Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear Google....

Dear Google....
First, thanks for the VAST knowledge you've shared with me through the years.  you are my daily schooling.  Whether it be, "how many cups in a gallon?" or "cute medium brown hair cuts", you've always helped me out.
But I have one request....stop bringing up at least one dirty picture for every image search I make!  It's gross.  Come on, you think when I type in Italy that I'm asking about some super skinny girl in a bikini?  Sure, she might be Italian, but wouldn't it make sense that if that's what I wanted, I'd put Italian skanky girl?
Get with it.


For now, I'll leave you with a picture that came up when I typed "Space Cowboy".....

talk amongst yourselves

An offical jewelry lady...

I did it
It was late
I was delusional
Becky was charming and made it all sound perfect
So I signed on with Premier Designs Jewelry.
My training show is tomorrow at noon at my place, and I have a few parties booked for the next couple of weeks.
I'm excited
Lots of people coming to my party in Snowflake and lots in the valley
My show in town....I don't know.
Joseph City is filled with PWDRSVP (people who don't RSVP)
And it's fine.  It's always nice to have people just show up, but in the mean time, you're left looking at your list of who HAS RSVPed and you're freaking out, because there's 3 of you!  I remember this happened last year and we had an amazing turnout, fingers crossed....
I hope tomorrow is the same.
I was just talking with a friend last night at bunco.  I had 2 people RSVP, but we had 16 there.  Awesome. I think I need to remove RSVP from my vocabulary, and not freak out about how many people are actually coming.  The only party I've had that was a flop in  JC was my kid's pampered chef one, which I thought was a lovely idea, but apparently only 2 other mom's in town agreed.

So for today, I have spent most of the day freaking out that there could only be 3 of us at my TRAINING SHOW...and I will spend the last couple of hours, at a shower, and zumbaing off that salmon I just downed.

    (WARNING: Shameless Plug)
But if you're within a stones throw of my a party...hostesses get TONS and TONS of free jewelry...seriously.  At my show last year I got about $250 worth!
(I can throw a stone to Flagstaff, Show Low, St. Johns and everywhere in between, yup, I pitched in HS softball)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

didja evfa?....

Did ya ever have a day where.....
your husband was on the phone ALL day til he went to work....
his one chore to do the dishes that don't go in the dishwasher goes undone....
your house is completely trashed and you have a party there that night....
you don't feel so great......
you DID get a shower, but you never looked in the mirror after that til it was time for bed....
your baby poops a little in every room on the floor....
whilst you're cleaning that, your 4 year old chokes and throws up and walks away....
you hafta set up all the tables and chairs for bunco which is in 30 minutes, but you still don't have the floor swept or the bathroom cleaned from poop disaster.....
you do great on your diet for 3 days, so great, so so great, then totally botch it up in about 10 minutes....
your deep freeze gets unplugged and you do'nt find out til all the ice cream is melted....
your husband takes your car to work and leave you with the jeep.....
you realize you have about 100 photos to edit in 3 days and you have a kabillion other things to do in those 3 days.....

you look around you as your blogging and realize your room is a total disater area and REALLY needs you to work on it tonight...but you just wanna go into the living room, plop yer fat butt on the couch and watch eat pray love, the longest dullest movie ever....but you still like it


Have ya?

Have ya???

Cause I had ALL of those days...JUST TODAY!!!!!

but to make it all better, I just had a super fantastic of my favorites ever (til I looked in the mirror and realized I looked like a drunken 14 year old boy with shaggy hair in pink pajamas)

Comforting Bunco...

Tonight is Bunco at da Mulders...whoop whoop!
I decided to make the theme "comfort"...everyone comes in their pj's and brings a comforting food. I thought this would be nice and relaxing...little did I realize, it means nothing to me.  It means I have to get ready, run into the store, come back, clean like crazy, get my food going, change INTO my pj's, one last check to make sure the house smells good and there aren't any old apple cores where anyone can see them.  Make sure there are enough bunco sheets, and find the dice that th ekids lost, and of coarse, set up tables and chairs.  Can someone else do a lazy bunco night so I can be lazy?

Alright, so here's a picture of the coolest full rainbow ever.  It was on our way to the valley outside of Winslow last week. and yea, I know you can't see the whole thing, but that's as far back as I could go.  It was awesome in real life though.
 And of coarse, the children pushing each other around in some power wheels with the Bingham kids.
 I don't know WHAT this picture is about, but a dirty boy with big eyes and a fat tongue....CUTE!
 And of coarse, her shower...looking amazing.  Trust me people, when/if I ever get a bad picture of her, you know I'll post it.  I've been trying for YEARS!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

who invented bread?

Yesterday we went by the bread store that we always go to in the valley and we stocked up.  We haven't been to the valley in 3 months so we've been making 4 loaves once a week.  Today I cut a peice of THEIR apple cinnamon swirl bread and I told him it had apples and cinnamon in it.  Boss asked, "how you know that?"  I told him becaue that's what the labe said and I can see and taste it in there.  Then he asked, "how you get that in there?"  I told him, "oh, this isn't bread I made".  He asked, "who made it, Jesus?"

Ahh, I love that he thinks only Jesus and I make bread.

Praying for death

So, 3x in my life have I prayed for death.
1. Delivering a 19" head naturally
2. Mastitus after Pearce.
3. Last night

Last night on the way home, Jase and I were catching up after 3 days of not seeing each other.  Things were going fine.  The kids were watching a movie. The car was completely covered in stuff.  Just a typical happy Mulder road trip....until.....

about began.....every few feet of elevation, it got worse, and worse, til I was crying my eyes out, having my head stuck in a pillow, praying for death.....what was it you ask?  what was this horrible, praying for death trauma all about?


I get a headache every 2 years, and they are usually normal ones. Not ones that feel like someone is shoving a shish-kabob skewer right into one tiny area....and the skewer is dipped in acidic acid and then after a few feet of elevation, re dipped, and so on, until my whole head felt like a flaming ball of inferno!

(not an exaggeration)

But alas, My sweet Mr. no drugs, stopped and bought me drugs, which did take a good hour to kick in, but finally took the edge off.

Still woke up with a little headache today, but I'm appreciating it's calmness.

A special thanks to everyone who was praying for those in pain at that moment.  It helped.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Things I've learned throughout my decade of bliss....

When you give your husband the chore of doing the dishes that don't fit in the dishwasher...and he negelcts that chore for a day or two.....and ALL of your pots and pans are in the sink....dirty....
He'll tell you, "I'll do them at lunch"
He won't
He'll wonder what's for dinner.

Too white

Things I wish I could say w/o being laughed at or glared at:

"ooooh no you deeein't!"

"oh baby girl, you just sit back and tell mama what's botherin you"

"Oh ain't that fo shizzle?!"

"I want to sit around in my underwear and drink chocolate malts al day while watching Office re runs"

Will this day ever come???

Let's hope so.

Why I'm glad I'm NOT pregnant...#21

Morning Sickness.
I sometimes think, "hey, I'm ready, let's get this thing goin again!"...then I talk to someone that's pregnant, or someone with the flu, and I get up, workout like crazy, run around, eat salmon without wanting to gag and do my hair...all things I DO NOT do when I have morning sickness.

I can do ANYTHING good!

This little girl is awesome!  I need to do this everyday!!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random's and Now's

,Ok, some random things about all of us....
Jason got all A's and B's through college and grad school.....not in high school.
Kristal ran a truck through her parents kitchen when she was a kid.
Jaden was called from thousands to go down to the arena at Dollywood to do a chicken chase when he was 3...the other 5 or 6 kids that were picked all ran out when they said 3, but there was no I ran down and he was sitting there crying because he was too scared.  Saddest thing ever!
Kamryn got the older two boys ready for church this morning...including brusing their hair.
Boston had the largest head of the thosands of babies that my midwife delivered...2nd biggest weight.
Pearcen has many requests for adoption...sorry, he's stayin here.

Us, as of now.
Jason is completely excited about how well his new business is starting out.
Kristal is still nervous.
Jaden is running on his 2nd year of being in love with Bon Jovi Songs.  He knows every song from the Crossroads album....but right now he's singing "search, ponder and poop, are the things that I must do" on his way to the bathroom.  wow.
Kamryn wants to bake everyday....sadly, we just about do.
Boston likes to eat all day long...luckily he's a healthy eatter.
Pearcen...the same...he lives in his highchair.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Quotes of the day

Alright, I've gotta get better at writing down the awesome things the kids say.

Just this morning Jaden said, "Mom, with both of these shirts on, um, I don't know, but I feel really 80's"

Kamryn said, while watching Jaden play with Pearce, "he loves Pearce like he never loved me"  Kinda sad, but kinda funny.  I reminded her that I love her more than I ever thought I'd love her.

And Boss just said, "mom, wets take pictures of me!"  And I asked why, he said, "because it's boston, and I wike you!".

Pearce hasn't said much...sadly his first word was Liar, which the kids made him say over and over again that morning as they all laughed.  ugh!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fell behind

Ok, so things have been so busy around here lately....mostly because of enrichement night, or relief society night meeting night.  Whatever the new name for it is.  Pretty stressful....especially when people are coming to me saying stressful things then saying, "I didn't want to say this around  _______ because i didn't want to stress her out" they bring it to me.  It was chaos!
 This is just a random picture I shot of Kam.  She's soo stinkin cute I wanna eat her up!

And Jaden's latest thing is he likes to push the big tonka dump truck around in his "trails" out in the dirt lot by our house.  The other day he found it's a lot more fun if you put a baby in the dump truck.

 And here are Boston and Kam's valentine cards.  They both wanted me to make them one after they saw Jaden's....and now Jaden is ok with his.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Pearcen's new trick...check out the lower lip.....
 Pearcen's favorite new spot...the chair in the corner
 The valentine garland we made for FHE....
 Our Valentine mailboxes that we put out every year for each other....
 my coupons for the mailboxes.....
 How could I NOT take a picture of this?!?!?!?!?!
 He decided to push his lamb around....
 Then play cars...I know, I know, this is all so boring to you onlookers, but seriously, he's just so fun for me to follow around!

 Ah, Boss saw that the camera was out...he said, "weet me show you my mooooves"

 Ugh! I want to eat him up!  Look at those dimple!!!!

The Mulder Family Apple Orchard...

It's a good thing our little family dream is to have an apple orchard.  We planted 3 this last year, and then hopefully 6 or 7 more this up coming year...see how that goes then plant a billion.  But all 6 of us LOVE apples...and we go through about 6 or7 a day (not each)
This guy usually has one in each hand at all times.  He's hilarious!
 Pretty gross, but still amazingly adorable!

 This was him waiting at the door after grandpa left.  He really wanted him to come back.
 And a few days ago...

 and a few days before that....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

oh, I almost forgot...

Another thing we're ALL loving here in the Mulder home....
 and yes, it does have some sugar, but seriously...come on.  Make sure you get the salt and pepper kind.  They are SOOO GOOD, and so on sale at safeway right now and there are coupons for them in last week's paper.  So stock up..they're amazing.

And just a little thought, that is so true for me.....

What's goin on...

Ok, so I just got done with the most amazing shoot.  Seriously....she was soo sweet and looked like.....
 I've also been doing my reasearch on how to grow your hair stronger, healthier an faster.  The stronger....keratin treatments and supplements.  The healthier...massage with coconut oil before showers, and use one of these 2 products. I love em both...they do the same thing...the 7 is just cheaper than the 10....

 and the can massage your scalp, brush it a lot, use cold water to wash and rinse your hair, and take more supplements, but basically, a lot of it comes down to!


Ok, now on ot my preschooler.  He's awesome.  Pearcen got a box of disposables (yup, we still use them on road trips and for babysitters) and boston made good use of the box...all on his own.  This was about a week ago and he still wears it.  He's awesome.  Notice the little face poking out of the top.
 and now my 3rd grader.  Who is just too cool.  Dude, I made this awesome valentine for him to hand out to his class, and he came in, saw it and said, "no way" as he was laughing.  And I said, "what?!  you do'nt like it???"  and he said, "no, I do like it, you can print one up".  And I said, ok, how about I print up 20 and you can hand them out to your class for valentines?"...." NO WAY" again...laughing.