Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things that make me NOT T.O.ed!!!

Ok, so yesterday I just had my brain stuck in, "I hate everyone and everthing" mode...sorry to anyone that came over or called or anything. Today, I'm slightly better, so I figured I should go with it. Things that make me happy....
#1, the awesome bake sale/lemonade stand the kids had yesterday with neighbor kids. (there was one more but he came after the picture). The kids did awesome. They made $, in about 5 hours. haha! They had a lot of fun though, and can't wait until the 6th for our next one.
#2 the lovely things the kids leave around the house for me, such as these cute monkey chains hanging from our wall lamps, which were later connected to each other under the picture of Christ. It's a beautiful addition. Still up too, and the pic was yesterday.

Ok, so I have had some MAJOR great trip with coupon sense in the last month or two and I keep wanting ot take pics to show, but I don't, well, today I did. The stuff on the left (non produce) was only $6!!!! I saved over $45!! oh, plus 2 big bags of ice...that's what cost so much.
And the producey stuff on the right was only $20. We took our list of competetor prices to walmart and they hooked us up. They even price matched with Sprouts and Food City which are hours and hours from here! YAY!!! Oh, and there were also 3 more watermleon...I know, 6 seems like a bit much, but it'll last us til Saturday.

2 days ago, I NEEDED chocolate cake, and none of the resturants in Flagstaff had any for me. So Tuesay morning I woke up and made one...the frosting that was supposed to go with the recipe (no good me, just go to PF Changs and get it)...never softened. It was soft, but then you're supposed to put it in the refridgerator for a few hours and when I took it out it was fudge, and I did everything perfectly right, so, I gave up on the cake all day yesterday, but alas this morning I found a great recipe for chocolate frosting, I frosted the sorry suckers, decorated them, and....welll, of coarse, don't want chocolate cake anymore, so now i'm trying to figure out what to do with this cute cake! ug! The kids said it could be the baby in my belly's birthday and we could eat it. We might do that tonight if the thought of it doesn't make me wanna puke!

One more thing that makes me happy, a bath....but I won't be getting one of those for a long long time...probaly the longest break from a bath I've had my whole life. I haven't had one in over a year and I won't get one til AT LEAST Christmas. This house has one bath, and it's the super old tinstsy tiny ones that are made for people 5' and under. ug! I want a bath though, I know it would make me happy. I'm sure I'll get one for my birthday at our hotel in NYC though, can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things that make me pretty T.Oed.....

Today, since I'm completely annoyed with one thing right now, I decided to try and spread the annoyance by focusing on other things that ALSO annoy me. Let's start with skinny hot pregnant girls. Those 3 words should NOT go UG! EAT!!!! #2 annoyance. My eyebrows. I feel like I pluck the suckers every other stinking day, yet they look like my dog's eyebrows. I've slowly lost my sexy arch, and now I have have a droopy line. But I will say that the most painful thing...right up there with the natural delivery of the 16" head, was having my eyebrows threaded!!! But just like the natural delivery...worth it! I wanna do it again. I was bawling my eyes out and screaming (just like child birth) but when all was said and done and I didn't have to touch the suckers for about a month...worth it!
#3 annoyance. This is a bad one right now. You can only understand if you're knocked up too. I am sooo annoyed with buying half of the watermelons in the grocery store, taking them home, moving enough food to fit 3 in the fridge at a time, then a few hours later, cracking them open, and YUCK! Come on Watermelon farmers...fix it!

#4 annoyance. My dirty floor. Ok, it doesn't look this bad. But I am already getting tired of bending over 342346x a day to pick things up or scrub something off of the floor. Why is the floor so far down?!

#5 annoyance. I really shouldn't complain about this, because I probalby only see about 2 a day, but the fact that I stepped on a dead one with my bare foot this morning is enough for it to make my list. In Surprise we had 4 million flies because we lived at the edge of the earth and there was construction going on all around us, and here we don't have too many, but they love to live in my kitchen window and it drives me nuts. It makes me feel the need to sanitize. That and the fact that baby bossy comes to me every morning with a dead cockroach and says, "bug, uck!"

So now that you've read what I'm trying to focus on that annoy me to take my attention off of the one things that really annoys me. It's a girl, of coarse is it. Don't girls always annoy girls? And I hardly know this girl, but she seems to keep making her way into our life and I keep being assured that she's out of it, but wahbam! There she is again. SUPER ANNOYING AND RUINING MY LIFE!
Now I'm off to kill flies!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bow Ties and Airplanes.....

Sunday morning I pick out a shirt and pants for Boss and he picks out his tie...usually Jase's tie (which Jase puts on him and he looks like a clown all day) or he picks out his awesome bowtie. I LOVE IT! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This week was a bowtie week. And after church, we all ran inside and changed to go up to Grandma and Grandpa's to have dinner with the Gardner boys and them. And when we came our we realized Boston didn't go in to change....he was out playing with his airplanes. He's freaking the most awesome 3 year old ever! I asked him "where did your smile go?!" This is what he flashed me....

And yes, he's about a year and a half behind in his speech, but he's still quite entertaining. He likes to dip the top of his head in mud puddles lately. Which doesn't bother me because he usually ends up in the sprinklers a few minutes later. This however was on Sunday and we dont' play in the sprinklers on Sunday, so he was a mudhead all evening.
Nothing exciting around here today. Jaden's riding bikes with his girl Tatum, Kam is bugging the Millers to come over and play...Boston is taking an early nap, Jase is cleaning out the car, and I'm making PF Chang's Great Wall of Chocolate cake to make up for the 4 exercise videos I did this morning. Yes, I'll probably be asleep by 4!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kristal's pregnancy....week 21

Ok, so yes, I missed a few weeks of this pregnancy, so sue me. I guess not a whole lot changed, but yea, a lot has changed this time. I'm huge and I'm annoyed. Let's start with my first peice of annoyness. This morning as I was on facebook, I saw this picture thinking, "Oh, that's defaintely no one I know, cause if I did, I would hate her and never want to know her again"...
Yea, thanks Sharon for ruining my day by having boobs as big as my stomach and a waist as small as my wrist. Now i know why we weren't friends in HS. Ug! Go get pregnant or something!
But here is a picture of what keeps me going, and keeps me OK with this huge A belly and sagging utters.....
Another picture of Jessica's sweet baby. This little bug let us position her however...and it was even sprinkling on her. She's perfect!
Now onto my craving of choice. I LOVE turkey sandwhiches with lettuce, pickles, mustard and.....

yea, a nice wedge of spreadable swiss. mmmm.
Now onto what I despise...Omega 3 pills...YUCK! I even freeze them and take them at night and sometimes STILL taste them a bit in the morning. This baby bettered come out with more brain power than freaking Einstein!!!!

Now onto what I'm grateful for. I tried not to complain too much to anyone except my neighbor who was going through the same thing, my sister who was going through, well, the opposite and one nght I spilled to my dad, but the first trimester, Jase actd OPPOSITE of how he did during my first 3 pregnancies, or ever really. He began loving TV, got pretty caught up in work, and I was SOO overwhelemed with house work and sooo naceous for 3 months and I felt like a single mom for that trimester, but after enough nagging and complaining and flat out telling him what to do, he's been a HUGE help lately. He vaccumed ALMOST my whole house yesterday and he hasn't let the dishes sit in the sink for more than 24 hours (36 at the most). YAY!!!
And next, what I look forward to. Maine. YAY! Only 2 and a half more weeks!!!! It's going to be a non relaxing trip, but so much fun. We only have 2 days in NYC and 2 and a half in Maine. I can't wait though! And we find out the sex of the baby the day before we leave...the 10th. yay!
And now, my favorite thing of the moment. I LOVE this video. It works me as h ard as turbo jam does, but I have a feeling it's better for my pregnant body. I love it...and I love how cute and motivating she is! Hopefully I can stick with the 2nd trimester workout through August.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little lesson....

Alright, so I don't look like this pregnant.... But I'd like to take this time to share a few things NOT to say to me whilst I am pregnant...all comments I've already recieved so far:
5. Do you always show this much this soon?" There's just no way to take that as anything but, "wow, you're huge"

4. "Are you having twins?" Wow, really? You're asking me this? Nice

3. "I can defaintely tell your pregnant" aka You're big!

2. "You want MORE after this?" Really is it any of your business how many I want? Can you NOT be surprised that I want more after this. Or it can also be taken as, "your kids are soo naughty, why would you want more"

and my #1 least favorite thing I've been told this pregnancy....alas, not just by one, but by MANY (mostly friends)...... "Glad it's you and not me!" Um, ok, is this the new congratulations??????

(this is obviously a venting post and I will come back happier tomarrow)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little taste treat....

AHHH! I was soo excited to take this guy's picture, and we only got about 10 pictures and it started raining...and it's still raining! Ug! So here's a couple to tide you over til we finish the shoot tomarrow! Isn't he perfect?!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love and Logic Info...

Ok, so the info on the Love and Logic Class:
June 20th 9am-4pm
It's $55 for a single or $80 for a couple
It will be held in Jase's clinic here in Joseph City.
and to check out more about the coach and program go here:
We need everyone's payment (which is your sign up) by next Saturday!
Can't wait!
Oh, and please let other people know!

Favorite conversation of the week....

We were on our family walk Sunday and we walked by one of Kam's many primary teachers house and he was out there and he said, "I know you and I know your wife, and I think there was a mix up at the hospital with that Kamryn. She's got soo much personality".


Monday, May 18, 2009


Ok, so I'm halfway done, and I've already gained more than half the weight I wanted to...not good! I'm up 30lbs already. UG! But I told myself i would post pictures every 5 weeks or so, so here are my 20 weeks and 3 days pictures..yuck! Except the cute little guy that wanted to be in the first picture. He's soo freaking CUTE!!!! Oh, and no, I haven't done my hair yet today, but I figured I probably am not going to, so I just took em.
Pic #1, notice the very widened hips and the wider face....lovely.... Pic #2 Notice the saggy bum and flabby arms are still there....still working on that.
Ok, but now a NON complaint. I've only gained 5 of those 30lbs in the last month and a half, so I'm thinking that the constant exercising and the fact that I can now fight off some of my cravings (couldn't during the first trimester) is what has caused that. I just hope I can keep it at 5lbs a month for the next 4 months....haha yea right, not with the size of my babies! ug!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cinco de Mayo de Boston de Spongebob....

Yesterday was a fantastic day!!! It started with Kam and I waking up (the boys were on the Father's Son's campout) and making a lovely protien shake and bowl of bran for breakfast (pregnancy issues). Then we got ready, got our small bills and headed out to the town's annual yard sale day!!! My new favorite day of the year. We started with some killer finds at Linda Miller's house (my favorite house in town) where we got some awesome wooden fish napkin holders (37 for $4) for Kam's luau birthday party, a couple of antique mail boxes, and a couple of other things, then off to Cat Hansen's for some amazing photog props and Christmas decorations(I think you can see some behind the boys in the first picture). And then to the Tubb's for some 5lb weights. I've been using sissy 3lbs for over a year and keep being too cheap to buy a set of 5lbs for over $10....I got these for 2 (I think).
Then we headed over to Holbrook for Deloris to fix Kam's chopped hair finally...yay! Then we came home, made horchata, ate some lunch, and I tried to sleep a bit since Kam kept up the night before with her "creepy bugs in a bag" nightmares. Then the boys got home, and this is what they looked like...... They had a lotta fun. Then we got all of the party stuff and headed up to grandma and grandpa hatch's. We were about 3 hours early so we decided to let the kids see the surprise we'd been waiting to show them for months.......the anticipation builds......

The excitement builds......
And wahlah! There it is! We were soo excited to find this on clerance last fall for $90! (regularly over $400).

Boss looks scared in this pic, but he loves the waterslide!

One of my favorite parts of the day is pictured below. My awesome neice and her boy ice packed a half watermelon, half orange bahama rama mama (a huge craving that I haven't been able to give into for months) and some awesome sweet pork salad from the place that's like Cafe Rio that we can't think of right now. BOTH AMAZING!!! Thanks you guys!!!!
This is Messican Boss, preparing for the fiesta.

I meant to get more pics of the decor, but I didn't...but I'm IN LOVE with my new "cold drinks" tin. Thanks Safeway!

Now onto our lovely guests. We'll start out with the hottest...Bet n Brian...the two hottest Mexicans there.

And our hottest married couple there...the Lampsas. And no, that's not Mario from the Mario brothers, it's Jarrod!

After the kids played on the waterslide forever and we all ate some killer Mexican BBQ (we missed you Steve n Lu), it was cake time!

All of the kids liked the cake and ice cream. A lot of the grown ups had issues with the "jelly" part of the cake. This is sweet little Ava, she was a bit freaked out by me and my camera, as you can tell.

And the always handsome Fish Bros.

And I stink and didn't get pictures of the other kids because most of them were older and constantly running around, and I pretty much found a chair, sat, moved to another chair and sat.

Boss was pretty excited about the big Baapas (spongebob) on the cake.

Then after some people tried to steal all of Bossy's gifts....

He opened them all up. Lots of squirtguns, airplanes and spongebob toys. He loved em all!!!

Then it was pinata time. I think there was a steal layer under the paper part of this pinata. All of the kids took 2 turns and he was only a parapalegic (no legs). So we let Boston go crazy and then I ended up pulling the stupid pull strings...I hate pull string pinatas, it's as bad as gifts in bags instead of being wrapped. ug! What happened to the good ole days?!

It was an awesome Birthday for Bossy. and we decided it was our favorite kid's party we've thrown!

Friday, May 15, 2009


There is a lady in town that does hair and last night she wanted to call Kam Doofy, which I guess is her term for people when she can't think of their name, plus she wanted to fix Kam's hair. So this post is about Doofy. And this is one of my favorite little baby pictures of her....soo chubby, and yes, that is my old outfit. Love it!

My top 3 favorite things about her right now.

That she STILL takes at least 8 hours to clean one tiny mess.

That she calls a butter knife a "peanut butter knife". Sounds way better to me.

and #1, that she's been bragging to EVERYONE that she can ride a bike w/o training wheels. She used to think it was no big deal and she had no desire to do it. But Jase MADE her try it 2 days ago and we can't pull her off of it. And it's all she talks about. She's awesome!!!! I'll post a picture of that soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tutus and House Plans....

Seriously, nothing much is going on around here lately. I'm getting huge, Jase is staying busy, Jado is enjoying his last couple of weeks of school, Kam is still trying to learn to clean, and Boss is still being perfect. I decided to clean out a back closet and found tons of tulle from my tutu making days, so I've been making a ton of tutus. And I got tired of wearing two crappy sports bras so I ordered a new one from VS and was very surprised at how great it is. Um, here it is, and yea, that's me.... Jado, he's awesome. His hair is at the funky in between length of cute short and cute long, but he's still cute. He's been an awesome big brother lately. He helps the other two cross the street every evening to ride bikes at the school, usually in the sprinklers. And he's been a REALLY good cleaner lately. Thank goodness.
And of coarse I had to share one more from that cute little newborn shoot. As much as I hope this is a boy (and hope my next 2 are both girls), I would be ok if this one was a girl (as long as the next one was also a girl...I just want 2 of the same sex together somewhere, none of this boy girl boy girl crap).

And on a final note...we just got back 3 bids. YAY! We've got two more to go before we make our decision....and yes, STILL waiting on our stinking tax guy!!!! UG!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Ok, the Love and Logic sign up deadline is getting close....only 3 weeks. Just want to make sure that everyone that wants in is in. It's going to be more research on it if you aren't sure, or ask around to your family and friends from the valley, it's amazing, and it truely helps your kids learn to be happy and nice and helpful. You all are probably waiting ot see if it works on my kids, cause that'll be the true miracle right? haha. Anyway, LMK if you want in.
And here are a couple of pictures from an ADORABLE baby shoot I had today. I want a baby!!