Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Interview with a 6 year old...

 Mom:  What's on your heart?
Vivian: I think about Jaden in my heart, that he is sleeping in the snow.
M: Hes not sleeping in the snow, just really really cold.  What happened in your day today?
V: Boston was babysitting me and we maked a fort and me and Truman played Barbies.  This morning I snuggled with grandpa on the couch.
M: What makes you cry or makes you sad?
V: When Truman pinches me really hard or when Boston bes mean to me.
M: What do you dream about?
V: When all of us are at DisneyWorld and then we go and swim at the ocean by it.
M: What would you do if you could do anything in the world?
V: GO do Disneyland and play there.
M: What else?!
V: Go do the cousins!
M:  What kinds of things make you feel loved?
V: I like it when you snuggle with me. I like when you give me hugs and kisses.
M: I love that too!! What is your favorite kind of food?
V: Salad.
M; What kind?
V; Ceaser salad
M: What other foods?
V:  Mac and Roni and Cheese!
M: What do you need from me?
V: I need to color with you and watch a movie with you.

M: What makes you happy?
V: When I play with the cousins and when I play with you and Boston and pearce and dad and Truman and Kamryn and Jaden,  and when I go on bike rides with dad and Pearcen, I'm happy when we go to the movies.
M: What did you like about the last movie we watched?
V: When Mary Poppins put them in the bath and they, like, and I saw the dolphins.
M: Which kind of music makes you want to sing?
V: Let it Go and Christmas music!
M: What are the things that make you angry?
V: When you tell me that I have to go outside and feed the chickens, when my room is dirty and you say I have to clean it and when my brothers tease me.
M: What kinds of things do you like to talk about?
V: UNICORNS!  Narwhals, movies and princesses.
M:  What makes you afraid?
V: Dark, and that's all.
M:  WHat's your favorite memory?
V: Going on a trip.
M: Which one?
V:  Going to the cousins and going on the trip to the beach with the baby cheetah and holding the baby tiger. I liked seeing those, like, what are they called? they was on the little thing. I can't remember it.
M: What makes you laugh?
V:   When Pearcen does jokes to me, when Truman farts,  when mom says "don't smile vivvy"
M: What re the 3 most important things to you?
V: Family. Dogs.  Jesus.
M: Those are awesome things Vivian. I love you.
V: I love you
M: Last question...Do you know how much I love you?
V: 2 thousand, 10 thousand 10 hundred 10 hundred plus 10 hundred 10 thousand!!!!!!
M: Nailed it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hardest December Ever

This December was a less than exciting one.  I spent most days wanting them to go by faster, but they didn't.  It's been DECEMBER FOR SO LONG!  I was so glad to wake up this morning to January!  That means only 21 more days until I get to hug Jaden and have a new beginning for our relationship!  He seems to be doing great...atually enjoying it out there.   The trail walkers all say he's the most positive kid out there, and he sticks pretty close to them to avoid the bad talk from the other young walkers.  His letters have been great. He still struggles to show emotion and feelings, but he IS a teenage boy.  But both him and each member of our family has been orking on changes in our heart towards each other.  We've been listening to the anatomy of peace, and working in the family "walk of WE" workbooks each morning and we've already noticed so many great changes in each of us.  Jaden's letters are something I"ll treasure forever.  He's such an amazing kid and I hope this adventure teaches him that so that he can't deny his potential or our love for him.  I really hope we can gain a firm trust in each other and create a transparent relationship...with each member of our family.  I miss him like I think about him night and day and pray so many times a day for him (especially in these 2 freezing cold days), but I know that the Lord has made this possible for the benefit of our famly's peace and love.  I hope this is something Jaden will always think of as an opportunity and gift, because thats where our hearts were when we chose for him to go.