Sunday, April 23, 2017

Where the livins easy...

Today Jase and I were sitting on our front porch swing eating cookies that one of our neighbors brought us before our kids realized we had them, and we were talking and Jase asked, "seriously, how did we get so many cute kids?!"  Our two middle boys were busting up laughing at each other and they both looked over with their big sparkle eyes when he asked that.  They're so awesome! We really are THE most blessed family I know.

Today was our first irrigation of the year.  The kids went crazy.  Our whole front yard was a big swimming pool.  They had races, and raced Gus and did a few science projects with our bridge and their toy tractors, then realized IT"S FREEZING!!! The water is SO cold and it's windy today!  They're so crazy!
 This guy, however, is a little smarter.  He stayed on the porch with me.....

 He's so stinking naughty though!  He's pulled the flowers off of almost all of my flags!  I'm nervous the snap drags are next, then the Shasta's, and then my long awaited peonies!  I need to train him quickly or he'll be wearing a straight jacket everytime we go outside this summer.
 This week we planted a ton of flowers and started getting our garden spot ready....and I guess we got another bunny.  Next week we're hopefully getting more chicks, planting our garden and picking our neighbors weeds.  And Jase just told me...for Mother's Day....I get to pick out a new puppy!!!!!!  I'm so excited.  I've got it narrowed down to two breeds.  I've missed having a little dog around the house since Fox died a few months ago.  Gus is SUCH a great dog though.  We hug everyday, which if you knew me 3 years ago, you know I HATED big dogs. I was afraid of every single one, but now thanks to Gus, I'm only afraid of pit bulls, rotweilers, Dobermans and German shperads!  Maybe someday Ill like em all (doubt it)
And Bibs  wanted to plant strawberries and basil.  She picked this little spot in the yard for the basil. I'm a bit nervous it won't get enough sun, but she's excited about it.
 Easter is always so much fun with the Hatch's.  We did another egg hunt at the Bollwinkles, but it was even better because it was Caitee's homecoming, Randa's 50th birthday (major dance party!) and Zane opened his Dominica Republic!!!!!  He's going to do AMAZING there!!!
Here's the smaller monkeys pre hunt....
 Tru just wanted one egg and he was happy.  He wasn't feeling tops.  This teething thing is a pain in the booty for him, but I LOVE that he wants to cuddle so much!

 The other day Vivian picked out this girly outfit, and asked me if she looked pretty.  And she loved wearing the dress with the horses....but then....

 Truman came into her room and she decided to take all of his clothes off and put them on herself and ask, "do I look like a tough guy?"   ha!  Too cute to be tough!
 The other day this stud came up for me to take his senior pictures.  We hd so much fun!  He's THE sweetest, most easy going teenager I've ever known.
 Vivian and Caitee came with us.  I got this quick shot of Vivian as I was checking the lighting.
 I think I have a picture of all of my kids surrounded by a mess, figured I couldn't leave this guy out.
 Um, sexy!  He got his mamas figure.
 I just have a lot of really cute pictures of this really cute boy!

 and then...WHAT?!  This is Pearcen....same kid!!!!
We made this carrot patch cake for FHE last week.  
 And I just LOVE when my kids fall asleep in random places.  Not that the couch is random, but still. Her hands...her belly, her feet!!!!  STOP GROWING BIBBY GIRL!!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Cruising with my peeps

Mom and Dad have waited take their kids on a trip, and finally last year was able to plan it.   We decided on a cruise and it was amazing!  We left on a Sunday and got back on a Sunday.  Flew to Houston, met the Jones and cruised out and went to Cozumel Mexico, the Grand Caymans and Jamaica.  
This was the first day as we were taking off....the girls were just sitting back relaxing...and the boys....
 standing by the edge talking about the ship.
 We played a lot of cards, shuffleboard and hit all of the shows.  The comedians were hilarious, the ice show was ok, and the last night musical was lame I guess...I was sleeping right through it.
 The first stop was Cozumel and we rented jeeps and toured around a bit before we found a great little beach where the girls parked it and the boys snorkeled for a bit then we all ate.
 Us and our beach boys right before we took off.
 Every night we met at the same table at 5:30 with the same awesome waiters.  Dress up night was fun even though I never got around to buying a fancy dress...I figured a big ugly necklace and an updo will dress up any dress enough.
 The whole gang for dress up night #2.
 We took a lot of pictures of these fine people, and these ones are my favorite!  Dad does NOT LIKE pictures...he talks his way right through them.  Honestly, my sisters and I rarely get a picture where dad isn't talking.  It's hilarious.  And mom is always by his side looking as adorable as ever!
 but I LOOVE these's his real smile because our little Indian waiter came right up and said he's his son and gave him a big hug on the last night.

 Our waiters were amazing.  They even knew by the last night to bring me chocolate milk and sliders before I even ordered (yup, gained 8 pounds in a 8 days)
 It was such a fun trip and we were lucky enough to get to bring Caitee Jo.  She got home from her mission just a day before we left, so we couldn't just ditch her.   Here's a shot of Tru and her at the airport...he was teething big time, but obviously very happy to see her.
 And this last week I was lucky enough to have Zane sneak up here for some senior pictures.  I LOVE THIS KID!!! He's so sweet and caring and smiley and happy...and obviously good looking!
 Vivian came with us because Caitee was there and Viv loves of course I snapped a quick shot of V in this dead old field.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A day in the life on Mom Mulder 2017

I decided I needed to write a typical day since I went back about 8 or 9 years ago (3 or 4 kids ago) and read a typical day and was amazed at all the time I had to workout, quilt, do puzzles with the littles and make awesome meals for every meal!

5: wake up, don't get up.
5:30 : Jase gets up to go to the gym.
5:45 : Jase goes to gym, I get out of bed and change into workout clothes and start a Jillian Michaels yoga.
6: Boston wakes up and I tell him it's not time, but he's up anyway, so Jillian must go, so I wake everyone else up to get going on zones.
6:45 : I start breakfast, which today was easy...yesterday's waffles in the toaster.
7: Jase stumbles in, I make the kids come to the table and turn on a conference talk (since we missed conference last weekend)
7:20 : everyone cleans up, I brush hair, check rooms, feed Tru, clean him up.
735 : I take the first "bus" to school, which only Kam and Jaden caught.
7:45 : I take the second "bus" with Pearcen and Boston.
7:55 : come home to finish cleaning and change Truman.
8:30 : a load of laundry switched, folded, put away.
9:  Dress Viv and Tru
9:15 : Take V to dance...realize I'm 15 minutes early, take package to UPS to ship.
9:30 : take V to dance...where she begs me to stay and watch, so I stay and watch and write my grocery list with tru's help.
10:15: Grab a quick lunch for V.
10:35 : Take V home to get her backpack and change out of dance clothes
10:45. Take V to preschool.
11: get home, change Tru, lay him down, do some more laundry then get interrupted by a guy wanting to sell me a super awesome huge galvanized trough for a pool/garden.
11:30: Figure out where all of this weeks money has already gone (first of the month, dance, piano, voice, preschool, restock fridge from trip, baseball pants and shoes)
12: Start 60 minute Turbo Fire
12:30 : Tru wakes up.  Feed him some baby food and grapes.
1 : Vivian gets home from preschool by walking with dad, but dad stayed to "play with the neighbor" (to see how his wife is doing...leukemia)
130 : Feed Vivian some grapes, turn on Beauty and the Beast so I can finish that load of laundry.
2: make this weeks meal plan and finish grocery list.
2:30 : lay Vivian down and start dinner.
3: Pearce and Boss get home and I have to weigh and measure them for the special olympics track program.
3:30 : Bathe Tru since he pooped all over.  Change his bedding.
3:50 Lay Tru back down
3:55: Run Boss to baseball
4: Finish Turbo Fire
4:30 : Kam gets home
4:40 : Jaden gets home. I sit down to write this...and here's the rest of my day...

5:10 : Go pick up Pearcen from the neighbors and take him to piano then come home to check on dinner
5:30: Jase might be home, and I'll go pick up Boston from baseball and drop him off at home.
5:45 : Pick up Pearen from piano.
6: Make everyone sit down and eat these delicious crock pot tacos!!!
6:25: Clean up a bit, then load everyone up to go to Boston's pack meeting.
7:30 : get back home and finish cleaning up.  Throw a couple of kids in the bath.
8: Lay Tru down.  Jase reads with one and I read with the other of Pearcen and Vivian and Boss reads to himself
8:30, middle 3 go down and J and I watch some TV with the older two or help them with their homework.
9:30: Older two go down. and I either clean,  fold laundry and watch more TV, write down goals, read old goals, Pin, or hopefully I'll get the energy to do a last minute workout.
10:30-11:30: BEEEEDDDDDD!!!!!!