Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gifts given.....

Now I'm going to thank my sweet Jasey for the things he gives me all the time.
Thanks J for making me popcorn whenever I ask for it since you are the king of popcorn perfection.....you do need to get better at helping me ONLY eat popcorn after 6pm though.  BUT I LOVE your popcorn!!!!
 Thank you Jase for hugging me all the time.  For hugging me so hard it hurts and teaching me that it doesn't hurt as much if you just hug back.  And even though I don't kiss back much lately, thank you for kissing me every time you leave the house, and saying I love you everytime we hang up the phone and for kissing me every night before you fall asleep.   I really do love it all!!!
 And I know this last year I've turned into mother slacker...so thanks for picking up the slack and covering breakfast most mornings.  It really does work out better for all though.  You don't have to eat my pancakes or oatmeal anymore, you get eggs every morning...your dream come true...and I get to workout whilst you feed the children...my dream come true.  win win really.
 Thank you for making me get my lazy home body butt outside to plant a garden every year.  I know I do it so begrudgingly every year, but I'm soo glad we do it, and I LOVE having all the fresh produce...and love that the kids are so proud of our garden every year.  I can't wait to make pickles and bottle tomatoes.
 And you KNOW this is my favorite thing you do....pots and pans!  I'm sooo glad I don't have to clean the pots and pans. I hate them.  I hate hate hate them. I know, that's a bad word, but I hate pots and pans.  2nd place...folding the whites....and thanks for usually helping me out with that.
 Thanks for putting up with me.  Thanks for knowing that when I scream, then rant and vent about how I'm going crazy with working, cleaning, the kids, being broke, being fat, being bald, having no self control with food, and being tired, you know I'm just a crazed psychotic beast and you move along and love me anyway.  Thanks for being so motivated and determined in your latest venture.  It's KILLING ME, and I do feel like I'm being dragged a long, but I'm glad you've persevered and kept going with it....I hope, and SOOOO pray that you (we) will be rewarded for that.
Thank you for eatting whatever I make.
Thank you for tickling my back most every night and tickling extra where I shiver.
Thank you for getting out of bed when you're almost asleep when I ask if the front door is locked.
Thank you for helping me make the world's cutest kids.

Thank you for loving me.


Melissa Fullmer said...

awe, i seriously got a tear in my eye. you guys are awesome!

Kristal said...

ha, I just re read it 3 days later and had a tear in my eye. He's a great guy...I'm a horrible wife!

buba's bodacious babe said...

You're a WONDERFUL wife! So sweet the tribute you gave to Jase. You are so patient and truley a great person. amazing, that's what you are!

(Bloomfield Family) said...

Awesome post! Someday....Let's live by eachother so you can rub off on me!

Alona said...

So cute! I'm glad I get to see you guys soon!

Tori said...

Where did you get that dress? Oh I just love it!!!!!

Tori said...

Where did you get that dress? Oh I just love it!!!!!