Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Bossy

Things I love about my 4 year old Boston:
He comes straight to my side of the bed or straight to me if I'm already awake, EVERY morning with a big smile.
He tells me "I not a pumpkin" when I call him my sweet pumpkin boy.
He's ALWAYS happy (not always nice, but always happy)
His awesome shagalicious hair!
That he is such a good eater. He'll eat whatever we feed him, and he prefers fruit and vegetables
That most nights he sneaks out after the older 2 have fallen asleep and comes to hang out with Jase and I on the couch.
His persistance with his speach. He really wants people to be able to understand him and he doesn't usually get frustrated, just keeps trying.
His big brown eyes
His HUGE smile
Now it's time for our first ever interview with the BOSS!
Mom: Boston, who's your favorite?
Boston: Baba (Grandpa) Who yours davit mama?

M: I like Grandpa too. What do you like for breakfast?
B: Toast and that all.

M: What's your favorite thing to do outside?
B: Pay with Ridge, and dat one (pointing to garrett's picture)
M: What kind of party are you going to have for your next birthday?
B: Huh? I don't know Wet's do (makes noises with lips), huh? wet's do da baby, baby want party.

M: Are you excited to ride the bus in a week?
B: yea, i do da big one.

M: What are you going to learn at school?
B: Don know. Turch? (church)

M: What do you think about your dad?
B: he not coo, you cool (pointing to me...nice). dad, cooot.
M: What do you think about your mom?
B: Cooot. You awesome!

Thanks Bossy, I think you're awesome! I LOVE that you always ask, "dat awesome?" It's my favorite!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Princess Party!

Kam finally asked for a Princess party! It was a lot of fun. I don't know how to upload pictures still, so they are in opposite order. This was the end of the party, everyone was a bit frazzled, but they were even more adroable at the beginning of the party. I should have put Kam up front, but I was just trying to rush to get pics before the girl's took off. I LOVE this group of girls though. I'm glad Kam has such great friends.We started the party with the girls decorating their own cupcakes, then went to games (musical chairs, button button, and pin th etiara on the Kamryn) then to presents, then to the sundae bar. It was a sugary dream for Kam.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lazy summer days...

So, they're not super lazy for me, but I love when the kids can just do whatever, nothing they HAVE to do. This morning, they woke up, played around the house for a while. Then they had their friend Rylee come over and they played Karate games, and zhu zhu pet games, then they all wanted their faces painted. So we painted faces, and they colored. Then they all went with the Duncan's hiking at Turtle Mountain(?). Came home, had some lunch and are gone again slip n slidding with the Duncan's. Meanwhile, I'm making banners, filling apothocary jars, putting little gift boxes together and baking for Kam's first and probalby last Princes party. She's never asked for a princess party before. She's had tea parties, lady bug parties, spongebob parties, monkey parties, but never a princess party, so I'm trying to go all out for it. we'll see how it turns out. But I'm soo excited that she wants something super girly. She's awesome, and I can't wait!

Monday, July 26, 2010

What I hope to have tonight....

A little Psych..... Some good magazines.....
And the best ice cream sold in stores.......
Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jaden age 8 and 8 months.....

Ahhh, it's time for our annual interview with everyone. We're going to start off with the amazing Jaden Ross.
Ok, here goes:
Mom: K, Jaden, what do you think of when you see this adorable picture?
Jaden: Awesome, cute. Wait no, how do I feel?
M: yea, how do you feel?
J: Good.
M: really, good? That's it?
J: Who's going to read this?
M: Just us for our book when we get older.
J: Um, what was the question?
M: How do you feel when you see this picture?
J: Good, Amazing (laughs)
M: Ok, good enough. Which one of the houses we've lived in is your favorite?
J: Um, Surprise and this house.
M: Why did you like Surprise?
J: It was a good place and we lived by, uh, what was their name again? NOOO, go back!
M: We didn't live by anyone there.
J: Didn't we live by those one kids?
M: Carsten and Caden?
J: Yea!
M: That was Texas
J: Oh, I like them, I wanna play with them again, that was fun..
M: Who sleeps in your room every night with you and has for years?
J: Boston and Kamryn, but she moved out a couple of nights ago.
M: Are you sad Kam doesn't sleep in there anymore?
J: Heck no! No, just kidding, I like making forts with her in the bedroom.
M: Tell me a bit about your favorite cousins.
J: Garrett and Garrett and Shaina. Shaina is fun to play with, and she's my age and she likes building forts. Garrett B. is just cool like me, and he's weeky dude and I'm bald headed freak.. And Garrett J. is fun to play DS with and I like when he helps us build the fort at camp and it turned out like the best fort ever with him.
M: Awesome, you're lucky to have awesome cousins. Who's your favorite uncle right now?
J: Um, Bill!
M: Why?
J: Anything we ask him he says, "sure".
M: Jaden, youre the coolest kid ever!
J: Does anyone else read this?
M: Sometimes, Kinsley's mom does.
J:, Mom, seriously, does she really? Does she really? Seriously? Well then erase that Kinsley part.
M: It already says I wrote that. Let's move on.
M: What's your favorite thing to do with your awesome mom?
J: (laughing)...(long pause)....Um..(long pause again)...making cookies and pies and all that.
M: that's it?!
J: Oh, and I like when you go on walks with us.
M: Ok, fine, whatever, I like cuddling with you...
J: Oh oh, so do I! Can you think of a million things you like to do with me? Can you?!
M: YES! I can! Here goes: 1. I like taking pictures with you and of you. 2. I like jumping on the trampoline with you! 3. I like going to Walmart with you. 4. I like going school clothes shopping with you. 5. I like playing Spongebob Cranium with you. 6. I like reading Diary of a Wimpy kid with you....and you read 10 pages a day!. 7. I like eatting Mexican Food with you....STOP LAUGHING! 8. I like going bowling with you. 9. I like watching America's Funniest Video's with you. 10. I like yelling at you all day to help me pick up the house.
There, DONE! Did it! Whatever though.
So what's your favorite thing to do with dad?
J: Scream. (laughing) Just kidding.
M: What then?
J: I like going on bike rides with him and playing basket ball with him and going bowling with him and going to the movies with him...and I like that with you too. And I like making the chicken run with him . I like jumping on the trampoline with him and going on hikes with him and going to the pool with him and that's about it.
M: Wow, so you have a lot of things you like to do with dad....just not mom...sad.
J: Yea, I can name a lot more things. I like swimming with you , bowling with you, going to the movie theaters, having dates with you, but not real dates, you know ,just fun cool things together. I like .
M: It's ok, let's go to the next question.....
M: What do you think about that awesome picture up above this?
J: Weird. I feel weird and I can't believe I did that and I have an ugly face doing that.
M: hold on hold on, that's not's handsome turned HILARIOUS! It's so funny. I love it!
M: What's the most embarassing thing I do to you?
J: Puts tha tpicture on the blog. And if you say something like I tell you like, "i like that one girl at the campout" and then you say, you go and talk to their parents and say what I said.
M: I don't do that.
J: At Aspen Grove you did that.
M: ok, well, next question. What's your favorite song right now?
J: You give love a bad name, that song.
M: A little Bon Jovi huh? Amy would be proud.
J: do you think that's a cool song?
M: I used to about 10 years ago.
J: (laughing) why 10 years ago?
M: Caues that's when I used to listen to it.

M: So you got Mrs. Bratt for a teacher this year....does that mean yu're going to be a brat?
J: Yup.
M: Are you really?
J: Yup.
M: how?
J: She's gunna teach us bratty things. Uh, does Mrs. Bratt read this?
M: Nope, and I won't invite her to. No Mrs. bratt on my blog.
J: Whew!
M: Why are you excited to go back to school?
J: because I just like all the celebrationss we do and I can play with my friends a lot.
M: Who are your friends right now?
J: Seth, BJ's stinky. and Tatum and Sammy.
M: Alright, well, what was your favorite thing we did this summer?
J: Aspen Grove, defaintely.
M: Why?
J: It's just the best place in the world.
M: That's true.
M: Ok, do you think your family is the coolest?
J: yea.
M: why?
J: I don't know, but mom, look at this...(showing me how he inverted the nipple of the baby's bottle)
M: why are we the coolest family?
J: I don't know, you're just the coolest. We do lots of things, like aspen grove and disneyland and sea world and camping. I bet no other family does that.
M: You're right, no other family does, we're the coolest, no doubt!

M: So you're really really incredibly good you think that's going to help you at all in life?
J: Maybe, I think I look really ugly?
M: Name one thing that's ugly about you?
J: My smile
M: WHAT THE HECK!? No way! That's my favorite. Try again
J: Umm my eyes.
M: now I know you're lying...everyone loves your eyes! I't ok, just admit it you're good looking, nothing you can do about it.
J: I admit it, I'm horrible looking.
M: You nerd. Ok, last question. Are you happy?
J: Yup.
M: why?
J: Because I have the hiccups....haha, just kidding. I'm happy because we're doing this...this is fun. I jus thope no girls are reading this, no seriously, NO GIRLS!
You're awesome 8 year and 8 month old jaden! You're awesome!!!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Givin it a shot.....

So before we got married I was savin up some money to go to make up design school in england or australia, but then I got married. I wanted to do make up for runway, and then later thought it would be so fun to do shoots for magazines (clean magazines). But then I had kids. And of coarse, not just saying this cause it's the usual, but I'm much happier doing what I do now, but we have a couple of girls in town for the summer that are super skinny like runway models, and I thought I'd ask them if I could snap a few shots, just for fun. And it was fun, other than the crazy lightening and super hard rain that we had to go between. and remember, I have the bottom of the line of the SLR cameras, and we had Holbrook Az to work with. ha!

I made up some clothing detail on the top corner so it'd be like the magazines....dreamer. haha.

My kids are the best...

Ok, so my kids are off beat, a bit rowdy and um, NOT shy, but I LOVE IT! They think the craziest things.
Today I put Kam in time out and Jase was outside and yelled for her to come out, she yelled that she was in time out...he asked for what...she yelled, "For accidentaly on purpose spilling Boston's drink all over the place". haha. I LOVE HER!

And Jaden was just talking to me as I was making my bed and he said, "mom, you've gotta write this down somewhere...Pearce just talked." I asked, "he did? What did he say?"
"I asked him a question and he said, 'what?', SERIOUSLY mom, he said what!"
And our favorite thing that Boston says is when you give him something, then he says he doesn't want it or like it, then we start to take it back, he'll say, "ahhh, dust doking!" And lately everything has a "IN YO FACE" after it. And he usualy goes with whatever, but now if he doesn't like it he'll say, "daz NOT fair!"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Smore Aspen Grove...

One of the days they just set up tons of fun stuff all over this HUGE amazing field. The kids made us both ride this awesome train with them.
Boss man dressed the part of the cowboy....
Jaden and Garrett jousted it out....

Then Boss and Garrett's cousin Jeff(?) got to go....
We took a little break between things to feed the little guy. He's just awesome!
These two had a slight moment of boredom to think about what they were going to do next. Everyone got pretty worn out with the nonstop fun. Boston slept for almost 3 days straight after Aspen Grove.

Kam's turn to climb the rock wall. She made it to the top as well.

Jaden's group got to go through this huge sprinkler. It shot SO high.
One of the days Jase and I took a pottery class. we sucked! But it was a lotta fun. Tamee and Keith, Brian and Lanae, and Brett and Holly all took it with us. Keith and Brett had some pretty mad pottery makin skills, but the rest of us..not so much.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aspen Grove...again

Boston's group got to go swimming a few times as well. I'm assuming they put the life jacket on him because he's a wild child with no restrainst. I LOVE HIM! He LOVES the water. He completely wore himself out at Aspen Grove and slept for about 3 days straight afterwards.Ok, so I'm a bad wife. Jase did this awesome ropes coarse that I told him I'd do with him because for a breif moment it sounded fun...but then I didn't...and even worse, I stunk at taking pictures of him doing it because I wanted to go watch the boys swim. So here's an out of focus shot of him climbing the rock wall that comes after the big pole he climbed and before the high ropes. He's awesome. I bet if it were timed, he would have been the winner....of coarse, half monkey, so that's a disqualification in most things.
And my awesome part monkey boy getting ready for his turn on the rock wall....and only a couple brief moments later..... the top!
On one of the other days they had sword fighting...anytime he'd get out he'd get RIGHT back in line...he did it a million times...probably because he's soo good at it. Notice the kid he's fighting on the right...his punk dad came and got jaden out...LOSER!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aspen something and something.

My kid's favorite thing at Aspen Grove was the pool. They could go just about anytime and there were 3 fun slides. This was a quick shot I took of Jaden one of the days I was walking by the pool. Chillin.They kids also got to make awesome rockets that shot SUPER high in the air. Kam's didn't go too high at first, but then it went really really high. It was awesome.
And of coarse Jaden LOVED that they had sling shots. He did pretty good with it too.
Kam and Savannah. These two were hilarious. They both do what they can for attention since they are the only girl with a bunch of boys, so together they did butt heads at times, but they had a ton of fun together.
Um, Pearcen mostly just smiled and laughed all week. He's perfect!

This guy about drove us NUTS! He was an escape artist. He took off about 5x everyday...not an exageration. It freaked me out a bit everytime, but one of the times we searched for half an hour...and our lodge was right by a river and a road, so I freaked a bit. Finally we had the camp director help us out and we had all of the camp leaders looking for a 4 year old in cowboy boots with a red and white striped shirt. And alas, I found him in the floor above us in the main lobby area behind the couch cusions chattin it up with an older guy. UGH!
Aspen Grove was SO MUCH fun! We ALL loved every single minute of it. The weather was amazing, the location was super amazing, the activites and planning and leaders were all fantastic. The food was good, the ice cream was SO AMAZING, and the way our family got along for that one week in life was the best. haha. Just kidding, we're still noticing the change, hopefully it'll last.