Thursday, January 28, 2010

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard cause....

My life, is better than yours, my life, is better than yours. ok ok, I think it is. It's been so nice to just stay at home lately. I've been crazy busy, but it's been lots of stuff that I can do at home. I've been going crazy planning Feb. enrichment. We're working hard on getting into a good schedule with the kids and chores and family stuff, and of coarse, I'm painting everything red. To start with...... And today, we decided to make dinner for our good friend's because the mom is sick, and I hate having to come up with dinner when I'm sick. So Bossy put on the chef hat (that was too big to connect in the back, so he wore it as a bonnet) and made some cookies and lasgana.

A couple of nights ago, th ekids got into Jase's and my closet and dressed up ghetto and turned my playlist way up and did some KILLER dance moves. We got it on video, but I don' tknow how to make it get on here...but just trust me, it was killer!

And I knew it! I have an Italian baby. I wish I would have named him Georgio!
Nate came with his crew today and did the final touch up stuff on the painting my freaking adorable door, so....the invites are now made for the house warming party. Everyone is invited...Feb. 18th from 6-8! The house is pretty much, almost completed. Just lacks a few vinyl thingies.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Picture of the day...

I decided to try and post at least a picture everday. This is my day today...I was making cookie bars for my stampin girls and realized I was out of eggs, then realized the chickens hadn't been fed, so I collected eggs and fed the chickens in the snow. SO much easier than running to the store like we used to do. haha. (oh, and I'm not really mad in the picture, I just don' thave make up on and wasn't sure when the pic was going to take)Yesterday's picture of the day would have to be this hot mama I got to take senior pictures for. She's beautiful! I was soo jealous the entire time...and to top it off, she's soo nice and soo happy...blah!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's goin on...

So today I decided to play the good mom today an dmake protien pancakes. Since I've been on my diet I usually pour a bowl of cereal and some fruit and call it good, but no, I decided to make protien pancakes today, and I know the kids like them because I used to make them all the time last year...but I guess someone changed their taste..... Then last week I did something I never do, but have learned to start doing more regualary...I looked in Kam's backpack....almost threw up, then threw it out back til Jase got home. Jase decided we needed a picture of it, but Kam wasn't for it....hence the struggle....

but then of coarse...we won...notice the intense molding on the lefthand side...yea, she had fruit from weeks ago....WEEKS ago!

Then of coarse, more perfection! The one that can't throw things in the toliet, keep old food in his backpack, say no to everything I ask, or fight with his siblings....the chosen child (for the moment)...Pearcen.

And for now, that's all.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things I'm loving in Jan. 2010

First, I've gotta start off with this picture...becuase I LOVED the confidence I had when I wasn't soo caught up in my fattness. I hope to be there again soon, and be back in shape. I feel so sluggish even though I work out a ton. I want stamina and muscle back. So right now, I LOVE the confidence that I lack...haha. I am SO loving country life. There are days when I miss resturants, stores, friends and girls nights in the city, but the days I love the slow life, the chickens running around the house, the miles of nothing on 2 sides of my house, no cookie cutter homes around me, no traffic, sirens, stores, crowds, airplanes, and I LOVE that we live in a "parade" town, where everyone waves to everyone. I just love it here! Love it! (but am also so grateful for online shopping...heehee)
I love moms that inspire. There is a lady here in town that has 6 kids and I remember right after i had boston she laughed at me when I told her I wanted 6 and thought it was funny that I would say that when I only have 3...and again when she found out I was pregnant with Pearce she said we should stop. But then there is a mom of 10 here in town that keeps encouraging me, telling me it gets easier when you have older kids to help out and after 3 it doesn't matter how many you have, and lots of other encouraging things. And there there is my friend Anna. I read her blog and everyday is a fun bonding day with her kids...and I mean EVERYDAY. She does the funniest, most fun stuff ever with them, she seriously inspires me every time I go to her blog. She's amazing...she has 6 too. Love her! (this is her)

I love Victoria's Secret models for motivating me to lose the baby chub so I can look good in jeans again. Thanks girls.

I'm super lovingi these Mint Skinny Cows. They are only 2 points. I've only had one becaus I keep forgetting that they are out in the fridge, but YUM! Thanks skinny cow makers!

I love Drew reason in particular, just love her.

and I LOVE my kids...but I didn't post a pic because my goal this week is to do a photoshoot with each of them...then I'll post!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Not much has been going on lately. The UPS man dropped off 3 big ole packages....the entry way unit I forgot I ordered in November. And the whole time he was here Boston was trying to grab his hand and bring him in to show him the baby. He LOVES to show everyone the baby. Even grandma and grandpa. The second we step foot in their house he takes the baby from me and takes him to grandma and says, "my baby". Anyway, back to the entryway unit....yes, it's new, and yes we'll be painting it this weekend. haha, I have a problem. Yea, we're painting a few things this weekend...the other half of the garage, my big huge amoire that Jase got me for graduation, a shelf, the entryway unit and I'll probably find a couple of other things before tomarrow.
Now on to my awesome little helper Kamryn. I'll start with the good of Kam and move to the naughtiest stunt the older 3 have pulled yet.
Kam is amazing. She's feeding Pearcen his bottle as I type. She loves to change his diapers, feed him, help me cook, and she's even catching herself cuddling with me sometimes when we're watching tv. She's awesome. She's still LOVING kindergarten and her latest friend is our new nextdoor neighbor Rowdy. She calls him Rowd. THey are together almost everyday...well, until yesterday, when they pulled the biggest stunt ever..... Jase and I went to the movies the other night and when we got back we found 2 empty soda cans from the 3 twelve packs we bought for new years. We talked to the kids about it and moved on. Then about an hour later, Jase went out to the garage and noticed all 3 boxes were empty (there were about 8 or 9 left in each box before we left). We questioned the kids and by quetioned the kids, I mean Jase came in, threw the boxes down and yelled, "what the heck?!". Um, yea, they fessed up and didn't go to school yesterday because they were too busy working to earn $10 each to pay for them. Um, but seriously 8 sodas in one night??? Shouldn't that make you sick or crazy or something??? Yea, they were fine. They fell asleep after us, but that's not too unusual anymore. Yea, so, good one kids...let's see you try it again. When I wrote Jaden's note of why he was 5 hours late for school he said, "please don't write that I snook soda". haha, I love that he says snook.
Now to my one non-snooker. LOVE HIM! Seriously he's soo smiley and squishy and round and yummy. I remember with the older 3 getting excited with each milestone, but when we put pearcen on his belly and he kept his head up like this, I kinda got mad....I don't want him to grow up!!!! He's soo sweet right now!

Mmmm, I wish I could blow this up...he's soo freaking cute!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Alright, so I have SO many resolutions, but I'm a slacker, so I narrowed it down to these 5.
5. Get this body back before summer...and have long hair and a hot bod at the same time...that never happens with me.

4. Make our new house an amazing place to be (starting off with doing something with this major boring wall). I love our colors, love our openess, but I wanna make it a fun happy place to be. These first 3 weeks have been HECTIC, and it hasn't been fun despoiling the kids from Christmas break. I'm hoping the process of making this a happy home will start soon! Along the same organized house. I really want 2 big cute organized sections...the garage (where all my craft stuff will be and all the kids outdoor stuff) and around the computer where all of our artsy stuff and paperwork type stuff will be. I ordered a unit kinda like this one for the entry way, but Jase is thinking it won't fit, so I'm wanting to make a type of mud area in the garage. We'll see how my plan pan out over these next few months....

3.To be nice to my husband. Sister Bryant talked in church today about how she made a resolution to be nice to her husband. I don't think I've ever been the kind to be overly nice to anyone...and Jase has known that, but it's been easy to not make my marriage a priority now that we have so many kids with so many things going on. Another friend reminded me this week of the early years of marriage when us wives would beg our husband to not leave in the mornings and get soo excited when they'd get home in the evenings. We both realized we don't do that for our husbands anymore. The kids and I used to sit on Jase's rolling back pack when he'd leave for school in Texas to get him to stay, now, some mornings, we don't even say goodbye. Sad. SO this is a big goal, and probably the hardest for me.

2. To SING at church. I never have. Never wanted to. But am now realizing that my kids won't if I don't, and I really want my kids to. So hopefully, starting this next week, I"ll start singing.

1. This is my #1 goal. NO MORE GOSSIPING. IT's been so easy for me to get caught up in it all since moving back to a place where I know everyone. But from now on, only good talk about others. I know i"ll need a LOT of help with this EVERYONE...HELP!

Wish me luck yo!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Guy of the Week...

As many of you know, I had a guy of the week club. I'd like a guy for 2 weeks or until he liked me back, which ever came first, then move on to the next. Kinda fun. And there were some that did stick for longer than 2 weeks, and some that only lasted a few days and a couple that never gave in...losers! And now I'd like to take the time to list as many of these as I can remember. I'm sorry if some of them are your husband's (they weren't then) or if some are your brothers (they still are) but I've moved on....

Ted Harris (who one of my sisters wanted me to marry)

Travis John

Mitch Price

Clint Tregaskes

Loren (forgot last name)

The Godfrey Brothers (each got their own week)

Mark Nelson

Gus Hansen

Arlo Portenier

Billy (the waterboy)

Casey Falkner (I didn't like him..blah, just got him to ask me out, then bailed)

Nathan Buhr (who another sister thought I should marry)

Corey Cappel (who another other sister thought I should marry)

Brian Udhal

Jared (preppy boy that I thought was gay)

Sam (punk baseball player)

Q (blah)

Brad Romney

Some guy that looked like a short Tom Cruise...forgot his named...lived in Tempe

Ben Wiltbank

Stairs (forgot his real name)
Jason Mulder (who my dad didn't want me to marry)

Well, I'm sure if I ever find my journal, I could name the rest, or some of you probably remember some. But now I've got the same guy of the week every week...thank goodness!

Conversation with Jase:

J: If you ever leave me I'll slit your throat

Ahh, that's sweet. My threat to him has always been that I'd stab his eyes out if he cheated on me. So we're to scared to ever leave each other. Sweet!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What am I thinking???

Ok, here goes again. I'm going to do pictures again...just for a little bit, then I'll probalby take another 2 year break. But let yer friends know. Here's the semi updated blog: HERE

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Family Picture time....

THese are just some that were taken with my camera by me and by my neice Bethany. The real photographer hasn't gotten hers done yet. Enjoy!