How much I love you mom?"
I say, "I don't know, how much?"
He says, "Never ending!"

In other news, the noise maker/air purifier that we bought with Jaden and use EVERY single day with who ever the baby is at the time....BROKE TODAY! I'm hoping it's fixable.  It costs about $15 back in '01 but it makes the perfect noise and it's so portable.

and in awesome news.  One of my favorite friends from HERE and one of my favorite friends in the valley both announced this week that they are 6 or 7 weeks pregnant!  YAY!!!!  2 of us are going for girls, one....this isn't the other one's last I'm sure, and she's got 2 girls and a boy, so let's just all hope for 3 healthy, super cute babies!!!!!!!!!

Yes, 5 kids.

So I guess people can tell i'm pregnant, and then of coarse, family shares with other family, so I've been getting a lot of comments.  4 was no big deal. i think a lot of people figure 4 is the max for most, so when it's 5 you get alll kinds of welcome and super unwelcome comments.
You have your peopel who had 2 or 3 kids and when they hear this is #5, sometimes they'll say, "whoops, you guys weren't planning that were you?"  Or "wow, that's so brave, I could never do that".  "5 is crazy".  Or those with 5 who like to scare you, or just hope your life will be as crazy or hard as theirs is with 5 and the ole, "it's the hardest!" or "enjoy 4, it's much easier"  "just wait". " or I love my sister Tamee who swears it's death....of coarse, she had a 1 year old when she had her #5....and her oldest was 7.  ouch! Or strangers that ask how many (in the OB office), "Lordy!  2 is more than I wanted! 5 would kill me!"  She was awesome though.

....ahhh, all so encouraging.  Thank you.

Then you have those that have 3 or 4 and give you the ole, "5?  that's awesome, we wanted more, 5 would have been perfect"   or  "I come from 5 and loved it!"
Or those with 5 or more, "5 was nothing, it's hard at first just like all of them, but then it's all the same" (thanks debi...mother of 10).  or, "I'm not going ot lie, at first it's hard, but after a month or two, it all falls together"

So obviously I get more of the crap comments, but strangely I'm more excited for this one than I have been for the last couple.  I think because the kids are all in a great place.  They all know what they need to do, they're good at keeping each other entertained, and Kam and J can pretty much take care of P by themselves. Right now I'm of coarse feeling overwhelemed with life, but I'm sure when we get moved in, settled, and deliver this kid, we'll be ready.    But yes, it's #5, and YES we planned it and YES we want a lot....probably our last, but maybe not.  J says NOT our last...right now, i say our last.  haha.  and YES, it might be hard at first, but then again...maybe it won't!

Oh so much!

The last two days and the next 4 are filled.  COMPLETELY FILLED. I almost cry when I wake up knowing that there will be no down I'm here at 5 am to blog and get it out!
Wednesday we got up at 5 and drove to the valley to make it to the baby doctor by 8:40.  I LOVE LOVE my baby doctor's PA or whatever she is.  She sat and talked forever wtih me and she's just awesome.  I've had her for 4 of the 5 now.  We heard a cute little baby heart beat.  Still giving no sign to boy or girl.  But healthy! yay!  Then we go to go drop J off at work, run the kids to my friend Lanae who watched them for me (owe her big time) ran back to san tan to eat some brio's with the sisters....and mom....and niece.  Ran back to pick up the kids, then over to Ashley Biddles for the briefest second before  I packed up all 4 and went to Sam's, then out to the baptism and blessing then the PARTAE afterwards.  Then over to pick up my my tomatoes and strawberries that I ordered, to the Fish's, sat aroudn with dani making fun of Property Brothers, THEN BED!

Next day, get up, and yes, I did get to sit around for a couple of hours because there was the BEST What Not To Wear on ever!!!!! Then I ran over to get my older 2 who stayed at Vonda's.  Go them out, dried em off, fed em, dentist.  Ahh, the dentist. I hadn't been in over 2 years. Gross, I know.  But Jaden went about 8 months ago and still had 4 cavities.  sad.  Kam got her chip fixed....yay! for uncle sam!!!! Then the bank, golden spoon, gas, pick up the little ones from aunt vonda, pick up J, get more gas, drive home, stop and have lunch with our Payson Rossers, drive home, sleep.

Today.  I'm awake.  ugh!  Gotta bottle these awesome pickles, cut up the strawberries to freeze, pack up TONS, take TONS down to mom and dad's, clean, clean, clean, then pack up TONS more, then load it up.  Looks like the day with the least, but it's the day that's going ot KILL ME!

Tomorrow, Soccer, take a load up to Taylor, bottle chilies, come back, take a load to parents, SLEEP!  ugh.

I hope I look back on this post and just laugh and the poor poor pity party pregnant me!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

goods n bads

Ok, so obviously right now I've got some bads in my life...and I KNOW my bads could be worse Mel...don't tell me again...but between putthign half my stuff (including my fall decor that I LOVE) and my cushy wushy couch in storage, pulling out my size 12's, and leaving the only home I've felt settled in in over a decade, it's been hard to find the good, but I'm working on it.  
* I'm moving closer to a Cheesecake Factory, Brio's and TRH
*We can soon go to movies w/o planning a babysitter for 2 extra hours to drive to the theater and back
*Finances will perk up VERY soon.
*My favorite week of the year...Pear and Peach week is coming up!!!!!
 * I'll have cable at my parents house for a couple of months! FOOD NETWORK!
* I'm going to have another cute baby in 6 months!
*I get to have a girl's weekend with Kam for her 8th birthday (J took Jaden to Disneyland)
*  We'll have grass in our yard for a couple of months, and big old trees!
* August day, awesome girl's lunch, and some shopping with my girl Trina! (this picture really looks like us...just add a spare tire and lower belly to me and put HER hair down and My hair up)
See, so there's LOTS of good, I've just gotta stay focused on it and stop crying all the stinking time!!!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011



I figured I'd make these for their "school years" books that I have.  Easy way to get it all out there.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It'll be alright

I like this one.  She's a good one.  She cracks me up.  She always gets the couch blanket or baby blankets to sleep with so that she won't have to make her bed in the morning.  And she reads for about an hour before she falls asleep each night...and as you can see she's got a crowd to read to.  She's hilarious.  I really really like her.  Jase and I decided that when our kids turn 8 we're going to take them on a special trip, just them.  They get to pick (within reason).  Jase took Jaden on a one day one night trip to Disneyland.  Fastest trip ever, but Jaden LOVED that they slept in the suburban and ate at IHOP.  Kam is having a hard time choosing. I told her if we stay in Az we can do chocolate and cheese fondue, stay at a nice (they think everything is) hotel and get our nails done.  If we go to Cali, we'll have to stay at a normal hotel and pack our own food.  She goes back and forth everyday.  But now that her cousin got a job at the melting pot in Awatukee...maybe she'll decide. :)
And if this is another boy, we'll be alright.  We'll just have twice as many girls trips. (though her fingers are crossed and prayers are constantly said for this to be a girl my belly).

Monday, August 15, 2011

what's going on with the mulders

I thought everyone knew, but i was wrong...we're moving.  We're packing it up and movin it out.  Moving to my parents JC house for a month or two then down to the valley, ugh.
And yes, I'm pregnant...#5, due March 3rd...feeling like crap, don't like packing, don't' like constant nausea  and fatigue, like my kids, don't like their messes, like my husband, don't like his schedule which leads to no help around here, like my family, don't like their laundry and dishes and eating 3x a day, don't like that I just got my maternity clothes out and my size 12's, but I can't suck it in anymore, don't like packing up my favorite, most homey, most 'me' home ever, don't like that the now dead rabbit ate our whole garden this year, don't' like making meals that I crave so badly, only to be grossed out by the thought of it when it's finally done, don't like that the little kid that invented Facebook is a billionaire and we all contribute to that pretty much daily.

I like my sisters, I like my husband and kids and chickens and the new rabbits and foxxie.  I like apples, tomatoes and toast all the time.  I like that fall is coming soon (wondering if it'll be as crisp and awesome in the valley...ugh), I like that I am the proud owner of the world's best baby...walks around laughing all day and lining cars up in the window sills.  I like not doing photography (for now).  I really like my sectional...and hope it fits into house #14.  I like Jaden, he's just awesome.  He's been a very cool kid.   I like pintrest and Facebook scrabble....I've gotta set some limits with both though. I probably spend an hour on each a day. I like Steve and Lu, especially when they're both explaining a game.  haha.

That's it.  We're moving, we're expecting, we're not super excited about the move, but trying to focus on the good things of the move, which are really good things....sisters, cousins, nieces, friends, cheesecake factory, speech for Boston and the beach on weekends!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Financial distress + Marriage = SUCKINESS!

So, of coarse, our main purpose in moving back to the awful awful, horrible, ok, it's not all that, but it is the city, is to help boost our finacial situation.  The past few months have been stressful and it's killing our marriage. I turn into a stressed out grouch who wants, wants, wants.  And Jase turns into a penny pinching, over budgeting,  over working, neglecter.....those two are a BAD combination.  And I know we'll be back to bliss in our marriage soon.  But when times suck you kinda wonder, "why's he even with me?"  And today when I was reading Nienie I saw these pictures and I thought, "holy crap, look at the way he's looking at her!  I wonder if Jase would be able to look at me like that if I had gone through all that she has? Then I wonder, I wonder if he could now.  The thoughts of a crappy little phase.  I know, it'll pass.  But seriously, look at the love in these pictures!

In the meantime...back to packing. I'm soo soo depressed right now blogging, surrounded by packed boxes and empty cupboards.  The kids are having an awesome time using the too big boxes for trains and forts.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

annoying and sad (seems to be my everyday anymore)

First I've gotta get this off my chest. I can't stand blondes that wear pink all the time.  ok, anyone that wears pink all the time, but it's more annoying on blondes.  Fine if you wear it once a week whatever, but when you wear it EVERYDAY, IT"S ANNOYING!!!!  I don't know this person, someone probably does, she was on FB, and I just noticed all of her pictures had pink, I'm sure she's really nice and super sweet and probably does charity work every day from the second she gets up til she falls asleep in her pink pajamas, but stop with the pink!!!!
 Next...saddest day of the year. Every other year, I've been so excited for the first day of school.  Back to schedules, back to a quiet house for a few hours a day, back to being able to catch up on cleaning.  But this year, I cried the second they left, until I got in the car and went to their school to make sure boston found his class alright and the other two made it to assembly ok.  They were all pretty excited to get back. I'm sure it'll be fine...right?  But I'm just sayin, if any of those punk kids make fun of my boston's hats, mismatched shoes (I made him match today), or speech, they'll get it!!!! Ok, with that being said, I'm sure he'll be fine, his class is full of awesome kids and the best kindergarten teacher.  Kam and Jaden both got teachers who are teaching at our school for the first time this year.  Should go fine.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 10

Week 10 of pregnancy #5...sad..
 I'm starting to pack up to move out of my favorite house ever.  Sad.  I love this house. I've never been sad to move before. I've had people I'd miss each move, but I've never been sad to leave a house and find a new one...this time I'm super sad and know I won't love the next home nearly as much as I love this one.  sad.

I also think it's so unfair that Jessica Beil gets to wake up and look like she does AND not have finaicial difficulty.  I think all majorly beautiful people should be broke!
 And now, embrace yourself....Mulder's got a new car. I didn't help pick it out AT all, but we're the proud (I guess) new owners of a '91 Toyota Celica Convertible.  The kids think it's the nicest car ever...way nicer than the suburban.  Speaking of...anyone in need of an awesome, wonderful, fully loaded '09 Suburban???
 So as I continue to gain weight, go bald, and be broke, I'm going to pack it all up.  And yea, I know, I'm not forgetting how blessed I am to have 4 awesome kids and a faithful husband.  But seriously?!  ugh!
Cravings of the moment....this baby has wanted a pumpkin pie for weeks now....she ain't gettin it.....til today!  I vow to make something pumpkiny before the days end!!! Probably not something this amazing...but something!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bringing up the rear...

So up until about, uh, a month ago, I pictured us having one more after this...close after this.  But the more I see people that are done...that have babies that are 5 and 6 years old, the more I'm ready to be there.  I think 5 might be our magical number.  Each pregnancy is so much worse too.  not only is there more to get done as I have more kids, but the sickness is worse, and my fatigue and age kill me with that.  This pregnancy I KNOW, will be hard with all that's going on.  Possibly leaving our lovely home that I've grown so attached too, along with all the land that we've dreamed of having our final home and family orchard on (that has already been started). And Jase building up a THIRD clinic, being gone a few days (and nights) a week.  I sit and cry about it every few hours, I can only imagine when it all comes to pass.
And I KNOW if we do end up moving there will be so many great things too.  Being so close to sisters and nieces and friends.  And the kids  are so excited to be by cousins (except Kam...she's like me and LOVES our country/farm life and is dreading leaving it).  I can actually have the lettuce wraps I crave instead of filling that craving with grape nuts, bananas, or salsa.  We can go on fun exciting dates again.  We can take the kids to ball games again, and zoos and museums.  But I will ALWAYS miss the country life. I love it!  LOVE IT!  UGH!
So, I'm trying to really enjoy every gruesome moment of the first trimester of my last baby.  I know when the nausea goes away and the kicking starts, it'll be easier to enjoy and embrace, but the thought of this being the last does make it easier to endure this first trimester.  blah!

your baby's the size of a prune!
Now, she's about 1.2 inches long and weighs about .14 ounces. Her body length will almost double in the next three weeks.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lamest mom award goes to.....

we just had an awesome weekend at the Arizona Grand, and then with the family for my awesome nephews farewell, and I lacked a camera the whole weekend.  Lame.  It was a lot of fun.  The resort was WAY WAY too crowded....but we're going again in August and hopefully on a weekday, so it should be better, but we got to go with the Jones, the Jones, the Fergusons and the Bollwinkels.  All awesome!  We had a great time.
And Jamison's farewell...awesome!  I still can't believe he's going.  We're going to have so much fun sending him letters and packages though...along with half the girls in Maricopa county.  We will hopefully get to take him and his companion to lunch or dinner sometime since he's serving in Riverside.  He's going to be amazing.
And the pregnancy....start week 10 this week...haven't exercised in 3 weeks (which is HUGE for me) and haven't stepped on a scale in about 2.  ugh.  Starting WW today and Zumba again tomorrow.  And dont'w orry, i did WW throughout my Pearcen pregnancy, still gained the 65, but it came off twice as quickly.  And yes, he was my smallest, but my smallest came out at 8lbs 6 ounces.  we'll be fine.
Cravings this week: Brio's wedge salad, Cheesecake factory's lettuce wraps, quesadillas and turkey sandwiches.

Annoyances this week: someone actually touched my stomach and asked how far along.  Don't!     The world's dirtiest house and people coming to look at it tomorrow, and i can't get ahold of Aida!!!!! Ugh!