Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here it is

Ok, I have hidden from the camera nicely this go round.  But I figured it's my last, I may as well show how humongous I am since hopefully I'll NEVER EVER weigh 215 again!  EVER!  EVERRRR!!!!!
oh my gosh!  And WHITE.  I haven't seen the sun in almost a year.  And wow, this pregnancy took my lips.  That's sexy.  But yes, I stick out about 4" in front.  It's fun.  I hit it on things a few times a day.  one more month!    (oh, and this may be the top I'll be wearing when it comes out....if I deliver in the tub at the hospital)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

uh oh!!!!!

Ok, realizing I"M NOT ready for this baby.  Glad I'm realizing it now...while I still have 5 or 6 weeks. Just went to the dr. today...he informed me that my last ultra sound put my due date at Feb 28th...WHAT?!  That means another HUGE ole baby.  He said according to my measurements I'm due March 10th....but according to my cycle, I'm due March 4th.  UGH!  So anytime between Feb 28-March 10th...AHH!H!

Well, we fake register sometimes and we did it for a date last week.  It was fun, plus Target gives you a free "new baby" packet for registering with samples and coupons and crap.  But as we were registering, I realized we have no baby socks, no newborn diapers, no bath stuff, we don't own a pack n play anymore, can't find our bottles or boppy.  But I guess as long as we have blankets, a couple of newborn cloth diapers and if my milk makers work, we'll be ok for a while.

But as far as baby projects. oh my gosh!  Dani comes over and we get a lot done, but we never get anything done.  ha!  We are now 3/4 of the way done with the world's most cutest mobile and the baby quilt.  And I think Jase might help me prime the crib...that YES I AM painting white, then I can move Pearcen's dresser into the boys room and start loading this baby's dresser with her clothes and stuff...which I still need to clean and sort.  AH!

And as far as having the baby....I don't know how, obviously don't' know when, don't have a hospital bag packed or thought about...don't have a carseat out, haven't settled on a name.  Well, have, but just unsettled on it.  I found a "pin" on pineterst about a baby named Stella Grace, and about 6 or 7 people commented about how they just named their baby Stella Grace.  SERIOUSLY!/  So yea, I have another name that I might use..Jaden likes it, but Kam and Jason still want Stella.   And boston just said he wants stella so he can yell, "STTEEELLLAA" every time he talks to her.   Who knows.  UUUGGGHHH!

And we started potty training this week.  So far more pee in the toliet than in the underwear, but no intreats in pooping in the toliet...this is a must before this baby comes. I can't do 2 babies in clothe diapers, and I can't afford 2 in disposable.    And Pearce...ahh, Pearce, I never like when my baby isn't my baby anymore.  I like the new one, but I'm so sad for the last one.  Pearcen came to bed with us around 2 last night and I had J take him back to his room because I was having leg cramps, and then at 5 I saw that P had snuck in and slept on the side of my bed.  He was curled up in a ball, cold.  So I snagged him and he cuddled so close that I just watched him for a good hour before getting out of bed.  Mmm, I love him!

Time to start preparing...oh, and so time to start nesting this crazy messy house!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Potty training...attempt #1

So usually with Mulder kids (maybe it's all kids, I dunno) we try to potty train every 6 months until they hit 3 and a half...gross!  Kam keeps taking Pearce in onto the potty and he goes every time, but I'm so lazy, I just put a diaper back on him....but, today is the beginning of attempt #1.....15 minutes on, 10 minutes off...all day long, no peeing at all...until this...

and then he peed.

So ready for another one!

Just found these pictures.  I can't wait to get another baby.  Not looking forward to delivery, after birth contractions, breastfeeding, and not sleep, but AM looking forward to cuddling a sweet, fat, little soft Mulder baby again.  This first pic is one of my favorites I ever took....makes me want my camera back so badly!  

And this one is my favorite picture that ANYONE has ever taken (Holly Brimhall).  It's the most perfect composition of the most perfect baby EVER!!!
Now if I can just get into the right state of mind to deliver this baby without getting hysterical (I kinda step out of my right mind during transition during labor, gotta get prepped).

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Short term goal

Ok, I need more short term goals to help me with my new years resolutions.  2 for this week:




Lazy Blogger

Remember the days when i used to blog most every day?  That was awesome. I got so much detail about events and the kid's lives.  Now, I write pretty vague stories that I would probably remember anyway.  ANOTHER new goal for the year.

So, since I'm lame with pictures right now in life. I'm going to write a little summary of our weekend.

Saturday, got up, hopped in the ole station wagon (did I mention we now drive a volvo station wagon?  we do) and went yard selling.  We purchased a cute little dresser for me to redo for Pearcen, who is moving into the big boy room in a few months.   sad.    And we also purchased the cutest like new bouncy chair for this girl I'm growing.  We had one for the previoius 4, but it was sold in a yard sell of our own.  We also got a afro wig, and 2 bike helmets.

We got home and of coarse went crazy freaking out that we were so late getting ready for Tessa's baptism, but of coarse again, we got there in plenty of time.  Her baptism was so great.  She was so adorable.  I worry with Boston's baptism in a few years that we'll never  have a baptism as amazing as Kam's.  That was the most amazing day of our lives.
After the baptism we helped with the lunch (setting up and eating and taking down) and then I came home and went through the boys closets and totes to make room for pearcey in there while Jase met my mom and sister and nephew at the clinic to get adjusted.

Then came the fun part of the weekend....all the kids came here for the night, bribed with money to keep it clean and keep the younger 2 alive, and all of the Hatch family adults went to the gutts for some Oreganos, and what was supposed to be game playing, but turned into hours of laughing and talking, reminiscing, ping pong playing and  cat entertainment all to celebrate Paula's 50th.  She does NOT seem 50 to me.  I feel like we're all close in age now.  Growing up I always felt I was so much younger than my sisters, but now that we're all just mom's raising kids, I feel like we're all around 30.  Sadly, we're not.
I have to share a quick story that my dad shared last night.  He's always been one to pick up hitch hikers, especially Navajos since we grew up on the navajo reservation.  One night he passed one and felt bad so immediately turned around and picked him up. He took him from Snowflake to Holbrook, and dropped him off just the other side of the tracks by the dinosaur place.  The navajo was obviously drunk.  His head kept falling over onto my dad and dad would just push him back over.  And when they stopped, dad  yelled, "Hausteen, get out....GET OUT" and he didn't, so dad had to go around and pull him out of the truck.  Keep in mind, dad's worked with the navajos his whole life.  We've always had them in our house since his pawn shop was in the 2nd living room.  Anyway, he got out and there were blankets there, but dad still felt bad the next day and went to check on him.  He found him a little further up the road and asked how he was.   The man said, "I'm fine, but I didn't want to come to Holbrook".  bahahaha.

Anyway, we came home to a clean house and everyone was alive  yay!

Today, we slept in, well, until 6.  And went to the Gutt's church since ma n pa were there and Tessa got called up.  It was nice.   I was sad because I missed a great RS lesson in our ward.  I got the same one in Vonda's ward, but my favorite teacher taught in our ward and I'm always inspired after her lessons.  She's a mom of 9 (jealous) and she makes it look easy (jealouser) and to top it off, she works out at 5:30 every morning!  WHAT?!  Yea.  AND, her kids are cute.   Anyway, great lesson, and there are a few ladies that I LOVe from Vonda's ward as well.

Now we're home...Jase and Jaden went home teaching, and now they're watching some alligator show while I'm "supervising" Kamryn make her first batch of chocolate chip cookies.  She's in heaven.  She LOVES to be in the kitchen. Um, and I just tasted the dough, AWESOME!  We now have a new Sunday chocolate chip cookie maker.  YAY  This is one of the days as a mom I've been waiting for for years!!!!!!

Now I'm off to wake up my baby. I love waking him up and cuddling with him for a good 10 or 15 minutes.  He's the best.  I really hope this new one is just as fantastic!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is love

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this kid! I know a lot of people have a hard time with 2-5 year olds, but that's my favorite.  Theyr'e so funny, and love to cuddle and be by their mom.  This guy is so sweet.  He loves to hug, he's always laughing and loves to play games all day with his brothers and sister.  Today I took jaden to get his hair cut and to lunch and he asked, "Is Pearcey always this happy when we're at school?"  Ha!  I reminded him that he's that happy ALL the time.  He's a goofy 2 year old.  And HOPEFULLY an almost potty trained 2 year old.  He just went pee on the potty for the first time and loved it!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New years resolutions

Obviously I'm slacking on even setting new years resolutions, but I do think they help me every year, even though they're usually the same.  This year, I'm sticking with 5 big ones.

BE A BETTER MOM!  I've been so caught up in being depressed these last few months that I've been the laziest mom!   We never do anything fun. I miss it.   and I HAVe already started on this one.  We have library day, weekly lunch dates and a lot less TV.  ha.  My #1 goal in this category is to point out more positive.  It's so easy for me to get on the older 2 for the things they AREN"T supposed to do, but when they do awesome things, even if I do notice sometimes I stink at pointing them out.

BE A BETTER WIFE!  I am a sucky wife.  I suck at liking someone when I don't 'ike myself or don't like where I am in life.  So I kinda just treat J like another one of the kids...which most days is how it is anyway...I just need to clean up after him and feed him.  Luckily, he's potty trained.  But I need to give compliments, and care more about whatever is going on with him.  Again, be more positive with him. It's been hard with him starting so many new clinics these last few years, not only does it KILL our fiances for a whils till he builds them up, but he has NO time for me.  Any extra time goes straight to the kids, which is where I want it to go since there's so little, and since the kids are so little, but I miss us.

LOSE THIS WEIGHT!  Always a goal.  With how much I've been depressed this pregnancy, I've done A LOT of eating...bad eating.  I had a few horrible months at the beginning and these last 2 were bad. I've done better for a week and a half now, hopefully i can not gain anymore weight this go . And don't' worry, I know there are some that are saying I'm weight obsessed since I don't' want to gain weight during the last 2 months of a pregnancy, but I'm already up over 55, and my babies are always plenty big and plenty healthy.  So move along.  I'd like to be back into my 10's by my birthday in June. Wish my luck.  size 10 maternities got packed away about a month ago, so It's gunna be some work...especially since I've vowed to not cut calories if my milk goes down at all.  Since this is the last, I want to nurse her for at least 6 months.  Even if I end up back at the hospital a couple times a week like I did with Pearce.  I keep thinking I'll post a pic of me pg, but I take one, and then freak that I've put so much on.  Someday....in the next 7 weeks.  ugh

READ THE B OF M!  I was doing so well for a month or so, and now I'm back to thinking about it when I'm already laying in bed with the lights off at midnight.   I'm horrible. I don't know if it's the actual reading that makes my days go better, but I think it's knowing that I've done something that I should that helps me feel better. Like yesterday when I cut all the squares to a quilt, made curtains and did a killer crossfit workout, at the end of the day, I felt that I deserved that hour on the couch after the kids went to bed.  I really want to understand the scriptures better as well, now that my kids are understanding the stories more.  It's fun to hear what they know about them.

BE CONTENT! This will be the hardest one for me...BY FAR!  I don't want to be here. I hate the city. I LOEV LOVE my family and friends that live here and LOVE that we get to do so much together, but on a day to day basis, as a mom, wife, and individual, I'm a country girl.  I feel super out of my element here.  The convinces of movies and restaurants are nice.  Stores, are not.  I take up half of my days driving to a store to get something, whereas in the country I'd get it online...usually cheaper...just have to wait a day or two, which was always fine.  I do love having a Sprouts within 15 minutes.  But I was just so completely content for a few years and got totally  messed up with this move.  But it looks like it might be for a while, so I need to focus on the good and not get so worked up about city things (traffic, crowds, people I don't know...actually being in a city...you know terrorists would go for phoenix before joseph city. ha!)

And there you have it.  my 5 goals for the new year.  I'll be printing these off and putting them in my organizer so i can read them often.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keep coming back....

When I following links on Pinterest or find links off of other blogs, SO many times they lead me back to THIS SITE.  I LOVE IT!  I want to paint everything in my house turquoise.  I wouldn't mind having any room on the whole entire site. I've been going here for years and stealing ideas and inspiration. I LOVE this site for home decorating.

I just found 2 new sites that I LOVE for quilting.  And yes, I'm back to quilting thanks to my lovely husband getting me an awesome machine on craigslist. I felt useless for the last year w/o a sewing machine.  He bought me the Bernina 830.  Super old machine, but super amazing and unbreakable.  My mom and my favorite quilter both use it and have for years.  I can't wait!  Here are the sites
Here and  Here.

For food, here are my favorite sites.  I love this one and have used it for years just because it has the "ingredients" tab so I can put what I DO want to use and what I DON"T want to use. I have always agreed with the ratings too. MOst recipes have hundreds if not thousands of ratings too.    When I'm doing well on WW  THIS is my go to site.  I've loved everything I've tried off of here.  When I don't care what I'm eating THIS is my favorite.  And when we're doing SUPER well on eating clean, THIS is where we go.

Just thought I'd share these and be sure to put them on here so I'll always have them.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just move on, will ya?!

OK, so I thought maybe my blog really was just being read by me and Jase, but I get a few comments every week from people who have read it...so I guess no one comments anymore...too busy commenting on FB....which is part of my new years resolutions this year (next post)  But today I had to go through a BUNCH of old pictures to find pictures of Pearcen's old baby bedding so I could list it on craigslist and I came across so many pictures that made me cry.  Most everyone knows I'm stuck in Jo city. I was so happy there.  The home I designed and LOVE LOVE LOVED, land, chickens, knowing everyone, tiny school, no traffic, SEASONS and my favorite kitchen EVER!  Here's a few.  These first 2 are ones that make me miss dressing cute.  The last few months of my pregnancies, and the first couple after, I dress so slobby and slouchy, just because of the uncomfortableness and hugeness.  When I come across pictures like these I feel even worse, but hopeful!
 I look like  gypsy in this one, but I miss being able to throw whatever on and not change a million times cause I feel super ugly and huge.  Someday...someday.
 I just have to remember that this was a year before those pictures...212.
 Ahh, and my kitchen sink. I loved it...and I SO loved baby Pearcen.  He's grown up faster than anyone!  It's insane! I hate that they grow!!!!
 This picture makes me miss my kitchen more than anything. i miss wanting to be in the kitchen, and coming up with fun projects for me and the kids to make in there.  Again...someday...someday.
 Ok, and I came across these pictures that never got posted of Kam's awesome dance recital!  She is adorable and did such a great job with her clogging.  She starts hip hop here in a few weeks.  We let them pick an activity to join if they kept their grades up, and of coarse, Kam kept straight A+'s...she's insane.  So she got to chose between hip hop, gymnastics, a sport or music (they'll all do piano anyway) and she picked hip hop...so did Boston, can't wait!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Focusing on the things I like...

I really like this website.  Lunches are my hardest thing to figure out.  We're doing a lot of salads right now, but my kids get burned out on salads after 2 days in a row, so I need a few things to throw in there each week and this site is a HUGE help. I love love love it!!!!

Ok, I'm getting a girl. I love fat little girl feet in cute little sandals! Especially when they start walking.  Mmm, so cute...and red?  YES!
 Speaking of cute shoes, I've been so in love with these boots for oh, 4 months now. I really thought they'd find a way (via husband) under my tree this year, but they didn't, but I'm not giving up on them! They will be mine, oh yes, they WILL be mine!!!!

I know this one has made a lot of my "love lists" but I love pumpkin pie!

These bags! I need to order some.  Or just go get some.  JC Penny's had them at Christmas time and I'm so dumb I didn't get em.  I think they're hilarious! and gross, but more hilarious.

My stinking sisters. I love them.  I love that we have each other to vent to, and to learn from and to share exciting news with and to help each other out...which I've sucked at these last few months, but I'd be seriously DEAD if I didn't have my sisters down here.
 And yea, ok, this one is weird, but I LOVE Harkin's Loyalty shirts.  Popcorn is probably my favorite part about the movies, even more than the movies most of the time....and we've never had our OWN loyalty shirt...>TIL NOW!  Someone put one on our Facebook group out here for $25...couldn't resist.  We have 2 movie passes, a loyalty shirt and an outback gift card....I think we MAY just get our date this week!!!!!!

And right now, we're doing our usual start of the year no sugar and no dairy, and I got a subscription to Whole Living magazine for $3 a year...and it's SO helpful right now.  This month is of coarse about a cleanse and new healthy diets, and it's just so much better than the stupid Shape and Self magazines that I've gotten for years (and still do) that talk about whatever is paying for the magazine...ie, healthy milk, drug ads, etc....  I love that it has REAL healthy recipes, instead of just ones that are low calorie, but full of junk.  
 I LOVE cabbage right now.  All of my kids love it, Jase and I love and it's so easy to make.  WE have at least one head of cabbage a week.  Either in our shakes or cooked.  WE're all great at eating any fruit, but when it comes to veggies, all of my kids like different ones, but broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage always make the list for everyone!  OH, and asparagus of coarse.
 and of coarse, I LOVE my niece Danica right now.  She's super super crafty, skilled and has one perfect baby, so she has time to teach the less crafty. I LOVE that she has helpled me with so many of my "projects" since I've moved here, and that she has fanastic taste to help me with my nursery next week that I'm slightly depressed about since it's in a tiny dark room.  But we're going to make it lovely!

Boston's prayer

A couple of nights ago Boston said our nighttime family prayer and he said,
Help us be nice to people and not be mean.  Help us not punch their face, that's mean.

I love him.  And guess what, NO ONE has punched ANYONE'S face since then.