Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just the usual coolness around here.

So I was just going through my computer to get rid of all of my old photoshoots with clients…part of my life detox/simplify project (more on that in the next post) and I came a crossed these douses.   Um, how in the world did I miss posting this cool picture?!  So much coolness in one frame! I can't stand it!!!!!!!
 And then I found this adorable little series!  I walked back to the hallway because it was getting a little TOO quiet, but instead of the usual mess, I found her cuddling with Ellie and tucking her in!  She didn't even stop when I started snapping.  I LOVE this baby girl!!!

 And then I found some shots from a photo challenge that I was doing a while back. I'm sure there's more pics for it somewhere, but here's My favorite lunch. I LVOE when I'm not lazy enough to make this salad.  It's just greens, cucumber, quinoa, feta, tomatoes and balsamic.
 And the next challenge was "laundry".  I'm not embrassed to say that I probably have a stack of clean laundry waiting to be folded somewhere in my house AT ALL TIMES!  seriously.  Usually right by the couch, where Fox uses it as a bed….

 but sometimes it's on the couch in my bedroom….
 Another part of the challenge was YOUR BATHROOM.  It was hard for me to not pick up a bit before shooting, but then, seriously…how unreal would that be?!  My bathroom looks like this, 90% of the time!

Hopefully I can find the rest of the photo challenge pictures.   It'll be good to remember how messy and insane my life was 20 years from now right?

Boston's Baptism

 This past week our little Bossy was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  He's been so excited, counting down days, asking who's coming, asking about the details and excited to have donuts! haha.   It was a great baptism.  Grandpa Hatch spoke on the Holy Ghost, and Bailey gave the opening prayer.  After it was all over, we went to the Guttery's for a swimming party and lunch…his dream birthday!

 Let's just take note of who ruins these next few pictures.  ugh!  And we always say that Boston pulls the wacky faces for family pictures….guess we know who he gets it from!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What I missed, and what I miss

I have been kinda feeling glimpses of the life that I loved. I think we all can think back to a time of our lives that things just seemed great.  Not easy, but just happy, and how you pictured.  For me, it was 2009-2010.  Maybe a year or two before and after.  But I decided to go back to my blog and see how things were…what was different, what's the same.  I can feel things getting back there, and I want to keep it that way.   I found this blog post called "Things I miss":

I miss having 2 weeks off 3x a year to do whatever we wanted...usually road trips through a few states.

I miss my hair

I miss Melissa (a friend that shouldn't live so far from me)

I miss the cheap pedicure place in Lewisville where the ladies always said I should be a model....I know they say it at all of them, but they'd always pick me out of whoever I was with and say, "you be model". I miss those ladies...I wanna see them everyday!

I miss playing on the golf coarse behind our Texas apartment when it was covered in snow. Or right after a big rain storm when the kids would run out ther snaked and splash around.

I miss my husband

I miss living really close to my sisters so I could go see them a few times a week.

I miss putting baby Jaden in the stroller and roller blading with him around Thatcher.

I miss going out into the parking lot of our texas apartment and letting the kids ride bikes and scooters for an hour before dad came home almost every day.

I miss perky boobs

I miss working with Jase for EA Glass.

I DON"T miss my Texas apartment

I DON"T miss getting glared at in the WIC offices

I DON"T miss humidity

I DON"T miss my DRebel

I DON'T miss my cell phone

I DON"T miss golf balls flying at our huge sliding glass door every day (breaking it completely one day)

I DON"T miss the guy following me and the kids with a gun.

I DON"T miss our first 3 months of marriage....fighting fighting fighting

I DON"T miss traffic

Ok, there it is. There were a ton I was thinking of at 1am this morning as I was laying in bed. Oh, here's where it started

I miss holding my babies in bed with me. I'm dreading having a last baby. DREADING IT!

I DON"T miss the first 3 months of nursing Boston, and only 4 months of nursing Pearce. I wish it would have worked but it was emotionally and physically HORRIBLE for me.

I feel the same way about all of these.  but I'm now to the point of the dreaded day….my last baby!  And it does suck…just as badly as I had imagined it….but I can't do it again.   New things I miss about the time I wrote this post:

I miss my house.  My house that was almost half the size of this house we're in now, but twice the awesomeness. I cried looking back at blog posts of it, and would love to be back there.  

I miss my tiny town. I miss going on runs or walks or bike rides EVERYDAY and waving to everyone. I miss my dad coming to our house on his walks to say hi to the kids and make sure the chickens were ok.  

I miss the chickens.

I miss having a good metabolism.  I know I screwed it up with my binging during pregnancies then dieting after…majorly…more than anyone. (70pound average with all 5…off and on…except not off after #1 and #2 all the way).

I miss not having a cell phone.  I'm tempted every week to chuck it under my bed like I did that fine 2009 day…where it stayed for a couple of years.

I miss not having FB….I WILL be done with FB SOON.

I miss my friend Jana.   Everytime I get a few days with her, I miss her the second she's gone!  If I didn't want to annoy the crap out of her, i'd call her everyday and ask her how to do things, or what stinking inspiring thing she's doing that day.

I don't miss not having 5 kids.  I'll admit, 2 and 4 kids were both easy times for us.  1 and 3 were trying, and 5 really is completely complicated…and I was forewarned by many that 5 is the kicker…but the more I step back and realize what the chaos is…it's just the older ones getting more busy…it had nothing to do with having 5.  5 is awesome…my 5 are extremely awesome!

I don't miss post partum.  NEver had it for more than a week or two…or three, until Vivian, and um, it was almost 2 years…and it came out as anger and sadness, so it made it difficult to make any friends, so i felt I was very alone.  I don't miss that.

I don't miss being enrichment leader in the last few wards we were in…oh yea, because I AM AGAIN!

I don't miss my hair as much this time.   I am sad because it's going to take twice as long to grow back as it did all of the other times since I usually just got pregnant and it was long again in a few months…and that won't be happening.  But I just don't care too much about how I look anymore…bad and good.  

I do however miss not being body obsessed. After my first 2 babies I was huge…like size 16…and I didn't beat myself up too much about it.  But now that I'm in a size 10, I beat myself up EVERYDAY…many times a day about it.  And I can't figure out how not to.

I don't miss my single days.  there are parts that I think about and remember how much fun they were, but I'm so glad I have J and this little family. I really am living my dream life….(just wish it were out of the city….soon enough I hope)