Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

So this year I asked the kids if we could all be clowns, hoping to do family theme for one last year before Jaden doesn't want arguments!  I was so excited.  We borrowed all but 3 of the costumes and we had some extras for clowns, so it all worked out great.  These pictures are from our trunk or treat...which was by far the best trunk or treat EVER!  Starts with an awesome chili cook off, then a costume parade (which I'm going to pretend that we won best family costumes), then trunk or treating then a big dance party where Boston had everyone chanting his name.  he was tearing it up out there!

 The face paint started to run down and turn us all into scary clowns.

For Halloween night, we decided to not wear make up.  We all dressed up and went to Chipotle for some $2 burritos!  So worth the half hour wait in line!


So I always write about crap we're doing, but right now I'm going to write about crap about me.

I listen to classical music 99% of the time. in the car.  It doesn't make us smarter, it doesn't make us more calm, but I've grown to really LOVE it while I experimented with those 2 things.  In fact, there was a song called Meditation
 and for some reason, when it came on, I wept,  yup, I wept.  I've always been one to feel more during music than through anything else.  At church I feel the spirit more if there is a musical number, at movies, I feel the music during dramatic moments, and I realize it's more during straings and piano numbers....hence my easy persuasion for Jaden to play cello and Kam to do piano.  Someday...someday they will be my witto witto musicians making me weep and making crowds cheer! 

I don't like living here.  Yup, there, I know many were confused about weather I did or didn't', and I don't. I try, and I pray and i try some more, but it's just not clicking.  And I know, learn to be happy where you are.  I'm trying.  I honestly am.  I'm trying to find the perks of city living.  Movies, a lot more movies...and restaurants.  Both things I never complained about in JC, but both things I'm taking advantage of here.  Amazing ward!  I do love this ward.  It's amazing, inspiring, serving and um, way too beautiful.  I really do love my friends in the ward...a lot.  I don't feel like I have any close close friends, but I love every woman I know.   More classes for the kids...I have taken advantage of this...and I feel like from 3pm on I LIVE in the car and am never home in time to make dinner and as much as I LOVE crock pot dinners, I don't like them every night.  I just feel like life has gotten so busy, a lot less laid back, and a lot more tiring.  I've vowed to simplify.  TO cut out as much extra as I can and to not add extras where I don't need to.  I have removed most apps from my phone (I hate that I even have a phone), and now, this week I'm having J block me from FB so I can do productive things again. I have about a dozen half finished super fun projects around the house...I MUST get them done before 2013!  3 quilts, a dollhouse, 2 framed sayings (gotta paint the frames, and get glass cut) hang pictures on our master wall, sand and paint outdoor table, paint piano and finish 2010's blog book!

I take a year to make my closest friends.  With one exception, Jana.  We became friends quickly, but the rest of my closest friends, I knew them a year or more before we really became friends.  I'm not a snob I'm so completely insecure around other women.  I am learning that as ugly or as fat or as weird as I feel, whoever I'm talking to probably knows someone uglier, or fatter or weirder, so I'm ok to just talk, open up.  However, this last year is a huge exception.  This last year, I felt like my whole world crashed.  honestly, 2006-2009, I was on top of the world. I woke up in the morning and WANTED to get out of bed and get going, I accomplished super fun, meaningful things each day, we got a long as a family, as a couple.  We had 95% of our meals at home as a family.  The day had enough hours.  I went to bed with a  smile on my face.  This last year. I wake up crying most mornings. I  can't wait to go to bed.  I feel like I got nothing done.  I feel like I failed as a parent each day. I can't lose weight this year, I earned twice as many wrinkles in 9 months as I had in the previous 32 years.  I'm tense inside at all times.  But I am learning to love my friends more.  My visiting teaching partner right now is amazing, inspiring and so completely the opposite of me.  I really hope she rubs off on me.  She's perky, sweet, positive, beautiful, skinny, super patient mother and not sarcastic AT ALL!

I love my kids.   I know, most every mom loves her kids.  But seriously, on these seemingly smile less days, every single one of my kids has a way to put a smile on my face...even if they just drove me completely insane 2 minutes prior.  They're amazing.  We have a book called "taking a bath with the dog"'s been my kid's favorite for years, and Pearcen just heard it for the first time today and has been asking me what makes me happy. I've told him, when he makes Vivian smile, Target, popcorn, cuddling.  And I asked him, and he said, "you".  I just love his guts.

For now, that's all I'm sharing about me...mostly because it's time to snap costumes on the 5 kids and get to Chipotle for $2 burritos!

Friday, October 26, 2012

California fall break part I

For fall break we got buy one get one free tickets to Legoland, and we got 5 tickets to Knott's berry farm for $95 so we almost felt it a sin not to go.  And of coarse a couple of days at the beach...which I'll admit, is amazingly stressful for me with all these little kids, but everyone else LOVES IT!

This was my adorable little view.

And of coarse Boss wanted to get buried.....
and then he got nervous about it....
and then the tourture began.

Then shortie decided he wanted to be buried, but NOT his arms!!!
and Kam. I just love this little girl.  She's hilarious!  She couldn't open her eyes, but she couldn't stop laughing. I like her!
And this is Bib's oasis that we set up every time we go to the beach.
this curl...this curl is hilarious!  I love it.  Kam had a head full of tons of dark curls, but Viv, she has this one adorable little blonde curl.
This guy stuck by my side the whole trip, well, actually, all the time. I LOVE 3 year olds! I know I've said it 3x before, but I LOVE 3 year olds!!!!

Yumm, lick the dirt of there son!
and of coarse, a smile from Ms. Smiles!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Vivvy is growing up SUPER SUPER way too fast!  She doesn't sit up yet...thses were taken quickly before she fell to the side, but she changes so much everyday.  She does scoot all over the place, and she gets up on her hands and knees.  Kinda drives me crazy that there is nothing I can do to keep her from growing.  She's fantastic!!!!!

Grandma and Grandpa's House

This summer we didn't do any big trips like we usually do, but we did go to Grandma and Grandpa Hatch's house A LOT.  The weather is always so nice up there and it's always fun to play in their backyard, go on walks to sonic or bashes for ice cream, eat on the back porch, do whatever fun art projects grandma has and of coarse, watch lots of Phineaus and Ferb!
These two did A LOT of painting of pet rocks that they later sold.
 And Jaden likes to ask Grandpa what he can do to earn a few bucks  so Grandpa let him pick the rocks out of his front and side yard for $15!
 And I had to get this shot...just so everyone knows where I get my backside from

 This trip just happened to be the beginning of our fall break, so we got to go to the Wilson pumpkin patch.  I LOVE IT!  They ahd a few of these cut outs....
 Doesn't quite work when you try to shove 5 faces in there....too short....too bright....too grouchy.
 We all picked out a pumpkin!

 Even Grandma picked out a couple.  It was a lot of fun!
I love having fantastic grandparents for my kids!  and I love that they live in such a fantastic spot for us to make quick relaxing getaways to.

Monday, October 15, 2012

King for the day (week...month, ok, always!)

On Pearcen's birthday he had ice cream 3x before his party even started.  Breakfast, lunch and ice cream truck time (around 4pm).  It's his and ice cream. I think it's all 3 year old's thing, right?

 And then the big party started!  Of coarse it was a construction party since we have to pull over for a few minutes at every construction site we pass.  It's fun for all of us to watch Pearcen's excitement as he watches the tractors.

 Never in my life have I seen a kid so excited about a present.  He was almost hyperventilating.  It was awesome!!!! I SO wish we had it on video.

 and so of coarse he played it for, um, weeks (still is) after he opened it.

 And here is me trying to work my Vivian magic on my friend that I think needs to get pregnant with a baby girl. I have too many friends that are in the happy spot of life (their baby is in school....home ALONE!)  We'll see how well Vivvy worked.
 And Jase and I got Pearcen a train table off of craigslist, which has also been played with almost all day everyday since the party.
 As long as it has wheels, this kid will play with it all day.  He prefers to play with friends with his trucks, tractors and trains, but he will also be just fine all alone.
 These two.  These two are awesome!  Pearce LOVES when Tratton comes over.  We're so excited that they now live right by us!!!!!