Monday, May 23, 2011

What makes you happy???

We have a book called taking a bath with the dog.  ANd it's been one of my kid's favorites for years and years.  Kamryn memorized it and would "read" it to us before she could read.  
This last week was stake conference...and we were only 10 minutes early instead of an hour early so we were way way way in the back and our stake doesn't do the screens to see the speaker, so we could see him/her, so it was harder than usual to keep the kids interested and we only brought so many books.  So we decided to draw mustaches on each other with permanent marker and make a list of things that make us happy that we were going to do when we got home.  here's the list:
eat cookie dough
put new curtains up
slurp spagetti
tickle baby brother
stay up late
make a wish
eat ice cream
So we got home, got changed and had a picnic.  Then we all put our aprons on and made cookie dough while Jase made the Sunday batches of bread.  These obviously weren't planned pictures since none of us are looking at the same time...and my face in the last one is cookie dough coma face.

 Then we turned on Jaden and Kamryn's favorite songs of the moment, "fireflies" by Owl City and I just can't wait to be king from lion king (both on my play list if you wanna hear em too) and we SANG and danced and SANG!
Then we decided it was time to play dress up.  I dressed up in an awesome dress that Linda Miller let me barrow...super heavy with beads and so amazing.  Jase was an ape, Kam was a chinese older girl (that's what she called it) Boston wanted to be a ghost and Jaden was kung fu gorilla boy.

Then we changed, tickled baby brother...that really does make us all happy. He's hilarious and loves to be tickled.  Then we put up the awesome new curtains, had the Lampsas come help us move the new computer desk (again from Linda Miller's yard sale) and new TV around.  Now we feel like we're in a new home again (that's what makes me happy, I LOVE changing things around...I'm painting all day today.  Then we got on our PJ's and played a few games of Ratuki, stayed up late then went to bed.  It was probably my favorite  Sunday in over a year.  We do still have to go on a walk, slurp  , make a wish and eat ice cream, but I bet we do all of that today!
Yesterday stated out awesome too..I decided to make a fruit tray ofr the kids to go with their french toast, and as I was cutting the watermelon then lifting it to put on the plate, it fell out in the shape of hearts!  No lie!  It was just that kind of day....
 Today hasn't been to shabby either...well, other than I threw my back out running around doing jobs around the house during the turbo fire 45 second break, then running back in and jumping right into a lunge, then bam!  Had to drive myself down to Jase's and get put back into place. ha.
But this kid has been awesome....just eating lunch, being happy in his high chair for a good hour!
 And now we're going to go check the mail and deliver these cute cookie packages that we made this morning. I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the says "homemade and to die for".   Then we're making raspberry jam for the first time ever...I'm sure I'll document that later, having an FHE on modesty by Kamryn, and slurping spaghetti!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

our first day with our 5 year old

I'll post pics soon of Boston's 5th birthday party, but I just want to blog about his day at home with just mom and dad today.
he got 2 squirt guns for his birthday, so he came into me and we filled them up and I told Jase I needed him to come in and help me with something then we attacked...and he locked himself in the bathroom where he filled up a cup of water in preparation.  Then he ran to the kitchen while we were squirting him and started to fill a cup again.  Then Boston got the genius idea to just go use the sink sprayer.  Needless to say our house was soaking wet, but it was a good 1st day with a 5 year old.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Girls weekend, fathers sons and closet campout....

This last weekend was Father's Son's campout, so of coarse, Kam and I got to have a fun girl's weekend.  Friday night I had a jewelry party, but Kam wasn't feeling well anyway, and then Saturday I had a jewelry show in Show Low for just an hour, so Kam helped me with that and then I asked her if she wanted to shop, go eat, go see grandma, go home and paint fingernails (we painted toenails the night before), plant our flowers and watch a movie....she said she wants to shop!  So we went to JC Penny, Walmart, Big Lots and Stage.  We only bought a tire for boston's bike, a graduation plane for Boston, a candy bar and a jacket, but she loved it.  Then we got ot go pick up grandma and go grocery shopping and to sonic., then come home and plant our bigonias in the front yard and water the garden...which we stunk at because a big mean dog came to our yard and we went inside and left the water running for a few hours til the boys got home.  haha.  
It was an awesome weekend though, and I can't wait til next year's girl's weekend.
The boys had an awesome time too.  Jaden said his favorite part was shooting 22's, bows and arrows and bebe guns.  Boston liked when everyone took a nap so he could eat the entire package of fig newtons and oreo fudgies.  Pearcen was just laughing when he got home.  They were all the dirtiest boys ever!!!!
They were all super super tired too.  They fell right asleep after their baths.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my 2 complaints for the moment....

I miss Michael Scott. I thought I'd be ok w/o him, but I'm not.  There were funny parts to this last weeks office, don't get me wrong, I laughed, but it feels like a whole new show, like I've lost the connection I had with EVERYONE in the office since Michael is gone.  Bring him back!! Is there NOTHING we can do as Americans to fix this?????

2nd complaint....underarm flab. I do soo many tricep dips, push ups, weights, everything, but still, it jiggles like jello.

  1. I hope to fix one or maybe both of these issues within the next month...please, do what you can to help.

Monday, May 9, 2011

MOther's Day 2011

This year was a fantastic Mother's Day!  Jaes took the kids Saturday morning up to my parents to wash the car, and out to play some baseball while I did my workouts and cleaned in peace.  Then after lunch we went up, picked up my parents and went up to see Rio in Lakeside.  After that we dropped the kids off at the babysitters in Taylor and went to Native New Yorker with ma and pa and a couple of their friends where we enjoyed some super unhealthy food that made us feel like crap. We stayed the night at mom and dad's and had a lovely meat filled breakfast made by Jase . The kids all had some fantastic homemade gifts and cards for me.  Of coarse Kam had a sunflower sprouted that we get to plant in the yard and the other kids had great cards with sweett things written in them.  Jaden's cards are getting more and more meaningful eacy year and this year's card was SOO sweet.  Jase bought me a ton of my Lindt chocolate bars and gave me money to have Aida come clean the house once this month and for a NEW SPORTS BRA!!!!! yay!!!!!! Then watched a movie while the kids played in the backyard.  At church their ward gave mom and I flowers to plant. I hope I dont' kill them. I told her I wanted chocolate since I'd be killing these flowers, but I'll work my magic and try to make them live for a month or so.
 After church mom and dad let me snap a few pictures of them .  This is the only one I'm going to share right now...but I love it...they were being soo sweet with each other....
 After pictures we had an awesome meal made by mom (grilled by dad) of steak, potatoes, salad, rolls and a few other veggies.  It was fantastic! I love homemade food that I don't have to make.  And Jase made his signature Eclaire cake....which made me so sick because I couldn't stop eatting it.
You done good J.  It was a lovely mother's day and I loved my breakfast in bed this morning.  you're the best.
 I wish I could remember what was being said right here....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gifts given.....

Now I'm going to thank my sweet Jasey for the things he gives me all the time.
Thanks J for making me popcorn whenever I ask for it since you are the king of popcorn do need to get better at helping me ONLY eat popcorn after 6pm though.  BUT I LOVE your popcorn!!!!
 Thank you Jase for hugging me all the time.  For hugging me so hard it hurts and teaching me that it doesn't hurt as much if you just hug back.  And even though I don't kiss back much lately, thank you for kissing me every time you leave the house, and saying I love you everytime we hang up the phone and for kissing me every night before you fall asleep.   I really do love it all!!!
 And I know this last year I've turned into mother thanks for picking up the slack and covering breakfast most mornings.  It really does work out better for all though.  You don't have to eat my pancakes or oatmeal anymore, you get eggs every morning...your dream come true...and I get to workout whilst you feed the dream come true.  win win really.
 Thank you for making me get my lazy home body butt outside to plant a garden every year.  I know I do it so begrudgingly every year, but I'm soo glad we do it, and I LOVE having all the fresh produce...and love that the kids are so proud of our garden every year.  I can't wait to make pickles and bottle tomatoes.
 And you KNOW this is my favorite thing you do....pots and pans!  I'm sooo glad I don't have to clean the pots and pans. I hate them.  I hate hate hate them. I know, that's a bad word, but I hate pots and pans.  2nd place...folding the whites....and thanks for usually helping me out with that.
 Thanks for putting up with me.  Thanks for knowing that when I scream, then rant and vent about how I'm going crazy with working, cleaning, the kids, being broke, being fat, being bald, having no self control with food, and being tired, you know I'm just a crazed psychotic beast and you move along and love me anyway.  Thanks for being so motivated and determined in your latest venture.  It's KILLING ME, and I do feel like I'm being dragged a long, but I'm glad you've persevered and kept going with it....I hope, and SOOOO pray that you (we) will be rewarded for that.
Thank you for eatting whatever I make.
Thank you for tickling my back most every night and tickling extra where I shiver.
Thank you for getting out of bed when you're almost asleep when I ask if the front door is locked.
Thank you for helping me make the world's cutest kids.

Thank you for loving me.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Making it easy for you....

MOther's Day....
A Salad Master pot big enough that I don't have to use our 3 little ones EVERY time I make soup....
 remember my crepe pan you got rid of...oh look, salad master has one....
 Um, no one in the world works out as much as I one and ONLY sports bra is 4 years old.  Really? Is it doing ANY good at all?  Nope, that's why I have to wear 1 or 2 old bras WITH IT!....but look.....
I just really want this lense

 I need this.  It's been on my wish list for a long're a doctor right?  hook me up!
 I have one of these in my closet at all times, allowing my self one square a day...2 on bad days.  But I'd just like a few more on hand.
 Uh, so other than Jessica Tubbs, ,who's the queen of Turbo Jam/Fire??? Probably me.  And my feet are already falling off after one week, and I read that these weird ole vibram shoes work wonders...and I can run in them too!  yay!!!!! (but Like the ones called vibram jane...not these ones)
or maybe a NO CLEANING DAY where the house still ends up clean.  That would be AMAZING. I've NEVER had one of those...EVER!
Or even better....Aida!!!!
But yes, again, I know that Mother's day and my birthday came at a bad time of year  so I'll settle for breakfast in bed as long as it has asparagus that isn't crunchy, herbs, chocolate almond milk and pancakes!

There now you can't say, "you make it hard" (actual quote from last week when he realized that Mother's day was 2 weeks away...which is good, because usuallly he doesn't realize how close it is til it's a day or two away...PROGRESS!!!!
Head's up Jase...Mother's Day is Sunday the 13th of May next you know a year in advance.  Prepare.

On that note...anyone have any great father's day gift ideas?