Saturday, November 21, 2015

Family PIctures 2015

So this year, I have ZERO energy…less than ever before, and ailment after ailment…6 week long bronchitis, topped of with a rib that's out (and being worked on daily), complete depression (which is also being worked on daily), crazy eye infection thing, on top of crazy house stuff, a few of the kids getting picked on at school and um, about a dozen other things….so I just made these cute kids throw on some church clothes and go out back for a few pictures…and they nailed it!  I love them all so much!.
Vivian is hilarious.  She loves to dance.  She loves to call things pretty.  She loves to be called princess, even if it's spider girl princess.  She loves gus gus and pursey.  She loves to color…on everything.  And she loves to cuddle.
Kamryn loves being in the peter pan play.  She loves her new friends.  She LOVES Gus!  She's starting to like boys, and of course, boys like her and she loves being in young womens and going to mutual.
Pearce is SO loving school and learning.  He is constantly reading, spelling, adding, and especially coloring.  He loves to color with vivian, play outside with vivian, play "slide across the floor on our knees" with Vivian and Battleship with anyone except Vivian.
I haven't gotten a good shot of Boston yet, but he's just awesome.  He of course, loves school, his new friends, his teacher, and just doing anything that either of his brothers are doing.  He's constantly thinking of ways to make people happy and things he can give people as little gifts.  He's so thoughtful.
I was hoping 2015 was the "magical " year that these two became good friends….here's to 2016!

Ah! And I LOVE this picture.  I made my parents let me take a picture of them after church last week and mom busted up laughing at dad when he kissed her while looing at the camera, then I chewed him out.  It was hilarious!  These two are great!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

So, yea, it's been A LONG time since I posted.  Let me catch you up.  We finally moved out of the city and back to the country.  Sadly, I made a morning sickness decision on the house to move in to.  WE had looked at lots of houses over the few months of the summer and either they were too much, too small, too far out of town or too cookie cutter….so one night in July when my morning sickness was at it's peak, we were told about a cute old adorable house in a beautiful spot. We went, I was sick, and tired, and tired of looking and said, yea, it's great, I love it!  Before really thinking about the size, how many of us live there, life without a dishwasher again, and the fact that I'd be there alone half of the week every week.  So yes, the last 3 months have been full of stress, bedrest (bled for a month due to a severely torn placenta…which is still torn, but I'm off bedrest for now), a house full of mice, leaky faucets, super weird smells, yellow tiled countertops, carpeted kitchen, boys sleeping in a closet room, no room AT ALL for a crib, and it's around 1100 sq ft.   I do have to say, our landlords are amazing.  They do what they can to take care of teverything right away. No one had lived here for years, so these things were bound to happen….I just didn't think it would be so annoying.  And yes, let's top it off with chickens that dont' havve  a coop so I have to catch them all once a week and put them back in, pigs that don't have a pen, and they're getting quite aggressive and loud, and the fact that my 3 oldest kids have all been beaten up in the last week at school.  So bam!  There it is!

Now on to good news.  This guy…so cute!  He's doing so well in school and has made some great friends and, like the rest of us, is LOVING being back in the country (of course, he doesn't mind the mice..he had one go right by him one night and I couldn't get him to care).  And Gus gus, our newest member of our family.  He's turned out to be a completely awesome dog!  He's huge, but docile and happy.

 This last weekend was Halloween.   The kids had a few costumes for the different events.  Pearce's cowboy was my favorite!  I love his cowboy face!  And vivian's first choice was Spiderman girl.

 Then an owl, "whoo whoo"

And mine, Jase's and Jaden's picture will be coming soon….as soon as I can get my dumb phone to email it to my e mail and then download it (taking an hour or so) onto this computer!  I feel like such a pioneer!!! It's kinda driving me insane!.