Thursday, July 28, 2011

This little piggy went whoa whoa whoa...

Yup, it's time to call off the cravings.   This baby loves tomatoes, LOVES pickles, and LOVES dill.  This baby love turkey sandwiches, hold the cheese, cucumbers, carrots.  THIS little baby LOVES Taco Bell and almond chocolate milk and homemade dill dip and toast.
This little baby helped HER/his mom pack on 15lbs in 2 months already.  Time to call it off.  I keep pickles and tomatoes on hand.  But when you're in holbrook, you've been held hostage at the dr. office, having to pee in a cup twice, get poked 3x and all together being in the office for 2 and a half hours, your crazy pregnant brain thinks like this:
You've gone a long time w/o food, your body is now low on calories, a soft taco supreme fresca style and tostada no cheese will be fine.
So I did it.
Pregnant brain sucks!

I would like to get this in writing to see if it comes to pass:

I WILL GET CABLE TV BACK BEFORE THE END OF THIS PREGNACY!  Weather it be with Jase's approval, or in a house on my own, I will have it!  This is the first pregnancy I've gone without it,a nd it's hard when you feel like crap all day to not have TV....and I just pictured myself nursing a baby 24/7 w/o one.  Uh huh, not gunna happen.  Start the wagers on if I'll do it alone or with a husband. (the cable, not the pregnancy)

And now, let's see what today will add up to:
1 hour getting hung up on twice, getting thrown back and forth before finally getting the credit card company to give me my credit back (removed for a late payment...come's July, cut me some slack!) + a bottle of bubble spilled all over just before knocking over a mason jar and having it shatter all over the kitchen + 2 and a half hours in the doctors office, peeing in a cup twice, getting poked 3x and seeing my weight, ugh + having to go load up a bike and a kid in the pouring rain + our homemade dam breaking in our backyard so now a waterfall flood is going on back there + Taco Bell + 3 homemade c.c. cookies + 3 loads of laundry + still having to pack all 6 of us to leave in the am + a sick Boston =

Any guesses?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer, baby names, morning sickness and jewelry

I was defaintely dreading this summer since our finances are crap from the last business endevour, and we had no big plans other than that awesome Colorado trip, but this summer has FLOWN by.  I've had so much fun with the kids.  I can't believe I have to send them back in less than 2 weeks.  ugh!

And now to baby names.  We had Oliva for the girl name for Kamryn and Boston.  Jase didn't let me name Kam Olivia, so he said I could if Boss were a girl.  Boss was a boy.  Then when we got pg with Pearcen, he said we could still use Olivia, but it's wayyy wayyy to overused, so I switched to Stella.  Pearcen was a boy.   And even though Stella is making it's way up the popular list, I'm keepin it at #1.  Ruby, Ramona and Gracie were our other girls names,  Winston, Oliver and Henry were all on the list for Pearcen as a boy, so we're keeping them on there for this one, and hopefully I'll come up with another new one because those are all climbing the charts too.  But in the last few weeks I've had friends flat out tell me they don't want me to use certain names.  ugh!  really?  I remember a friend told me she'd kill me if I used Mazie for Kam (it was on the list) because she was naming her baby that (who was born a few months after Kam), so I didn't, and she didn't.  And yea, I like Kamryn better, so I'm glad she made the demonic threat, but still.  NONE of my names are original at all.  No one I know made up any of them, but still, I've been asked to not use them.    Ugh. But for now I'll take those names off of my side bar list.
It's cool.  Whatever.  
Morning sickness is soo stupid!  SO SO STUPID!  I wanted Eva's salsa forever, and I LOVED it when we were there lat week.  Made my sister bring me some  yesterday, and blah!  Couldn't do it!  WTH baby?!?!?! What do you want?!?!?!?!?!?

Ahh, and alas, the new Premier catalog came in and I couldn't be more in love.  Tamee and I made the world's hugest order yesterday after shopping the catalog for 3 hours.  Can't wait!!!!!!

And Quote of the month:

Boston: (super mad at us for not getting him some kind of food, don't remember what it was) " You two are dumb adults!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Morning sickness is worth it, morning sickness is worth it...

Morning sickness is so worth it!!!

Colorado Hatch Family....

This guy was awesome.  He made up a game called "1 point"...where there would be two sides of cousins...usually the bigger teenage cousins and him, and they'd throw the ball back and forth hitting each other and every once in a while, with no reason, he'd yell out, "one point for you!"  or "one point for us!".  And when he got the ball he'd keep it in his hands and pretend to dribble and sayd " boing boing boing".  He's awesome.

 This baby is awesome too!  He's awesome.  He's a deep thinker, always pondering, you can tell.  He really loves me....his favorite GREAT aunt.
 The inevitable grandchild shot.  This pic is getting a big large.  Luckily we're about done expanding it.  haha.
 We spent a day in Ouray...we were very touristy.  We hiked up box canyon to the falls, but I didn't pack my big ole camera for that.   but it was awesome...and scary with kids.
 Don't know where he learned this dance move...
 she's just cute...
 Ahhh, the whole big happy family!
 The happy Tamee....
 Everytime we'd load up to go somewhere half of us would sit on the front porch waiting for about half an hour...lots of bonding time.
 The coolest was rafting the Animas river.  this is a mild shot.

 The coolest and his 3 older cousins.

Monday, July 25, 2011


My days....
Wake up...stay in bed for about an hour because of NO ENERGY AT ALL!
Make something to make the nausea go the time it's made, it doesn't sound good anymore (unless it's pickles, salsa, tomato sandwich or a plain english muffin).
I lay down about every 30 minutes for about 10 minutes...ALL DAY LONG!
Think about all the weight I've already gained about every 10 minutes all day long!
Boss the kids around while wearing stretchy pants
(it's ok, don't' feel bad for me...I know it's temporary)

Goals for the day
What-Causes-Morning-Sickness.jpgHopefully get the kids changed out of the clothes they've been wearing for days.

no sugar...should be easy, sweets make me sick...although the only thing i threw up yesterday was!

get the mail that hasn't been checked in almost two weeks....not sure if I'm ready for the wrath of the postman.

clean...a ton.  The house goes to pot every first trimester I have.

Blog about Colorado and the baptism

What will most likely really happen today:

I'll keep having the kids sweep and pick up and wipe things for another hour while I sit here.
Then we'll all go to the couch and watch a movie
I'll pop some popcorn...then not want it because the smell gags me.
I'll call Jase to stop and get the mail on his way home from work.
The kids will probably go change and change pearcen, all into something that doesn't match (who cares!)
I'll gain another pound
The carpet will be unseen by the end of the day but everyone will end up happy in time for FHE!

I was also thinking this morning about things I miss.  So I'm going to make a list...just to see if I'm still missing them this time next year:

Dish Network (or any TV)

Turbo Fire.  I know it's only been 2 weeks.  But I miss it.  I hope this is my week to get back on it.

The beach!  I think this is the longest I've ever gone w/o seeing it.  It's almost been a year.

A garden and a dead bunny.  Our now dead bunny ate our garden before dying (jerk) and I miss both.

my hair.  I only have pictures up around the house from when I had long hair.

Eva's salsa.  And yes, it's only been a week that I've been without, but this baby LOVES tomatoes, especially in the form of Eva's salsa, and tomato sandwiches with cucumbers and mayo.

I guess that's all really, but i really miss dish. Especially on Sundays when I have time to sit and watch it.  Ok and every other day when I'd put food network on and leave it on all day long.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

16 half years...blah!!!

Ok, s he's half way there. That makes me wanna throw up!  But I'm so glad we're not there.  I LOVE my little eight year old.  She chose to have a rainbow party this year, so Jase and I got up and decorated the house with all kinds of streamers, banners and balloons and made her rainbow pancakes:
Which made her day.  Then I spent the whole day making all kinds of rainbow goodies like cookies, cake, fruit kabobs and ice cream cups.

 aunt tamee was around so she helped paint faces.
 She was pretty excited about all of it.  Lots of food and LOTS of painting.  We did finger painting, painted magic wands, face painting, and we were supposed to do cookie painting, but I suck at making cookie paints.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Baby's now the size of a blueberry!
Baby's brain -- both hemispheres! -- is growing fast, generating about one hundred new cells every minute. Arms and legs are emerging as joints start to form, and a permanent set of kidneys (baby's third!) is now in place.

March 3rd, Mulder #5!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

wind, utah, Ina and hunts

So 2 weeks ago a huge horrible twister came through and trashed our brand new play house that we'd been saving for years for.....and it was somewhat fixable...but alas, 2 days later another one came through and threw it over our trampoline, and it's beyond repair.  We can take the top play house part off and put it on the ground, but everything else...trashed.  sad news.  Let's move on.
 I had to do my festive stuff before the 4th this year since we'd be on the road so I made a flag lasagnana.  Kinda fun.
 and corn on the cob cupcakes....
 We made those with our duncan cousins for grandma week.  one of our favorite weeks of the summer!!!!
 Then we had to pack it up and be on our way to Utah.  I made up a photo scavenger hunt for our trip so I'd remember to take pictures...I'm lame at it anymore.  The first pic was a family picture at lake powell...set on a rock, taken with self timer...there you have it....
 Next was a shot with the welcome to utah sign....
 Then, animals alive....
 Something magical....
 An American flag....
 And we stopped at Bridal Veil falls on our way back down, had to take a picture of amazement...
 on our way back down from Heber City we stayed a few days with Justy and lissy at Cedar City where we went on walks, played card games, watched a parade, did tons of fireworks Lissy put on an awesome spread for the 4th and everyone went to the fire works as I sat at Justy and LIssy's, ate ice cream and enjoyed real TV for the first time in months and months!

 we ate tons and tons, then laid around for a day and a half!
For not being a heber Az 4th (our first in 6 years) it was an awesome one!!!!!