Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer CottonTop

B gets called a toehead EVERYWHERE we go, but last week at a ward we went to in Queen Creek a native man asked me, "where's that cute little cotton top of yours?". At first I thought he meant a cotton top t shirt type, luckily I didn't speak upon that thought, and figured it out quickly that he meant B. So now I call him cotton top. His hair keeps getting lighter and his skin keeps getting darker, and his head keeps getting bigger and it seems like his body is getting smaller. He's a cute kid. His big thing right now is making these amazing pig noises. No one else can make them and they really sound like a pig. He still doesn't talk, but he is the happiest easy going kid ever. He loves to just roam around, not much of a complainer. Here are some random pictures from July....
This one was from today. I gave him a chocolate popsicle...I couldn't bring myself to wash it off of him. He looks like such a cute little hick boy when he's all dirty with is big ole truck!

24 hours of sweet release....

So I decided to allow myself 24 hours of NON dieting since the challenge is over but I still have 3 weeks til bikini wearing week. So I'm writing down all that I'm eatting during these amazing 24 hours:
a bowl of multi grain cheerios with half fat free milk and half fat free half and half...mmmm
a bowl of raisin bran (same milk combo)
a chocolate fiber one bar
a bite of gross ice cream
a fried ice cream blast from sonic
half of a sub from arby's
half of an order of curly fries
half of a small jamoca shake
half of a market fresh chicken salad sandwich
a big ole peice of Trapper's banana cream pie
almost another piece (I had to RUN to the bathroom...I threw up! room for more!)
I didn't shove any more down. My stomach was going NUTS, so I drank a few glasses of water, and off to bed...kind of. I was in the bathroom every other hour all night, and then I woke up with calves harder than rocks with major charlie horses. Lesson learned...or was it
3 sweet potatoe pancakes with homemade buttermilk syrup
a protien bar
a bite of a weight watchers popcicle
a spoon of vanilla frosting
(again feeling soo gross, stomach gurgling, whiped!)
another bowl of multi grain cheerios
a peanutbutter and creamed honey sandwich
lemon berry ice cream
apple with peanutbutter and honey
flaxseed nachos
salad with a CREAMY dressing
corn on the cob
fiber one buds (cereal)

Awww, my hero!

So, Jase knows how freaking hard I worked for the biggest loser challenge, and he knows I should have one, but I chose to have a bad week for the last week, and since he thinks I look like I should have been the winner, he's paying me $240. Yay! New size 6 and S clothes. I know it'll only be for a week or 2, but just to have size 6's in my collection of sizes in my storage will be nice. I'll have 6-16's. and S-XL. Nice, gotta love being a mom.
Anyway, thanks Jase, I feel a little better about my 3 meals at Brio's during the last week of the BL challenge. And I'm already planning on winning the september challenge. Now I'd like to share a lovely picture of my hottie posing for me at the card table.....
BTW, he's only 10lbs away from his Jamaica goal weight too! He has to be 175 and I have to be 140....2 weeks and 5 days to go!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I've never been soo relieved in my life! Our biggest loser challenge ended today. AND I GOT 2ND!!! Yay! And guess what the second place gets?!!!! NOTHING! We didn't plan it very good. I told myself over the weekend that if I got first I'd give 2nd place $50 of the $240...I had confideince that I'd win...then I had the worst weekend of the whole competition...gained 8, lost 7 of it in the last 2 days, but the winner lost a good 7 the whole week. It was close. Aww well, I have to share my stats because my stats never have been and never will be like this again
From a size 12 to a size 6
From 169 to 148
sadly from DD to B
and from dress/shirt size L to S
yay! I'm happy with my body right now, but I'm going to keep working hard at it (still want to hit 140)til 3 weeks! Although tonight, to celebrate being done, I had 2 bowls of cheerios, a fiber one bar, half of an Arby's sub, half of an order of curly fries, and ALMOST 2 slices of pie...I had to run to the bathroom to puke in the middle of the 2nd peice. My stomach is still gurgling. I way overdid it. I'm allowing myself pancakes in the morning...since I make them about 3 times a week for the past 5 months and haven't TOUCHED them at all, and then another cheat day on Saturday for my family reunion, then it's back to the South beach til Jamaica. ANyway, a little heads up, we're doing an 8 week biggest loser challenge starting on September 3rd...higher stakes, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes...along with a 10% payback. It's going to be great. We've got a good group of girls, so save $30 for September, and pack on the lbs in August so your starting weight will be higher (makes it easier)
Now i'm off to bed so I can walk a TON in the morning and workoff my celebration feast...blah! Oh, and if youw ant to seee my before and after pictures....leave your e mail address on your comment and I might send you an invite...theya re both in bikinis and I didn't want to put them on here because they are immodest (my little girl will read my blog book someday) and they are not good for the weak stomaches.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Valley #2

Day two started out with, uh, ok, I forgot, but again for lunch we went to Brio's....B, Vonda, Danica and myself. Again, getting the Bisteca salad.... and then....AND THEN.....AAANNND THENNNN......
Their freaking amazing chocolate molten cake! It's seriously the best! And yes, it is the final week of the biggest loser, but when you split a leetle dessert with 3 other people, it really doesn't even count, so BACK OFF!
Then we went to K's boyfriend, Austin's birthday party at a splash pad. This is the amazing cake that Austin's mom made. She's a cake maker. She always makes the coolest cakes. FYI, she didn't even have a mold for this one!
Then that night is when the excitment really begins...sadly, I have no pictures. But the Gutts, Fishes, Johns and us all went to The Dark Knight. Uh, dark!
Then after that we walked around Mill Ave for an hour or so where we met an amazing man with great wisdom...telling us, "Marijiuana is the way!". I fail to agree, but, wow, inspiring. Then Jase also met a "dude" that told him that he'd like the 3 of us girls to go in and dance on the bar in "the library"...tempting...seriously, tempting, but uh, no! Then we proceeded to an amazing place that is right by ColdStone on mill and he makes these amazing homemade cookies and shove amazing ice cream between them, and he has about 20 amazing flavors, and it was amazing..I'd like to highly recomend it to everyone.
Then on our quest for kareoke, we decided to go back to Scottsdale to a kareoke bar that we once tried, but didn't suceed at. We stayed there til 1am to sing a lovely rendition of "my humps" by Fergie. It sucked horribly, but good times were had, and Kareoke is defiantely in our near future!

Valley #1

The first day I got to the valley we had a sisters lunch and Brio's...Mmmm, I wasn't eatting (last week of biggest loser) but my sister's put food in front of me that was amazing...Bisteca salad...get it. So i ate it. Um, sorry about the crappy picture...I'm waiting for my sisters to post so I can steal their pic. Good times, good times.... Then I had to rush J over to uncle Sam's office for his first exciting. Here is how he expressed his feelings about being in the dentist chair.....
Then uncle Sam worked on him.....
and when all was said and done...his feelings about the dentist changed....
Thanks uncle Sam, you're the best!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5 things plus.....

1. thunderstorms in Az (definately NOT Texas!)
2. metal cups...keeps everything so cold...thanks Jana!
3. Cameras
4. the Roxy movie theater...what would I do without you!
5. Dr. Mulder, gotsa cure for everything!
Now to my awesome 2 year old. B is the coolest. He does the strangest things, gets em done, and then chills and is happy. Today at the pool he likes to squat under the water (in the kiddie pool) and walk aroudn with his little eyes open under the water. It makes my eyes water just thinking about it, but he loves it!) And a couple of days ago, he decided it'd be fun to put his chair on the table. Oh, and yes, I know I need to finish painting the table. I was having a hard time deciding if I wanted to or not, so one day I just sprayed some on it so that I would HAVE TO.
Baby B is still the sweetest baby ever. He LOVES to cuddle, blow kisses to everyone, go up and hug anyone's leg, which is sometimes akward, and he loves to be organized and clean, which is not a Mulder or Hatch trait, so yay!!!! I hope it sticks!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Um, so we are ready to build, but we need a loan. We can't get one from a lending place for a few months because jase hasn't owned his business for a full year yet, but we can still get a loan from a private lender (someone with a lotta money that wants to invest in us) and we had one, but we waited too long and now her funds are down because she's lent to other people. DOES ANYONE KNOW A PRIAVE LENDER THAT COULD HELP US!? Seriously I'm dying in this house, and SO tired of renting!!!!!! Just look how sad my kids are to be in a rental too....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Way behind...

Lately I post posts about a week behind when they actually happened, so just know that. Last week, Jado took me on a date (I drove) to Flagstaff to get his school shopping done, and to play and go to lunch. It was A LOT of fun. It's amazing how much easier one kid is than 3. I actually enjoyed walking through the mall. I let him pick out about 8 shirts at Old Navy and he did really good. I'm sure he'll be wearing them in future posts. He picked out his own pencil pouch, lunch pail and shoes as well. The rest of his clothes I already have stock piled in the back closet from TCP and Old Navy's .99 and $1.99 sales. Anyway, he let me take a picture of him then he took a few pictures....

Not too shabby. and of all the great places to eat in Flagstaff, he wanted Sbarro's at the mall. Mmmm. Thanks bud for the great date! Ooh, and good job on picking out the stylin shirts so that the ladies will dig your threads (I'm trying to be a hip happenin mutha!)
Now on to my 2 year boy.....he now knows how to open our white refridgerator..luckily not the black one, which is the one that is always full. But we keep our extra bulk stuff in the white one, such as, butter.....

Way to make Aunt Jo Jo proud boog!

NOW on to ME! This is a very crutial week for me. So all of you that are going ot see me this week...which is A LOT of me only eat veggies. It's the last week of the biggest loser challenge and I'm in 2nd. My starting weight is lower than the girl that is in 1st, so I can lose less and still beat her. I'm shooting to lose 6lbs this week (an dpack it back on next week in one meal) SO HELP ME! And any quick weight loss tips (even if they are "gainem right back" tips), throw em at me!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A lovely blogtime story for your children

Feel free to read this story to your children....

There once was a handsome prince named Bostonian. He had a rabbit named Lola Abu (named by his sister the princess, when she was 2). Prince Bostonian took Lola EVERYWHERE with him. They were best friends. He would kiss Lola..... SQUEEZE Lola.....
Have nice long chats with Lola...(Amy if those little feet don't make you get pregnant this week, I don't know what will...Mmm!)
Prince Bostonian would even play peek a boo with Lola.
Then one day Godfrey the lamb came along. Prince Bostonian was confused. He had spent most of his life with his best friend Lola, and was not sure how to befriend a lamb. He tried to keep an open heart, and he interview Godfrey to see if they would even be compatible as friends...
ALAS! Our prince has welcomed Godfrey into the circle of friends!
And the 3 best friends lived happily ever after!
(previous story based on a true story)

Now here are just some silly pics of my 3 tards.

I love B's face in this one.
And I forgot to mention last week that I did a mutual for the YW here and we did a huge photoshoot all over JC. I might share more pictures later...and I might not, but it was A LOT of f un. Most of the girls are in the SUnday School class I teach, and I love them!!!! JC has the cutest girls ever!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heber 4th

On the weekend of the 4th we always go to Heber to see the most amazing fireworks at the most amazing house in the most amazing location with the most amazing people. And I LOVE dressing my kids up for the 4th. Red, white and blue are my favorite colors. So I decided I'd do a few pictures. I had my photographer neice Breea take a few for us. Jase took this one of me and Breea first. Cute!Aahhhh, a sweet picture w/o the kids (I forgot to put more hair on J's head)
A picture WITH the kids.....
Ahh, another picture w/o the kids...yes a bit provocative, but we were just messin around...or were we?
Another picture WITH the kids.....
A sweet picture WITHOUT the kids with my hot neices. Um, I guess I'm a giant! I was even wearing sneakers.
Another picture WITH the kids. Family pictures are IMPOSSIBLE!
I guess the key is do one at a time. How stinking sweet is this little man?!
This is as close as we'll get for least til we can get our little girl in a better mood. She turns grumpy the second the camera comes out.

5 things...

1. jaden


3. Flagstaff

4. My 17 little Sunday School kids

5. Chocolate

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

5 things....

1. turbo jam

2. washing machines

3. little girl make up

4. a righteous husband that is persistant in trying to get me to listing to stephen R. Covey, read my scriptures and pray more often.

5. being able to go days w/o using any gas in JC

Friday, July 11, 2008

Can't do it....

Ok, so I guess I didn't say it as bluntly as I shoudl have, but I'm not doing shoots til the fall. I hate doing shoot in the hot weather, and with my kids being out of school, there's just TOO much time to spend with them, and NOT enough to spend photoshopping. I've had a few e mails, phone calls and blog requests...come back in Octoberish. And then I'm only doing 2-3 a month, so if you want your Christmas family pictures, get in. I'm not kidding, I say it every year, then I overbook and ruin my holiday season with photoshopping. So, sorry to everyone that wanted shoots this month or next month. Wish i could.

Sweet Dolly....

This is the slide show I made for K. I think it's my favorite one ever (and thanks Holly for letting me steal the cute sack of sugar's just TOO fitting!) Make sure your sound works, and click here:

Happy Birthday K!!!!

It's K's birthday today. She's 5. Yesterday was her party and it was hectic, so I didn't take very many pictures. I'm soo mad! We had about 10-12 kids there and we started off by making the cutest ladybug costumes!!! And again, I didn't take pictures. I'll take pictures of J and K wearing them sometime. They're soo cute. Then we went and made really cute tin love buckets to keep their licorice and marshmellows in. Then we ate the little ladybugs...
And then it was present opening time. That was intense and very exciting. She loved EVERYTHING she got. Lots of pink. I got her about 10 little things and later realized they were ALL pink. Her dad on the other her a pony....I don't want to talk about it!
I found the cutest pink scooby doo (2 of her favorites) umbrella at the dollar store, and this is her new dress for Aiden, and if you look closely she's got sparkly lips and blue eye shadow, (makeup from me!, so glad she likes it). And whatta ya know, it's raining today, perfect!!! Oh, and yes, that's her monkey brother trying to steal the shot. I tried to blur him out.
I can NOT believe K is 5. I honestly feel like it was just a year or two ago that we were playing with her on the floor at the condo in Tempe when she was a baby, and I'd change her clothes a couple of times a day and take pictures of her in every outfit, and slap bows in her thick monkey hair and paint her tiny toenails. Awww, she was a fun baby. She's an even funner little girl though. She was putting her make up on J and me yesterday and I've had my fingernails painted 3x already. When she woke up this morning I said, "it's your birthday K! What do you want for breakfast?". She said, "do I open even more presents today?!". HA! I told her that we are having 2 parties for her today though, because there is a primary water party this morning and an elder's chorum party at the badlands tonight. Guess we'll have to bring some candles and a cupcake for her. I can't wait to see what an awesome person K turns into. She's defiantely individual, and defaintely has a sweet caring heart. She's our dolly!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July!!!!

You'll notice a slight blur on the left hand side of most of these, dirty lens. Ok, let's start the day of with B eatting cookies by Breea at the park... Grandma and Grandpa Hatch gave ALL of the grandkids these killer cowboy hats from the old trading post...
The first event was a family bike parade, pretty much the whole town was IN the parade.
The cousins...
There was some amazing cotton candy that Von and Kayla took part in....
And Joseph City is even soo cool as to have a helicopter land in the middle of their 4th shin dig. It was awesome. When it took off all of the children's balloon's flew up with it.

B eatting rice crispy treat at the park

Caitee, Kayla and myself stretching to kick some butt in the volleyball tournement....
we lost.
B eatting a sucker at the park by the ponies.
the 3 most awesome kids I know...preston, mckenna and quin.
B eatting ice cream from the ice cream churn off.

You gotta love a town where the coolest guy gets by with wearing a crappy old hat with a HUGE hole in the back.

That evening we went to grandma and grandpa's house for a BBQ. J and his cousin Garrett enjoyed a 20 minute wrestling match.
B, eatting more ice cream...but this time it was the most amazing peach homemade ice cream ever....want the recipe...ask. It's seriously the best!
Since I couldn't eat the ice cream, I held the ice cream.
Gotta be the best holiday in the best place ever!