Thursday, October 4, 2012

Utah part 2

Utah was so much fun.  For 2 of the days the kids and I got to play around at the hotel, which was fantastic!  It was an older hotel, but nice with amazing landscape, play areas, pools and restaurants, so we were fine.   We played all morning at the play areas and on the shady grass....

 Seriously?!  How is it that I was just in college and now I have 5 stinkin kids?!  I love this bunch!!!
 I just LOVE the faces Kam makes at the baby.  She's so much fun to watch with her.

 And Viv's infamous eye patch working it's way down.  Poor girl.
 Then we loaded up and went to the swimming pool.  The outdoor one was still pretty cold, but the indoor one was great.

 This poor little guy couldn't get in because his foot was still wrapped, but I let him go to town on some iPhone games and he was just fine.
 Proof that I was there (and old)
 Jaden's killer dance moves....wacky sack!
 we had to walk by this frog every time we went to eat or to the pool so the kids decided they needed a picture with it.
 Jaden wanted to take a picture of me with it, and I had no idea that my feelings were so obvious in my looks towards Boston not sitting nicely by the frog.
 And Jaden...Jaden has a hard time walking by Vivian without hugging and kissing her.  I love it!

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