Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A good mail day

So today was an amazing mail day. Over the past 2-3 weeks I ordered a few things and almost ALL of them came in today!!!

First off we have the hillary weeks songbook and CD. Singing that song and watching my cousin's wife play the music inspired me to pick up piano again. Jase begs me to play all the time, and I just don't like to because I can't just sit down and play anything anymore, but I am determined to master every song in this book before summer! Jase said he'd only buy it for me if I played 2 songs every Sunday out of it. Easy!Next we have our first shipment from the cool book club I joined for the kids. I LOVE OLIVIA! Yes, the name, but I LOVE LOVE the books. And the giving tree...I freaking always cry when I watch it, so I make the kids go pick something up while I recompose myself before we finish the book. I bought a few copies of this book for gifts for kid's birthdays. I kinda get tired of all the stinkin toys the kids get for CHristmas and birthdays, so I've decided to hopefully start a trend of giving puzzles and books. I know I know, it won't put me on the cool list with kids, but years down the road when they are geniuses, they'll thank me. Then my Blurb book came! Not as cute as Holly's, I know, and there were a few things I would have done differently, but I LOVE IT! It's sooo fun! It's the funnest journal I"ve ever had! Here are a few of the pages.

And the back of the book:
And the front of the book:
And the other two things I got in the mail will be shown in a later post! Just to work up your annticipation a bit.

Monday, February 25, 2008


I don't know why I named her Kamryn, all I call her is Dolly. She was always told when she was smaller that she looked like a doll. My mom bought her a baby doll when she was a baby and whenever anyone would see it they thought it was Kamryn. It freaked us out a few times. We defiantely have a bond, her and I. She's got my tough attitude, and funkiness. She's a handful, and at times I feel bad for Jason for not only having my stubborness to deal with, but now hers. She LOVES sparkley things, her favorite color is pink, and she loves to wear dresses, lipstick, and fingernail polish, but she's defiantely not your girly girl. She loves to show the boys how strong she is and she LOVES to get down and dirty. All of her sweet sparkly and dressy shoes are covered in mud!

These shots are a few VERY rare sweet faces. We see her sweet faces all the time, but when she is around someone new, or in front of a camera, it's usually a tongue or the head down, or cross eyes. I took some super super cute ones and for some reason my stupid stupid camera deleted them! bah! I'll have to try them again.

Favorite things about Kamryn right now: How she can spend an hour or two in on her bed reading books and doing puzzles and I never hear a word from her. She loves it! And I LOVE that she lays out her outfits on the floor before she puts them on and asks me if they look good, and always asks me to take pictures of them.

Least favorite things about Kamryn right now: THe way she scream cries in the car when she doesn't get her way...and we are all stuck listening to her...unless Jase is on end and decides to either turn around or pull over. Good times.

Friday, February 22, 2008

bringing "weird" back...

Seriously, since I was in Jr. High, that's the word that I remember being called the most...to this day...WEIRD. Or in nicer terms, unique, original, one of a kind, or as my dad call's it, "irreplaceable". Anyway, for years and years I used to hate it! I felt like an out of place freak. Seriously, even ask Jason. I did whatever I could to be more "normal", and I know, you are all thinking, "what really? You've always been weird to me", but seriously, I feel like I've been holding back on the weirdness. And I LOVE it now! I hate that I bought khaki green furniture because it goes with the more neutral colors which was in most of my friend's homes at the time! and it drives me nuts when I want to do something and the thought "my neighbors are going to think I'm a total FREAK!" or "what will my friend's think?" cross my mind and I don't do it. I know some of you have a lot of weirdness in you too, but this is just a warning that I'm not holding back on the weird anymore! I'm the weird girl!!! Shoot me in the head if I ever get THIS weird

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another happy place

I don't know how I could forget this guys OTHER happy place. HE LOVE to sit on the piano and play with is feet. He usually doesn't pound, just like to hear his feet playing the music. He does it a few times a day and just laughs when we look at him. He's stinkin awesome. He's been learning these past couple of weeks, how to be mischevious, and the poor kid still doesn't talk, so he makes funky noises to get attention or what he wants. He does say "nan" for banana, "mo" for more water, "dat" for dad, or mom or grandpa, or dog, or bird, "mama" for mom or grandma and he really did say I love you in December, but the stink won't say it again. He's freaking awesome! I love his baby gutts! Oh, and don't make fun of his outfit! I LOVE IT! It was Kamryn's, but it's soo comfy and soft. Jase calls it his "girl outfit"! Bah!

Totally fun randomness

These are just a few pictures from this week. I thought we had a boring week, but alas, I look at these shots and I was wrong! So very wrong! We had a lot of jumping contests to see who could jump the highest. Kam can get some air!!!
The thought it would be rad to high five each other in the air. It didn't work so well...

So they high fived themselves.

Kam continued jumping for a very long time.

Last friday night Jaden had a little fondue party for us. We gave him a fondue pot for Valentines since he always talks about Simply Fondue in Texas. Boston mostly licked the chocolate off of everything.

Just a sweet picture of my snow girl. The older two have been living outside in the snow...which is pretty much gone now.
I got carried away watching fashion shows on the fashion channel, and I LOVE when they go back stage to the hair and make up artists. Most of you know that's what I wanted to do when I grew up. I was saving up money to go to M.U.D. (make up design) school in Australia after my mission...but Jase screwed that up...as well as the mission. But sometimes I still think about doing runway make up. It would be soo fun! So I played with my own face a bit, and pulled my runway model face. Ha!
This is Boston's little perch. He loves to sit in this chair and watch the kids walk by, or watch grandma or grandpa or dad come over. He loves it here.
You might be asking, "what kind of gel does she use to keep his hair so pokey?", let me put your mind to rest...it's yogurt! He eats it really well, and to clean his hands when he's done, he wipes it in his hair, so I just spike it up, and wah lah!

This is Kam when she got back from the restroom and noticed that I finished her letter to great grandma mulder that was taking FOREVER for her to write...I know, I have no patience.
A few seconds later...very devistated.
This guy decided to hop in a picture. He also wrote a letter to great grandma mulder. His came a long a lot faster since he knows his letters and some words. He's a freaking genius!!!
Whereas Kamryn can pull some amazing faces. And yes people, this is what we call an overexposed picture.
And we'll leave you all with a big fat kiss!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008


I totally forgot to put what we got each other for Valentine's Day! Jase got me the soundtrack for "Dan in Real Life". I've wanted it forever! I love that movie and I love the music. It's all by one guy with a couple of songs by Regina Spektor. Thanks Jase, you're the best! And I got Jase something he's needed for a long time....nice brown shoes. I picked them out on a whim and guessed his size, and put $1,000's bet in my head that he'd take them back...since he usually takes everything I buy him back, and he's SUPER SUPER picky about shoes...but whatta know! He's keepin em! Good job me! And you're welcome, and thanks for letting me use your tip from last week's house call to buy them.