Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Someone that loves me!

I've decided to try at least once a month to write about someone that loves me and how comes they're fantastic and needed so much in my life.  I've decided to start with my sister in law (inlaw) Elissa since coming home from the last couple of trips have been a lot less stressful because of her.  Usually when we go on trips, I come home and cry for a week as I have to clean up messes that the kids have made, catch up on their laundry, unpack for Jase and I and do our laundry.  But Lissy has watched the kids the last couple of trips and I come home to a sparkling house and seriously lovely perfectly folded stacks of laundry.  I HATE laundry! I hate it, and I feel like it's all consuming anymore, so to come home and just have my load and Kam's load was the best thing that could have happened to me!  Justy and Lissy got to live with us for a few months a few years ago, and I know a lot of people dont' like when family moves in, but I was SO SO sad when they moved out!!!! I know they were happy to move out since we only had a very girly room to offer, but I LOVED having Lissy there with me. I'm so glad Justy married LIssy and not some crazy freak, or boring nerd.  She's one of my very best friends and one of the best aunts ever for the kids. We all LOVE aunt Lissy.

Monday, January 21, 2013

I love Sundays

I love Sundays since none of us have anywhere we HAVE to be after church, and we have to be together.  I love when we go on picnics or walks, or hikes, or anywhere actually.  This week we loaded up a picnic and walked/rode bikes to Rockwell park.  Bibian loved using a fork to stab things....
 Boston went straight over to a group of kids with about 8 adults that were playing kickball and got in line w/o knowing a soul and played a full game of kick ball with them.  Jaden wanted to, but wasn't as brave....
 Kam loved the dog that was at the park.  It was honestly the largest dog I've ever seen.  Stupid Foxxie thought it'd be cool to pick a fight.  Luckily the owners dog held it back.
 Mmmm, delicous sandwiches..... (sorry J)

 Kam loves picking fights with Jase.  Look at poor Vivvy just sitting back taking mental notes for the future....
 This is how I carried Bib to and from the park.  I loved it!  I just love holding her!!! She's soooosweet!
 When the older kids were all out playing, Jase and I were sitting on the blanket admiring Vivians perfect little baby posture.  It's so cute, I want to eat her up!

Not a sucka!

Bibian doesn't suck her thumb or a pacifier!  All of my boys did Passys and Kam was a thumb sucker, so it's weird to have a baby that's perfectly content w/o either.  Although she did find a pacifier last week in the toy bucket and knew just what to do with it...She knew it was funny too.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Christmas was nice this year.  We drove home from Grandma and Grandpa Hatch's house Christmas even night through a crazy awesome storm.  Christmas morning was nice and quick and everyone was happy.

 Viv liked Boston's drum set.  Santa "brought him" the drum set early (he found it in the shed, ugh!) because he was so so good this year......but he put it out again Christmas morning.
 This girl made out this year.  She got the biggest load, hence the adorable smile of satisfaction....
 Jase was in charge of hiding Buddy and Fred Christmas Eve...he put on quite the production.....

 Um, cutest rock star EVER!!!!
 This guy did get other things, but you would never know....he plays with cars, tractors and trains all day everyday and has all year!  I love it!

 Christmas Eve we got to open the grandma presents.  She got them all awesome rolling duffle bags.  We had a great time up there with all the cousins.  A bit of a scar with Grandma...ok a huge scare that still has me shaken up.  I wish they were still 50!  or 60! I really like them.

 Grandpa and Vivvy were side by side all weekend long.  She would crawl around looking for him, and likewise, he would ask for Vivian first thing every morning.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quite the controversy...

So I made a comment on one of the community groups to see if there is a great dance studio around here that has modest costume, and non suggestive dance because one of the studios I went to had awesome costumes, but the older girls did some suggestive dances...and we've just always wanted to stick to non sexy with our girls.  We've had Kam in two different dance studios since we've been here and both had modest costumes and fantastic fun dances...but they are both so far away so that's why I asked.  I guess it sparked some fire in a girl or two and they felt the need to post a comment explaining that we just need to teach our girls that this is only for dance. I understand that with the make up, but with the clothes?  There's no need to show bellies and short shorts.   Luckily, Kam just came home and told me she wants to do gymnastics.  haha!  But I still might just sign her up for both.  
I like this costume.

 A bit more than this one.....

And it's like a very amazing mom of all girls once told me, "Its good to speak out on modesty. Everyones version is different, but when it comes to young girls the one who will regret not having higher standards is the mom. Seen it time after time."

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Of coarse we'll just start with the adorable pictures of my sweet Vivs and get it out of the way.  I love her!  Seriously, LOVE HER!  She had such a fun time playing with Christmas lights, that I decided to set it up as a little shoot.....

and yup, everything goes right to the mouth....
 Buddy and friend had a great season this year.  They had many fantastic spots....more of which I'll post in future posts, but here was one of their meaner days.....
 on the 20th we headed up to mom and dad's to hang out with the Jones family.  On the 22nd, for Jaden's birthday, he wanted to go to the movies (Rise of the Guardians) , go sledding, eat wings and just hang out.  So we did it all...and grandpa was there for all of it!

 Alina was the funniest little sledder.  She wanted to go on her own (fast bumpy hills that always bucked her off) and she'd come up crying, and then ask to go again.  It was hilarious!

 Then we headed home and had a birthday pizza for Jaden.....

 Then Aunt Tamee and Grandma made  about 10 little gingerbread houses for everyone to decorate....
It was fun to watch how each kid made a house to fit their personality.

The artists and their masterpieces!

And of coarse, my favorite picture of the weekend.  Grandpa LOVES baby Bibby.  He held her about 90% of the time we were up there...and likewise, she would crawl around til she found him.