Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016

This year for Easer we went down to the valley for the day.  We went to church with the Bollwinkles, which I have to say, with so many billions of tween and teen cousins sitting on 2 or 3 benches together, it was SO irreverent....ok,a nd Jase, Sam, Randa and I admiring Tru was pretty irreverent as well.  After church we headed over to the Bollwinkels for a nice lunch in some nice weather on their nice back porch.  Here are a few shots of the kids and some cousins in their finest Easter attire....

 And my new bookends lookin all GQ.

 Here are a few shots from my "taken way too late" newborn pictures of Tru.  There are a few more that I'll post as soon as I get his "way too late" announcements sent out.  I LOVE this little onsie and his baby guns.  SO CUTE!
 And I've ALWAYS wanted to be in a picture with my newborn but have always been too fat, so I researched poses that hid mommy fat.  and I LOVE THESE. I love his sweet peaceful face, and his adorable lips and the moments we have together which I'm cherishing more with this one than any newborn before, knowing it'll be the last. I'm so in love with this guy!

 and yes,I had to dress him up like a puppy and snap a few.  That tail!
 And at Randa's on Sunday we decided it looks creepy when the oversized bear looks down at the baby.
 "I want to eat you!!!"

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Vivian's 4!!!

Vivian turned 4 a few weeks ago, bbut we decided to wait until the cousins came up to have a party.   And since Stratton's birthday is next week, we decided to combine the two for a little candle blowing out ceremony.
But we started the day off with birthday pancakes.....which took a while to get going since Vivian threw a big fit about what to wear....

And then we headed to grandma and grandpa's for a big kitty cat birthday bash!!!

They played a funny game of pin the tail on the kitty cat....

Then it was time to open presents!!!!

It was a fantastic day filled with a few tantrums, lots of sugar, and lots of smiles!

And of course....a few pictures of sweet little Tru.  He's been a bit sick the last week, which is completely stressful for me, but I think he's on the mend!