Tuesday, December 30, 2008

how times have changed

For years when I was a kid I only wanted to be either DJ from full house, or even more, Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell. She was soo cute. I know a few of you had to have thought so too. All that hair, and the way she rolled her jeans up at the ankle and had big fluffy bangs most of the time. And the fact that she got Zach Morris puts her up 10 cute points as well. Well, looks like I had good taste.... as far as girls go....but let's see who I thought was cute as far as boys growing up.....

Yes, Corey Haim. I loved him in Lost Boys (yes, it was rated R, but I was at a friend's house here in town that wasn't LDS, and didn't know for a few years, um, and a few viewings later that it was R), and Licence to Drive, and whatever lame 80's movies he was in. I loved him. Uh, glad I changed my taste in guys.....

Now let's look at who I vote most hot of today. My girl Eva. I wish I was her, hot, Latina, Booty, hair, eyebrows, lips, boo Eva! Get ugly!

And yes, I know, many of you think, "gross, what is she thinking?", but I (HEART) JOHN MAYER...bad! Hot! "what do you like about him Kristal?". I'll tell you.
1. his hair
2. his songs
3. he plays guitar
4. he's tall
5. his eyes
6. his songs
7. his wips (that's what we call lips when we want to bite them off)
8. the way he dresses
9. his voice
10. his songs
So there you have it. But let's give him 15 years like Brother Haim and see what he becomes.

He wont' get ugly, trust me. And if you think he is. I wanna fight you!

Biggest Loser #4....

Alright, we're starting a Biggest Loser CHallenge #4 in a couple of weeks. LMK if you wanna be in. You can pay $25 and be in it for the pot, or you can just play for free for pure weight loss and support, it's fun! It's 8 weeks long. LMK. I'm in it for SURE to get off this holiday 20...yes 20!

Christmas 2008. The real deal.

I mustn't forget about baking day. Baking day was a little late this year. WE did it on the 23rd. Kam loved helping out, but only for a good 15 minutes at a time, then she needed a break. Here she is breaking at a bowl of grandma's soup with grandpa. Among the baking day goodies were caramel, egg nog fudge, peppermint bark (which I LOVE, but remind me to never take it to Vonda who hates it and hates that so many people bring it to her), cranberry macadamia nut cookies, some amazing crecent roll cream cheese almond things, lemon tassies, russian tea cakes (which Vonda LOVES), and a few other things that I can't remember. The kids favorite part was decorating the sugar cookies. As you can see they did a magnificent job. Only about 3/4" thick of frosting on each cookie.
Christmas eve....I forgot to take pictures, but we had a yummy Mexican dinner with mom and dad and we went on main and helped light the luminers (sp), and then Jase and I had a good time helping Santa that night.
Christmas Morning we got the kids into the toy room, read from Luke, watched the Nativity story, said a prayer then let them rampage!

This is how excited Kam was.

Boss just really liked opening the presents, didn't care what was in them.

Jaden was soo excited to get 3 remote controls. One is already broken...not a week later. I hate remote controls. Do any other mom's feel this way? They cost a billion bucks to get a good one, and even the semi good ones don't last too long. I hate remote controls. But alas, the boy loves em, so we get em.

The hit of the morning had to be the tickle me cookie monster. He stayed in the box for a long while, but as soon as we got him out and they saw what he did. He was very popular.

The next night we had a killer white elephant party at mi casa, y Denny's, y casa de Hunts. It was great to be back with my HS cronies. And I couldnt' have asked for a better white elephant gift that the Mr. T soap on a rope! Thanks Alona!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

This Christmas was fantastic! It was our first one completley alone as a family. And our first year to completely go overboard for the kids. I had too much fun on Black Friday.
The kids kinda liked each other's gifts. Here is bossy playing with Kam's v.smile.Boston learned to love candy on Christmas...not good. He instantly get's crazy. It's hilarious!
Santa brought the older two that "tooting play doh" as they call it. It's that gross stuff that makes fart sounds when you shove it in the jar. And for some reason, when you'd put it on B's ear he's die laughing. It was hilarious!

yesterday we were invited to our good friend's baby blessing. He's the cutest baby boy i"ve seen in a long time...well, 2 years and 9 months to be exact.

This weekend we also go the opportunity to meet Bryan...aka Larry. Bet's man. He was very cool. Fit right in...well other than the intense hat hair. haha. Just kidding Bryan.

Bet, Dani, Bryan and myself designed this simple yet every elegant tablescape for Sunday dinner. It was to prepare us for the even more amazing tablescape that Breea and I are designing for New Years Dinner 2009. aww yea baby!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas kid #3...

Bossy....he wasn't too superly excited about Christmas. He did love opening presents, but didn't really care what was in them. He loved the candy, which he usually doesn't dig too much. However, when we were done cleaning up and he saw what his tickle me cookie monster does, he wouldn't put it down. He kept playing with it and laughing at it and hugging it. Another favorite of his was Kam's princess shoes. Sadly he loves my dress shoes, and Kam's dress up shoes. He also loved the big balloons with the rubberbands on the ends that you punch, he popped two. Screamed and cried after he popped the first one, dyed laughing after the second one. He's a pretty easy kid. He loves to play with kids and loves to play alone. He is happy either way.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas kid #2...

Kam had doubts that Santa was going to bring her something, that or she just wasn't too extremely excited about the Santa thing. She just kept asking, "are our cousins at Grandma's yet?". Even the morning of, she wasn't trying to sneak in the front room. She loved wrapping, baking, decorating and shopping, but not too extremely excited about opening. She did love playing with her gifts though. She got lots of play doh, a set of 6 princess shoes, a pony that you can brush it's hair (that's all she asked for), a hand held v.smile with a few games, puzzles, books and art supplies. After opening and cleaning, she spent most of the day eatting candy and playing with play doh, singing Christmas songs, and doing the slinky dance. She's awesome.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas kid #1...

Alright, we'll start our Christmas posting with a little J dawg. This dude was sooo excited for Christmas this year. Every few hours on Christmas eve..."Is Santa here yet?". Christmas morning, of coarse, Jase and I were up at 5ish and we got tired of waiting for the sleepy heads, so around 6ish we went in and woke them up. Jaden sat right up and said, "I've been awake, let's go see if Santa brought anything". So we went into the toy room, talked about Christ's birth and why it's so important, read out of Luke, watched "The Nativity" from Mr. Krueger's Christmas video, said a prayer, then let the screaming baby walk out first, then the other two. Jaden was soo excited that Brother Clause left him a killer red bike. He admired it for a bit, the dumped the stocking. A few of his other favorite gifts were his hand held v.smile and a few games, 3 remote controls (thanks uncle Jared, Grandma and grandpa and mom), and 4 nerf guns, including the killer battery opperated machine gun...yikes! After we opened gifts, and cleaned up the paper and boxes, he had to go out back and feed foxxie. He freaked out screaming, "Santa left us a playhouse, Santa left us a playhouse!". Then we all came back, and sure enough, the guy left a killer playhouse out back...which was wet and cold by the time the children arose. Nevertheless, they loved it! All 3 of the kids have been playing play doh all day. Kam got a ton. Jaden is waiting for batteries to charge in the meantime for all the remotes and guns. Nice.
Happy Christmas J dawgy dawg! Love ya dude.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The best Christmas gift this year....

Today in the middle of Jaden's birthday party the FedEx guy came and left this big ole HUGE box.... From Jase's brother. He moved to Texas during our last few months there, so we got to know him better, and the kids did as well. They love him. Anyway, in the box were a couple of presents for all of us...VERY nicely wrapped...every gift under this tree is from them (except the green one in the back...it's for Jase's other bro)!

But the best part of the package was a DVD that was in there. Jared put together an awesome DVD of their home videos from when they lived in Oregon. I know, not like me, but it brought moisture to my eye (not a tear) when I watched it. It was soo funny to watch the boys and how much they've changed, and even more how they are still the exact same. I loved it! So did Jase! We've watched it twice today already. Thanks a ton Uncle Jared! WE love you guys and miss you!!!!

Oh, and if you wanna watch Jaden's 7th birthday slide show, go here


Today was Jaden's birthday party. It was a lot of fun, but I was the only adult there for most of it, so I didn't get to take many pictures. We played Pin the Patch on the Pirate, Pirate Bingo, had a treasure hunt, and had sword fights. Everyone had a lot of fun. I made a killer cake, but um, I had to throw it together in about 45 min (baking and all) and well, let's just say another ship's cannon destroyed it! This is the ship crew
Happy Birthday Jado!!!!

More Randomness....

I just like when the kids get so tired that they fall asleep wherever. Ok, this is something that I'm pretty excited about...not suburban or hummer excited, but if it were to have been an escalade, or magnum, this is how excited I was. Jase baked!!!!! First time ever! He did it two days in a row because it was so amazing. I had a shoot on Saturday and I had to make a dessert for our ward party, but did'nt have time, so I got everything out and left the recipe and he aced it! So I made him make it the next night fo rmy parents. It's called Eclaire cake. It's soo good. I'm hoping this is just his introduction to his new world of his cullinary skills!
Ah, and then the ward party. It was so fun. Lots of games, contests, songs, skits, and of coarse, Brother Clause made an apperance. This is the son of the brother clause that I used to sit on when I was a kid. Awesome!

And on Thursday night, Jaden had his Christmas concert. This was the cute nativity...don't look for Jaden, he's not in this pic.

Now look for my little angel...he looks a little pissed off, but he wasn't. He loved it!


Last week I was testing out my new lens and took these pictures of Bossy who wouldn't take my hat off.
Love the boy, don't love the pictures, lens is going back for the canon.
Then last weekend when we were in the valley we went ot lunch with Jeremy Jones and told them it was Jaden's birthday (close enough) so they put him on the bull and gave him a big TExas sized Yee Haw (texas roadhouse)

Just a sweet face...rare with her when the camera is out.

Boss has turned into the puzzle wizard. Dont' mess with him.

Seven?! Are you kidding me?!

I seriously just had him! SERIOUSLY, it was just a few months ago it seems. I can't believe the dude is seven! I've gotta list my top 10 favorite things about this small man. 10. his goofiness, he has a hard time being serious. He loves to just be happy and goofy.

9. his blonde hair, dark eyes and dark skin. Killer combo bud.

8. that he still hugs me and tells me he loves me when he leaves from school...even when he leaves again at lunch.

7. that he loves to play with Kam all day, even if there is fighting every couple of minutes, he's perfectly content playing with her all day.

6. that he wants mac and cheese for his birthday dinner, I know he'll grow out of that one, so I'm soakin it up!

5. how grateful he is for what we have.

4. his dimples...they're the best!

3. how he folds is clothes into a million different piles before gathering them up to put them away.

2. that he still sneaks chocolate and has it all over his face....his messiness drives me crazy, but when he does this, I love it.

1. how much he loves his mom! He is soo sweet to me, and always is, even if I ask him to do something he doesn't want to, he might not do it with a smile, but he won't be rude to his mom.

Now I have to share something awesome that he did yesterday. A few days ago a lady here in town put up a thing at the post office that said, "Emergency, twin bed needed this week!". And I thought if we had an extra, we don't, so I moved on. Then last night, she called me and said, "I saw that you have an extra twin bed on the side of your house...are you trying to get rid of it?". It's just a head board and foot board with no frame or mattresses, I got it at a friend's yard sale and I'm eventually going to either get a frame for it or turn it into an outdoor bench. So I told her that. Then as we were talking about it, I told Jase that I wouldnt' mind getting rid of Jaden's peice of crap bed. And we asked him if he would want to do that for someone who really needs a bed because they have a sick body. And without hesitation, he said, sure. So now Jaden has to sleep in on Kam's bed til we find him a new bed. He's sooo sweet, and I could tell it made him really happy to give his bed to this lady. Love ya lots buddy, now I've gotta go decorate the house and get your crepes made before you get up!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I'm writing this post, holding back tears. Yesterday my sweet little girly man..... became a man!
I hated having Jase do it, but it was only cute from the front, and the back was like a matted dog's butt. And I think once I take a real picture of him (next week in his nice Christmas outfit), you'll all agree, it does look better on him. But this does mean that we're growing Jaden's out again. He's got good thicker hair...poor Boss got thin hair...and as you remember from my post in the spring, we're never ever cutting Kam's hair again!!!! But for now, Boss will be my short haired little man with a cranium like sputnik. An orange on a toothpick. HEAD!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My new weight loss motivation

I've been SUPER unmotivated for a few months now to lose weight, in fact in the past month and a half, I've put 15 on. But alas, today in the mail I got this card.... She's a lifelong friend of mine that I set up with Jase (before we got married, people!), and they only dated for a couple of weeks, but still. Look at her. And she's had 4 kids (she lost one) and she still has a smokin hot bod! I've had 3 and it's all down south. blah! New motivation. Thank you Kym.

Consuming my mind...

So you all know yesterday was kinda a big deal for me...finally a nice car..>FINALLY! And I know, some of you are thinking, shut up, we never had a nice car...but did you at least have one (imagine being 30, 3 kids) that at least doesn't break down every trip you go on? EVERY trip, or maybe you at least own a house. Oh, yea, I'm officially moving into our suburban, but will still get my mail at po box 502, feel free to visit, and the kids will still be in the house...hahaha! ANyway, it was a big day, that I'll post more about later with a sweet pic, but it was an even HUGER day for my best friend Jana.
This poor girl has just gone through the pregnancy from HELL! She was bleeding and cramping really bad for weeks and went in to get checked and they told her she was pregnant. Keep inmind, they weren't trying, her baby at the time wasn't even one yet, but what can you do. And the farther the pregnancy went, the more complications came. She was bleeding a ton throughout the whole thing. At first she had placenta previa, which of coarse she researched (she's one of my awesome friends that researches things and doesn't do what her doctors say, JUST because her doctors say to) and in this case, she probably shouldn't have done SO much research because she stressed about it. But luckily that healed itself, just in time for a huge blood clot right by her uterus, which made her bleed like crazy the whole time...and a lot of you know what it's like to even bleed just a tad during your pregnancy, you freak! Well, she would bleed to the point of passing out. In and out of the hospital, til one night, Craig couldn't get her to come to, and they had to air evac her to St. Joes where she spent a good week doing NOTHING...keep in mind, she's got a one year old (and a 2 year old and a 5 year old and a 7 year old and an 8 year old) that her husband, and sister watched for her. But it was horrible for her because she is the most serving person in the world...and I'm not just saying that, honestly she spends 100% of her time serving, so this accepting service and being stuck in bed has killed her! Anyway, her dad got them an apartment down there because they told her she has to stay close to St. Joes throughout the whole pregnancy. She finally got out of the hospital, then a few days later, back in, in and out, in and out until yesterday when I got a text "baby came at eleven this morning". I freaked! FREAKED! She's only about 28 weeks along!!!! they were hoping she could make it at least another 5 or so. And my stupid phone died, but I finally got to talk to her last night, and she's doing great, and her risks of bleeding to death are gone, so LOTS of worry for everyone is gone. And surprisingly baby K is doing pretty well considering. He was 2lbs...um, eleven ounces? 2lbs something. Jase and I argued about it last night. But she said his legs are like tiny little hotdogs. He's adorable. And looks like it'll be a long road to recovery, but he is on the road which is GREAT news after all the scares this pregnancy has brought! Congratulations Jana! WE're all (my whole entire family, sisters and all) are sooo glad everything is ok! And correct any of this that is wrong. And I'm really sad you're moving down there again!!!!
Oh, and that picture is from about 5 years ago, I'm chubby chubby, and she's been skinny since the day she had her first kid...she's one of those stinking girls that gets cuter and skinnier everytime she has a kid!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas already?!!!!

Today was a fun day at the Mulder home! First off we got all of these amazing picture from Mr. Fed Ex. Aren't they great?! The big one is ours (because we're selfish) the one by it is for our church (if they'll let us donate it since our pictures are from the early 80's) the other two are gifts. I love em all though! Next, my kid accidentaly asked me who a gift was for and I opened it because I was the only one that wrapped presents...um, except for a hidden one that he found, and well, it was for me, so I got to open it early, but I was going to get to anyways......
And last...they finally found our suburban...after a year and a half of searching, it's here! Well, not here yet, keep your fingers crossed, but they shipped it from utah to phoenix yesterday, now we've just gotta sign the papers and pick er up! yay!!!! No more breaking down every single freaking trip!!!!! Seriously if this falls through, I'll need back ups to keep me from falling through the floor...I'll keep you updated.

Either way though the pictures and lens make up for the missed Christmas/Mother's Day/Birthday last year. Thanks love, you're awesome!!!! Now let's go pick up a suburban!

Good news!

So many of you know that I've been in love with the Olivia books since Kamryn's friend Tatum got her one a few years ago, now we have them all and we read them every week. We're of coarse stuck on Olivia Helps with Christmas. It's great! Anyway, Nickelodeon (sp) is going to have an Olivia SHOW...STARTING IN JANUARY!!!! YAY!!!!! Long Live Olivia the Pig!!!!
On a different note, you may have noticed our list of 101 things to do before we're 40 (jase is 41 and I'm 39). We started this list a few years ago, and I just figured it'd be safer to have it on the blog than on the paper we have it on, so there it is. I'm sure you can tell which ones I made up (the ice cream one) and which ones Jase made up (any outdoorsy one or fitness one). Anyway, hopefully we can get em all done in the next 10 years! Oh, and we're still lacking about 5.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My awesome festivious weekend...

Well, the weekend started with a killer dinner with our friends the Johns and the Truschkes and of coarse I forgot to take pictures, which is great, because their both modelesque, and I looked like I just got ran over by a car. That was at 10pm Friday night. Saturday, nothing too exciting, we had to get some white elephant gift shopping done, and some desseret book store shopping done, then dinner with Jeremy Jones. I'll post a picture of that later. My kids like to call him short stack, don't know why, but he hates it! Then that night the fam (no kids) went to the movies (which I, of coarse, slept through), then a very late night dinner at Johnny Rockets.
Sunday was when the parties begin (and it's NOT breaking the sabbath if you're partying with family and there is no Alcohol...which we did not allow at this party) WE started with a killer mexicano lunch, then we let the naughty little grandkids do their gift exchange...which I screwed up because I mixed up the giver with the reciever on my end...which of coarse throws the whole thing off. But Vonda, luckiliy has a huge stash of extra gifts for kids of all ages, shapes and sizes, so it worked out. Then my friend, THEN, it was time for the ever famous 2nd annual PDH family white elephant gift exchange....look at the excitement in their eyes..... They can hardly stand it...bring on the gifts.....
Oh, ok, this picture is back to the cousins exchange, it was jut too cute, had to share...Garrett was obviously very grateful for his gift from Jado.

And this picture, you can only imagine what was going on here by the parts that are being covered...just know, there were a few flying sling shot monkeys around this day.

Baby cakes!

Two of the sexiest in the family

My children seem to think that Paula kids are targets of destruction...here is exhibit A
Jamison being beat by a pool cleaner outter pole and a Kamryn.

They got a few more to join in too....and yes, though it may look like a gang beating, it's just a fun, friendly family wrestling match...5 on 1. Sorry Jami

Now the white elephants begin. Bossy was pretty excited about his Easter egg wreath which he thought was a hat! Awesome!!!

And Zane was kind enough to recycle last years winning gift, the fertility goddess, which Jamison won. Nice.

Kamryn went right for the box of 90 airheads when it was her turn, then a mean mean cousin (don't remember who), STOLE EM! So she went right for the huge box of oversized pixie sticks. I tell you people, she has got to be a dentists best friend, she eats more sugar than, um, whoever eats the most sugar in the world. So here is Uncle Sam giving her tips on how to hide them so that no one else will steal them...and it worked. WE've got a huge box of oversized pixie sticks if anyone needs any.

Ah, and luckily Jamison lost the fertility goddess and went straight for the antique keg with double shot glasses, which you know, is perfect for a 16 year old.

Ah, and there you have it, another sucessful Hatch family CHristmas party. Only two things we missed...the nativity, which will be done the week after Christmas, and caroling to the aunts, which we just completely sucked at doing this year!