Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So I've been feeling like my life all of a sudden got 10x busier over the last year and a half (since we moved here).  I can never keep up with kid's schedules, the 2 babies at home, keeping the house clean, cooking and getting a little (LITTLE) shut eye.  The days seemed so much shorter, and needs became more demanding!  I realized all the moms of 4 or more kids around the ages of mine were feeling THE SAME WAY.....until I met a friend who seemed content, relaxed,  found time to chill with her kids, cooked most every single meal, her daughters hair was done everyday, as well as her own (this is a struggle for us) and her house is mostly together all of the time (she watches a ton of kids during the day, so there are 2 rooms that are covered in kids and toys most of the day, but the rest of the house seemed pretty well put together).  I realized everyone LOVES her, but she doesn't do a lot of social things.  I realized I was feeling the need to say yes to every single outing I was invited to.  Maybe because in JC I was the one that planned them, and did them and I never got invited, mostly because no one ever did girls nights, or movie nights, or family BBQ's there (well, except with their extended family).  But she did do church activities, and she did make sure her kids knew she was there FOR THEM, not for HER. I feel like up until last month, I said, "I'm going out with _____ to go and _____, you guys are staying here with dad".  a lot!  It's been hard to say no, or to find legit, honest reasons to get out of get togethers with friends, or even family sometimes, so that I can stay at home with the kids more...but I"VE LOVED IT!  And there's still a lot of selfishness in my, painting my headboard, painting my hutch, sewing, trying out new Pinterest recipes, etc....but I feel so much more productive.  I like that my kids see me get things done, rather than fret and panic and stress that there isn't enough time to do anything, and then go hang out with friends.  ugh!  I LOVE friends, and I LOVE GNO's...but I think one a month is fine, and what mom's don't like a GNO in the form of taking the kids to the park together to wear them out for nap time?!  Anyway, since I can't completely get back to my simple country life right now, I've got to simplify what I have to work with here.  Including teaching my kids to say no!  There's just so much stinking stuff going on here all the time for the kids...and they usually get a bit mad at me when I tell them they need time at home, but there are some days when i feel like they are only here for an hour in the morning and an hour before bed, and they're too young to be away from home that much (in my opinion)....and the amazing thing...if/when they complain that I didn't let them go, they're perfectly fine with staying home within a few minutes.  Kamryn isn't in an activity right now, and it's so nice! I love having extra time with her.  The boys are both in soccer, but we ditch most every week.  It's been nice just hanging out, going to parks, playing in the front or backyard, teaching them to cook, playing card games, and yes, watching tv or hilarious youtube videos together. I like these guys, and I wanna hang out at home with them as much as I can before they hit the inevitable, busy teenage years!  So thanks friend (you know who you are) for reminding me it's ok to say no, it's ok to stay home, it's ok to not be social, and it's especially ok to  be happy with it all...especially at this stage of life when our little ones need us more, and need to learn all of the domestic (even these boys) things of life!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Here I go again....

 I know...I know I've just barely posted about the amazingness of these two, but I have to again.  I blog about my crap, about how for the first full year living here I would gain a couple of pounds every week (pregnant or not), how I would hardly ever go to outings because I didn't like to be surrounded by seemingly happy people, or fit people or rich people, or how I was the world's most boring mom and made them clean and read and watch tv all day so I wouldn't have to take them to a park or come up with an activity, or play games with them.  Yup, I had my full year or that.  But things are slowly changing here in the Mulder family.  Still not happy that our farm/orchard dreams are on hold, but am LOVING these kids I got.  ALL of them. I need to get better about taking pictures of the older two...they just dont' like it...but they're great.  The last 4 days we've been dadless, and I sucked at my budget for the first week of the month (thanks Bibbian's birthday party) so we were kinda moneyless too.  So we had to get creative.  WE all loaded up and went to DI where I let them all pick out something for $2.  Boston got a huge sword that he STILL is going around hitting everything with, and a foam finger.  Pearcen of coarse got a bunch of little cars.  Jaden got yet another hat.  His friends at the moment all wear hats, so he's in the mode. Vivian got a hilarious hat, and Kam got.$(@#&**(#$@&
And then the storm starting picking up pretty strong...we all had to fight the wind to get to the car.  The older 3 were bustin up laughing (so were people in their cars watching us) and Vivian and Pearrce were miserable.  Pearce really couldn't was an equal battle for him...and Vivvy couldn't bury her head into my shoulder enough.  So we decided to do something indoors...the LIBRARY!  Which was a fantastic idea....but little did I know that I have a $42 fine...thanks to my little Ms. that loves checking out books, but stinks at putting things where they belong.  So we came home, loooked in the bookshelves, under the storage units, under her bed, in her closet and a few dozen other places, but we have yet to find it.  So she might be working through a part of spring break to pay for the books.  Anyway, on our way home we dropped Kam off at Tessas and J off at his friends so they could go to a movie.  So me and the littles went home, put in our awesome Thomas the train movie and had popcorn.  The next day we wanted to go to the ostrich festival, but it was STILL rainy and we headed out to Ikea, which the kids LOVE because of the play area.  the middle 3 are perfect sizes...Jaden is now too big and Vivian of coarse is too small (and not potty trained)  so we met up with Uncle Justy and Aunt Lissy and spent our magical hour walking around Ikea.  Then OFF to the Aloha Festival, which was a little less exciting than we had hoped, but we met up with some other friends, the Garners and the kids got out some energy before we headed back to the car.  Then a pleasent trip to Sam's club (seriously, the kids were all sparkling...ok ok, they were dirty, but they were getting a long, and everyone was seriously saying what a good looking bunch) then up to visitin the Bollwinkles....where I left the older 2 and took the littles home again to have root beer floats (dad's out of town!) and watch Spongebob til they crashed.

I was just so worried about these 4 dadless days, but they went just lovely thanks to some great kids.  Of coarse one or two had their breif moments, which may have been exaggerated by my lack of sleep (the biggest downfall of dad being gone), but it was a great weekend.  Fingers crossed that the rest of spring break goes this well and that we can get creative to keep is entertaining!

And now to some pictures of my little guys.  I need 2 big pictures to go in my 2 big Ikea frames above their beds, so I pulled over on the side of the road (wasn't planning on doing it, obviously, you can see mustard on B's shirt in some of them) but I'm so in love with these. SO IN LOVE! I don't ever ever eve want them to grow up!  EVER!  They feel like they need to hold hands or have their arms around each other all the time.  It's my favorite!!!!!

 And this guy just cracks me up at this age.  He's hilarious and says the funniest things. I've been trying to get him to say hilarious more, so when he's laughing at something I laugh and say, "that's hilarious" and he'll reply, "yea, and funny too".  He's soo cool. He spends 75% of his day at the table doing puzzles, or in the toy room setting up car races.   He's cake!

and now....time for my all time favorite.....

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yesterday I read a great article that my sister Tamee posted about how older women always tell us in this phase of life things like, "enjoy them while they're young, it goes by so fast"  or, "They don't' stay little long, make the most of each day".  The lady that wrote the article commented on how sometimes it's hard to enjoy each moment.  You've spent your whole day cleaning poop and cooking and breaking up fights and cleaning some more and laundry and more cleaning.  Sometimes it's hard to enjoy it.  But there are moments.  There are always moments that make everyday worth it.  Somedays, at least in my home, I don't find the moments, and just endure til bedtime.  Lately, our days have been full of moments.   I've noticed with the previous 3 kids that it does come and go in phases, but I'm enjoying the kids in the phases they're in right now.  And yesterday was a gleaming super mom moment...IN PUBLIC...super rare for us.  I was actually OUT of my workout clothes and in jeans, the kids were all clean clothes...that were on the right way.  Not only was Vivvy dressed appropriately, but she was in an adorable outfit that my friend made for her.  I had just pulled Boston out for a lunch date and needed to go by Sprouts...our usual wed at 10 am routine.  And of coarse, it's packed.  But then, the magical part..`..Vivian sat in the cart happily, nodding her head yes to everyone and smiling and acting shy.  Boston had his arm around Pearce most of the store and they talked about the different foods and what they wanted to do with their day.  no one touched anything they weren't supposed to, no one talked mean, no one cried, and it was magical!  Not only did I noticed (which I did from the second we walked through the door and the bakery lady let them pick out any cookie they wanted in the whole bakery...even if they didnt' want the same kind, she said she'd open 2 new boxes, love Sprouts), but others were noticing too.  I had so many ladies say, "wow, what great helpers you have" when Boston would open the produce bag for Pearce to put something in.  and yea, I let them pick things out and we have lots of produce that wasn't on our list, but I was just so mesmerized.  And so many old couples smiled and pointed at them as they walked arm n arm around.  And of coarse, Vivvy was little Ms. Sunshine throughout the store.  It was hard for me not to bust up crying with happiness as I proudly walked through Sprouts for a few brief moments of my life. 
These two carried on that way the rest of the day...even the sitter noticed last night.  

I hope it sticks! I know Boss has always tried to serve Pearce and keep him happy...these pictures are from a 2 years ago...
 And then I found these while I was searching...he looks os much like's adorable!  I did get that comment yesterday at Sam's club (which was NOT a gleaming moment, but my own fault...lost my wallet after I had already put $200 worth of groceries on the belt during a busy time of day...had to reload and go around to find my wallet).  An older lady, busted up laughing at my kids which I instantly was worried about (boogers, pants down, etc...) but she just said, "oh my, you can definitely tell that those two are related, they look exactly the same".  About Vivian and Pearce.

Mmm, I'm not going to go out in public all day so I can keep savoring that lovely gleaming super mom moment of yesterday.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The littles....

There are days....few and far between, that I think of how awesome it will be to have no one here during those 8 magical hours in the middle of the day.   Last year was a year that a LOT of my friends hit that stage of life.  They were all super excited...and I guess you do get to a point where you're happy for it.  But I can't imagine not having these 2 to tote around with me everywhere I go, and ask me to do puzzles with them, and ask me to come cuddle and watch some goofy show. I love that they want to help me with whatever I'm doing/making.  I love that Vivian will crawl to wherever I am and get on her knees and reach up for me. I love that Pearce plays and plays and plays and makes Vivian happy and gives me hourly reports on what she's doing and then he decides to fall asleep.  Sometimes he'll quiletly go to his bed, and other times he'll play with his trucks until his little eyes won't stay opened any longer. I know when that day comes I'll be able to get so much more done each day, but I can't imagine not having someone here to cuddle with, or play with, or even clean up after...and I know in a few months, I might read this and think I was insane...but for the last few months, I LOVE these littles.  I wish we could freeze them at this age forever.  
 Some of my favorite things about Pearceman are that he always has a car in his hand.  He seriously takes his cars everywhere. I find them in the wash, i find them all over the car, in the tub, in the pantry, in the couch, ALL OVER.  He LOVES cars.  And he's always got a pocketful of change...except on Friday evenings.  He finds and saves as many coins as he can, and keeps them in his pocket and changes them to the next days pants pocket until FRIDAY!  Friday is the day the ice cream truck goes by, and he's always prepared.
And of coarse, a little picture of Bibbian on her last day as a 0 year old.

 And I've had a few friends want to see my chore chart.  I got the idea from my friend Jana...her's is a lot better.  She has a bunch of $1 bills up top and a list of  extra jobs that they can earn a buck for.  If my kids ever get good at doing their daily chores, we might start that.

My baby's ONE!!!

Sweet baby Bibby turned one on Saturday!  It honestly seems like I just gave birth a few months ago...NOT a year ago!  She's been a super easy happy baby to have around here...thank goodness, or I would have gone insane with moving here, the kid's crazy new schedules, and not being a sleeper for most of the year

We started off by giving Vivvy her completely awesome cake to go crazy with....she didn't understand. She was surrounded by about 20 people, half with cameras, and she paid no attention to the huge cake in front of her....
 So we downgraded to a little rose cupcake...which we first swiped on her lip so she could understand a bit what it was for.....then she went a dainty, sweet little way.

 Then she wanted out.

She's a bit wacky.  I really like her.

We gave it a few minutes then tired the smash cake on the ground...she did a little bit better, but still,I wouldn't call it a smash cake...maybe a taster cake.
This guy had an awesome time.  He had a few of his favorite friends and cousins there, and they were busy the whole day.  HIs favorite spot was under this huge awesome table clothe.

 And now pictures of decorations and guests.  One of Jase's patients made this fantastic cake.  It was hard to let her destroy it.

 and our Vivvian timeline.  Kinda made me super sad to look through these.  I remember when she was about 3 or 4 months, I would wake up at night holding her and just cry because she's my last little baby...oh wait, just like I did a few days ago!
 Aunt LIssy and Uncle Justy in their finest tea party clothes.  Aunt Lissy and Danica are my two party girls.  They helped a ton to get things set up and put together.  
 The Hatch girls talking about crafts, food or awesomeness, I'm sure..

 The cake table.  You had a few favorite was the rose cupcakes with buttercream frosting...which we will be making and selling at our yard/bake sale this weekend (COME)
 apetizers,  snacks, desserts and sandwiches
 The royal throne.

a couple of the table settings....

After the party we decided to tie all of the balloons to Vivian to see if she'd float...she doesn't, but it was a lot of fun watching her crawl with them on.
Mi hermanas (Hey, does anyone have a picture of all the party guests?) I didn't start taking pictures til after the party.  haha)

and other than the awesome baby...THIS is what made the party...this AWESOME party hat.  It is so adorable...and luckily Bibs didn't mind wearing it!
and the Gutterys put together the "Vivian" board.
 And yea, she was even super happy a few hours into the party.  She's awesome!
I LOOVE this little squat stance.
 It was a fantastic little birthday tea party. I'm so sad that she's growing up so fast. I feel like all of my kids are, but these younger two are growing twice as fast as any other kid in the world and it's making me a bit mad and super sad.  Wish I could do something about it.  Some of my favorite things about Bibby at this age is how she growls and laughs when you growl back.  She loves to raise her eyebrows and shake her head yes at most anything I say or do. I hope she's always this agreeable.  I love that she loves to cuddle when I first get her out of her carseat, everytime.  I love that she does a stink bug crawl if she doesn't have pants on. I love her perfect little baby face.  I love how little she is.  It was fun to have big fat chubby babies that were tall and at least 25 pounds at age 1, but having a short little 19 pound one year old is fun too...makes her seem younger. :)   I love that she sleeps through the night, EVERYNIGHT.  I love that she loves naps.  I love that she's a great eater.    I love that she offers a bite of whatever she has to anyone that's around. I love her awesome little smile!  She's perfect!!!!!