Monday, April 25, 2016

FINALLY...good weather

I LOVED having fall and winter this year again...but I think i planned having a newborn's not fun to have a newborn at the beginning of the cold....I freak out every night that he's not warm enough, and he's been congested for a whole month...but alas, the last few weeks have been 65 degrees or warmer, and he's not congested and the kids want to play outside all day (which is fantastic when you live in an 1000 sq ft home).  It's been so nice.  Vivian wanted to buy a watering can at Ross last week to water the flower seeds she planted.
 She has a hard time making the water go right into the hole, so it splatters, so she stays way back and holds her dress up.  She cracks me up!  It's so hard to get her to NOT wear a dress everyday, which is hilarious, because Kam would only wear a dress when completely necessary...and she's still the same way.
 I don't think she realized how heavy it was going to be, but she didn't want help.

 While we were watering all of the plants, this guy came running off of the bus.  I LOVE when he comes home!  I don't know if I can let him do full day 1st grade next year.  I think we'll be having A LOT of lunch dates.  He's the best!  He absolutely loves to feed and change Truman. He's the first one awake every morning (other than me and Truman) and goes right to him and works for smiles
 Speaking of the lump...he's 2 months....well, 2 months and a week.  He's THE easiest baby ever! (thank goodness).  He'll whine every few hours, hardly ever a full out cry.  And when he whines, he usually just wants someone to talk to him for a minute, or to move him from the floor to a chair, or from the swing to the floor.

 When I first tried to take his picture this morning, he kept putting his hands up. He's already tired of me taking his picture!  Just kidding, he's really working hard right now to control his little paws.  He is getting pretty good at getting his right paw into his mouth.  But he does punch himself in the eyes a lot too.
This guy is awesome!  And as low maintenance as he is...I can't believe how busy my life is.  I'm getting decent sleep now...4-6 hours a night (not in a row), but I signed 3 kids up for base/softball, not knowing that it's a hectic crazy sport to join.  Boston has a game or practice EVERYDAY!!!! so when you add the other 2 in there, plus Jaden's soccer, plus piano for 3, mutual for 2, scouts for 2, dance, track, homework, cooking, cleaning, organizing, laundry and keeping these kids clean and fed...alone half the week...I'm a bit overwhelmed.  I'm hoping next year the kids will have enough friends that I can throw them on a team with someone we know and carpool...and a year and a half and I'll have a driver!!!!! yay!!!!!!  Oh and hopefully a husband here...even more YAY!!!!!

So I love going back over the last 9 years and reading "my favorites".  So I'm going to list my top 5 favorites of the moment...

1. Zucchini brownies! I just found an awesome recipe for really healthy (but not low calorie) brownies on Pinterest!  I just made em for FHE tonight, but have had a hard time not sneaking to the outside fridge for a bite every few hours.

2. LifeVantage skincare system! I'm so glad Jase is doing it's my favorite! I noticed results with my crepey eyes within a week, and just the smell of softness of it...I LOVE it.  I'm only on week 2, hoping it'll get rid of my forehead and neck wrinkles soon.

3. TurboJam.  I haven't made my way up to Turbo Fire yet...well, I do one or two a week, but I do TurboJam everyday and I love it!  I can't believe how out of shape I got this pregnancy.  It was by far my worst!

4. Isagenix.  Ok, I'm not 100% sold, but I've been losing 2 pounds a week, and I actually crave the shakes now. I just need to get better at not snacking, and as soon as I'm done breastfeeding I can do the cleanses, which is supposed to help me lose 5 a week...fingers crossed.

5. My niece Danica and my friend Melissa.  They're the best at making me feel less gross, and giving me good advice on fashion and house stuff...since my creative and trendy brain is on hold for now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2 months!

This guys is two months! I can't believe it!  He's getting so chubby and smiley and perfect.  I have to admit, those first 4 or 5 weeks are so stressful, I wish someone else could take care of them until they hit about 2 months...and then I wish I could put everything else in my life on hold and just play with them all day and hold them and squeeze them!  His favorite thing is when I craddle him and squeeze him pretty tight and say "squeezie squeezie squeezie" in a high pitch voice.  He smiles from ear to ear.  He is like Boston and sleeps with one eye open.  It's so funny.  Pearcen just LOVES to wake up early before anyone else and come out and make him smile  That's his smiliest time of day.  All of the kids love to hold him and do whatever they can to make him smile so big that he makes an almost giggle sound.   He's defintely the center of our world right now.