Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yesterday I read a great article that my sister Tamee posted about how older women always tell us in this phase of life things like, "enjoy them while they're young, it goes by so fast"  or, "They don't' stay little long, make the most of each day".  The lady that wrote the article commented on how sometimes it's hard to enjoy each moment.  You've spent your whole day cleaning poop and cooking and breaking up fights and cleaning some more and laundry and more cleaning.  Sometimes it's hard to enjoy it.  But there are moments.  There are always moments that make everyday worth it.  Somedays, at least in my home, I don't find the moments, and just endure til bedtime.  Lately, our days have been full of moments.   I've noticed with the previous 3 kids that it does come and go in phases, but I'm enjoying the kids in the phases they're in right now.  And yesterday was a gleaming super mom moment...IN PUBLIC...super rare for us.  I was actually OUT of my workout clothes and in jeans, the kids were all clean clothes...that were on the right way.  Not only was Vivvy dressed appropriately, but she was in an adorable outfit that my friend made for her.  I had just pulled Boston out for a lunch date and needed to go by Sprouts...our usual wed at 10 am routine.  And of coarse, it's packed.  But then, the magical part..`..Vivian sat in the cart happily, nodding her head yes to everyone and smiling and acting shy.  Boston had his arm around Pearce most of the store and they talked about the different foods and what they wanted to do with their day.  no one touched anything they weren't supposed to, no one talked mean, no one cried, and it was magical!  Not only did I noticed (which I did from the second we walked through the door and the bakery lady let them pick out any cookie they wanted in the whole bakery...even if they didnt' want the same kind, she said she'd open 2 new boxes, love Sprouts), but others were noticing too.  I had so many ladies say, "wow, what great helpers you have" when Boston would open the produce bag for Pearce to put something in.  and yea, I let them pick things out and we have lots of produce that wasn't on our list, but I was just so mesmerized.  And so many old couples smiled and pointed at them as they walked arm n arm around.  And of coarse, Vivvy was little Ms. Sunshine throughout the store.  It was hard for me not to bust up crying with happiness as I proudly walked through Sprouts for a few brief moments of my life. 
These two carried on that way the rest of the day...even the sitter noticed last night.  

I hope it sticks! I know Boss has always tried to serve Pearce and keep him happy...these pictures are from a 2 years ago...
 And then I found these while I was searching...he looks os much like's adorable!  I did get that comment yesterday at Sam's club (which was NOT a gleaming moment, but my own fault...lost my wallet after I had already put $200 worth of groceries on the belt during a busy time of day...had to reload and go around to find my wallet).  An older lady, busted up laughing at my kids which I instantly was worried about (boogers, pants down, etc...) but she just said, "oh my, you can definitely tell that those two are related, they look exactly the same".  About Vivian and Pearce.

Mmm, I'm not going to go out in public all day so I can keep savoring that lovely gleaming super mom moment of yesterday.

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Unknown said...

I live for those moments too :) But mine are just little special moments where Jude smiles at me or gives me a kiss or we laugh &dance together. I can't imagine being at your stage! You go mama!!! You are obviously doing a lot of things right!! :)