Sunday, February 10, 2013

Build a Bear!

Last month Kam decided to use her Build A Bear Card.  Her and Vivian both got one for Christmas.  We've always gotten a build a bear for our babies...and all 4 still have them, so we decided it was Viv's turn.  
She didn't really enjoy it a whole lot, but Kam and Pearcen sure did.  Kam made a pink bear with a pink outfit....

And for Vivian we decided on a bunny with a matching pink tutu....
 And then they had some sucker special to get another bear for $5...and they had a matching shirt for Pearce...I'm a sucker!
I just can't stand how cute these kids are. I want to take them to build bears all day everyday! (reason #245,323 why we would be ridiculous millionaires) I think it's so fun...and like I said, all 4, now 5 of my kids have their build a bears in their room and love them!  Mmmm, just stare at that last little picture a bit longer will you?  So cute!

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