Monday, July 19, 2010

Aspen Grove Day 1 and 2

First off, let me tell you about our drive, our kids are amazing. Great travlers. Of coarse it doesn't hurt that we got to watch Night at the Muesem on our way over. But they do soo good. My favorite things were listening to Johnny Cash and clicking like my dad used to on our road trips. He used to do thata for years...and still does. My other favorite was when it was Kam's turn with the mp3 and headphones and she listens to Cottoneyed Joe and she sings SOO loud and dances. We got it on video and I LOVE IT! We stayed teh night in Beaver again at a crappy Quality Inn and headed out Saturday morning for Park City to do some shopping. The outlets there weren't quite as thrifty as I had hoped, but we did get the chance to eat at a Kneaders...YUM!.
Saturday evening we checked in to the Family Camp. the kids met up with their groups and learned cute little cheers that they did for us that evening before we went to bed. Pearcen was a romper, Boss a tromper, Kam a cub and Jaden was a wildcat.
The next day, Sunday was a lot of fun. We got up, got ready for church and it was outdoors which was amazing since we were in the middle of amazingness. But halfway through it started pouring, so we all had to run and go inside one of the buildings to finish off church.
That day was Kam's birthday too. We got her a few little gifts to hold her over until her party (next week). And yes, I wrapped them in the baby's blanket and a store bag...I'm not the best mom.

Wait, maybe I am....look what was in them! Four brand new zhu zhu pets (she already had 2) and a ball for them to run around in! Her dream present!!!! Redeemed!
And yes, Jase is the best dad in the world. Saturday night around 11pm he headed out to Provo to pick her up a big ole cake.....
We had a little party with cake and cousins. What more could a girl want?
Little did we know they'd give her a huge delicious cake of her own that night at dinner and sing her a great birthday song. She was again, in heaven.
So day 1 and 2 at Aspen Grove were a lot of fun...and Kam's birthday was fantastic as well.

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The Giles Files said...

I went to Aspen Grove when I was a was so much fun. We are going next year w/ my hubby's family...we are stoked!