Saturday, February 20, 2010

Takin it easy....

Lately, nothing too big or exciting has happened. This little guy rolled over for the first time. He's pretty amazing. Seriously he wakes up with a smile., gives a little grunt when he's tired then falls right to sleep and plays on his own or with the kids all day long. He's perfect! (and round) And I know, I post way too many pictures of this guy sleeping. He just falls asleep at random times in randon places because he's our night owl. The dude stays up til we go to bed (or later) and he's up with the rest, so he's gotta take good naps to catch up. He fell asleep here while watching Barefoot Contessa with Elissa and I (a daily ritual...our goal is to someday have something to do with Ina Garten....even if it's to be her servant).
Not much else going on. We had our housewarming party this week and it went REALLY well. We had an awesome turnout and enough food. Those were my 2 big concerns. Oh, and no one's kids (not even mine) destroyed anything in the house! whoot whoot!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Today the kids were sooo excited to head out to school for their valentines party. We made really cute sugar cookies yesterday and they cut out hearts and put all of their friend's names on them. They both even wanted to dress valentinesy for the day. I LOVE EM! And I had to post this pic. We had a big ole super bowl party...VERY loud, over 20 kids under 8, and about 6 or 7 couples...very loud. But little Pearcey slept through the WHOLE thing in the floor of my bathroom with the fan on. He's a gem.

SPeaking of gems...bossmandoo was quite and out of sight, so of coarse we found him putting on all of my face cleaners and my $70 bottle of face lotion (we pay half...jase sells it..., but still!). Yea, he's amazing. Seriously one mess after another, but so freaking sweet and hilarious!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ok, so Kamryn is almost half way to 16...that sucks! Seriously...look at her! She's practically ready to move out! ug! Anyway, I wanted to do a shoot with her, and she wanted to wear this shirt, and it was too cold to go anywhere but our backyard, so the colors are pretty blah, but I think her sassy attitude and great hair make up for it. She's freaking hilarious! A few facts about Kam you ask?
1. She pretty much gets 100% on all of her papers.
2. She loves to read.
3. She loves to color more than she loves to read.
4. She loves sugar more than reading and coloring put together
5. She cuts her hair every year and suffers immensely for it, but stilll gives it a shot each year.
6. She loves to bake
7. She slams the door at least 2 times when she's mad.
8. SHe is STILL the best chicken catcher.
9. She's already been called sexy by the boys in her class...ugh!
10. She's the best sister the boys could ever have! />

Ah, and on to my naughty 3 year old. He is still the raddest kid ever! He wakes up from nap and goes to the ottoman for the 2nd half.
Yesterday we went to Alco, and Jase was supposed to be keeping an eye on him (haha) and I spoted Jase in the back of the store...Bostonless. So we both freaked and started frantically looking for him, then I heard the saddest, highest pitched crying in the front of the store...luckily I had on my Nike's and I RAN to the front of the store and followed the crying to the middle of one of the clothing racks where he wrapped himself in a jacket and was crying. Saddest thing ever! Thank goodness it was tiny little Alco instead of big ole walmart or something. But I told him to never leave mom or dad again, and through his sad, dirty, pizza sauced tears he said, "otay". Mmm, I love him!

Ah, and on to our family night of bowling. Justy, Lissy and the 6 of us went bowling at Holbrook last night. Good times. Of coarse I won (haha, amazing since I suck!) but the kids were soo fun to watch. Boston liked to use the little ramp thing...and bumpers, but the second he pushed the ball down he'd turn away and start watching the neighboring bowlers. He's not very intense about his bowling yet.

Kam on the other hand was pretty intense about getting the ball down the alley, but then....

she would quickly turn around and act like she didn't care...which is EXACTLY how I used to bowl until a few years ago.

And Jaden...ugh! I'm soo mad I didnt' get any pictures of him! He's a great bowler. Got a few spares, didnt use the ramp and even put a spin on it. He's killer!
WE had to get a picture of our "special" bowling shoes. Seriously? Yea, everyone else got cool killer bowling shoes...we got "special" shoes with bowling pads attached to the bottoms...blah. I was really annoyed when I got them, but then when Lissy got them too, it was all good. Plus I got first, she got 2nd, the boys were way behind us, so must have been the shoes.