Monday, February 25, 2013

Cleanin Up!

This weekend we went to Grandma and Grandpa Hatch's house for Grandma's birthday.   That morning their ward was having a service project to clean the streets of Taylor and my boys were all over it!  The next day at church I had ladies telling me how great they did. It was EXTREMLEY doesn't look it in this picture, but it was 23 degrees out! This guy was one of the first ones out there, and Boston kept asking for more "jobs" when they were done.  I like my boys!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Who Loves Me...

So, this week my "who loves me" is kind of an obvious one.  Who else would stay with me this long and all my sarcasm, "terms of endearment", and lack of lovey dovey words?  yea, J.  He's the one.  Aint no one better for me.  I honestly can't believe it's been 12 feels like 3 or 4...10 at the most (haha).  We've had some crazy crap over the years, and some awesome shiz.  We've been 100% super broke, to a year of amazing trips, a new fancy shmancy Suburban (oh how I miss you big red).  We've had years of complete sanity, working on fitness, family picnics daily, walks every Sunday, little family road years of pure survival on the edge of insanity, not being able to get a single healthy meal together but once or twice a week, no extra activities, no trips, no extras unless they were completely 100% required.   We've had Christmases where we bought Christmases for other families, we've had Christmases where we WERE the charity family.  We've had months where we wanted to spend every free, waking moment together, and years where we were so insanley busy by blessing since we had rough times with each other.  We've HONESTLY been through all of it.  And we still super love each other... a lot.  I'd rather hang out with him than anyone in the world...even on his super obnoxious lettuce and spinach days.  He's the one.
This picture is from year 3 of marriage...the end of my pregnancy with a hockey game with our friends the Delriue's. The 2nd year of our 5 years of food stamps and creative free dates.
 This is in year 9...the year after our year of abundance...still living the good idea of the year to bueno....but look at the love!  He's fantastic!  Just fantastic!
 Year 10....the midst of the can tell, we both look old, and there was love, but mostly tiredness, and frustration.  Not so much with each other, but with circumstances.....
I like this guy.  I like his happy attitude.  I like his flat abs.  I like his sexy eyes and fat lips.  I like him.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hatch Family White Elephant 2012

We finally got to do our white elephant again.  My kids beg every year, but we usually only do it about every other year. I dont' know why they love it so much...whatever they get usually ends up in the DI pile within a week.  I guess the excitement of the game and seeing who gets left with what crap.
 These 4 specimen of awesomeness make me proud to call them family.  This is what the little cousins have to look up to.  Sometimes scary, but usually just awesome!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Build a Bear!

Last month Kam decided to use her Build A Bear Card.  Her and Vivian both got one for Christmas.  We've always gotten a build a bear for our babies...and all 4 still have them, so we decided it was Viv's turn.  
She didn't really enjoy it a whole lot, but Kam and Pearcen sure did.  Kam made a pink bear with a pink outfit....

And for Vivian we decided on a bunny with a matching pink tutu....
 And then they had some sucker special to get another bear for $5...and they had a matching shirt for Pearce...I'm a sucker!
I just can't stand how cute these kids are. I want to take them to build bears all day everyday! (reason #245,323 why we would be ridiculous millionaires) I think it's so fun...and like I said, all 4, now 5 of my kids have their build a bears in their room and love them!  Mmmm, just stare at that last little picture a bit longer will you?  So cute!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hydro Silk

I've been trying out 4 different types of razors...two for research groups...and this one, Hydro Silk, that I was able to try out as a Bzzagent is my favorite! Seriously, my favorite.  It is a lot more effortless for the same feel as the more expensive ones.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Palmolive Fresh Infusions Review

  • I was able to try out Palmolives new scents,a nd I LOVE THEM.  They smell so great, but I like the shape and the look of the bottle even more than the scents.  My favorite scent is Lime Basil. It smells like a fresh Italian resturant! I love it!  I let my neice smell them all and she loved them, but agreed that the look of the bottle is even better.  The link to Palmolive is down below, and so is the link to Influenester, which is the company that I was able to try all of these soaps and lots of other things out...FOR FREE!!!!  You can also find these scents at Walmart.
  • A link back to the Palmolive® website:
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