Monday, March 29, 2010


Ok, we just got a new computer and I don't know how to download pictures yet. So for now...2 lovely stories.
Today kam brought home her school pictures and it's the most messed up thing you've ever seen. The picture is fine, but she was between a blink, doing a cheesy smile and lookslike she was squigling her nose. She said, "did you take this?" and I said, "nope, the school photographer did". She said, "Oh, well, they reall messed up my face". haha, I love her
Ok, and this last saturday we went to Flag and at lunch at Wildflowers and all 6 of us were in a 4 person booth, Jase and I on the ends of coarse, to keep the rest caged in. They were all being good, then all of a sudden the man on the other side of the divider gets up and over the divider and says, "maam, (while holding a peice of bread that WAS in Boston's hand), can you please contain your child?" We starred for a minute...he didn't go away, I didn't answer...then Jase and I started to laugh, then the kids did. The dork sat down, and we carried on. I love the childrenless older people. Get a life!

Ok, for now, nothing new or exciting. Biggest loser summer challenge starts Friday, i'm MUCH in need of that. Chickens still don't stay in their cage. Garage is cleaned out. Kamryn hasn't cut her hair yet this year. Pearce is the most perfect baby. Kayla is getting married. Jase and I are both getting more bald. Jaden still sings and dances all day, Boston ran away from home w/o pants or shoes on and was returned by a stranger and we're going antique shopping with our favorite little family, then spending saturday dress shopping, girl's lunching, zooing and girl's dinnering...couldn't be better! That's our week.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Ok, so growing up with all girls, I never got to go to a pinewood derby. Jaden had his first one last night. I was nervous about it for 2 reasons.
1. Jase was supposed to help him get it made about 2 weeks ago...he waited til a few days ago.
2. Jaden was having a really crappy day yesterday. He was a little grouchy, which led to him being mean to everyone, which led to trouble. And he was just unhappy and even said, "this isn't a very good day". So I was really sad because I thought he might not do so well since it's his first year...but....
The dude took 3rd! THIRD PLACE! 1st and 2nd were older boys, and no offense, but Jaden's car looked WAY cooler. So he's gotta get points there.
Anyway, needless to say, he had a big smile on his face at the end of the day and he's REALLY excited for next year's derby already!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's day and Stinking cutest baby alive

We'll start with the stinking cutest baby alive . yes, he looks like he should be yelling "FOUR!" but, he really is going to grow up to hate golf (if I have anything to do with it). So the dilema of the day: Vest -vs- No Vest
I'm in love either way. He's like a little fat pudgy puppy that you just want to hold all day.
Onto my larger puppy, Jado. He woke up and started frantically looking for green clothes, and he freaked out because he coudln't find green pants. He thought he had tobe head to toe green. Luckily he was ok with a green shirt and a green shamrock tatoo on his cheek. He's been my helper lately. Yesterday we went out and jumped on the trampoline, just him and I and he was busting up laughing the whole time because I was popping him, then he decided he'd help me clean the yard for a good hour. When we got done, he asked, "what was your favorite part of the day?" I told him it was jumping on the trampoline with him. He said, "yea, me too and helping you in the yard". I love when they help, love it even more when they love to help.
I woke up and pinched Jase. He thought I was flirting. He should have known better. He didn't catch on to the St. Patrick's day thing until I had the green muffins in the oven and I had him cut the kiwi to go in our spinach shakes.
Um, this guy is too easy. no lie. Each kid has been easier than the next. He laughs and talks and plays then falls asleep. Oh, and poops a lot lately. Pretty stinky, but seriously a super super amazingly perfect, wonderful baby!
I had to take a picture of him in his killer vintage cowboy shorts.
And of coarse, this guy. Mmm. I love his weirdo guts!
Monday when I was jumping on the trampoline with him (yea, I like to jump) he told me, "jump higher mom!" So I did and he said, "the louds, the louds" So I reached up for the clouds and jumped REALLY high and he freaked out and yelled, " YOU DID IT MOM, YOU DID IT!" It was pretty much the cutest thing of the day.
Quote of the Week: At church during sacarament meeting, Kam and Jaden were reverently talking and looking through books. ANd Jase told Kam, "you need to be a little more reverent". She replied, "Well, she (the lady speaking) is talking so loud I can't even hear myself talk!"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 years of wedded bliss....and banter....

Alright, so this year is our 10 year annivesary. WE've been thinking about our 10 year trip for um, about 5 years. So we're really excited about it. The only thing that is making me think that I don't want to go to one of our original 3 places (over seas) is this.....
Not only will I miss his round delicious guts, but I want to get another one started...SOON.
So, we'll deal with that when the appropriate months come (June or September). But for now, we're weighing our options....feel free to speak your mind of any of the options...of our weighing grounds.

1. London/Paris. I've always wanted to go to these 2 cities...I mean ALWAYS! And now that I love taking pictures, I want to hit them even more..
especially Paris in the winter. All of the pictures of the Eifel tower in snow draw me in, but the movie Something's Gotta Give where they meet in Paris at the end...Mmm, i want that!
So, the City of Love....first option (fyi option are in NO Particular order)
Option #2...seeming to be my #1 option for the moment since I really really want to go there and almost got there until oh, Dallas, worst city on earth, decided to have tornadoes and CLOSE ALL FLIGHTS DOWN last year for my 30th birthday. So I pretty much have been longing for Maine for almost a year. The fun antique shops on the quaint streets, the lobster stands, the trees. Obviously we'd be hitting Maine in the fall....beautiful!
Ahh yes, and onto Jase's #1...Italy. Seems to come the highest recomended, but most that recomend haven't been to ANY of the other places. And we do have no DON"T GO vote for Italy. But ahh, look at it, and think of the architecture there...adn the pictures we'd get and the food we'd eat and the gondolas and the romance. Ok, so there's Italy.
Ok, so I know Jamaica was exotic, so we should lay off the exotic for a few years, but it was sooo fun, so relaxing, so nice and sooo motivating to get rid of my fat. And Figi...that's WAY different that Jamaica. So last option....Figi.

Alright, so any imput you have on thses 4 places, SPILL...
and alas, I ask....
am I missing a destination that would make celebration of our 10 years of working, schooling, having lots of babies and moving even more memorable??? If I got to Maine, or Paris and later realized, "Lake Tagnahwa Michigan is the #1 most romantic place to celebrate your 10 year annivesary"...I think I'd be share.
My 3 out of 185 readers that I have left that still dedicate time to blogging which is much more real life that facebook where everyoen writes about the stupid moment things rather than daily happenings, I thank you, Thank you for your time and patience with my fighting facebook urges. I'm slowing weaning myself from facebook...and returning to the meanigful life of blogging. Your imput is appreciated, and your concern is duely noted.
Thank You
See you tomarrow

Monday, March 15, 2010

post a day....sugar addiction and chicken eggs

Sometimes, when no one is holding him, and he feels all alone....
Sometimes when it's been 3 hours and he hasn't had a bottle....
Sometimes when he's playing with the Spongebob toy and he smacks himself in the head because he doesn't have good hand control....
Somtimes when he looks out the window, and realizes the family he's chosen to come to..... he cries.
Boston has now taken over Kamryn's old position of egg fetcher. The position belongs to whichever kid doesn't realize it's a chore, and still thinks it's fun and exciting to go all the way over to the chicken coop with a bucket, bowl, big tshirt on, or a few trips with just bare hands and get the gross dirty eggs, bring them in, show them to all with excitment, then rinse the grossness off of them before putting them in an egg carton and then to the fridge...for now that somebody is Boss man.
Other happenings in my lack of life...Abed.
I really hope that all within reading distance of my blog have already watched and are now addicted to Community. Best freaking show ever. HILARIOUS! Perfeclty cast, but #1 perfectly cast person.....Abed. again...HILARIOUS!

21 day cleanse...check
next 21 day, 7 days.
I'm still pretty much eatting only fruits and vegetalbes, with about 5 sneaks of sugar a day...if I looked like this eatting sugar.....

I'd be ok, but I don't...I look like this......

Lissy and I are trying a new diet's healthy, and reasonable. I'm shooting to lose 5lbs every 2 weeks for a month or two. and yes, I'm 15lbs from my goal weight now...I was 9, but now 15...I stink.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday parties & Vegas

Last week Kam and Boston locked me out of Pearce's room, which scared me a bit because Pearce was in there, but I had the monitors on and could hear everything. Kam ran out for a bit and told me not to watch her. Then they finally invited me in.... It was a surprise party for me! They set Pearce up on the ground, and decorated his crib and they even had individual plates of refreshments.....

Kam was even sweet enough to get things off of my diet shelf in the pantry for me, but sadly, I am still cleansing, so I couldn't even have that. But it was a fantastic surprise party!
Ahhh, then finally, FINALLY, I got to go on a girls trip. First one since I've been married. Lissy and I threw it together last minute. We decided to hit vegas and then go on up to the outlets in St. George.
We only had one night in vegas, but it was a lotta fun. We got our picture taken with a scary pirate on our way to the restaurant.....

And this is the reason for the season ladies and gentelmen. TWENTY FOUR LAYERS OF PURE AMAZINESS!!!! This cake was on Food NEtwork, and we knew when we saw it on there that we'd be having it. And sure enough. Amazing!

It was here, at the Strip House in Planet Hollywood.

Um,, and yea, we let someone take our picture and obviousy they had no idea what they were doing. They zoomed in too close and the focus is on the statue behind us. So yea.

I need this apron!

Lissy needs this apron!
They were both at Anthropologie. Why can't there be on in Flagstaff?
Ah, and on our way back to our hotel room after a few hours of shopping, eatting, being harrased and checking out the sites.
I didn't get any pictures of St. George, but it was amazing. Hopefully Justy and Lissy will move there so we can have more reason to go there more often.
Anyway, the trip was perfect! We had a ton of fun and did everything we wanted...oh, except a picture at the St. George temple. Lissy asked if we could and I really wanted to, so we were going ot do it right after Tai Pan, and um, since we spent about an hour and ahalf in Taipan, we forgot! And get this...we ran into people from JC at Taipan. what the heck!?
Oh, we also went to California too. Don't ask.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Support a good cause yo!

My good friend burgess went to Africa last year to help at the orphanages. She really wants to do it again this year and is having a SUPER fun, SUPER cool auction online. Seriously cute stuff...check it out: CLICK HERE

Cleansing, Partying and SLeeping....

So I'm on week 1 of Cleanse part 2. I did the full 21 days in Feb. Didn't feel as cleansed as I did when I did it before, so I'm doing another 21 days. It's much harder this time. I thought it'd be easier since I'm used to it now, but it's just growing old...the salads, shakes, asparagus, loads of water, loads of pills. yea, plus the calories from the fruit are helping keep the weight one. Luckily, it's more healthy than the calories I'd be eatting otherwise. Only 16 more days to go! Ahhh, but I did get into comfortable 10' I got me a pair of Miss Me's. LOVE THEM! I still have the tags on them (even though I've worn them twice) because I'm nervous about wearing jeans that cost so much. I bought a pair of $70 Abercrombie's in college, and even though they are too big and ugly on me now, I'll keep them forever. Since then the most I've spent on jeans is probably around $ these ones freak me out a bit, but I LOVE THEM!!!!!! um, and i'm pretty sure I look like this model in them. haha

Ahhh, onto more happy daily news. I LOVE having my sister in law here!!! She helps so much with cleaning and the kids and everything, but my favorite is our new found obsession with Ina. The 3 of us are tight! Ina teaches us how to make amazing things, and sometimes we make them, sometimes we wait in hopes that she'll invite us over and make it for us....someday it will happen. OUr new goal in life is to somehow become a friend of Ina Garten.....or to the rest of you, Barefoot Contessa. She's amazing, she'll even tell you that herself. But we've all (including our husbands) voted her best wife ever. Jeffery is one lucky man. If anyone has any connections to Ina, LMK!
Ah, and now to my boys. Jaden was just messin around the other night and put the pacifier in his mouth...but then he really fell asleep. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS KID! Honestly, I need to write more about him, because he's hilarious! Um, oh, the other day we were trying to figure out if the gold medal ice skater was gay (thank goodness he's not) and Jaden asked, "mom, am I gay?" Uh, I almost threw up, and let him know, "no, you're not, you have a girlfriend, and always will!".
And yesterday, I made a chocolate covered angel food cake (thanks Ina!) and Jaden asked, "is that for desssert?". I said, "nope, it's dinner, we're having cookies for dessert!". He asked, "really?!" and I said, "nope, if dad weren't here we would, but he is". SO he went to Jase and said, "dad, can you go on a little trip, just for like 2 hours tonight?" haha,

and of coarse, what would any blog post be w/o a sleeping picture of my night owl. The dude stays up later than any of us at night, so he falls asleep in random places.
And this guy. This is his place when I'm getting dinner ready. I think he's going to start rolling over soon though, but for now, he's my countertop decor

Ah, and last monday was the final weigh in for BIggest Loser #2. I'm down 60lbs since the end of September. I lost 20lbs exactly in the last 8 weeks. Which you would think would be good enough to win...but the winner lost over 35!!!! yea, whatever.

And this last weekend. I'm soo mad I didn't take pictures. I was going to, then my battery was dead, so I charged it, then forgot to take pictures. But we had the Buhr's and John's come up to stay with us because becky and amy both bought into fun businesses so we had parties for them. They both went really well, and I'm hoping to have another one of each later on this year. The kids had an awesome time with all of their friends here. They need to come up more often!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wow, stinking fantastic Monday!

Ok, I've never been one to hate mondays....wedensdays are usually my days to complain. But today is AWFUL! Seriously, Pearce was up a billion times, I got up weighed and was 2lbs up from yesterday, so I went to aerobics, and the tv wouldn't work at the church for about 20 minutes, got home tried to do my walking workout (it's weigh in day) and had to stop every few seconds to wipe butts, get snacks, dance for pearce, you know, usual mom stuff, which I love, but usually they aren't so demanding. Then I thought, ok, I'll take a nice break and go to volleyball today. So I go to volleyball and I was talking to a friend who wrote about "a little girl" on her blog that was saying I hate you to anyone that didn't do what she wanted them to. ANd me, thinking, " no way it's Kam, we've moved on from that stage over a year ago and we WILL NOT go back" asked her if it was my little girl. Um, yea, it was! So instantly embarassed, ashamed, humiliated and saddened, I left the court, collected my kids and headed out. I cried all the way home, then finally was able to talk to her about it. She of coarse denied saying it a lot. She said she said it a couple of times, and told me that she doesn' tusually say it. Which I hope is all true, but still, she said it. And it's a major cuss word here, because of the exact way it made me feel today. It's horrible! What stinks is that she's being soo amazingly sweet today so it's hard for me to disipline, so I guess this will be a week with no friends, and to teach by good example...which really is the best way to teach my little Kam. I just dont' know who her "hate" example was. ugh! Anyway, it's not even noon, so we'll see what the rest of this amazing Monday can bring. Hopefully -4 more lbs!