Thursday, February 26, 2009

The old me...

Pre marriage I used to watch ALL of the awards shows...I mean ALL of them. And the second I got married, I stopped...Jase didn't care to watch them with me, and didn't care to discuss the results so I stopped. But alas, this year, we were both being lazy and stuck in the love sac whilst they were on, so we flipped back and forth between them and Wreckreation nation (great show). But yesterday I finished watching all of them. And I also watched the fashion review shows. And since I really didn't agree 100% with them. I decided to cast my own reviews. And yes, some of you may HIGHLY disagree, please, let me know how you feel. (especially you Amy J!)

First off, this poor thing gets judged no matter what she wears...first she's not dressing nice enough, now she's dressing too nice. I've gotta say, if I were 16 years old, fithy rich and going to the Oscars, I would defaintely wear an amazing fun dress like this one. I think she looks fantastic!
My award for most creepiest goes to Tilda Swinton. My gosh. And they even let her present. They really should have put her in a back corner covered in ice. SHe freaks me out!

Award for classic goes to Kate. You all know I'm not a fan, but I realize I've been judging unfairly for years. Remember fat ugly kate from Titanic? Yea, well for about 4 years I had people saying, "you look just like Kate Winslet in Titanic". And since she was well, fat and ugly then, I hated her for looking like me. But she's slimmed up and does her hair and dresses great, so Classic Award...Sister Kate Winslet!

Award for "oh my gosh are you seriously wearing that in public?!" Goes to, I hate to do this because her performance with Hugh Jackman was probably my all time favorite Oscar performance, but Beyonce! WHY?! WHY!? No seriously WHY!? I mean it's bad enough that it's the mermaid style, but then to put gold and black oriental leaf print on it???!!! Aw gross. Seriously it reminds me of cheap college dorm room lobby curtains in the 70's. WHY?!!!!

And honsetly, I can't stand this actress AT ALL! She's annoying and her lip/nose combo makes me want to puke, but her dress is my favorite probably of any dress I've ever seen in real life! I want to get remarried in it, and re promed in it and re everythinged in it! I LOVE IT!

And there you have it. The 2009 Acadamey Awards Fashion Review by K. Mulder

Nothing really

So, not much going around this hick town of least as far as I'm concerned. No navajo taco sales (hopefully next week) and no field trips to the post office. Nothing. So we've been walking around town a lot, playing at the school. Here's Jaden making a usual face for me when he sees the camera. nice. And Kamryn LOVES to take the dog for walks. I hate it...Foxxie makes all of the big dogs go crazy in town and they all look like they want to knock down their fence and kill us all. It makes our walks really stressful for me, but one out of every 3 or 4 times I let her because she's an animal freak. She's out "holding" the chickens as I type this. She said they like to be out of their coop so they can run around. So she lets them out everyday, and they wonder over our fence, and they dont' lay eggs for us, but she said they like it, so let it be.
Ok, and since there's nothing exciting going on in my life and most of you are stuck in the city, Here's a tip for today, Tuesday, February 26th, 2009.
Go to Jack in the Box and bring a gas reciept (for any ammount) and get a free taco! yay!!! Enjoy your day people!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This past Friday we got to go to Payson for my friend Kit's 30th birthday. It was a lot of fun. We got there about an hour early and I wasn't sure if it was a surprise party or not so we had to go spend some time at the park. We found an awesome park with bridges, a big pond and TONS of Canadian geese and swans. It was awesome. And of coarse, I took the opportunity to snap a few of my kids. Kam is deciding that it IS fun to wear dresses and skirts everyday! yay! I don't know if I put on here what I'm doing, but I dress her like a boy these last couple of years, and as a little girl 0-2 I always had her in dresses and had her hair done up, but we're going back to our old ways. She's a girl!Mr. B was like this for all of the pictures. He hates the camera, and he hates more when I chase him down with it.
These two are just awesome! They're best friends. They walked around the whole pond together chasing the geese...til soem old people came out and asked them to stop. Whoops.

Just cute.
This is one of the adorable beanies we got from that bow party (you can order by clicking on the flower button on my sidebar...they have TONS of cute stuff for really great prices). Kam kept letting the hat fall over her eyes.
So yes, we're dressing her like a girl, but she will always be a rock collector. She likes the shiny ones and the sparkley ones.
And I was waiting to take this picture til he lost another one because he's had 2 loose teeth but the other one is being really stubborn (I know that grosses you out Jana, but it grosses me out more to pull it...blah!)

Finally he's happy, little does he know I'm taking pictures of him!
It was a really fun day. The party was a lotta fun. Her husband did an awesome job at cooking and putting it all together. And it was great to see them and other friends that came. Happy 30th Kit!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy birthday Ma!

Today is my ma's 40th birthday. Haha, ok, well, add a few years.

So I'm going to take this time to name off my 10 favorite things about her!!!
Let's start with the most important...
1. She did a fantastical job at raising 5 girls. I'm having a hard time with 1, but she did 5! And we all turned out somewhat ok. Kudos ma!

2. She's the best at getting things done. Sometimes she likes to pretend like she doesn' t like it and maybe sometimes she doesn't, but no one is better than ma at being in charge of activities/events/projects and getting them done perfectly!

3. She's a great grandma...not really great, but REALLY GREAT! The kids love grandma. Kam's favorite thing in the world is when Grandma invites us to go shopping with her. They beg to stay the night at grandma and grandpas because grandma makes "the best breakfasts".

4. She married her high school sweetheart and stuck it out. That's good. They're the best mom and dad ever (I've got MANY that will attest to that)

5. She's great at helping me with whatever wacky project I have going on. Decorating the kids cakes, making 4 million fabric pumpkins, painting something, canning, cooking, whatever! Which brings me to #6

6. She's the best cook in the world. From our first day of marriage until this last week, I call her at least once a week to ask her how she makes something, or what I should do with whatever meal I really screwed up. She's the mormon Paula Deen!

7. She always tells me, "just read your scriptures and say your prayers and you'll be fine". to whatever problem I have. I had some crazy anxiety during the elections and I'd talk to my dad who knows all that's going on in politics and mom wouls just say, "just read your scriptures and say your prayers and you'll be fine". Gotta love that!

8. She's sassy! You all wonder where I get my! She dont' put up with no one's crap! That's a good thing ma...not a sissy! She's still the nicest lady in the world, but if someone is messing with her, she'll let em know. She must be better at it than me though because this whole little town still loves her. I know I've already got people talking.

9. She's really great at taking care of my dad and us girls. I remember in HS I felt like ma was always down with the girls and dad and I were always at pizza hut for dinner, but now I know why, I think I need my mom just as much now as I did then. I'm glad she was able to help all of my sister and myself while we've had our babies. But she still knows when to say, "I've gotta go home, I miss your dad". I know Mr. G's appreciates the nights mom's gone, but I know dad doesn't. She's a great wife!

10. She LOVES me. I know it's been hard for her. She started off with 4 girly girls that liked sports, boys, cheerleading, giggling, and shopping. Then she had me. Played varsity ball for 3 years then got tired of it and wanted to play JV, but they wouldn't let me, so I quit (my mom was NOT happy), shopped only at thrift stores (gagged ma), made fun for cheerleaders, the gigglers, and liked boys, just not enough to do anything about it. I drove her nuts! And she'll admit it, but she still loved me, and look, it all turned out ok. I still play vball every week, I married a boy, I love to shop, but I do still make fun of giggly girls and dislike cheerleaders. But we just don't discuss that. LOVE YOU LOTS MA!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sabbath learning

Learned 2 good things useful and happy, one, annoying and retarded

1. WE LOVE, but I just invtented the best station. If you don't know Pandora go there and there is a tab to 'creat your own station" do that, and type in Hilary Weeks (remember only one L in Hilary and weeks with two EEs) and it'll play amazing music all day long for the sabbath...never repeating. I just listened to the most beautiful version of Beautiful Life by Jenny Jordan Frogley with some amazing opera singer. Just do it people.

2. I was late for church today, ok, an hour late, I had to make cookies for the class, we made bread, freezer jam and I started chicken tortilla soup, then took a nice shower and fell asleep...whoops. Ok, anyway, I was in a panic to get ready fast so I could make it to Sunday School on time (we still teach the 15-16-17 year olds) so I ran to the dryer (the whites were in there) and pulled out my white tshirt to wear under my cute beige cropped wrap and black skirt with my killer cheetah wedges. Feeling good as I walked out the door. Feeling good all through sunday school, then oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH! I sat down in RS and looked down at my shirt...Hmm, markings. I WAS WEARING JASE'S GARMET TOP!!!!! Luckily I had my jacket on the whole time, but still you can see it! BLah!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whatta Gem....

I really do love this little girls guts! She's awesome! Her big thing, and it has been for a while now, is to say, chicka chicka wow wow. Or to ask you (anyone) "are you a _____ chicken?" Such words as, "mother" or "red" or whatever. She's a funkbox. But seriously I'm glad she is...maybe she'll be as weird as her mom was in HS and none of the boys will like her (fingers crossed) I took her with me (and LuAnne) tonight to go to a hairbow party in Winslow (look on my sidebar, REALLY cute stuff) and we got some really cute stuff so I'll be doing a shoot with her tomarrow or Saturday to show it all off. These were just taken across the street at the school because I'm IN LOVE with this denim shirt she has on. The back is soo cute it ties with a big ole bow. Luckily it's pretty big on her so she can wear it for a few years.

I do have to share a short conversation that we had with her today. We were in the car and she asked, "Where does the Easter bunny get all of those eggs?" And at the same time Jase said, "from his bum hole" and I said, "from local farmers" (seriously Jase? SERIOUSLY?!) Then she said, "Nu uh, the Easter bunny doesn't have a bum hole!" I love the intelligent conversations had in the Muldermobiles!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why I love my awesome little girl...

So I wrote my 3 things that I'm grateful for today, but I felt I needed to explain why I chose my little girl today. She has been SOO excited to make these wooden spool dolls that my cousin's wife Holly made a while back. So I bought the stuff this weekend and we did it today. I let her pick out all of the colors, the "dresses" the hairbows, everything...I think she did awesome! We want to make a few more, but that's all the spools our awesome Michael's had! (blah!) But it was soo great to spend time with her doing something girly while the boys were at school and asleep. Usually she wants to read or do puzzles or watch TV or bake together. This was a nice change...any other ideas Holly? Reason #2 I wanna squeeze her guts out today is her killer outfit that she put together before she ran off to school. And yes, those are Halloween tights.

And Bossy's sleeping place of choice today.....

3 things...

1. my awesome ward
2. my awesome neighbor
3. my awesome little girl

Monday, February 16, 2009

14 days of valentines....

This year I decided to do the 14 days of valentines for Jase. some days were total bombs, and the other days were ok. I'll never do it again. But first, I've gotta show the cute little mail boxes we've had out all of Feb. WE just randomly leave notes and treats for each other in them. The kids LOVE IT! Ok, so the first day of valentines was foot massage, 2nd day, sunglasses (each day came with a poem that explains why), 3rd day a gift certificate for his favorite resturant, 4th day, a tool, 5th day a pie, 6th day balloons with messages in them, 7th day me, 8th day ice cream, 9th day hugs and kisses (the candy), 10th day a detailing of his car, 11th day a hot date, 12th day a shirt, 13th day tickets to his favorite sports game, 14th day a key to my heart (or wigwams) I was soo excited because I knew the kids woul dlove it and Jase has always wanted to. So I covered his eyes, went and got the key, he figured out where we were, th en we went to Denny's for a nice romantic Valentines dinner with the kids and then back to the wigwam to watch spongebob and trading spouses all night. Not the most romantical valentines, but it was fun!
In case you've wondered what the inside of the wigwams looks like.... (without jase's butt)

the most uncomfortable bed EVER! I didnt' sleep a wink that night...and we had to talk in church the next day...blah!

note to self: Never sleep in a wigwam again.
2nd note to self: Be sure and mark it off your goal list and stop putting such stupid things on your goal lists!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A day of terror...

Today Kam tried playing with Jaden and his friend outside. She tends to try and be super tough when she hangs out with the boys and she gets a little, um, out of control. (I have NO idea where she gets that from). But today she let her mouth get away from her and said some naughty words, therefore recieving the dreaded SPIT SAUCE!
She hates it. And she only gets one little drop, but she fought it for a good 15 minutes, screaming the same thing over and over....but she still got a drop. Needless to say, she's napping now...the fit wore her out. I know I show the naughty times of Kam on here, but my new goal is to take more pictures of her good times, because that's about all we get from her lately. She turned sweet!!!
And did I not tell you this guy will fall asleep anywhere? This is his choice today.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another day in potty training

an entire roll of TP and a brand new box of flushable wipes (not cheap!)

3 things....

1. Life cereal
2. THat Jase was able to move his office yesterday....yay, more than one room now!
3. My sweet new entertainment center (thanks Randa!)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bossy (be forewarned, the last two pictures are GROSSS)

Today's post is all about a special little 2 year old. Still cuddly, still smiley, still happy, easy going and a good listener. Doesn't that seem messed up? Every morning I wake up and think, "will today be the day he turns naughty?" And maybe my perspective of naughty has changed since I've learned real naughtinesss, but my older two hit naughty at 18 months and didn't stop til they were about 4. Now it's off and on. But this guy...ALMOST 3 and still sweet. For example... He falls asleep in random places. I love it. I had just barely threw him on the love sac and he crashed out...sadly I had to wake him right after this picture because he was wearing underwear and isn't quite trained...more on that in a sec.
Or for example, he knows how men live on Sunday their underwear, with food, feet up watching basketball. We didn't give him food, or the remote and he settled in and turned it to basketball....
Now the semi naughtiness. The dude is always eatting, doesn't care what, chocolate, bananas, whole wheat flour, boogers, whatever, he's an eatter, and his face is very messy, but the second you tell him it's messy, he's in wiping it....

Now on to our 2nd potty training attempt. The first one lasted half a day so I didn't even take record of it. This one, well, we're on day 4.
Potty - 0
Floor - 18
But we're not giving up hope.
This is a shot of him when I first saw what had happened....
And here's a shot of him when he saw that I couldn't help but laugh. NAUGHTY!

Keep your fingers crossed that this is our final attempt to potty train...the other 2 trained at 3 and a half. blah!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Interview with a vampire part III...

So the last interview with a vampire had quite a bit of sarcasm, spite, and just plain out meanness. I've been waiting for a Sunday that I'm in a good mood to do part III, but we're realizing, it may never happen, so here we go anyway. Please keep in mind, I LOVE Jason, and he puts up with me, so we're happy, don't worry!!!!

K: Jase, how were your feelings towards me after the last honest?
J: I take the 5th.
K: That's dumb, and not honest
J: That I really do love you and I will never win an argument
K: Did we argue?
J: Just about the whole house thing.
K: Yea, you're right, you'll never win that argument because I'm 100% right, and always will be. Alright, to the 1st picture. This was our first week of marriage. Which makes me early on did you know that you wanted out?
J: What do you mean it was awesome. I loved having your whole family around.
K: As witnesses?
J: As wittnesses, what does that mean though?
K: As witnesses to the domestic violence that YES, did start back then braindead!
K: Forget it, seriously BRAIN DEAD!
J: Dont' get it

K: Will you buy me this ring?

J: It's pretty.

K: Now we're going to talk about times of past. REmember that girl with the big butt that you dated before we got engaged?
J: We didn't date we just played raquetball.
K: Ok, anyway, her name was Augusta, and I remember we ran into her when we were going camping, how bad did you want her that day?
J: Not at all.
K: Ok, this interview is based on lies everyon, based ON LIES!
Ok, how about how badly you wanted KT Cox? You can't deny that one. It's in your freaking journal!!!!! I know I was your 2nd choice because right after the journal entry, she started dating who is now her eternal companion. Sad?
J: Since when has a girl dating somebody every stopped me.
K: What? You man whore! What are you talking about, she wasn't interested in you AT ALL! You didn't stand a chance...that's all I'm asking...sad you couldn't get her?
J: If she was really the one I wanted I would have persued it more, I never persued it all beyond a motorcycle ride.
K: Whatever, you are soo cocky, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth, ok, a lot, hold on, I'll be right back.....
Over yourself???
J: Yea
K: Ok, now on to my past mistakes. Most of them were your friends, but let's get straight to the one that drives you the most crazy knowing that I kissed him...and I liked it....what goes through your head when you see this picture.....

J: hahaha...put hahaha, cause that's all I can do.
K: wow, deep. Thanks
Ok now, for the sake of the children, let's dig a little deeper into the brain of Dr. J.L. Mulder (sounds more professional when you use letters instead of the real name). When you leave in the morning, or shoudl I say, escape, and you are walking to work, or, when you are walking home after work, knowing what awaits you at home...what do you think about on those 3 block walks???
J: Honestly on my way to work I usually try to think about the things I'm grateful for and on the way home I try to let my mind sort through the things at work so I can ease my mind by the time I get home.
K: Ah, what a champ. Is that something you learned from your Covey tapes?? Anyway, what are some of the things you're grateful for...some of the ones that pop into your amazing mind more days that others.
J: Yes, Covey and others. But some of the things that come to mind are my healthy happy family and always the sunrise and just many amazing things that have happened in my life that got me where I am.
K: Ok, so you say always the sunrise...but not an always before family. Why don't you marry the sunrise next time!
Ok, now onto the new drama that I've taught you about. You come from 4 smelly boys and I come from 5 prissy girls. Boys talk maybe once a month, and see each other maybe once a year, and no harm done. Girls, talk every week (or e mail) and see each other at least once a month, and still feel like it's not enough. What are some of the things you've learned from my awesome amazing wonderful family?
J: I almost said somethign I'd really get in trouble for.
J: Patience
K: Oooh, so good. Wow, that's great. You're retarded. Seriously, you are.
J: No, seriously, I really do love your sisters. And it's good for me to see how sisters relate so I can know better how to relate to my daughters.
K: My sisters rule, and you know that in the past couple of years your brothers have taught me as much patience that my sisters have taught you!!!! You stink, next question....

K: You may have noticed a significant weight gain in your eternal companion in the past 6 months. So sad. Really, so sad. Is there any possible way you could maybe put on 5 or 10lbs to make her feel better?
J: I'll work on it again this week, P90X baby.
K: Lame..seriously, yes I want you to get more ripped as I get more fat..yes, that's what i was asking.

K: Well, I do beleive it's time to wrap this up, just a couple more questions. What's your favorite pre-marriage memory with me?
J: Probably our many drives in the glass van. And trips to Sedona and NM and Flagstaff and the fun we had on those trips and our funny conversations and the occasional make outs.
K: Yea, it used to be good back then, didn't it? Alright, what's your favorite memory of our first year of marriage?
J: Although it may sound retarded, the accident.
K: Yea that was fun.
J: Wait, I wasn't done, because it was an immediant end to all of our obnoxious fights over the meaningless things.
K: Yea, glad I could do that for us. Easy! Well, as always it's been great talking with you, now you've got a sink full of dishes to clean and probably a puddle of pee (Boston is potty training...again).
If a Sunday comes that I'm in a good mood, we'll do a part IV...for now, deal with my attitude...Jase does!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Inverview with mini vampire

Today I will be interviewing the infamous, Jado. This interview will hopefully prepare me for the interview tomarrow with his father, the vampire.
Me: Jaden, how's 1st grade going?
Jaden: Good
Me: What's your favorite part of 1st grade?
Jaden: Uh, computer lab, we getta play games and watch cat videos.
Me: Cat Videos huh? Nice. Is your teacher mean to you?
Jaden: No, I like her, I don't know why.
Me: Name a few of your girlfriends.
Jaden: I don't have girl friends, you have to be SIXTEEN!
Me: Wow, good boy, you are listening at church. What else do you learn at church?
Jaden: I forgot
Me: Perfect! Are you excited about Saturday morning breakfast?
Jaden: What is it?
Me: Think about it, you know, you've been dancing and talking about it all morning
Jaden: Is it pie and ice cream?
Me: yes! Are you excited?
Jaden: Yea, maybe it'll taste good like hot chocolate
Me: How do you feel about this picture?

Jaden: Good (laughing histerically)
Me: Can I show it to your girlfriends when you turn 16?
Jaden: NO!
Me: Why not?
Jaden: then I will have too much girlfriends
Me: true, very true. What do you think about Kamryn?
Jaden: she is sick! She's nice though.
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Jaden: A writer
Me: What do you wanna write?
Jaden: Pictures and books
Me: Sounds good. Well, we need to wrap this up and get to that RAW pie and ice cream (haha), what do you think about your mom?
Jaden: She's a good girl, and she's hot.
Me: Atta boy!

Friday, February 6, 2009

3 things

1. The decision I made to quit facebook. Seems like everyone has switched from blogging to faecbook, and IMO Facebook is a total waste of time. You have nothing to show for it but lost time, at least blogging you write more about your home life and you can print it later for your kids. So Sunday I'm removing my facebook profile...for good. I'll miss my chats with some of you, but willl enjoy the extra time in the day.

2. Friends. I have some amazing friends. And like everyone, I have a few crappy friends that were really close and now only call or e mail once a year, and have no idea the things I've been through, or the great things I've been through, ya know? But I have some amazing friends that call/e mail every week, and if things suck, they call more! I love my friends!!!

3. Lotion. When I was prepping for my Jamaica trip, I was exercising, tanning, and ltioning everyday. Then all of a sudden the second we got home, I stopped all 3. And I put lotion on again for the first time in forever....ahhh! Nice! Thanks Mr. Lotion inventor for making my bleeding knuckles shimmer!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

3 things...

1. Lazy days. We all have em...even the bussiest of us...and even if it has to be a Sunday. I just love today. I looked at my calendar, and all I have for today is "Kam's preschool at Vicki's" And she cancelled it. So we went on a half a block walk before freezing our bums off, then came back to do half of P90X before we got too hot, then we cleaned, sat around, cleaned, cooked, at guacamole, and now I plan to clean a bit more, get my grocery list ready for tomarrow's big Flag trip, catch up on my magazine reading during the kids nap, an dhope the kids will get hooked to some movie that I 'll be watching later. Oh, and read...I'm behind on my reading with Jaden. So we'll double time it tonight. I LOVE LAZY DAYS!!!!
2. I'm grateful for my killer lens that my lover got me for Christmas this past year (for reals this year). I haven't done a single shoot with it, but I'm thinking this evening might be the evening with the kids. We'll see if any of them make it to the bath. But I love the lens. A lot less PSing...if any. Thanks J! 2. Rice A Roni, I know, so bad, but I didn't feel like coooking today, so wahbam! A 2 yaer old box of rice a roni. FYI, if the seasoning turns into one big gross chunk over time, it'll disolve in the water, no worries.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3 things...

1. I'm so grateful for coupons! I know, still on my coupon kick, but I've saved enough in the last month and a half to pay our rent!!! That's nuts!

2. Jason. I know I've already said that one before, but he's great. I'd have been divorced years ago if I were married to anyone else...either that or dead because they couldn't put up with me.

3. Pathways magazine. Sometimes I feel like the crazy girl around certain friends and all of my family because of how strongly we believe in natural shiz...and I'm not just talking no medications, no sugars, and no vaccinations, I'm talking the whole dang thing. But today I read in Pathways magazine, which is GREAT, some amazing articles. Every month they have good stuff, but this past months was on pregnancy, children and medications. My favorite article is "Are we making our children sick". And it reassured me that, although we may not always practice what we preach, what we know is true, and we're not crazy. So thanks pathway doctors for your articles.

best city in the country....

Ok, so I've always been a huge fan of Seattle. We got to go back there this past weekend. It was A TON of fun, way too short, and way too much driving (3 hours to the airport, 3 hours to the temple, 3 hours back to the airport, 3 hours 3 hours each way on the plane, with a 3 hour lay over) but it was a fun few hours that we got to spend playing. Of coarse we went to Pike's Place Fisherman's market. That's where we spent most of our time. I LOVE IT! I wish we had more fun stuff like that in Az. I stunk at taking pics this of the whole HUGE fisherman's market....this is all I got, some hot guy by some crabs. Then that night we were able to meet up with our friend Maren who took us to the best seafood place ever! It was soo good...this coming from a girl who HATES seafood. I had the best fish tacos, and Jase's salmon was amazing. Then we got into the dessert portion of our evening...a little something they call "huckleberry slump"....Mmmmmm
We decided to try eatting it whilst "slumpping"....with our slump faces.....

Then we went to the infamous "Troll under the bridge". Spooky. And FYI, that's a real VW bug in his hand that they cemented over. Prettty sweet. It was way spookier in real life.

Then Saturday we drove through a super snowy icey mountain pass to the tri cities, where our friend got married in the Richland temple. We were able to go to the wedding. It was great. We're really excited for Brandon. Oh, and yes I have 12 year old bangs, and yes, my clothes are getting tighter...bite me!

Jase got us a night at a killer hotel....Hotel Monaco. It was pretty sweet and it came with these sweet bath robes...and this is our we're so rich we wear animal print faces.

Then we drove around for a couple of hours Sunday morning before our flight, and seriously NO one is out, NOTHING is open and there's NO where to eat before 8 in Seattle on a Sunday. It was nuts. But we did come across this sweet place....
You can't go wrong with a FREE butt show!
Anyway, it was a great trip, hopefully someday we can take a real trip to Seattle with less driving, and more days there.