Friday, September 28, 2012

The Evolution of 3 year old Pearce

1st trimester
 2nd trimester
 3rd trimester
 He's here!!!!
 He's adorable!
 He keeps getting more and more cute!
 He's bald!!!!
 He's chubby!
 He's getting hair back...and TEETH!
 He's 1!
 He's 2!
 He's lovely!
 He's SO hilarious and happy!
 He's easy...incredibly easy!
 And now....he's THREE!  
I can't believe baby Pearce is 3!  I still call him baby boy, and yesterday I heard Boston tell his speech teacher, "tomorrow is my baby brother's birthday!".  She tried to correct him and say that Vivian is the baby, but we all know Pearce is our baby boy.  I honestly have never had a kid grow up so fast.  He went from newborn to 3 year old in seconds!  He's so amazing.  My 3 favs of Pearce.

3.  His manners.  I don't know who taught him, but he had more please and thank you and your welcomes than any kid I know!  He's so polite!  Even today, I don't know where he heard to say this, but whenever anyone says happy birthday, he says, "THANK YOU!"

2. He's easy.  This year hasn't been my favorite with the move, the weight gain, and the move, but thank goodness for this easy kid, my days have gone quite smoothly.  He goes with the flow, eats whatever, does whatever, sleeps whenever and does it all with a smile.  I hope it sticks!

1.  His dimples!  My gosh, his dimples!   I just eat his little face up everyday!  Not a day goes by that I don't kiss his chubby face at least 10x.   He loves to "squeeze" (hug) and he loves to be held still.  I just love that he's always smiling and flashing his adorable dimples.  On the rare occasion that he's sad, he has the sweetest sad face too.  I just love everything about this little guy!

Happy Birthday Pearcen de Pablo!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Utah, day 2

The 4th day (yea, I didn't take pictures of the first 2 days because Kam and I were shoppin it up) we went to SLC to hang out with some friends and take the kids to Temple Square.  We had a lotta fun with the McBrides.  I wish we lived closer.  Our kids all had a lotta fun with them too.  First we had an awesome BBQ at their house with all their awesome food from their garden....

 Then we headed to the new tabernacle and took the tour.  We had an Asian couple with us that had a lot of questions..starting with "will you vote fo Mitt Romney?".  To Jason, which of coarse he said yes, and they said they are too.    They kept wanting to take pictures with all of us (including the tour guide and them).

 The kids really liked the roof of the tabernacle...scared me, couldn't wait to get down...obviously didn't take pictures up there, but the whole tour was great.  Then we headed over to the temple....and Boss felt the need to make out with the little girl statue on our way....
 Jaden held the prophet JOseph Smith in his hand....
 and then THIS is our version of a sweet family picture at the temple.  I think we'll wait a few years before we try a real one.  Too man movers, shakers, and trouble makers!
 And yea, for an Az girl all of the green and flowers at the temple were a wonderland.  It was so beautiful!

 Then we went to the awesome new temple at SLC that was built by the church and has a stream going through the middle of it.   The kids were trying to catch the fish in it until they got busted.
 And one last picture with Kam and Maren....just beautiful!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Utah Day 1

Last month we got to go to Utah for almost a week.  The girls hit Swiss Days while the boys went camping in the seriously most beautiful mountains ever.  The weather was perfect (a little rain...perfect) and the colors were changing.  And most of the days we were all together.  One day we went hiking to Cascade Springs.  It was amazing!
 Seriously Boston?!

 And then just a couple of adorable Pearcey pictures to end the day.