Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Month...

I CANNOT believe he's been here a month. I feel like it was just a week ago. He's such an easy baby, and soo freaking cute. Here are a few I snapped of him a second ago in his room...

Praise the Lord!!!!

I forgot to share this story. I think about it everyday. But when Pearce was 2 weeks old (a whole 2 weeks ago) we went to Eva's...aka They kissy lady resturant. It's our favorite mexican resturant, and the owner smacks on our kids the second we walk in the door. This last time she saw sweet little Pearce, took him from me and said, "Praise the Lord!". And rushed him back to show the cooks and other waitresses. The Johns were with us and I think they were a little freaked out that this cute mexican lady just took our baby, but we just know she has a kid obsession. Anyway, so many times when I'm looking at Pearce I think that same thing. I've never thought that phrase before, but since she said it I think it all thtime about Pearce. What a stinking perfect little blessing!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home Body...

Ok, so since I rarely leave my house (except for the chaotic trip to Flag I don't have a whole lot to write about so I'm writing 5 things about me right now.

1. I'm addicted to magazines. I'm subscribed to BHG, SELF, Redbook, Weight Watchers, Parents, Country Living, Fit Pregnancy (a few more months still), Ensign, and the Friend. I konw, I've got a problem, but YES I do read all of them. I can't stand to read books sadly, but I read my magazines, and I LOVE the ideas I get, and motivation I get from them.

2. I get major social anxiety when I'm chubby like this. MAJORLY. I feel like EVERYONE I see is staring at my fat packs. Right now that would be my boobs, lower belly and back. I honestly have a hard time carrying on a conversation because I'm too busy thinking about them looking at my fat. Sad again, I know.

3. I miss my husband. Yea, that's right, miss him. He still lives here, but when he's holding the baby, I'm cleaning, and when I'm holding the baby he's on the phone or the computer doing business or house stuff. Our last, months ago! Doesn't mean we haven't tried, but they always fall through. Kinda feel like a loner right now. Again, sad.

4. My dad was right, I am like a mama hippo. WHen I had my Jaden and I told my dad he's the cutest baby ever he told me, "even mama hippos think their babies are the cutest". And it's true, everyone thinks their babies are the cutest. This morning at our new wake up time...4am, Jase and I laid in bed watching TV and starring at Pearce and I asked him, "do you really think that ___(won't say the name___ and ____(again won't say the name)___ really think their babies are cute?" I know that's mean of me to ask, and he laughed and said, everyone thinks their babies are the cutest. And I said, well, I don't, I think Mike and Mary have cuter babies than us. But deep down, of coarse I think mine are the cutest, I stare at them all day long. I usually even take a little bite out of Boss everyday.

5. I love candy corn. Usually I don't really like it a whole lot, but since I read in my WW magazine (see, good stuff) that you can have something like 22 for 3 points. I eat 3 or 4 about 5x a day. I love them!!!

Alright, a little more insight into my pathetic at home life.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patchin Time!

First, I have to show what amazing thing came in the mail today!!!! My pictures! I have a ton more, but this is the one they put in the front and I can't wait to get them framed. This is the one I got printed for Pearcen's room. I'm taking them down in the morning to be framed. yay!!! Thanks again Holly!!!!! And now for our late week FHE last night . We went to the pumpkin patch in Snowflake. We all picked out 2 or 3 pumpkins. This was just a weird thing that Kam wanted to see if she could carry......

My poser. Jado wanted to have his picture taken on the photo display, who am I to argue with that adorable face???
This is what Pearce did the whole time (his nose looks extremly LARGE in this picture, not his best angle I guess)
And this guy forgot his shoes, so he picked out a pumpkin that was close to the wagon he was riding in.

Just a cute pic of Kam....

Anyway, it was a great time at the pumpkin patch.
Now on to a few naughty things my sweet angel Bossy has done this week.
#1 at the grocery store, he got mad and threw a thing of cottage cheese out and splattered it all over.
#2 he poured a cup of water into our brand new toaster
#3 he got a pen and drew all over our brand new dresser.
#4 not naughty, but needs to be noted...he falls off the bed almost every night.
yet he is still one of my very favorite kids in the world!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pretty much perfect...

Mmmm, yum! I freaking love this baby. I seriously sit and stare at him all the time. He's seriously way cuter in real life. I'm just a sucky photographer and he moves a LOT. Anyway, I just thought I'd write some real life shizzle here. I know most people only write the good that's going on their lives, but when am I like everyone else? So I'm going to write about the misery of these past 3 weeks.
Week 1 - nursing was just a little sore, nothing to complain about
week 2- crying and screaming from intense pain
week 3 - same as week 2, but now burning between feedings. I really really didn't want to stop because I LOVED being able to nurse baby B and this might be our last baby, so I want it to work. I went to a lactation specialist yesterday and she freaked out when she saw my boobs. She said, " we can't be feeding a baby on those open wounds". So she's asked me to stop feeding him, and to just pump, which I can't do, so now i have to hand express for one hour every 3 hours. and I only get an ounce between both sides. So I really suck at this nursing thing, but she's having me put some antibiotic on it that will help the wounds heal properly, then I can try with him on them again next week, and if it doesn't work, I'm done. I told myself I'd go through this pain for a full month before calling it quits. but it's been incredibly depressing for me. I want it more than anything, and I really don't want to miss out on it, but I don't know what else to do. So that's my misery of the first week. Crying from pain, then crying from it not working.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

3 weeks already..

Ok, so even though these last few weeks have been painful, sleepless, stressful weeks, I can't believe how they've flown by. He's amazing! He's such a good baby. I'm SOO glad he is or I might be crazy right now. Um, milestones in his life so far....NONE. He still doesn't do anything, but he's great, and he's becoming more and more alert. He smiles TONS, but I know they aren't real smiles yet. He's pretty protective of his pacifiers too..... Ok, this is a crappy picture, but I had to take it fast to catch one of his smiles. Look, he has 2 dimples...yay! He's soo adorable!!!!
This is how he spends most of his days.....

He's pretty long and skinny, not a Hatch trait.
Anyway, that's the life of Pearcen Paul for the first 3 weeks.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Kam had a costume party yesterday, had to take a stinkin cute picture!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thought of the day....

I hate all the skinny people in the whole world!!!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


This last week I've had a lot of super super appreciated help! That first week I felt completely overwhelemed with all that needed to be done. My neice Bethany came last week and completely organized my super messy was an all day job...and now I LOVE IT!..... And then Jase knew how sad I was that this was the first time I've ever left the hospital w/o balloons or flowers, so yesterday he had his brother pick up some flowers and balloons for me and I LOVE these flowers with the paper they came in. So cute! Thanks Jase, you're the best!
And then of coarse my little helpers that help hold Pearce.....

And now Jase's brother and his wife are here for the week and theyve been A HUGE HELP! The house is clean, the kids are entertained and I have to do is make dinner and feed the baby. I can handle that! Thanks guys!!!
Oh and I wanted to post this quilt I made for Tamee's baby who was born on Sunday. Alina Maurine 9lbs 6oz...a whole pound bigger than Pearce and an inch shorter. She's soooo cute!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Biggest Loser Fall 2009 challenge

We're starting the BL Fall Challenge Monday the 19th. If you want in, e mail me and I'll send you an invite.

The winner will be determined on percentage of inital weight lost, entry fee if you want in for the money (you don't have to, you can just join) is $20 and weigh ins will be every Monday.
My motivation to join.....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Staying Positive....maybe

Ok, so after my sweet happy positive post, things went more down hill...MASTITIS! Really? Really?! My nips were already torn completely open and raw, and then I got mastitis. So all day Sunday (While our friends the Johns were visiting) I laid in my bed with a million blankets on my and still shivering, crying and in complete pain from head to toe, praying to die. Yea, ok, I'm extreme, whatever, but seriously, worst day of my life so far. I was not only feeling physical pain, but major guilt for not wanting to nurse my little guy, I switched to half and half (every other feeding on a bottle) and it has helped me heal a bit, so hopefully I can get back to exclusive breastfeeding soon. But anyway, there's my story of why I'm suddenly as crappy of a blogger as most of you...yea that's right, get on it people!!! GET OFF OF FACEBOOK!!!

Ok, 5 positive things
1. Tilynn stayed all afternoon yesterday to help me out!

2. Jase's bro and sister in law are here all week to help me out! (YAY!)

3. I'm down almost 30lbs because of my lack of appetite with the mastitis...oh and delivering a kid.

4. My hair hasn't started falling out yet!

5. My older 3 have all survived this last week!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Things I LOVE right now....

Ok, so most of you know that right after babies, things kinda suck, (breastfeeding, bleeding, cramping, fattness, sleepless nights, etc...) so I'm going to focus on the positive:
Top 5 things I LOVE right now
#1 He's still freaking awesome! And he's finally started coming in my room again every morning to cuddle. He took a few days off and I got worried that it was over, but alas, IT"S NOT!

#2 Bon Jovi's song "thank you for loving me" (thanks for introducing me to it a couple of years ago Amy). Sesriously, find a picture of you and your lover, or kids and listen to the song...I don't know if it's postpartumness or what, but it'l get to you. Or you can look at mine and PEarces first picture together down there and click on the song on my playlist. Yea, it'll get ya!

#3 Kamryn's squinty eyes and gapped teeth. When she laughs, she looks like she's asleep, and she thinks she's lost 2 teeth because her gaps are so big. I love it!

#4 Jim and Pam. Need I say more after last nights beautiful wedding? I'm soo glad I didn't have to dress up for it, and i got more emotional than I do at real weddings. They're the best, so glad we're friends.

#5 My amazingly wonderful helper Jaden. That kid is my pro bono butler. He can do it all! And thank goodness he's good at it. He can keep Pearce asleep for hours when he holds him. He's got a magic touch!

Ok, and now the latest in Pearce's, nothing, still eats, poops, sleeps and makes LOTS of squeaky noises. He's great!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The cutest baby in the world!!!

Ok, so go HERE and check out the cutest picture EVER...of the cutest baby boy EVER! I love them! Can't wait to get the announcements out, blow a few up to get framed, and print every single one for our family album! I LOVE THEM!!!
Now to the latest happenings around here. Today stinks, and I'm sure tonight will. Boston is! He gets sick once or twice a year, and luckily our older two never get sick, but I'm nervous about this baby and hoping Boss is over the worst of it. He's watched about 16 episodes of SPongebob today. Poor little guy. But here are some pictures of him pre-sick....getting into the ole mascara!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The first few moments....

Alright, this is overdue and I wish I would have done it last week, but here's the story of Pearcen's birth. Of coarse from previous posts, I was a bit, ok, A LOT impatient for him to get out. I was doing everything I could and finally they let me go in for pg gels on Monday. I was really nervous, so not ready for delivering a big ole baby again. So we started round 1 of 4 at 7am. It really didn't do much. They couldn't check me either because my cervix was so postierier (sp). So we did round 2 at about 9:45. I started to contract a bit, but nothing exciting, and still not dialated or effaced. Round 3 came around 12:30 or 1 and they hurt so badly and I was crying everytime because my cervix was so far back, so after round 3 I said I didn't want to finish, but we had to stay in the hospital for 2 hours afterwards so they could monitor his heartrate. So as soon as the time was up, I stood up to go get changed and my water broke, and it broke again, and there was fluid all over the place. So I went to the shower and things got going...HARD.
At about 4 or 5 they could check me and i was at a 6 or 7, and then came Mr. Epidural. UG! I contempalted the whole time if I should do it or not because the contraction pains were only in a small area, but they were INTENSE. It was right where his big ole head was engaged. IT KILLED, so I gave in. The SECOND he put it in, I freaked. I didn' tmove, but I got mad at him and I bit Jase's hand. It felt like a HUGE load of bricks on my left side...KILLED! So he did something that took a long time and I had to stay scrunched over during a few contractions and I was VERY unhappy. By the time we let them know the epidural only took on half of me, it was almost time to push. So yes, I felt it all on my right side. Which I KIND of liked because then I could feel what I was doing, but kinda felt jipped on the epi. But it was a great delivery. Only a couple of light pushes (I kept it easy this time since my hemmroids were my biggest problem after Boston) and he was out! They put him right one me and I was never so relieved to have a baby out. I just snuggled him for a good 15 minutes before I let them weigh him.
He was really pretty quiet for a long time til they did his Vit K shot, and he let out a scream, and then back to quiet and sweet. He was born at 7:30pm and we were outta the hospital within 18 hours. Ug! not my choice at all, and will NOT do it again, but I'm just glad we're all home and healthy. These are a couple of pictures I was able to take during Pearcen's big shoot with Holly yesterady. Hers are AMAZING, and I'll be posting them as soon as I get them. They are adorable! But for now, enjoy these sweet rolly pictures.....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 4 in the life of Pearcen Paul

Alright, I've gotta start with this adorable picture. Jaden LOVE LOVE LOVES baby Pearcen. Loves him! The second he wakes up or gets home from school he runs in, washes his hands and comes and holds him. Then he just sits there and talks about Pearce's reflexes, sounds, smells, everything. I love it! He also loves that everyone says how much Pearcen looks like him. He asked me to take his picture with him last night..... This is just a picture of how freaking sweet he was yesterday snoozing on the couch.

And of coarse, Mr.B is needing his camera time, but DOES NOT want it with the baby. Still not a fan. The first time he saw the baby he held him and threw him off. The first time in teh car with his car seat right by the baby's he yelled, "no baby, no baby!" and hit the carseat. He has pretty much ignored him and gone on with regular life, with some kicked up attitude for attention. But today he did hold Pearce w/o throwing him and did dance for him to teh swing music. It'll come with time, I'm sure. But here are his poses for today.....

He's awesome! Him and I will always have a special bond (probably because he ripped me up so bad that he made it easy for the rest of my babies to get out after him...thanks buddy!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


These were both taken less than aminute after he was born. He was quiet, still is, just makes squeaks. I'll write more about L&D when I'm not so, um, "stitchy"!

8lbs 6oz 14.75" head and 21.5"long...pretty much perfect!

He's got a round face and a cute dimple...wondering if maybe he's aunt tamee's kid.

Everyone has been noticing his long fingers. He sucks on em a lot...hoping he wont' be a thumb!
Things are great, baby is perfect, mom is in pain, just how it's supposed to be!