Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beautiful February Day

The last week or so, the boys put on their swimming suits when they hear me watering the garden then yell at me to spray them on the trampoline…everyday!  So yesterday I took them to DQ and bought them their own banana split…just because we never even let them share things at DQ usually, so I knew if I went all out and let them each have their own banana split…I'd be the heroine of the day!  Well, the days just keep being lovely, so I texted Lanae and told her to go to the zoo with us the next day.  WE had a fantastic time.  We rode the train, played at the play area, walked around a bit and headed him in time for naps.
These boys are the happiest 4 year old boys I know.  They're so sweet.  Pearce just kept saying, "Henry is awesome".  We were missing an Alina and a Landon on this trip…hopefully in a couple of years we won't be ( hint hint tamee!!!)

And then after we got back (and Lanae watched those two for a couple of hours so I could visit Dr. Sam about a wisdom tooth) we pull out the new awesome $3 PJ's from walmart…yes I said walamrt….we needed gymnastic clothes and were too lazy at 10 at night to drive across gilbert to Target….so we sinned and went to walmart…but thank goodness we did!  $3 dora and bubble guppie PJ'S?!?!!!  AWESOME!!!!  They wore them for a day and a half!  Well, lie…Vivian is STILL in hers…2nd day…Pearce had to change for school.  Anyway, so all of the kids have been LIVING int he back yard on the trampoline, and playing in the grass, plus we serve all of our meals out there now.  So I figured I bettered take some pictures of the cuteness going on.  Not a SINGLE fight yesterday!  Made me so happy!!!

It cracks me up to watch them jump.  And they love when i get on and "bounce"…and pop them ll over the place.  Vivian plays it pretty safe, but Pearce loves to be popped…and Boston is teaching himself to do flips…scares the crap out of me!
And yes, sometimes I buy myself flowers to stare at….like yesterday…Trader Joe's…I {heart} you!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sweetest of Sweets

Jana gave Boston this killer sweet haircut a few weeks ago and we got some sweet handmedowns from the cousins, so I figured this is a fantastic time to do a photoshoot.  Sadly, I'm HORRIBLE at setting up shoots with my own kids these last few years. So I just took these outside of Firehouse subs.  haha.
 I went to P/T conferences last week and Mrs. Childress let me know that Boston is the sweetest, and possibly smartest kid in the class.  She said he raises his hand ANY time a question is asked, and he's always got a pretty great answer.   She also told me that he has a fond liking to Mr. Abraham Lincoln…which explains why every night before bed he makes me read another chapter out of this big Lincoln book.
 This guy is one in a kabillion…and I don't know where he gets it.  Jase and I neither one are awful humans, but this guys goes above and beyond for everyone! I put together a big crazy Valentines dinner (thanks again to Jana) and had a million things going on in the kitchen and really needed Jason's help, but he chose to go right to the garden and water it for a good 20 minutes when he got home.  Boston could tell I was frustrated, so he asked, "can I help you mom?" and I said, "well, right now buddy I just need daddy's help"…so a few seconds later I heard him around the corner of the house, "dad, can I do this for you so you can go help mom?".  UUGHH, my heart melts everyday with the words out of this boys sweet brain.
 He's goofy, he's happy, he's content, he's obedient, he's handsome, he's smart, his funny, and he doesn't have a care about any worldy things or what others have that he doesn't.  He's very chill!
Just a few short months and he'll be baptized and a boy scout!  Can't wait to see the awesomeness that will happen there!

Love you TONS Bossy B!


I'm SO lucky to spend all day everyday with these 2.  They're so easy and so awesome.  Vivvy does have somethings she's working through right now….ie, coloring on walls, screaming instead of asking for things, and finding the nearest object and yelling, "haaaw yaw!" and throwing it when she's mad, but other than that, she's hilarious, loves to play with her brothers and sister and loves to cuddle and giggle.  And Pearce….easiest kid I've ever had.  Ok, at least these last couple of years.   He's so obedient, so sweet, so patient and so well dressed.  He loves to wear matching clothes…and has Boston's awesome trick of wearing shoes on the wrong feet.  
 On Valentines day Ms. Becky had a preschool valentine party that Pearce was so excited to go to, so we dressed him up in his fanciest casual clothes and sent him over.  And of course, Vivvy went festive since I was in workout clothes all day.  She kicked a boot off in the car and didn't care to put it back on for a couple of hours.
 The day before Valentines I decided to sit around for a bit after the morning chaos of getting the older 3 out the door, and whatta ya know…Sesame street…and they loved it! I don't remember much from when I was a kid (but I know I had an awesome childhood) but I do remember sitting at the edge by our fireplace with a bowl of cereal on mornings before preschool and watching Sesame Street.  So awesome that my kids are still watching it.