Sunday, October 13, 2013

10 year old princess...

M: K, Kam, it's time for our annual interview!  Are you so excited?!?!?!
M: Ok, first question, what's the most fun thing you did this year?
K: I have 2. Universal Studios and going to the zoo with Grandma Mulder.
M: Those are both awesome ones.  It was fun to have Grandma Mulder here for two weeks. We should go visit her in Hawaii next huh?
K:  uh huh!
M: What's the coolest thing you did this year?
K:  I went to this cool activity thing about the temple and we made stuff and we got a real piece of the rock from the new temple.
M: that was super awesome. I can't wait until that temple is done, and then you'll get married in who?
K: I don't know.
M: Any guesses?
K: no
M: lame.  Alright, what's your favorite food this year?
K:  Jaden's homemade cookies.
M: I think that's all of our favorites this year....and luckily he makes us a batch or two a week!
M: Ok, what are some things you've learned this year?
K: How to make cinnamon rolls, about how Joseph Smith died and how old he was when he died, at church.
M:  What do you think about Joseph Smith?
K: He was a good prophet. He was a good guy and he was trying ot help everyone learn to be good and I think that was nice.
M: Do you think it was pretty impressive the things he went through to help us have the book of Mormon?
K: Yea, I think it's cool.
M: Alright, so what goals do you have for this upcoming year?
K: Maybe to earn money and try to be nicer to my brothers, and try to make new things.
M: What kinds of new things?  Here are some of my things I want to make: a new shoe organizer for the toy room, a headboard, a freezer full of ready about you?
K: Things I want ot make are.....something ot keep my room organized and like maybe just find crafts off of Pintrest to do.
M:  That just made me very proud right there!

M: What's going to happen when the boys start flirting with you?
K: I don't know.
M: What are you going to do?!
K: I'm going to walk away.
M: Good Answer, but maybe you could also say something like, "get away from me punk!"  or maybe punch em, or something, just so we can guarantee that they won't try it again!
K: yea, ok
M: If you could go anywhere today, where would you want to go?
K: Hawaii!
M: I knew it!  Me too.   What do you want to be when you grow up?
K: Easy...a cowgirl or a vetranarian.
M: I knew it.   What's your favorite thing to do each day when you come home from school?
K: I liek to play for a little bit, then do my homework and then see if a friend can come over.
M: What about all of these little friends that i created for you?
K: oh yea, I like them. I play with them a lot.  With Vivian I play with stuffed animals with her.  With Pearce I either read with him or play trucks. Boston, he likes when me and pearce are his dogs and we go on the tram and he trains us. and Jaden.....I like to go ride bikes with him and his friends but he doesn' treally like it.
M: He'll be nicer soon!

M: What's your favorite movie right now?
K: Monster University and Dispeciable Me 2.
M: Who do you want to be like when you grow up?
K: Dad or Uncle Same
M: Both wrong answers, but ok, why?
K: Because I want to work on people and make em feel better.
M: Um, I do that everyday!  HELLO!  OK, anyway,  you're a soccer player's that going?
K: It's going awesome and I really like it.
M: Good, you're good at it.   So now, let's talk about all that hair.  What are we going to do with it?
K: I don't know.
M: Maybe we should grow it out and put you at the top of a big big tower and you and I will live safely up there forever, because, Motherrrrrrr knows BEST!
K: sure
M: Ok, last question, what are you going to do this year to become even more amazing that you were last year?
K: I could grow more of my hair out and i could play with my brother's more and do more activities with you.
M: Alright, done!  Love you sister!
K: love you toooo!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My 11 year old....

M: Time for our annual (or every other annual lately) interview kid....let's begin.  What's the coolest thing you've done this year?
M: What was so cool?
J: Everything! The rides, the movies that it makes. And that's all.

M: What's the worst thing you've had to do this year?
J: Work 3 and a half hours everyday!
M: But wasn't it worth it?
J: NO. Yea, I learned not to steal money and learned how to work for it.
M: Ahh, good.  Good boy.  Who's your best friend this year?
J: Mom
M: Ahh, good.  Good boy!  What's the coolest thing you've learned this year?
J:  I learned how to make chocolate chip cookies and how to not get my mom mad.
M: Did you really?  When was the last time I was mad at you?
J: A few days ago.
M: So still a work in progress?  For both of us?
J: yea (laughing)

M: What do you hope to accomplish this next year?
J: Make a goal in soccer. I've never done that before.
M: You'll do it. You're awesome!  What else?  this is your big "deacon" should have lots of priesthood/righteous man goals.
J:  I want to work on learning the scout oath and scout law. I need to work on being awesome so I can get the priesthood.

M: Where do you think we should go this next year?
J: Knottsberry farm!
M: Why?!  You like it better than Universal Studios?
J: Oooh yea!
M: lame

M: What do you like the most about your family?
J: Everything
M: That's not true, or you'd be a little nicer to a certain someone (hint: she's 10) and you'd be a little more obedient.  What's your real favorite thing?
J: Oh my gosh! Come on!  I like that they're really talented, and know how to bake good food and they're really active.
M: What do you think we need to do more as a family this year?
J: We need to exercise more.
M: We go on more family walks than anyone I know...I don't htink we need to improve on that one.
J: I know, that's why we're a healthy family, but we need to do more active stuff as a family.

M: What's your favorite movie?
J: Nacho Libre
M: Good answer kid.
J: Anaconda Squeeeeeeze!

M: Alright, I love you a lot.
J: I love you too mom (laughing). Mom, you're so great! (fake laughing)

M: This interview is OVER!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

No more 3 year old boys.... waaahhh!

My sweet little Pearcey turned 4!  I can't believe it.  I feel this way, but I've had so many people say, "it seems like you just barely had him!"...even though we've had 4 moves and another baby since we've had him.  I just can't believe he's 4! I hope he stays just as sweet and amazing as he was when he was 3.  Him and I are best buddies.  Well, next to Stratton and Boston.  He loves those 2!

 When we asked him what kind of birthday he wanted, luckily he said a spiderman monster truck...and we still had a frozen spiderman cake from Boston's birthday....SOOOO, I just ran out to Target and go a spiderman monster truck, and BAM!  Wish granted.

 We also asked him what he'd like for his birthday...his first answer was a simple, "everything!".  But then he narrowed it down to:
Root Beer
Rainbow Pancakes (the family birthday fav)
I'm pleased to say, he got it all (except hotdogs, but I don't think he could have shoved one down).

I also asked Pearce, hat he wants to do for his birthday...again, the answer was "everything!"  But we narrowed it down to
Play in the sprinklers with Stratton, swim at Stratton's mom's pool, go to the movies, go to Costco, put Jaden and Boston to sleep and watch a movie at home with popcorn.  And again, pleased to announce, it was all accomplished (except we didn't really put the older 2 to bed before the movie, and well, he got too impatient with the previews at the movies, so we ended up leaving our awesome seats, taking our root beer and popcorn and getting a refund at the movies, ha!)  

My top 4 favorite things about Pearce:
When he says, "let's do this!" and kisses my face all over
His love for home.  He loves to go home.  He's always ready to go to Costco, or Stratton's, but anywhere else, he wants to go home very quickly and do puzzles or play trains or cars.
I LOVE that he loves cars and trains and puzzles so much.  He plays with all 3 everyday, and has for the last year.  He has a more extensive hot wheels collection than any kid I know (thanks frys for doing $1/2), and he usually has one in his pocket at all times.
I LOVE his smile.  His little dimples, round face, bright blue eyes, and adorableness.  Mmmm!