Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I hope I make it back

We're leaving today for our 12 day road trip which includes 2 days of walking around Sea World, one day of walking around the outlets, 6 states, 2 nights of camping, a family reunion, and 60 hours of driving time....all at 31/32 weeks pregnant. If I don't make it back
My husband and kids go to: Alona
My camera goes to: Bethany
My half done quilts go to: Linda Miller
My clothes go to: Tamee
My new sectional goes: With ME!
See ya in a few...pray for me!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Right Now...

I LOVE my couch

I HATE phones

I WANT to paint

I NEED a sewing room.

Paul Hatch Family 1st annual Camp Out

This past weekend my family all met up at Bear Canyon Lake for a campout...first time ever. We're not really campers, but decided it'd be a fun new tradition. The kids got dirty the second we got dirt. Here's Boss and one of his wacky faces..... My cousin and his family came up too which was fantastic because they're a lot of fun and their kids are the same ages as ours. This is Kam catching a grasshopper.
We wore flip flops of coarse and when Boss took his off you couldn't tell...

Of coarse there was TONS of eatting. That's about all I did was sit, eat and try to sleep. Bossy and his buddy mooched watermelon off of Jase. Again, i don't know what's up with Bossy's wacky faces.

All of the kids waited to hear the rhino or ranger start up then they'd all go running to it to see if they coudl get a ride. These two decided to just hang out on it til someone started it.

Of coarse there was a lot of cards. I didn't take part in much this weekend, but the ole man did...not sure if he had the pen aka, if he won, but he played every game.

The kids mostly played on the swings, with toys, in the dirt, on the bikes, with sticks, and whatever other thing there was to play with. One of the days most of us went down to the lake to watch grandpa hatch jump in. I'm hoping someone will send me pics of that soon. Most of the grandkids jumped in with him and most of the son in laws. It looked miserable to me, but it was a really really cute thing to watch. Grandpa said it's the new he'll be doing it again next year! Hopefully i will too...I just felt way too fat in my swimming suit to get out there. Boston's favorite things were eatting and using grandma's potty in her trailer. He used to love to pee on the trees, but not when he saw how cool it was to flush the toliet in a trailer.

This guy...I just can't get him to let me take a picture of him. This was him singing to me. haha. he was soo incredibly dirty. When they got home we threw them in the bath and it turned BLACK!

These two were awesome. They stuck together the whole weekend doing crazy outdoorsy man double suckers.

I don't know if anyone was excited about the weekend as Jase. He lives to camp, no matter how miserably pregnant his wife is, but I think he did learn, my miserablness usually turns into his miserableness...haha, sorry J.

Again, waiting for someone to come for a ride....

Ahhh, and the hot people let me take some pictures of them...this is how hot they are even after 3 days of camping!!!!!

The food was amazing. Every meal was fantastic! This is Dani showing off our final camping meal, um, taco tangles with Dani's killer salsa! Mmmmm!!!!!
And of coarse we got a flat on our way home, but to make us feel better, Bill locked his keys in his running car, and my dad's truck broke completely JC luckily. But as soon as we got home and took a bath, I crashed and I guess Jaden did the same....Jase took this picture of him.....

It was a fantastic campout! I can't wait for next years when I'm not so big, pregnant, uncomfortable, irritable, mean, and ugly! That's right, I won't be this ugly next year!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ok, this has been the longest pregnancy the entire world! I'm not kidding. I've been pregnant all year...since the 2nd week of Jan! I'm going nuts!!!! Anyway, I told myself at the beginning that I'd post a picture every 5 here it is, my 30 week pic. Only 2 more pics to go! yay! Um, and yea, I didn't do my hair or make up and I'm of coarse in my workout clothes because I weighed myself...which I am brave enough to put on here to reference for future pregnancies. So if you're a true friend, you'll skip past this next like that tells my weight, plus, come on, really, it's none of your business how huge I am. Plus I'd like to think I have a good 25lbs in each boob. I've gone from a C to a DD already..usually that doesn't happen til after the! So here it is, at 30 weeks I weigh..skip hundred and ninety five pounds. Yup, thats only 5lbs away from what I wanted my final weight to be. At the end of Jaden's pregnancy I was 245, Kam's 255, and Boston's 235, so I was thinking I could pull off 200 since I started smaller this time, but nope! I'm workin my "weigh" up quick! alright, off to workout! I did start WW again this week (for the 4th time this pregnancy) but this is the longest I've stuck with 4. I'm allowing myself 30points, it's great! I was at 19points this time last summer. haha!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nothin really...

So i don' thave any new pictures and nothing really to blog about so I'm just going to do a little update on the kids.
Boston, today boss learned why we ask him to not jump from the couch to the ottoman. He did it with a little metal airplane in his hand and now he has 3 scratches on his forehead....good ones. He's still pretty much the sweetest thing ever, but likes to show off when people are over...guess that's how it all starts though, but he still comes in every morning and cuddles and he still LOVES to snuggle on the couch...and I'm still his favorite. yay!
Kam, her bad haircut is almost grown out. She's still looking a little 80's. But she is soo excited for school. She keeps sneaking into some of her school clothes and wearing them. THis morning she helped me make apricot granola bars and now she's in cleaning her room for the 4th time today (she's still struggling with morning chores).
Jaden, still has no front teeth. He loves to play with Boston, they wrestle and play cars a lot, and he acts like he doesn't like to play with Kam, but anytime she goes to a friend's he sits and asks, "isn't it time for Kam to come home?" "don't you need to go pick up Kam?". He's a great kid and keeps getting sweeter and sweeter everyday.
Um, as for our house situation, don't ask, cause I don't know. I know Jase spends a lot of time on the phone still with the lender's and such, but I don't want to know what's going on until he can say, "we have a loan". We still have private money, but we are waiting to get a loan to cover it. In the meantime, we're renting out 2 trailers (one that came with a cat and made the kids week!) and renting the same hosue we've been in for almost 2 years! And I'm dealing with it. I've gotten in the mindset that we will raise all of our kids here. But honestly, if I'm here one more year, I'm going to buy this stupid house! No matter if the owner will come down on his price or not . I told Jase last week if he could talk him down enough to make it worth it for us (cause we'd have to do TONS of things to the house for it to be OUR home) then I'll buy it, but he's convinced that he won't come down.
Um and as for ME....I'm pregnant. 30 weeks and looking ready to pop (so I've been told by many) It's been nice to have a whole week with nothing major going on. My family (sisters and their families and parents) are going camping this weekend, should be least as far as camping 7 months pregnant goes. And next WEd we leave for Sea World, our Hwy 1 road trip, Jase's family's reunion in Oregon and a trip back down through Idaho and Utah. 11 days in all. So for the next week, I'm going to be going back and forth from exercising, cooking and laying on our sweet new couch. (pics coming soon)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Ok, I just had to post this pic that I stole off of Kit's blog. It's our girls. (L-R) Kit's, Kym's, Cara's and of coarse my dark hair beauty. And I know I should be happy about this, but Kam's the only one that doesn't look like her mom! The other 3 are spittin images. Ug! Guess I'll have to try for a girl next time...maybe bluer bigger eyes, smaller lips and whiter skin. Ug, maybe not! Kam LOVES these girls. She asks about Rylee all the time..."the girl Rylee" (there's a boy Rylee in town). And Kayda is better friends with Boston, they're closer in age. She calls him "buddy". Hopefully they'll date someday!

After campout....

Ok, I'm starting with after the campout because that's how I roll. This is Kam as we were loading up to leave from our ward campout. I think if there were a dirtiest award, she woudl have won it...defaintely the cutest award! And these two as we were walking to the car. Again, cute and dirty....

Now here is where the real cool sets in. We had to go to the valley to pick up our sectional after camp and we stopped by Golden Spoon and when the kids were done, of coarse their faces were all sticky and they came up with a new lip trick.....

Jadens looked the coolest since he's missing so many teeth. I'll be getting some better pictures of the toothless guy soon. But for now...sticky face lip trick!

Oh and the first pics are in B&W beecause some little guy put my camera on monochromatic!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

5 things.....

1. living in JC and getting fresh eggs and milk every other day.

2. Koe...I still love my hair...even though it's growing out and I need her again.

3. VS yoga pants. I lived in them last year, and I just ordered some in size L for this year so I can live in them. Oh, and all you tall girls...they now make a 36" inseam on them!

4. My kids. They helped me out SO much yesterday with moving the house around...and I'm sure they will again...I'll probably have to bribe them today though.

5. Jase doing the dishes every morning. Although it would be 10x better if they were done at night, I'm soo glad I don't have to touch them! Thanks lover!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 things...

Ok, I'm in a it of a slump, ok it's more like a huge hole to the core of the earth, so I've decided to do my 5 things again, I think it helps a bit.

1. Lindsay Brinn. I'm glad I can still do her 2nd trimester workout, but I do think this is my last week....then I need to switch to tri 3.

2. Melissa, Kourtney, Jessica, Amy, Lu, Tamee, and I guess that's it. Girls that have put up with my meaness/depression swings the past 2 months.

3. Free Summer lunches for ALL kids at the cafeteria across the street. I love only doing 2 meals a day!

4. My mom! I've been going nuts trying to finish projects with my stupid sewing machine, an dI have to call her up every other day to help me fix the stupid peice of crap...she fixes it and a day later, I've broken it again.

5. Our garden! It's producing! We're eatting awesome summer and zucinni squash off of it (everyday...we over planted...along with the rest of the town that likes to bring produce to the town doc). And the kids pop off the cherry tomatoes everyday and eat them. I love it!

Ok, this list bettered make me happy as I think about it today!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sessae 6 year old wahine.....

Ahhh, Saturday is over. The Christmas in July all went well, thank goodness. It was actually kinda fun. Then we got a little break midday to get ready for Kam's Luau. Mom and I made these cakes the day before. 2 beach balls and 2 coconuts, or in Vonda's words, brown boobs, or in Bill's words, hogans with Indians coming out. Then as we were setting up for it, it started to rain...blah! We had tiki torches, water slides, everything, but luckily it went away and Vonda and I tried out the picture prop to make sure it worked ok......
I bought this hat at the dollar store and made Jase wear it since I have to wear his son 24/7 for 10 months...he too must suffer. But he, himself, chose the face he's making...your bad, not mine.

This next picture might be a bit disturbing to some. I don't know why they both decided to make killer child faces, but they did, and if you knew the chaos that went on between these two in the previous week, it makes these faces scarier. I'll explain further down.

This picture, Kourtney and Zack are probably hating me for, but I love that they were both making funny faces for it...but even more, I LOVE that my belly is hidden behind Jase in this picture...haha!

And I think Beeba took this picture...just to show how cute Kam's 6 year old bum is in a tight 5 year old swimming suit. So cute!!!

Ahh, and the adored sister and her husband. Very sessae.
And notice her shell necklace. She went all out for the luau. Actually, we're super glad they stayed for it, and helped out. Thanks!!!!
And the lovely 6 year old herself! I love her cute little chubby cheeked guts!!!! She had a lot of fun all day. She wanted birthday cake for breakfast and I told her we'd have it for dinner, and sure enough, all she wanted of the luau food was a hawaiin sweet roll and some watermelon then she went crazy on the candy and ice cream. What would her father say?!

Ahh, and her BFF Tess...she's a good poser. I need to work with Kam a bit. Look at the leg, the tilted head, holding up the drink to cover trouble spots. Genius!

The Limbo contest. Kam really wanted a limbo contest. Obviously Boston did NOT win!

Ahh, these two. Seriously I wish I could record them every second they are together. They are hilarious. Wheather they are fighting or playing nice, they are hilarious! Our favorite was when tess stayed the night this week and we knew things would start to get a bit stormy so I had Jase take the camcorder in and video them playing,a n dsure enough, within a minute they started yelling at each other and Tess got mad (kam was being the meaner in this particular fight) and she marched around Jase and his camcorder and said, "I'm telling your mom". She came up, put her arm around me and told me how naughty Kam was being and the pain in her arm escalated as the conversation went on. I asked her, 'what should we do with Kam?"> She said, "Let's have Jason beat her up.....(and looking right at the camera and pointing to it), AND DELETE THAT!". It was awesome. Then later in the week, they started fighting and Kam got a good grip on Tess's hair...and honestly hair was coming out of her scalp for a good 10 minutes! Chunks! Yea, sorry Tess. We can't wait for you to come again though. Kam has already asked this morning if we could go see the cousins...we go through withdrawls everytime theyc ome and leave. But look how adorable they are!!!!
And the blowing out of the candles.

Sexy Boston in his boxers (he jumped in the pool before we could change his clothes, so we counted his boxers as swimshorts).

We all ate cake, cleaned up, went home and crashed and before Jase and I even got out of bed this morning, Kam and Jaden had every gift out of the boxes. They just put on a puppet show with their new theater and Kam tried on her new barbie outfit.....

It was a great 6th birthday!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I can't believe we've had her for 6 years. It only seems like 2 or 3. She's freaking awesome. We decorated her room up last night while she was asleep and she came running in at 5:30 this morning and said, "I saw that my room was decorated and my floor (we put sparkle confetti all over her floor)". WE told her it was Santa, then the tooth fairy, then the birthday fairy then Boston, but she knew it was us. She's awesome. Ok, so here's a top 10 for my sweet Kam this year.
10. I LOVE that she still says, "I'm finding for my ______" I hope they don't teach her in school that it's "looking for".
9. I love how excited she is to start school. She's been asking when she starts kindergarten for over a year now. I told her it's after we go to Sea World and see our Hawaii grandma so that she'd stop asking. She LOVES to be with kids her age and she LOVES to learn.

8. I love her hair. Obvoiusly, if I kicked a hole in the wall after the 4th time she cut it, I love it. It's soo fun. For the past 4 months I haven't had fun with it because of her 80's layers around her face, but I know in a couple of months it'll be good again. I love playing with her hair!

7. I love her cheeks. Look at those gushy, mushy, round and fluffy cheeks! Mmmm!
6. I love her sweet tooth. I know it bugs Jase, but I know it comes from me and it makes me laugh. She can hunt out sugar anywhere! For her birthday breakfast she requested M&M pancakes...we've never even had those before, but I granted her wish and we had M&M pancakes this morning. And at the 4th BBQ she always hits up the dessert table first...and sometimes only the dessert table.
5. Jase and I both love how sweet she's gotten this year. She has been pretty fiesty since she hit 2. And although we do love her strong willed attitude, it's soo nice to see her sweet side more and more everyday. She loves to help me out in the kitchen, and loves to help out dad in teh garden. She is such a great sister too.

4. We LOVE that she learned to ride a bike w/o training wheels this last year and before that she wouldn't even ride a bike, I'd have to put her on the back of mine (with boston on the front) but after she learned how to ride w/o training wheels, we can't get her off.
3. I love that when she answers the phone, she'll chit chat forever. One time when she was on the phone with Aunt Tamee they talked forever and Tamee asked her where mom was and she said, "on a date". Tamee asked, "with who?". Kam said, "I don't know". Cause, you know, it's different all the time...haha.

2. I love that she's brave enough to cut her hair after "the big hair cut" where she was punished with a weeks worth of outdoor cleaning (which our neighbors suffered for by her loud screams for a week). I know that's not something most mom's would love, but, seoriusly, that's guts. She knows next time, she's bald, so let's see how truely brave she is.
1. My favorite thing about Kam is that she's mine. She has really started liking to do more girly things this last year and wants to hang out with me more. And she likes to try on clothes, even though she wears her swimming suit most days. She loves her nails done, and loves to put make up on, she still hates to have her hair done but that's beacuse she usually has syrup in it. But I love that I have a girl to go shopping and to lunch with. And to hit the chic flicks in a few years with. She's awesome!

Love you tons Kam! Hope you have a fantastic buurtday (that's how she says it)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

same O

So, not much has been up with me. Just being pregnant, tired, cleaning and eatting. My sister is in town, so we've had a lot of hot games of rummikub and cards. But my homelife is still the nice day to day. WE are however getting ready for our "christmas in july" this saturday. And I'm still the enrichment leader which is nuts since I'm the biggest slacker, procrastinator, craft/domestic hater ever right now. I used to want to be the ole...but now I just despise her and women like her. It annoys me that some people can "have it all together" ! No one really does. Usually if they have time to be domestic/crafty, they don't spend a whole lot of time being motherly and maidly, they have a babysiter a few times a week and a maid. WHAT?! Ok, I'm just jealous and struggling with my calling in life right now.
On to the next depressing subject...our sad chick with a crooked beak. We bought a few chicks about 2 or 3 months ago and we noticed one eats a lot longer than the others, but she doesn't get much in...her poor beak is crooked. It's the saddest thing ever. Luckily she has my dad walking by every morning to come hand feed her corn kernals. but her life is sad, and she will soon die. (this isn't her, I stink at taking pictures lately, this is a googled crooked beak chick)

Coming soon, Tess and Kam fights and my hillbilly son.

Monday, July 6, 2009


This year for the 4th we had company from Texas. A family of 6 for 4 days. Jase was in charge of a lot of the stuff here in town, so I chased kids all morning on the 4th. They had so much fun though. Jase gave them all a few tickets, Kam ended up buying 4 cotton candies (we took her last one) and some glow sticks. Jaden bought otter pops, glow sticks, and those pop things that you throw at the sidewalk and they pop. Boston mostly just went up and down the water slides and slip n slides all day til he fell asleep. Then we went home to change and I made a few dishes to take to Heber. And then Heber was the usual. Eatting, talking then the most amazing fireworks ever!
Here is our annual 4th picture...blah! I should have turned to the side...yuck! But look at this can I not be excited for another stinkin adorable boy!?